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Should a virgin enter the escorting scene?
December 2, 2013 | For escorts
Most of the women (and men) who enter the escort industry have some, if not extensive, experience with sexual acts and intercourse. They are quite familiar with their bodies and have explored others’. Often, clients look for escorts who can provide guidance in the bedroom to compensate for their lack of knowledge or expertise. However, it is possible to enter the escort industry as a virgin or near virgin.
Sexually inexperienced escorts may not corner the market in popularity, but they are in significant demand with a certain category of clients. The innocence and purity of an escort who isn’t a seasoned pro is quite attractive to many hobbyists. But, it’s challenging for virgins (or near virgins) to market themselves effectively in the escort industry and still maintain an image of professionalism that will earn them quality clients. They must watch out for clients who intend to take advantage of them or want to simply notch their belt in another spot by deflowering yet another girl. Here are some top tips to use to enter the escort industry as a virgin:
1. Play up your innocence. Even though some insiders might argue that emphasizing your innocence or purity is counterproductive (clients aren’t looking for “nice;” they want “nasty”), there are a significant number of clients out there who are attracted to an escort who is sexually inexperienced or untouched. Men have a soft spot for women who are young and pure. Their virtue is an attractive quality that men are drawn to, either in amazement or appreciation. It’s common for men to feel responsible for a woman’s honor, shielding her from the guiles of others. Many virgin (or near virgin) escorts attract clients who want to carefully, gently and affectionately court them through their first sexual experiences. By focusing your profile on your chastity, clients can quickly determine that your main appeal (aside from your good looks and charm) is your purity. While every client won’t be intrigued by your purity claim, others will be extremely excited to have an opportunity to spend time with you.
2. Clients are excited about virgin escorts, because they can’t compare performance. Insecure clients who worry about how they are in the sack or how they stack up against other men in the romance department will clamber for an opportunity to book an encounter with you. They assume that since you are sexually inexperienced, you will not have the knowledge necessary to determine how good or bad they perform. With nothing to compare them to, clients hope you will naturally find their actions to be highly pleasurable and the best you will ever have. They feel less pressure with a virgin and can be more confident about their abilities. Clients who enjoy inexperienced escorts are often unsure of themselves, so they look for escorts who are even less seasoned than they are. As a result, a sexually-innocent escort can utilize the fact that she wants to know how a “real” man feels as a way to market herself, insinuating that she is excited about learning how enjoyable sex can be.
3. Marketing that encourages clients to make a conquest can attract several encounters. Of course, clients who respond to this type of marketing may only be looking to put another notch on his bedpost, without offering much romance or courtesy to a virgin escort. You shouldn’t expect for him to engage in lengthy foreplay or extensive courting prior to getting down to business. But, there is a huge demand for escorts who will allow a client to take their virtue. News stories have featured women who have auctioned off their virginities or have offered it in exchange for gifts or other valuables. These women usually attracted numerous interested parties who were more than willing to provide what they requested for an opportunity to deflower her. For some men, it’s a big deal to take a woman’s virginity. It makes them feel more masculine and virile. They enjoy going where no man has gone before and rarely experience any effects from their conscience about what an important role they have in a woman’s sexual history. Virgin escorts who plan to market themselves this way should realize that their clients may not be the most nurturing or considerate, as they are goal-oriented for their own pleasure.
4. Encouraging clients to be your love tutor is another successful approach. All men like to think they have some magic mojo in the bedroom. Many think they have extensive talents and skills and that they can teach a woman to have better sex. They fancy themselves as a great sex mentor and welcome opportunities to guide a woman in how to give proper oral sex and engage in other intimacies. Tempting clients by telling them you are looking for someone to teach you about intercourse is a surefire way to draw attention to yourself. Clients may be excited to contact you about your previous experience and be anxious to tell you what they can teach you. Limit these conversations, as some of them may be provoked by timewasters. However, others will confidently tell you that they can teach you a thing or two about sex. The key to pulling off this type of an encounter is to allow the client to take the lead in the beginning, slowly taking charge as you “learn” toward the last half of the session.
5. Escorts can tempt clients through reminding them they haven’t been “ruined” by other men. Similar to letting clients think they get to be your personal love tutor, you can encourage prospective clients by letting them know you have no preconceived notions about what intimacy should be. Tell them in your profile that you are waiting for a man to demonstrate to you how wonderful sex can be. Emphasize that nobody has tainted your body by violating your honor in any way. Men are sometimes excited about the purity of a virgin. They are intrigued by the chance to be a woman’s first experience. Additionally, they welcome an opportunity to be with a woman who isn’t negative about relationships, romance or men, in general. Many escorts have been in bad relationships, and their feelings follow over into how they deal with clients during encounters. Clients will welcome the fact that, as an escort with limited experience with men, you don’t judge them, assume how they will act or blame them for any other wrongs done to you in your lifetime.
6. Stress your purity in the physical sense. Many clients are really scared about contracting a sexually-transmitted infection or disease. They are so uptight about it that they require an escort to prove that she is uninfected through testing or other means. These clients will be automatically drawn to your profile if you can find a tactful way to inform them you are a virgin and STD-free. However, you must watch out for clients who think they can talk you into uncovered adventures. Many who accept your claims about your virginity for truth may think it’s the perfect opportunity to engage in sexual intercourse without a condom. Because they know you are STD-free, they are not worried about protecting themselves (or you!) from infections. Do not allow these clients to talk you into unprotected intimacy in any form. Just because they tell you that they have no infections, it doesn’t ensure that it’s true.
7. Charge premium rates to clients who want to book encounters. Even though most escorts new to the industry can’t command premium rates, you can due to your virginity. Certain clients will pay more to spend time with a virgin (or near virgin) than they will an escort who is simply new to the industry. Your innocence and untapped body are extremely valuable to some types of clients. They will pay as much for an experience with a virgin as they would a porn star or other highly-rated celebrity escort. Capitalize on your innocence and sexual naivety through charging them as high of rates as you can get. Depending on your look and location, your rates could be competitive with the best escorts in your region. Of course, once your innocence is used up, so to speak, you may be unable to continue to charge the high rates. (Although, some escorts are successful at continuing at a premium level.)
8. Choose your marketing sites very carefully. In order to get the best exposure to clients who fit within your preferred demographic, the sites you advertise on is extremely important. It wouldn’t benefit you to post your profile on sites that appeal to clients seeking mature or extremely promiscuous escorts. Additionally, do some research about the site before you post your profile on it. Examine the other profiles. If they seem sleazy or cheap, avoid marketing yourself there. Look for classy sites with escorts who appear professional and polished. Also, if any of the sites allow you to check out the clients, steer clear if they appear to be full of dirty old men who want something for nothing.
9. Consider signing with an agency. Marketing yourself as a virgin can be difficult. You may be able to get the best results by working with an agency who can discreetly market your merits to already established clients who have a defined taste for sexually inexperienced escorts. They already have clients lined up looking for escorts like you, so it’s a perfect fit as a way to settle into the industry. Look for reputable agencies who have been in business, successfully, for several years with no police investigations. Agencies should have a strict screening process in place and provide plenty of notice of encounters. New escorts should never sign on with an agency that requires them to pay money up front or that calls for an audition ahead of time.
10. Get a mentor to lead you through the ins and outs of the industry. The escort industry can be a tricky place full of timewasters, crooks, scammers and abusers. Getting insight from a seasoned insider can help you avoid lots of trouble from the very beginning. Even though another escort is unlikely to give away all of her secrets or hold your hand through your career, she might be willing to give you some tips or insight on particularly questionable scenarios. Attempt to make contact with escorts through their profiles and ask if they would be willing to mentor and collaborate with you as you grow into the industry. If finding a mentor doesn’t work out for you, do heavy research online about the dos and don’ts of the industry.
11. Don’t be naive even as an inexperienced escort. If you seriously have no experience with men or sex at all, you probably don’t want to enter the industry. Physical relations between a man and a woman are fairly natural, but they can be quite awkward for someone who has barely even been kissed. If you do have some experience, make sure that you are prepared for the industry. Don’t get attached to clients, confuse sex with love or feel used after the fact. Also, don’t allow a good-looking client to charm you into doing things you don’t want to do or are uncomfortable with. Men can be quite persuasive; be strong when negotiating and making plans with them.
12. Never lie about your sexual status. Even if you think you can fake it, don’t attempt to mislead clients into thinking you are more inexperienced than you actually are. It’s one thing to play coy, but it’s something completely different to convince a client that you’re a virgin when you aren’t. You don’t have to share your complete sexual history, but embellishing it through creating innocence you don’t have will not earn you clients in the long term. Virgin escorting is a unique category that only few escorts can participate in. It’s not for everyone. You can’t claim a renewed virginity for it. And, you can’t be a virgin escort for long. Claiming false things about your sexual status in your marketing is dishonest and may cause clients to never trust you.
13. Consider offering encounters that do not include intercourse. Even though many clients anticipate some sort of intercourse during a booking, encounters with virgin escorts have different rules. Some clients who choose to book with virgins or those with limited experience are perfectly content to engage in heavy petting, dry humping or other non-intercourse related activities. It brings them back to their youth, when sex was more taboo and not as easily acquired. For some men, these kinds of encounters are just as fulfilling as others.
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