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How should an escort deal with an unusual client?
February 14, 2014 | For escorts, Safety
It’s typical for every client to think that he has a “unique” situation that is unlike anybody else. After all, his wife doesn’t understand him, he’s stressed at work, he’s privileged, his sex appeal is off the charts and he’s not the least bit arrogant. Or, a client may think he’s different because he happens to be a little shy or inexperienced with women. The truth of the matter is that all clients, even if they fit into a stereo-type, are unique in some way.
But, there’s a whole different category that really places clients into the unique description. Many clients are in uncommon situations or have unlikely traits far beyond your traditional clients. Escorts with clients who have unusual circumstances or needs must adapt their typical procedures and guidelines in order to accommodate their requirements. If you include clients with unconventional plights, these considerations may help you provide better encounters to them:
1. Some clients are not blessed in the penis department. While a true condition called micropenis exists (and accounts for approximately 0.6 percent of all males), some men simply imagine that they suffer from this medical condition. As a result, they may be extremely shy about allowing another person to see them fully naked. They are quite often very sexually inexperienced, which causes them to act awkwardly around any female they have sexual interest in. During previous sexual encounters, they found it difficult to engage in typical intercourse, due to their small penises. While most escorts are accustomed to clients who are rather proud of their members (usually, unnecessarily), few have experienced an encounter with a client who has anything other than an average-sized penis. To engage in intimacies with your less-endowed client, it’s important to reassure him that he is perfectly normal and that you find him sexually attractive. Over the years, he’s likely been made to feel ashamed of his small penis, so he needs your positive reinforcement. (After all, you are the expert on penises, having seen so many as an escort.) Secondly, sexual intercourse with a small penis can be challenging. Penetration is difficult, so try different positions to find what works. Sometimes, it works to put your hand around his penis as he attempts penetration; if full penetration isn’t successful, he can still receive enjoyment from your hand. And, lastly, If he’s too small for the condoms you normally carry, consider using a female condom, instead. You should never forego protection simply because he is too small for traditional condoms. (Plus, be weary that typical condoms may slide off of him if he’s really small.) If you see him regularly, consider purchasing some extra-small condoms. Many online sites carry condoms for uniquely sized men.
2. Physically-disabled clients my require special attention from an escort. Clients who are bed-bound, rely on a wheel chair, have an ostomy, require oxygen or are limited from “normal” function in any other way may need some special arrangements in order to ensure a successful encounter. For instance, your incall is probably not handicap-accessible, which makes it a poor location for a client whose needs include a wheelchair or other assistive device. Monitors or other medical equipment may keep a client homebound, which would require you to do an outcall in his home. A client’s range of motion may be limited, meaning that you will have to adjust the methods you use to establish intimate physical contact. While most physically-disabled clients feel pleasure in the exact same ways others do, you will have to employ alternate methods in order to help them achieve satisfaction. And, you may have to reconsider some of your policies, depending on how they coincide with your client’s needs. Furthermore, due to their restrictions and inability to perform in typical ways, many of these clients require more reassurance, compassion and compliments than others.
3. Many clients suffer from mental issues that put them into situations unlike those of other clients. A man who suffers from a fear of leaving his home will require that you come to his house as an outcall. Others who suffer from paranoia, schizophrenia or other mental illnesses may behave erratically, even when taking their medications properly. However, their erratic actions are not warning signs like they would be for a “typical” client. Their behavior is normal for them, which you may become accustomed to if you see them frequently. Most of these clients are non-violent, safe men who suffer from mental issues that make them eccentric or quirky, at best, or just plain weird, as some might way. However, they may be some of your most loyal, compassionate clients, due to being misunderstood themselves. They will be extremely grateful for your kindness, often simply wanting some positive attention and affection without judgment from you. However, when you visit with a client who admits he has ceased his medication, seems to be worse (more confused, aggressive, erratic or suspicious than normal), or has a severe personality shift, he may need help that you can’t give him. At this point, discontinuing the encounter is the rational thing to do, while encouraging your client to seek assistance from his psychologist or therapist.
4. A few clients may want an outcall in their home with others present. But, don’t worry; it’s not like it sounds. In today’s world, many people are caretakers for others. Elderly parents or sick spouses require round-the-clock care, which means that a family member is often the responsible party. But, this caretaker also has needs of his own, which may include the services of an escort. Typically, responding to an outcall where others will be present in the home is a risk that escorts should never take. However, if your client explains that his ill mother is confined to the guest bedroom, the situation seems more palatable. It may be a bit discerning to consider visiting with a client who has his terminally-ill spouse upstairs in the bedroom, but this is a circumstance that is very realistic. While the concept may be a bit off-putting, many escorts discover they are providing a very appreciated service to these care-giving clients who simply need a break and a little attention for themselves. Of course, make sure that the client is telling you the truth about his situation.
5. High profile clients require a totally different perspective than other clients you may see regularly. Because paparazzi follow them around, these kinds of clients must exercise extreme discretion. Your incall may not be equipped for this much privacy. They have to stay away from windows and must enter and exit through a entrance not open to or visible by the public. Often, they bring along with them a whole entourage of followers, including a security guard and personal assistant, who will need to wait outside while you visit with the client. You will usually be asked to come to a hotel or other outcall location, be given a specific set of instructions about how to gain entry and be provided with a cover story about why you are there. High profile clients are usually eager to get down to business and expect you to be a proficient professional at what you do. They often make odd requests; they are exposed to a world unavailable to many common clients, which provides them with many new ideas about what they want from an escort. High profile clients may include movie stars, television celebrities, music performers, politicians or extremely wealthy/successful executives.
6. Clients who are germophobes are especially difficult to entertain. Most of the time, they are afraid to come to your incall, fearing the germs that may be thriving at your place. And, when they do show up, they are covered head to toe in a mask, gloves and germ-protective layers. The best alternative for visiting with these clients is to come to their place; but, be forewarned that they may ask you to disinfect yourself upon arrival. (This may include clothing they provide for you and a shower.) Additional considerations with germophobes include the fact that they are turned off by the exchange of human fluids and other intimate aspects of human contact. Go slowly with these clients and let them take the lead about what they like and what they can’t tolerate.
7. Many escorts spend time with clients who have obvious physical affects from medical conditions or accidents. Burn victims or people who are badly scarred after being in some sort of accident will have physical appearances that may be visibly surprising, at first. Some clients may have malformed limbs, hands or feet, resulting from years of rheumatoid arthritis. Others may be amputees or have physical birth defects. The important thing to remember with each of these clients is that they are people, just like all of the other clients you see. Their physical appearances should not influence your opinions of them. However, they are accustomed to people judging them instantly based on their looks. They require acceptance and assurance, but never your pity. Often, they will desire you to come to them during an outcall.
When you visit with clients who have unique circumstances, there are a few things you can do to make the encounter more successful:
1. Ask your client questions. Depending on his circumstances, the questions will obviously be different. But, make sure that you ask about anything you are unsure about. For instance, a client with a physical illness or disability may have limitations about what he’s capable of engaging in. Inquire about his limitations, but also ask questions about what he is able to do, too. Find out what your client’s expectations for the encounter are. Always use consideration when you ask, and pay attention to his answers. It’s much better to ask a question, than to offend a client because you don’t know something.
2. Do some research ahead of time, if possible. When a client gives you details about his situation, arrive prepared by reading up on his illness or similar circumstances. Having some knowledge about what your client is experiencing will help you understand his needs and abilities better. Additionally, it may help you ask pertinent questions about how to proceed with the encounter. If a client has a condition you are unfamiliar with, checking into it will help. For instance, a client who claims he has a micropenis is not a common experience for you. View some pictures and read up on the condition online. Learn about an ostomy before you visit a client with one. Find out helpful sexual positions for a man who has lost his legs.
3. Attempt to be flexible with your policies when you have a client with unique circumstances. If you refuse to go to an outcall with others present, bend the rules when you find out the other person in the house is his terminally-ill, bed-ridden father. Allow a slightly mentally ill patient to rant about his day, even if you normally shush complaining clients. Avoid getting mad at a disabled client who is late to an encounter, as a result of having difficulties with his wheel chair or having to drive around looking for a close parking place. Many allowances may have to be made for these clients; your flexibility is imperative to the success of your encounters with them.
4. Exercise compassion and kindness at all times. These clients have a much more complicated life than you do. Every day may be a challenge of one sort or another for them. Their stress levels may be extremely high. Their self esteem is possibly very low. When you make an effort to show them kindness and genuine appreciation, their worlds are brightened. Let them know that you can see their positive traits and have the utmost respect for them.
5. Avoid becoming emotionally involved. Even though you may grow to feel very close to some of these clients who exhibit true strength and character, despite their adversities, do not let it influence how you treat them as clients. Don’t get sucked into their lives, become BFFs or volunteer to run errands or do tasks for them. Your job is to perform the duties of an escort. Yes, you can become friendly with them. But, you should fight the urge to let your feelings affect your professional relationship with them.
6. Don’t allow yourself to be taken advantage of by one of these clients. Bad guys come in all shapes and sizes…even in the disguise of a amputee veteran, loyal caretaker or mentally ill recluse. Letting a client put you at risk, because you let down your guard is a dangerous possibility. Forgetting to screen a client, because you know he has cancer and only has a few months to live, could lead you into a risky encounter that might result in your rape, assault, robbery or murder. In addition to being a safety threat, some clients may try to take advantage of you by requesting discounts or freebies. Deny such requests, because your services are worth the rates you charge, despite a client’s unique situation.
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