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12 reasons for escorts to limit client access in their incall
February 3, 2014 | For escorts, Safety
Even though you’d like to say that each and every one of your clients should be treated with open arms in your incall, it isn’t entirely true. When you’re working as an escort, you maintain certain guidelines for both personal and security reasons. One of these guidelines is limiting the access your clients have to your entire incall.
You know it’s not wise or helpful to allow your clients to roam around your place. They come to see you for your services, not a tour of your apartment (or home, condo, etc.).
In fact, you take great care to maintain an appropriate area to entertain your clients where they are comfortable and have everything they need. When a client assumes he can enter another part of your incall other than where you’ve prepared for him, it is a breach of your agreement with him. Even if it seems harmless, consider these 12 reasons to prohibit your client from exploring your incall:
1. Your security is at stake. Even though that cutie who showed up at your door seems perfectly trustworthy and legitimate, you don’t know what his motives for wandering through your incall actually are. Many unsuspecting escorts have been robbed or attacked when they allowed their clients to get the “lay of the land” at their incalls. Some clients set up encounters with an escort as a way to scope out her place ahead of time. He may want to explore your incall and look for valuable items he could take during a robbery. If left unsupervised, he may be looking for your purse or a stash of cash that most clients believe escorts keep. In addition to identifying valuables he wants to rob you of later, he may be making a mental map of your place so he can quickly find his way through it in the dark when he comes back. Sometimes, a would-be robber may try to create an easy-access point by leaving a window or door unlocked as he breezes through on his “tour.” Others, instead of planning to rob you later, may intend to rob you right then and there, but they want to explore your incall first to make sure you are alone. Others, though, may not have threatening ulterior motives. They, too, want to make sure you are alone, but only because they are extra cautious about discretion and privacy or are shy about performing where someone might hear them.
2. Keep clients in place for sanitary purposes. Despite the fact that you may not be an immaculate housekeeper, you probably keep your kitchen clean and ready for food preparation. However, if you and your client enter the kitchen and get busy, the cleanliness that you maintain is ruined. Getting it on atop the kitchen table, countertops or even the kitchen floor may allow bodily fluids to contaminate surfaces typically reserved for foods. In addition to germing up your kitchen, leading your client through your living room or other areas is just temptation to engage in other intimacies that could allow bodily fluids, etc., to get on your couch, furniture or floors. There is no need to create extra work for yourself by spreading out the area you must clean after a client encounter is completed. Confine you and your client’s mess to one specific region in your incall, and don’t be swayed to take it elsewhere.
3. Limit your clients to one area for financial purposes. Most escorts who maintain a specific place for their incalls (separate from their homes) decorate the place tastefully, with a strict budget in mind. As a result, areas you don’t expect your client to visit may be rather stark in comparison, or they won’t match the decor of the areas your client sees. For instance, you may have luxury linens, quality furniture and tasteful accessories in the bedroom and bath that are available for your clients. However, the living room or the spare bedroom may have items from the thrift shop as their furnishings. Secondly, during the heat of the summer and the cold of the winter, many people shut off unused portions of their homes. It makes sense that an escort who is trying to save on her utilities would do the same in her incall. By allowing more areas to be available to clients, it would force you to heat and cool the entire incall, instead of just the necessary areas, resulting in higher utility bills.
4. Maintaining the entire incall is too time consuming. Clients may insist that they want to visit with you in the living room or make you an omelet in the kitchen after you and he are intimate. Don’t allow this freedom for your client, simply because it creates more work for you. When your client meanders around your entire incall, you are forced to clean up in all of the areas he trailed through between each and every encounter. If all clients ran rampant through your place, tidying up would become extremely cumbersome. (Face it, even if they try not to be, men tend to be messy!) Additionally, many escorts allow certain personal areas to get a little cluttered or obtain that “lived in” look, which is perfectly acceptable… except when they’re open to clients. Keeping your entire incall clean all of the time is too difficult and won’t allow you to kick back comfortably in your place. Don’t force yourself into a position where you are expected to keep every room immaculate for clients; restrict access from personal areas.
5. Protect your privacy through prohibiting your clients from exploring. Many escorts keep items that contain personal details strung throughout their incalls, regardless of whether it’s their residence or simply a place to work. Mail, photographs, personal mementos and other items easily reveal information about you that should be kept disclosed from clients. While you expect your clients to be discreet when they come to see you, it’s important that you exercise the same discretion about your own life with them. Allowing them to have a window into your real life not only provides them with the means to contact you in the “real world,” but it also diminishes the fantasy they have about you. For them, you are their sex goddess. When they discover you have a boogery-faced three-year old, an old dog who needs to be put to sleep or a fascination with teddy bears, you no longer uphold the image of a lust idol.
6. Keep track of your clients easier through limiting their access. Not to imply that your clients will steal from you, but they may. More than one escort has been fooled by a thieving client who took her best towel, iPod or money. While you are in the bathroom freshening up, knowing they are confined to the bedroom alleviates your worries about what they are rifling through in the rest of your incall. Additionally, restricting their roaming stops them from setting up hidden cameras or microphones throughout your incall. It helps you know where your client is and has been during the entire encounter, reducing your worries about anything else. And, it’s easier to ensure that you have everything you need for your client in one place, if he’s confined to one spot. Your lube, condoms, toys, etc. can be in one place, conveniently located so that their available when you need them. If you are all over your incall with your client, the items you need may be more difficult to put your hands on.
7. It’s important to maintain a private living area, if you are seeing clients in your home. Your living space should never be compromised, because you must keep it pristine for clients. But, your life shouldn’t be in plain view for your clients. Children’s toys, your ugly couch or other items in your personal space should be kept private. Let your clients know that these areas in your home are off limits to them. They have access to the bedroom and bathroom: nothing else. Ensure that they are fully aware of this as they enter your place for the first time. If a client doesn’t understand that you desire to keep your private living space a secret to him, book outcalls with him in the future.
8. Prohibit access to areas that are not yours. Escorts often share incalls with each other, and maintain their spaces separately. It’s unacceptable for you to allow a client to enter your roommate’s area without permission. He doesn’t need to explore the part of the incall that isn’t yours. Not only is it a betrayal of trust between you and your roommate, but it could be an invasion of privacy if she is seeing a client at the same time. It is likely that you and your roommate have an agreement about how you deal with clients and work your schedules. Do not allow a client to interfere with that by overstepping lines he should heed. Simply explain to a client that you share the incall and he can’t be in the part that belongs to someone else.
9. Stop clients from pushing your boundaries. Clients commonly attempt to cross lines by persuading you to lift seemingly unimportant boundaries, such as access to another part of your incall. It’s typically a baby step they use to determine how easy it will be to get you to forego other restrictions or go along with their ideas, despite your personal limitations. After you’ve agreed to allow them more access in your incall, they will ask for some other favor or special privilege. Often, these clients continue asking for more and more. It’s an ongoing thing once you’ve let something slide. Eventually, they will request prohibited services, more time, discounts or other things you are unwilling to consider. It’s best to nip this type of behavior in the bud by simply saying no right off the bat.
10. Limiting access decreases visibility by neighbors. If you meet clients in an incall with several windows, you’ve probably selected the most discreet bedroom in the place as your preferred location to get personal with clients. When they want to expand their visit to other locations in the incall, you are risking exposure through the windows to neighbors or other passers-by. Even though your neighbors may not be peeping toms, it’s not a good idea to give them a show by engaging in intimacies with clients in full view of the windows. Explain to your clients that discretion is key; exhibitionism may have its place in the realm of sexual excitement, but your incall is not the ideal setting. You don’t need to give your neighbors anything to talk about. Keep activity out in the open to a minimum.
11. Keeping your personal life and professional existence separate is paramount. The best way to do that is to reserve certain areas exclusively for clients. The only things done in these rooms should be escort industry-related. You should see clients here, visit with them on the phone, consult with them online, perform marketing tasks and other duties related to your profession in these areas of your incall. Personal activities, such as working out, visiting with friends and family and relaxing (or sleeping) should be done in separate areas of your incall (or home). It’s necessary to keep your personal and professional lives apart in order to keep track of who you really are. As an escort, you play a role for your clients. When you are home, you get to be you. Don’t mix the two up by allowing your lives to intermingle.
12. Consider a few exceptions with worthy clients. Once in awhile, a trusted, long-term client may request a special service that makes more sense to do in another part of your incall. For instance, if your client wants to engage in sploshing or food foreplay, the kitchen may be appropriate. If he wants to simply talk or discuss issues he is concerned about, your living room could be a great place to spend time with him. Exceptions depend on the client and his requests. Don’t feel like you have to agree to every request, but do be willing to consider those from trusted clients who have maintained a regular (uncomplicated) relationship with you. Rules are meant to be enforced, but they can be broken for a few worthy clients.
Your incall is your kingdom. You control what happens there and who comes in. Likewise, you can limit your client from exploring any part of it you wish. If they won’t agree to your terms, it’s time for them to leave.
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