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How to harness the appeal of a breast feeding escort
January 31, 2014 | For escorts
Women’s breasts have always been a symbol of both fertility and sexuality. And, their life sustaining properties make them even more mysterious to men. As a result, some men find women who are breastfeeding incredibly sexy. They even take their attraction a step further and desire to participate in the breastfeeding act, itself.
While some escorts may find this fetish a bit unusual, others accept it freely and incorporate their abilities to give milk into their escorting career. Escorts who are considering expanding their services and are looking for a unique niche should consider these points when exploring erotic lactation:
1. Lactating or not, the female breast is a huge turn-on for men. The reason is simple: since buttocks got hidden by clothes a few thousand years ago, breasts are the closest lookalike to keep men focused on their primary biological purpose. Strippers shake them in their patrons’ faces, clothing is cut to accentuate the bustline and breasts are the namesake of a highly popular wing restaurant (Hooters). In addition to incorporating them into sex play for partners’ satisfaction, women also enjoy the stimulation they receive in this highly erogenous zone, sometimes so much so that they climax to orgasm. As a result of this highly sexual focus being placed upon the female breast, it’s no wonder that some men find it extremely erotic when a woman produces milk. The desire to hire a breast milk escort stems from a fetish known as lactophilia. This fetish encompasses many aspects of breastfeeding, from simply drinking the milk to nursing to general observation. There are various ways that escorts may use their abilities to lactate to please clients.
2. Breastfeeding clients can become a clientele you service with your profession. There is a very specific and well-followed niche that includes the desire of clients to suck on an escort’s breasts until they receive milk. Nursing, much like an infant does on the breast, is a popular request from clients who are “boob men”. They like to suck, lick and latch onto the breast, and they become highly aroused as a result. Clients explain that breast milk is sweet, tasty and the “nectar of sex.” Often, their arousal continues with additional sexual intimacies, too. But, some clients are content to only suckle on their escort’s breast for the entire encounter. Included in this aspect of the fetish might be allowing a client to watch you pump or hand express milk out. Many times, clients will seek escorts who provide this service by suggesting an adult nursing relationship.
3. Many lactating escorts sell their milk in addition to providing other services. In recent years, restaurants around the world advertised dessert delicacies made using breast milk, boasting that they were sweeter than recipes that didn’t include natural dairy. While it’s doubtful that you will find an outlet like a restaurant to sell your breast milk to, it is possible that your niche clients might be interested in buying it. If you’re successful at pumping and have the milk to spare, consider discussing the option with some of your clients. If they express interest, package up the milk in requested ounce quantities and price it like it’s gold. Because breast milk is not a highly available commodity, your clients will pay a pretty penny for it. And, it’s not costing you a think, except for the packaging! Offering your milk “to go” to a client at the conclusion of an encounter is a great way to encourage him to come back for more, too. You can tell him that you’ll sell him just enough to tide him over until the next time you get together, and he will probably be extremely pleased.
4. Practice age play with clients. Some escorts don’t approve of baby role playing, especially if a client wants to incorporate sexual activities or fondling into the fantasy. However, if you can adapt his request into something you approve of, your ability to breastfeed makes the scenario even more arousing for your client. From diapering and nurturing, breastfeeding your client fits right in with the desire that your client has to be treated as a baby. If you choose to offer this type of service (which is another niche, altogether), it is best to require your client to provide the accessories, etc. needed to make the activity seem more real. If you begin to attract many clients that desire this type of encounter, you might invest in a few items for the role play, but you should never spend a lot of money for these preparations. (Keep in mind: this kind of role play can be a little messy if your client wants to dirty diapers and pretend to spit up.)
5. Lactation works right into requests for BDSM. Clients who want to incorporate the breastfeeding niche into their desires to participate in a dom/sub encounter have a few options, as long as you’re up for them. Many escorts provide the opportunity to nurse to a submissive client as a reward for appropriate behavior and following orders as directed. This is the point during a dom/sub encounter that the clients gets nurtured and treated affectionately. Conversely, a submissive client can be punished with nursing, too. A submissive client who fails to follow directions to a dominant escort can be forced to drink milk. Force-feeding and pushing a breast in his face is punishment. Sometimes, escorts even attempt to suffocate their client (temporarily) with their breasts. Finally, a third way to use breastfeeding in this fetish is to give a dominant client the chance to forcefully express milk from an escort. He may “command” an escort to give milk. Or, he may milk her with his hands, getting the satisfaction of exerting his will upon her.
6. One way to become a lactating escort is to transition to the service after having a baby. Many escorts find that their post-baby bodies are not as desirable as they once were, needing to lose baby weight or tone up a soft tummy. It’s an easy and natural service to offer to clients who have an interest in exploring breastfeeding. In order to provide milk for clients, an escort who has been nursing her baby doesn’t need to do anything, except to continue to breastfeed or pump her milk. The continual expression of milk keeps her supply constant, and the demand is usually met by her abilities to provide it. If you have enough clients, you may not need to pump any milk at all. However, if you only have a client or two who are interested (and your baby is no longer nursing), you may have to manually pump milk to ensure your supply sustains so you can continue to offer the service.
7. Induced lactation is an option for an escort who has not been pregnant. Some escorts desire to provide this service, but they have never been pregnant and don’t know how to stimulate the production of milk. It is possible to induce the production by regular breast massage, daily breast suckling (several times per day) and the temporary use of milk-inducing drugs, such as Domperidone. In the beginning, an escort may only get a squirt or two of milk. But, as attempts continue, the supply will increase to meet the demands. The supply will continue until nursing attempts stop and the milk is allowed to dry up.
8. Charge more for your lactation services. While you charge a standard fee for the time you spend with clients, you should also consider assessing a charge for your lactation services. For instance, if a client wants to book an encounter for an hour, the standard fee would apply. However, if he wants to incorporate your lactation services, an additional rate of $75 or $100 would be required. Even though most of your services are covered by your standard fee, your lactation abilities go above and beyond a standard encounter. It’s a bonus to what you normally do for your rates. Clients who are interested in this type of activity are accustomed to paying premium prices to fulfill their desires, as very few escorts provide this type of encounter. It’s difficult to locate a consistent lactating escort, so your services should be priced according to the standard rules of supply and demand. If the supply is low, the product will be more expensive.
9. Market your new services online through sites dedicated to niche escorts. It’s fairly easy to locate fetish or niche directories online, especially if you are in a metro area that has a wide regional listing on national sites. Standard escort directories often feature niche categories, too. If your favorite directory site doesn’t have niche listings, consider putting your new services in your profile. Or, use it as a headline for your profile. That way prospective clients can’t miss what it is that you offer. Additionally, some clients who might not actively seek out this type of an encounter might become interested after seeing that you offer it. Extra business is never bad, and it’s a great opportunity to explore this avenue of your career with clients who are experimenting, too.
10. Emphasize your bust in photographs. Even though you should focus on the fact that you are an entire package when you’re an escort, lactaters ought to highlight the assets that will make them successful. Clients who are boob men will respond to images that focus on your breasts. However, avoid posting borderline pornographic photos, including nipple shots. Keep your photos tasteful and classy, while being erotic and sexy. Nearly showing your breasts in photos can be more lust-inducing than a full front photo of your bare boobs. Consider posting a photo of your chest with leaking breasts through a t-shirt or other blouse. These are the kinds of pictures nursing niche clients want to see.
11. Eat well in order to stay healthy and produce quality milk. Even though you aren’t worried about a baby’s growth from your milk, you still want it to be a quality product for your clients. Many foods that you incorporate into your diet will flavor your breast milk, giving it a sweet, tart or bitter taste. Caffeine and onions are said to make it bitter, and fruits make it sweet (and resemble the taste of the fruit, too). Broccoli and cabbage can produce breast milk that will make those who drink it experience gas. Ask your clients about any food allergies they may have, as these properties may be in your breast milk, too. In addition to being concerned about the taste of your milk, you need to eat a diet that is rich in vitamins and nutrients, since many of these get transferred into your milk. Additionally, in order to keep up your milk production, drinking plenty of water is a necessity. If you fail to drink ample water, you may become dehydrated and milk expression will be difficult.
12. Encourage clients to be gentle with your breasts. If you service many clients through your breastfeeding niche, it’s possible that your nipples will become sore and tender. Any time that a client gets too rough or aggressive with how he handles or suckles your breasts tell him immediately to stop what he’s doing. Let him know that his actions were painful and may cause you to cut him off. Also, engorged breasts can be quite uncomfortable and painful. Express milk regularly to avoid becoming overly full, especially before servicing a client during an encounter. (He may even enjoy watching you pump or hand express out some milk.)
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