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13 tips for an escort about to work abroad
February 7, 2014 | For escorts
Escorting isn’t always fun and games, but the thought of funding a vacation or exploring the world as an escort sounds exciting. Many escorts daydream about traveling abroad and supporting their temporary lifestyles with a few client encounters along the way.While this sounds perfectly logical and realistic, there are a few considerations you should make before heading off to the airport.
Just like you created a plan for your escorting business at home in the U.S., you must think ahead to ensure success when you are meeting clients overseas. Touring domestically requires you to enact a plan of action, and toiling at your career abroad necessitates an even more detailed, researched vision. Consider these issues when thinking about taking your escorting skills to another country:
1. Sex industry’s legal limits differ across the globe. Some nations legalize the sale of sex completely, but they place limitations on marketing or where the sex acts may be committed. Some governments require women to register with official entities and pay taxes on their earnings in order to offer themselves to clients. Many of these nations put limitations on non-citizens or require them to pay licensing fees. Others prohibit the exchange of sex for money altogether, just like the United States. Before traveling to another country, you should carefully research your destination’s laws regarding prostitution. Additionally, because you will not be working as a prostitute, but as an escort, differentiate carefully between the services you offer and how the government in your destination country will perceive your actions. It’s important to abide by all laws in the country you are traveling to. Ending up in legal trouble in a foreign country creates a crisis in your life that is difficult to move past. Also, beyond the legalities concerning your escorting efforts, make sure you get the proper visa and present an up-to-date passport upon your travels.
2. Clients in other countries don’t always speak comprehensible English. If you have trouble getting a taxi driver to understand where you want to go in a foreign country, you will certainly have difficulties communicating with clients. Knowing the language of your destination country is a prerequisite to a successful touring experience overseas, unless you are employing a translator. (Employing a translator cuts into your profits, and it is a challenge to locate someone trustworthy.) Because dialects often differ throughout a country, even knowing the language isn’t enough sometimes. To ensure success, you will need to be able to clearly communicate with clients, verifying encounter times/dates and locations. Without the ability to discuss these issues, in addition to details concerning an encounter, getting your escorting efforts off the ground is definitely a challenge. Some escorts presume that nearly all people in the world understand some English, so they will be able to communicate just the same, without fluency in other languages. While it is true that many business professionals around the world know some English, it may not be sufficient to book encounters. It certainly won’t be enough to entice a client away from escorts who can speak his language.
3. Ethnic customs concerning sex and relationships differ vastly around the world. People in some middle eastern nations are prohibited by their religions to engage in any kind of sexual acts on certain days. Others are forbidden to participate in some sexual activities they consider taboo. Many people across the globe view beauty much differently than the standards that define it in the United States. An escort who is considered beautiful in the U.S. may not appeal to clients in the same way when she travels overseas. She may be too thin or fair complected to be considered alluring. Her hair could be too short. Her breasts might be too large. Ethnicity has strong influences on what clients desire from their escorts and what they look for during an encounter. Many escorts find they are quite unprepared and lack knowledge about how to successfully pursue clients in other nations.
4. It’s common for escorts to be surprised about cultural attitudes toward women in other parts of the world. Depending on where you plan to travel, you may be shocked about the limitations placed on women’s rights. Any escort who wants to travel to the Middle East will find that women are restricted from activities that are normal in the U.S. Throughout the world, women are shown little respect and treated as slaves and sex objects only. For an escort who is accustomed to being treated like a queen, it may come as an extreme culture shock to learn that she cannot command the same kind of attention from her clients overseas. However, men in other countries do give women even more respect and positive affirmation than they may receive in the states. For instance, women who visit Italy may be openly whistled at or complimented forwardly on their beauty.
5. Sexual attitudes differ greatly around the world. It’s common knowledge that many cultures believe that sex really isn’t a big deal. They believe that sex is a pleasurable physical act that shouldn’t entail getting uptight over. Polygamy and open relationships are common across the globe. However, other countries are even more conservative in their perceptions about sex than the United States. They forbid public discussion of sex, birth control or other aspects about intimacy. It’s a good idea to get an overall sense of what the general attitudes are about sex before you travel to a nation, in hopes of using your escorting skills there. You don’t want to venture into an area where your clients will be extremely uptight about becoming intimate, making your job even more challenging. Finally, many nations don’t promote the use of condoms for sex. As a result, a good portion of the world’s men feel that using protection is burdensome and unnecessary. Do not allow these clients to persuade you to stop using condoms when engaging with them. Your health is at risk, especially in these nations where protection is uncommon.
6. Research effective ways to promote yourself in your chosen market. Even though online marketing is what works in the U.S., there may be other more effective means of self-advertisement in another country. Newspapers, classifieds or word-of-mouth referral from the hotel concierge may work best where you’re going. In some countries, one or two main escort directories may get the majority of the business. If this is the case, you will want to figure out which ones to use prior to departing, so that your profile is up and live when you arrive. As you research the most effective outlets for marketing, peruse other profiles or ads to determine trends that seem to attract clients. Your traditional wording and images may not be as effective in another country as what they are at home. Work over your profile so that it seems appropriate compared to others in your chosen niche.
7. Know your competition before you get there. Look at the ads of other escorts who will be working in the same area you are traveling to. Take note of their advantages over you and figure out how you will compete with them for business. What benefits do you have they don’t? What can you offer to clients that they can’t? Be prepared to emphasize these benefits as selling points in your marketing. Additionally, expect that other escorts may not be happy to hear of your arrival into their territory. Use caution when approached by another escort and be prepared for physical or online confrontations. While most professional escorts will be classier than to attempt to fight with or attack you, stranger things have happened. Always walk away from a fight when possible. You don’t need to tangle with a local escort just to get a few encounters.
8. Get to know what the locals’ expectations are from escorts. Because their laws may differ or cultural ideals vary, the locals who live in your destination may anticipate certain things from an escort. Many countries classify escorts and prostitutes similarly, not realizing that escorts charge for their time, not according to sexual acts performed. As you book encounters with clients, you must be prepared to emphasize that you are an escort and reiterate the type of encounter your client can expect. If you don’t feel comfortable forwardly explaining what an encounter will entail, feel free to ask your client’s expectations of time with you. Clarify and correct any misconceptions he seems to have about his upcoming experience with you. It’s important that you are both on the same page about what will happen when the two of you meet face to face.
9. Adjust your rates appropriately for your location. Depending on the economy where you are, the rates that you normally charge in the U.S. may not be marketable. In countries with struggling or slow economies, your rate of $200 per hour may be laughed at. However, if the value of the dollar is high in your destination, lowering your rate to a market standard may still net you the same profit you make at home. Research the rates other escorts charge and compare them to the economy. If it seems like working will still be worth your while, based on projected income, rework your rates to fit in with similar escorts. However, if you must reduce your rate significantly, it may not be worth your time to offer your services to clients. And, if you don’t want to reduce your fees accordingly, you may need to transition your status to elite or exclusive escort in your marketing.
10. Be aware of common scams that are used on escorts abroad. Most escorts in other nations fall victim to similar scams and tricks that are tried on escorts in the U.S. Escort agencies attempt to take advantage of naive, inexperienced escorts; escorts are victims of robbery and theft by ill-motived clients; and, some escorts are assaulted or murdered by psychopaths. However, some countries may have particular scams that are somewhat exclusive for their areas. For instance, some escorts in England were booked by a client and invited to his flat at a particular place, only to find out that it was a personal residence of a family. They leave embarrassed and having wasted their time. Other, more serious scams include kidnapping escorts for the white slavery trade. Nations in eastern Europe and the middle east have the worst reputations for being white slavery capitals.
11. Don’t travel alone overseas as an escort. Typically, a woman can safely travel overseas without worry. However, when you know that you will be working as an escort when you are abroad, you need to enact the same security measures that you would while working in the United States. That means that you should always have a security buddy around or nearby. Checking in with a travel companion regularly can ensure that you are where you are supposed to be at all times, and not tied up in some client’s bedroom (or worse). Also, you need to include a security partner in your plans to physically have a presence nearby that could discourage clients from getting violent or rough with you. If you travel alone, you won’t have anyone physically around to ensure a measure of safety. However, if you must travel solo, arrange to meet up with someone in your destination who can serve as your security partner. Maybe it’s a relative, friend or another escort you’ve made contact with. If this is not possible, engage in regular contact with people back home. It’s not the same as having someone locally to look out for you, but it’s better than nothing.
12. Continue to screen clients even when you are working in a foreign country. The Internet is available worldwide, and your abilities to screen potential clients don’t change simply because you are in a different part of the world. However, because some countries have more limited or less organized public records files and information, it may be more difficult to gain information about your clients. Do your best to screen them to ensure they are who they tell you they are and to weed out any risks to your physical well-being.
13. Leave enough time to enjoy yourself while you are traveling. Touring as an escort can be exhausting. But, if you’re doing it so you can afford your vacation, make sure that you schedule ample time to see the sights, relax, pamper and engulf yourself in the culture of your destination. Have fun, buy souvenirs and come back home recharged and more worldly than when you left.
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