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Clients’ crotch selfies and what to do about them
February 17, 2014 | For escorts
Thanks to the smart phone industry and the Internet, penis photos run amok in the world of professional escorting. (Actually, they are entirely too common in the rest of the world, too. Anthony Weiner, the Subway food artist and several others have proven that the male crotch selfie is a standard form of crude male behavior.) And, escorts get to see many of these shocking photos, as they arrive uninvited in their inboxes and through text messages.
Opening them with an exasperated “Again?”, escorts must deal with a barrage of penis photos from prospective and current clients. Yet the question about why these wealthy, self-confident and sophisticated men send pictures of their junk to escorts remains largely unanswered.
And there are no standards for how escorts should react. Consider these theories and ways to deal with crotch photobombs:
1. Clients think they will impress you with their penis shots. Most men are extremely proud of their junk. They wiggle it, swing it and whirl it around. They’ve been obsessed with it since they were little boys. In addition to their own obsession with it, they are also massively impressed with how it grows to (seemingly, to them) enormous proportions. When a client sends you pictures of his crotch, he is hoping to amaze you with the girth, length and pure masculinity that his penis represents. To him, this is his way of letting you know that he can certainly get the job done. Some clients want to make sure they “warn” their escorts, so they aren’t in shock and awe when the time for crotch-to-crotch reveals presents itself. They think that when you see the size of their love machine, you will be clamoring to book an encounter with them ASAP.
2. Sending you a cock shot is a way of demonstrating they are serious about an encounter. Clients know that escorts get a lot of inquiries that don’t result in bookings. But, many clients think that you will automatically realize that when they send you a penis pic, they mean business. They aren’t shy, won’t back out and are excited about the opportunity (as the picture may explain!), so they send a photo to prove their commitment and dedication to the booking. They don’t stop and wonder if you wanted to see a picture of their junk; they are simply excited about getting together with you and want to show you that they will follow through.
3. Hopes for a reciprocal photo are high. Part of the impetus for sending a crotch shot to an escort is the desire for her to reply with an equally racy photo of her intimate body parts. Whether it’s a boob shot or a vagina image, clients are extremely optimistic that you will say to yourself, “Wow! He must really like me to share with me such a wonderful photo of his wiener. I’ll send him a picture, too!” He doesn’t realize that your logic is nothing similar; but, he maintains the attitude that it is. When you reply with a PG-13 rated photo, he is very disappointed. And he may try again, with an even better photo of his junk. Clients will stop at nothing to obtain photos of you that they can stimulate themselves with later or enjoy during a boring sales meeting.
4. Pranksters send photos of their junk. Some do it because they know it will bug you. A few clients are informed enough to know that women generally don’t adore being sent random crotch shots from men. But, they are compelled to do it, anyways. They imagine the expression on your face when you open the message to see their winking willy staring at you, out of the blue. For them, it’s a big laugh. They think about it over and over, fantasizing about how shocked you were when you opened the photo. Furthermore, some pranking clients take it even a step further. They may decorate their wieners with clothing, props or paint/marker and create faces, figures or other images. During Halloween, you might get a ghost penis; St. Patrick’s Day: a leprechaun willy, for example. As they are vamping up their penises, they find great humor in the entire scenario, topping it off by sharing it with you in images.
5. Many clients think it’s just plain sexy. Because men tend to be more visual creatures, in the first place, they find overtly sexual images extremely arousing. A photo of a woman’s breasts, buttocks, vagina or anus may be a complete turn-on for a man. These clients think they are doing something sexy by sending you a picture of their junk. They assume that escorts think in the same manner they do and believe that an escort might get hot and bothered by seeing photos of their penises. And, they think that if one picture is good, several would be even better. So, thus, they send you an entire series of crotch shots for your viewing pleasure. Again, they don’t stop to think that women view sex and become aroused differently than men. They are acting on things that get them excited; clients assume you will find their images erotic, too.
6. Clients exercise bad judgment when they are caught up in the moment. They’ve been scrolling through the escort directory, chatting with you and are extremely pumped about the booking they just scheduled. As a result, they are likely aroused and caught up in the moment. Men are historically notorious for making bad judgment calls when they are allowing their wieners to do their thinking for them. Numerous politicians have been caught up in scandals after allowing their penises to overrule their brains. This is exactly what happens to many of these clients. They’re thinking about the escort they just spoke to on the phone and shoot off a crotch shot before they even have time to think about the consequences. Afterward, they may realize that the ramifications may not be positive, but what’s done is already done; it can’t be unsent or recalled. The photo is permanently out there, much to their potential dismay, often. (But, most won’t admit this.)
7. Crotch shots are a matter of a good self-image. Some clients find confidence in sharing their junk with others. It’s their way of saying, “Hey! Look at me! I’ve got something special!” Geraldo Rivera made headlines in the news when he showed off his naked upper torso through sending selfies that he felt demonstrated power and virility. Clients who send cock shots to their escorts may be simply informing her that they’ve got something they’re proud of. It’s a way that men show off their power, masculinity and sexual prowess. A client who has the nerve to take a picture of his junk and send it to you is typically confident, at ease with himself and comfortable with his body. (These are all good signs; it signals to you that he’s somewhat normally socialized and shouldn’t be afraid of getting naked in front of you.)
8. Many clients send wiener images to escorts, because they have nobody else to send them to. Much like many other reasons that clients seek out escorts, the behavior these men desire to exhibit isn’t completely acceptable by the other women in his life. For some clients, it’s cross-dressing, anal intercourse, fetishes of many sorts and other activities they are missing out on or don’t feel free to explore in their “normal” lives. Perhaps a married client has been chastised by his wife for sending her images of his junk on her phone. He doesn’t know who else he can send them, too…until he meets you. He gets to fulfill his desires to send naked photos of himself to someone and get feedback. He wants/needs your acceptance for his behavior, which is one element to his desired involvement with you through encounters. Escorts must work to get to the bottom of what a client needs from her. Some simply need to be allowed to act out on fantasies or the ability to sext.
9. Sending penis photos is a high-tech way of flexing his muscles. Clients who would normally attract a woman’s attention by showing off at the gym, lifting/moving heavy objects or with some other overtly masculine act are common senders of penis photos. Because a virtual world (prior to meeting face to face) doesn’t provide them with ample opportunities to call your attention to their manliness, they have to resort to other obvious methods. To them, the best way to show off what God gave them is to send you an image of their wiener at full salute. It’s a very sexual way of flexing their muscles, and clients assume that you are excited to see what you’re going to be working with. It’s their way of showing off their goods prior to allowing you play with it. It’s common for men to avoid thinking about whether a woman really wants to receive this images; they just think it’s as welcome as a whistle from a construction worker on a busy street.
10. Many men are unable to think with their upper head and identify with the lower. What they are sending you a actually a portrait.
Escorts have to realize that they are going to continue to receive crotch shots from clients despite their best attempts to prohibit it. But, there are a few things you can do to deal with and reduce the number of unsolicited images you receive on a regular basis:
1. Delete and ignore. When a client sends an escort a photo of his junk, she doesn’t have to keep it. An escort who doesn’t like penis images can easily get rid of these photos as they come in. They don’t have to clutter up your phone, suck up excess storage and potentially show up during inopportune moments. As soon as you receive one, get rid of it by deleting it and purging it from your phone, laptop, tablet, etc. Refuse to reply to a client who sent you a dirty image. Don’t thank him for it. Don’t tell him “it’s nice.” And, don’t rave about what a great photo it was. Give him no credit for sending it to you, except for letting him know you deleted it immediately, if he asks. Ignore the fact you received the photo, unless your client really wants to talk about it. But, make him be the first one to mention it.
2. Instruct your client to cease and desist. If a client consistently sends you crotch photos, you can ask him to stop. Escorts who have clients who become pests with their constant barrage of penis images should discuss the issue with them. Be clear that you don’t appreciate having random cock pics show up on your phone. You don’t want to open up what you assume is a simple text message, only to be greeted with a photo of “Mr. Wiggles.” After you’ve explained that you really don’t like receiving his penis pictures, most clients will stop sending them to you. (Unless, of course, this is part of the services you are providing to him.) They don’t realize that you genuinely don’t like getting these photos until you tell them that you dislike it. You must be clear; wishy-washy explanations will still leave a client with optimism they can convince you it’s sexy. And, present an ultimatum. Tell your client if he continues to send you penis images, you will block him or refuse to answer his texts.
3. Create a policy concerning genital photos. Even though most clients fail to read an escort’s profile, even the important parts, some escorts have found solutions by posting policies concerning their preference for photos sent to them. Many escorts strictly prohibit obscene or naked photos, unless expressly authorized prior to being sent. In this policy, you can address consequences for clients (and prospective clients) who refuse to obey the rules. Consequences might include: blocking offenders, charging offenders more and delaying contact. Clients don’t want to be blocked or shunned for any length of time. They want nearly instant access to escorts, so they are usually willing to oblige if they feel you are serious about your threats. Of course, some clients won’t read the policy. When you post it to your profile, make it short, sweet and simple. Don’t specify genders; and, don’t imply that all clients will be offenders.
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