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Escorts gone retro: Taking a step back in time
February 27, 2014 | For escorts, Marketing
Today, smart phones, tablets, laptops, the Internet and digital cameras are escorts’ standard tools for marketing, communicating, screening — and everything else. However, as the world gets faster and faster paced, more people dream of an opportunity to step backward, enjoy a few moments of downtime, where electronic devices don’t tell us where to go or who to see. They want a simpler time, where they can pretend to be living in a different, less complicated era. And in wishing so, they create opportunities for old-fashioned escorts.
For most mainstream clients, the concept of period-specific escorts is outlandish. However, many clients who yearn for days gone by are highly intrigued by the experiences offered by such an escort. If you are wondering what it might be like to explore opportunities to expand into this niche, consider these issues before plunging in:
1. Old-fashioned escorts represent specific periods in history. Even though it’s possible for an escort to attempt to engage in recreations of several historical periods, most feel that is too large of an undertaking and focus, instead, on one specific era or personality. For instance, an escort might choose to visit with clients as a saloon girl from the 1800s gold rush era, a Renaissance courtesan, an early revolutionary woman of the night or a “fun” flapper from the roaring ’20s. Regardless of which era you select, don’t attempt to do too many at one time. Focus your efforts exclusively on one general time period and specialize in artifacts, activities, historical events and other details that are essential to properly pulling off your “show.” Recently popular with clients is the 1940s or 1950s era pin-up girl, which is a fairly easy recreation, much more simple than those of eras much longer ago.
2. Concentrate on who your clients will be. If you’ve been escorting for awhile, you probably already have a good idea who your current client base consists of. Typically, wealthy, older executive and professional types visit escorts and become regular clients. However, your client list may vary and include subsets of the socially awkward, young and rich, fetishists, etc. But, historical escorts usually see a much different category of clients from their normal groups. They attract history buffs, curiosity seekers and historical wanna-bes. History buffs are likely experts on the specific era you are representing and desire an opportunity to step back in their favorite time for some good old-fashioned loving. The curiosity seekers are simply intrigued by the option of experiencing something so off the wall. They see it much like a ride at an amusement park: entertaining and thrilling, partially because it’s something different. And, the wanna-bes may feel they were born in the wrong time, picturing themselves, instead, as cowboys, crusaders or ’20s gangsters.
3. Replicate the era as closely as possible in your incall. When your clients come to visit you, as a period-specific escort, they expect to be transported back in time as soon as they enter your incall. (If this isn’t possible, try to make the transition with your bedroom.) Your clients will expect to see antique furnishings from the era (or true-to-design replicas), decor that was popular during the time period and other accent pieces or items that would have been seen lying about during the time. For instance, if you’re reenacting the Renaissance period, a desk with a quill might be in order. A saloon girl might have a gold piece laying around from a previous client, in addition to hair combs from the era. Be creative as you recreate the setting for your clients. Consider the kind of music that was popular during the era and have it playing in the background. Prepare treats/snacks that were eaten during the time period. And, offer other forms of activities that were trendy at the time. Card games, Canoga and chess were popular during the Renaissance years.
4. Create an image of yourself that mirrors what you would’ve looked like “back in the day.” As much as anything, your client is coming to see you in full costume. Unlike going to a Renaissance fair, an old west town or a speak-easy party, clients are going to get the opportunity to actually touch a woman dressed in full era wardrobe and watch her disrobe. (Or, they get to help her undress, which is even more exciting.) Being privy to all of the undergarments and methods of undressing that were characteristic of historic clothing is a foreign and arousing concept for many men who have only ever experienced modern bras and panties. A woman who wears a corset, bustle or hoops is a mystery to modern men, who are unfamiliar with these forms of underwear of historical women. In addition to getting you undressed, your clients may be excited to have direct, up close and personal contact with a woman who has her hair done in a bun or styles particular to her era, make-up appropriate for the time period and other details of a time gone by. Get as close to authentic as you can get, keeping in mind that your escort look must also transition into an everyday look for you, as you go about your “normal” life.
5. Act like a woman of your chosen era. Revolutionary-era women probably acted much differently than ladies who were flapper escorts during the 1920s. Realize that each period in history defined the roles of women, dictating how they were to act, both in public and in private. Try to recreate the way these women would have talked and utilize the verbiage they would’ve used. Learn about the era and pick up some trivia that will help you direct conversations about issues important at the time. For instance, during war times, specific battles or issues were hot discussion topics. Other times, other world events or pop culture activities dominated talk around the water cooler, so to speak. Plan out ahead of time a list of things you can talk about. Discover things a woman of your era might be fond of. Perhaps sewing was popular or a particular sport was fancied by women during that period. Have a long list of topics on hand that you may use to tell a client about yourself and to discover things about him, too. And, because your client is desirous of an era experience, don’t allow yourself to slip out of character at any time. Perform your role from the time he walks in to the minute he leaves.
6. Do your research. Watching a movie or two set during your era is not sufficient research to use to base your entire escort niche on. While a movie (if it’s accurate) may help you visualize the era, it won’t give you adequate details to create a believable and somewhat authentic experience. Do some digging online, at the library and with history experts. Read diaries and primary resources from the time period, itself. Look up world events and other activities that made big news. Consider locating local news, too, that can be especially interesting to converse about with a client from the area. If you find along the way that the research is boring, perhaps, the old-fashioned escort gig really isn’t for you. Keep in mind, that if you try to half-ass your approach with these clients, they will discover your lack of knowledge and dedication to your role. As much as they desire to spend time with you as an escort, they also look to you for your expertise on your character and the era.
7. You have to enjoy history in order to fulfill this niche. If days gone by are uninteresting to you, this role will be boring and tiresome for you. Escorts who excel as period-specific providers enjoy learning about who their characters might have been in real life, including learning about the trials and tribulations they went through that lead them to their choices and what issues they faced through their social positions. If you really love history, your role as a historical escort will deeply impact your day-to-day non-escort lifestyle, too. Some escorts who consider exploring the role of an old-fashioned escort may think that once you do your initial research for your character, all of the learning is complete. These thoughts are wrong. In order to continue improving and making your encounters the best they can possibly be, you must consistently expand your knowledge base.
8. The more you know, the better you will be able to perform your role. Also, many history buffs want an opportunity to talk “shop” with you. Being able to discuss events of the era will make you much more credible and worthy in their eyes.
Acting is an integral part of the old-fashioned, niche escort. Many escorts think it’s essential for them to be able to be themselves when they visit with clients. But, for a history specific escort, you must play a role that may be greatly unlike who you genuinely are. Historical escorts get to play parts, as though in a play, each and every day. They put on a facade as they adorn themselves with their costumes and transform into the escort of the era. Most escorts have a sense that they go on stage when they meet up with clients, filling a role. But, this role becomes even more complex when you attempt to make it era-specific. Unless you are faced with a threatening situation, you must maintain your pretense at all times during the encounter. Falling out of character is unacceptable and unprofessional.
9. All electronics must be banned from the premises (or at least from sight and sound). For a niche escort pretending to be in days gone by without mobile devices or laptops, one of the worst things that can happen is for her phone to ring in the middle of an encounter. Turn off all ringers, hide devices and omit all devices that are modern from the room or adjacent areas. This includes televisions, stereos, iPods and others. The only modern exceptions would be electricity and running water, in addition to your modern appliances. There’s no reason to try to incorporate an old wood cook stove into your kitchen; it’s acceptable to utilize modern appliances for your own benefit, as long as they’re not a steady part of your encounter offerings.
10. Outcalls are pretty much impossible. Part of the allure of a client seeing a period-specific escort is walking back in time as soon as they enter the incall. When they request that the escort come to them, it takes away much of the effect created by the incall. And, of course, most escorts aren’t going to be comfortable traveling to and from a client’s outcall in their saloon girl dresses. So, when you arrive at the outcall, you must change into your outfit for the encounter. The only way this scenario works is if your client only wants the role-play action, and chooses to omit the other aspects of the booing.
11. Sometimes clients want to dress up, too. In order to feel like they truly fit into the situation created by your incall, attire and actions, clients feel they should be dressed for the part. Even though it may be a bit inconvenient, have a few items prepared that your client can wear to get him in the mindset of the era, too. Try to have them available in general sizes that most clients can wear.
12. Charge premium rates for your services as a period-specific escort. It’s not easy to do what you do and create a unique experience that clients won’t forget. As a result, you’ve exerted lots of effort and expense to create a surreal encounter for clients. Instead of charging them your normal rates, bump up your fees to represent your expertise and quality research. Realize that you are providing a service that many escorts are incapable of. That, alone, should help you garner some extra cash.
13. Promote yourself appropriately. While there are few (if any) historical escorting forums or directories to follow, there may be appropriate chat rooms that discuss period-specific history and events. Get into these chat rooms and assert yourself and abilities. Consider perusing the erotic history forums and chatting up regular contributors and readers. If all else fails, consider getting a traditional directory listing, being sure to include in your profile the special era-focused services you provide to clients. Word your profile accordingly and include pictures of you in your historical escorting wardrobe.
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