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Why exactly should an escort ignore blocked phone calls?
February 20, 2014 | For escorts
Throughout the course of any work day (or other days, for that matter), an escort may expect to receive several phone calls that show up as “unavailable” or “private.” Many escorts pick up these calls without batting an eyelash, but more experienced escorts don’t even hesitate as they hit the “Ignore” button or watch as the calls are
diverted to the blocked list.
Many escorts take these calls, contending that they will miss out on business if they reject these callers. However, others feel that these calls are usually a waste of time and don’t result in good bookings. Here are a few reasons to refuse an anonymous phone call:
1. Telemarketers. Telemarketers now have access to cell numbers worldwide, and they have begun to realize that people won’t answer their telephone calls if their information shows up on caller ID. Although the practice is illegal in many states, some telemarketers completely hide their caller ID information as a way to avoid you realizing that they are someone you don’t want to talk to. If you haven’t listed your mobile number on the national “Do Not Call” registry, you should do so. However, be cautioned: this does not guarantee that telemarketers will never bother you, again. It just keeps honest telemarketers from calling you, and provides you with some legal recourse if you get repeated calls from others. While simply avoiding these telemarketing calls won’t get them to stop, it ensures you don’t have to listen to a fundraising speech or sales spiel about new siding.
2. Bill collectors. If you currently have several bills that are past due and in collections, you should expect to receive repeated, incessant calls concerning payments and financial arrangements. However, if you don’t have any bills due, you could still be receiving phone calls for others. Any delinquent accounts that you are a co-signer on could cause you to be hassled by debt collectors. Additionally, some people get calls from collection agencies when they inherit a number from someone who used it previously on their accounts. If you’ve recently picked up a new mobile number for your business, it’s possible that these calls are intended for someone else. After picking up the calls a few times and informing the person on the other end you don’t know their late payer, it may be best to just block the unlisted calls for your own sanity.
3. An already blocked caller. Many clients don’t get the hint that you don’t want to talk to them. And, some don’t care; they think you should pick up their phone calls, despite your wishes. When you pick up an “unavailable” or “private” call on your mobile, you never know who may be on the other end of the line. If it’s a client you are avoiding, you will be faced with making an immediate decision about whether you should just hang up on him or entertain his efforts to reach you. If you’ve blocked him for a specific reason (such as too many cancellations, violent threats, failure to pay or other issues), he probably knows that you aren’t going to be thrilled to book an encounter with him. Perhaps, he’s called to apologize or explain his actions. But, it shouldn’t matter, because, at this point, you should be able to call the shots about accepting his phone call or not. Talking to a client you’ve blocked can be nerve-wracking and cause you to say things you don’t mean to. You might be harsher, ruder or more belligerent than intended, due to being caught off guard. Avoiding the phone call is your best bet.
4. Suspicion. “Curiosity killed the cat” is a very true saying when it comes to phone calls from blocked numbers. Escorts immediately prickle as their red flags go up about a client who blocks his phone number. Not knowing who it is, options like law enforcement (in pursuit of a sting or investigation), a criminal type or all-around bad client spring to mind. Instead of tentatively taking the phone call, reject it. It’s not worth worrying about who’s on the other line. If the person wants to talk to you, he can identify himself, text message you from his identified number or find another way to contact you. Any client who must hide his information is too suspicious for you. Escorts don’t need the additional drama or risk of a client who hides his number.
5. A paranoid client is not a happy client. While discretion is a key component to a successful escort-client relationship, it can be overdone. Escorts expect clients to exercise common sense by not discussing his booking with anybody else. She wants him to arrive to her incall inconspicuously, without attracting unnecessary attention to. himself. Escorts expect their clients to provide answers to their screening questions, so they can ensure that clients are not safety risks. However, if a client is incapable of allowing his phone number to show up when he calls to book an encounter, it is doubtful that he will be forthcoming enough to answer screening questions adequately. And, if he does become willing, an escort may be completely frustrated after convincing him that his privacy is safe with her. Clients who are so paranoid about their contact information also tend to be uptight in other ways, which results in them being somewhat high-maintenance bookings. Most escorts are better off without them.
6. An unverifiable client. When you visit with a client and book an encounter, it’s obvious that you should have some basic information about him, including his contact details. In the event that you run late, have to cancel or change plans, ask questions or provide other details, you need to be able to reach him by voice call or text. Many escorts will send a confirmation text message a couple of hours prior to the encounter, as a reminder and way of determining that a client will actually show up. If you don’t have his number, you can’t confirm plans. Often included in this confirmation exchange is the address he needs to go to for your incall. Not only is it uncomfortable to provide all of your contact information to a client who isn’t willing to give you his, but it’s risky to tell him where you are, when you don’t even have his contact info. In addition to needing his phone number for communication reasons, it’s also wise to have a number that might help locate him if he assaults, robs or attacks you in anyways. Also, instead of using the number to locate him, you may pass it along to other escorts as a safety precaution to avoid him if he seems threatening or dangerous.
7. Timewasters. Because they don’t want their numbers to be traceable, they will put their phones on “private” mode, causing their contact information to be hidden when they make outgoing phone calls. These timewasters may be the type to talk forever, trying to get juicy sex details from you, without the intention of ever booking an encounter. Others may actually book a session, providing a fake contact number for you to use as contact information. Sometimes, they promise to provide you with a phone number when they call back to confirm they will be arriving for the encounter. (They may use all sorts of excuses indicating they are going to be changing their cell phones or calling from a different location.) Some callers are attempting to prank you into showing up for an encounter where nobody is there. Essentially, many timewasters use blocked numbers, because they are too cowardly to allow their own numbers to show up.
8. Undecided clients. Or non-clients. Because they are afraid of committing themselves unintentionally to something, men who only want to know basic details may call from an “unavailable” number. They want to ask some questions, find out what they get for their money and learn how the meeting works. But, they aren’t ready to book an encounter. Because they are hesitant and tentative, they are unwilling to provide their real contact information. They feel it is too much of an unfair balance to give you details about themselves until they are ready to jump in with an encounter.
9. You won’t scratch my back, I won’t scratch yours. Why give out your information to someone who is withholding theirs? Even though most clients who block their numbers are not safety threats, a few will be. When you provide contact information, including your address of where you are, to someone you know nothing about, you are giving him the upper hand in the situation. He knows much more about you than you know about him; in fact, you have no details about him whatsoever! Avoid allowing a client have that much of an advantage over you.
Conversely, there are a few points to keep in mind while refusing to answer an anonymous call:
1. Inexperienced clients will block their numbers without realizing it will cause them to be blocked. It’s common for newbie clients to attempt to disclose their contact numbers, because they fear they will get caught up in a scam or something worse. They’ve never done this before, so they assume that hiding their phone numbers is a way to avoid becoming obligated to an escort without meaning to be. While this does add some level of protection to their experiences, they don’t realize that it also causes many escorts to ignore their phone calls. It isn’t until they actually call and leave a message, with contact information, that they get to discuss options with an escort. If you’re an experienced, seasoned escort, dealing with a client who is so clueless may be frustrating and tiring. It can leave you feeling impatient and intolerant. This is a great reason to avoid these types of phone calls, so you can avoid the stress and worry about a new client who may not follow directions or discretion requests.
2. Answering “private” phone calls may work for you, if you require clients call back with their caller IDs intact. Some escorts don’t regularly reject blocked calls. They answer all phone calls to their mobiles, but they request that the client on the other end of the line call back with a phone number that will show up on caller ID. A simple greeting might be, “Hello! Thanks for calling. However, I don’t take bookings or questions from clients who block their phone numbers. Please call me back as soon as possible from a number that is not hidden.” Some clients will call back with numbers that show up. Others aren’t heard from, again. Those who don’t call back were probably timewasters, anyways.
3. Keep in mind that some number blocks could be mistakes. Some clients don’t realize that they have toggled their privacy settings to “on” on their phones. Others call through a glitch in the network, which causes their caller ID details to be blocked. The blocking of a number can be completely unintentional and unknown. It’s always worth mentioning to a client that his number came through as blocked, in the case he didn’t know that. Additionally, if you’re expecting a confirmation call from a client, and several blocked calls come in, it may be wise to answer the next one. A client may have his phone accidentally or unknowingly blocked, causing him difficulties getting in touch with you to confirm his booking.
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