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12 reasons to completely ban alcohol from escort sessions
February 24, 2014 | Health
Even though the old advice may still ring true to incorporate alcohol into encounters with timid clients, there are many arguments that liquor will actually hinder your bookings. While booze can certainly loosen things up between you and your client, it’s essential to realize that the disadvantages outweigh the benefits.
Escorts who use alcohol (or any other mind-altering substance) as a crutch when they escort may have serious underlying problems that require closer examination. However, if you had previously been offering alcohol to clients without any thoughts to the problems it may create, you should consider these scenarios:
1. Alcohol is a depressant. It slows down your central nervous system and blunts your senses. Most clients or escorts won’t consume so much alcohol during an encounter that this is an issue, but it’s possible during extended bookings or during a booking that occurs after a night out. Male clients who have consumed considerable amounts of liquor may actually experience decreased sensations in his genital regions. Although his sexual arousal levels may be high, he may experience difficulties obtaining an erection. Achieving orgasm may also be challenging, resulting in a client engaging in swift thrusting for extended periods without physical release. (These challenges are often referred to as “whiskey dick”.) Escorts may also experience lessened sexual sensations, too. Although arousal and excitement may be heightened, orgasms are not as pleasurable or intense and take longer to achieve when liquor is involved. All in all, even though booze may cause sexual excitement to occur, it may result in orgasmic let down when neither party can climax as desired.
2. Alcohol destroys discretion. Just like liquor may relax an uptight client, it may also loosen up his lips and other inhibitions. It’s a proven fact that alcohol pulls down walls and barriers to behavior that people might like to exhibit, but do not due to shyness, propriety or good judgment. However, when under the influence of beer or other intoxicants, these same clients may be inclined to perform actions they would normally never consider. They get louder, say too much and are compelled to do things completely out of character. These wilder displays may cause additional, unnecessary attention to you and your encounter. If your client is loud and fails to filter his words as he leaves, your entire neighborhood may know what a great time he had with you, including details he provides without thinking. His ability to discern how to act to discreetly may be so affected, it’s impossible for him to maintain himself appropriately.
3. Some clients simply can’t handle their liquor. While it’s one thing to entertain a slightly tipsy client, it’s completely different to babysit a drunk one. When you meet up with a client, you never know how well he consumes alcohol and what kind of tolerance he possesses. Some clients can drink like a fish and leave seemingly unaffected. Others are lightweights and are stinking drunk after one or two drinks. Additionally, you don’t know if your client is an alcoholic. Some clients challenged by sobriety succumb to any invitation to drink. For these clients, it’s impossible for them to drink just one or two beverages. Once they start, they can’t stop. Many of these will drink the entire encounter, often getting drunk before they leave, causing you a moral dilemma about allowing your client to depart in an intoxicated condition.
4. Alcohol can hinder your own judgment. In addition to some clients being unable to tolerate their consumption levels, many escorts find they are unable to keep up with clients, despite trying. It’s never good to compete with a client’s consumption and it’s unprofessional to get drunk during a booking. Besides being unprofessional, it is also dangerous in some ways. When you are under the influence of booze, your own judgment is impaired. You may miss red flags that your client throws out there that would warn you against him due to violence or other risks he presents. Also, some escorts are too easily persuaded to do things they would normally resist if they get intoxicated during a booking. Ranging from engaging in sexual acts they don’t normally condone to allowing a client to go without wearing a condom, escorts put themselves into situations they would never consider without the help of alcohol. They may allow a client to talk them into a discount or a freebie or fail to realize that she’s been robbed, shorted or taken advantage of in another way. And, finally, some escorts lose track of time, forgetting their next appointments. Drinking too much while with a client is a recipe for disaster in many ways.
5. Drinking with your client gives them an opportunity to drug you. Of course, this seems like an extreme scenario, but it has happened to many escorts. When a client brings in alcohol for drinks, he usually fixes the beverages for himself and the escort as she “gets ready” or freshens up prior to engaging in intimacies. When this occurs, an escort gives a client more than ample opportunity to drop a date-rape drug into her beverage. And, while the first effects of the drug may be attributed to the booze, an escort realizes too late that something isn’t right. Of course, a client may have a chance to drop a drug in anytime that drinks of any sort are consumed during an encounter. But, alcohol has a way of loosening inhibitions and decreasing your watchful eye over your drink, giving him time to drug you without your knowledge. And, the date rape drug effects combined with the alcohol are even more powerful than they are solo.
6. Oversharing is a problem when booze is involved. Beer and liquor have a tendency to increase talkativeness among your clients. Sometimes, this is good, especially when they are shy or don’t seem to have much to say. But, it can be a very bad thing, too. Clients may become extremely chatty, telling you much more than you want to know about their lives, sexual preferences, feelings, emotions, drama, families, etc. Instead of just loosening them up a little, they may become too gabby, saying every little thing that pops into their heads, including during intimate moments. In addition to their tendencies to over share, it leaves you open to doing the same thing. It’s common for women to talk too much when they drink, which leads to you accidentally sharing too many personal details about yourself. Without thinking, you may reveal your real name, information about where you live, details about your family or other facts that could provide ways for your client to find you in real life. Giving too much information about yourself due to slight intoxication could spell real trouble for you… or just turn a client off, since he doesn’t want enthralled in your personal drama or situations.
7. Some clients react badly when they drink. Even if they don’t become drunk, some clients get belligerent, mean and angry after consuming alcohol. They are verbally or physically abusive, assaulting or attacking anyone they perceive to be in disagreement with themselves. (And, since their judgment may be slightly off, you could be perceived as disagreeing with them.) Shifting from being dangerous, others experience severe emotional shifts when they drink booze. Going from happy-go-lucky to sad and melancholy, you may see tears, weariness and hopelessness from clients you would least expect. Many turn into shells of themselves that resemble helpless little boys. Others exhibit fear and self doubt. You may be completely unprepared to deal with the emotional shift that liquor creates for some clients. It can also cause your moods to shift unexpectedly. It’s unprofessional to allow your moods to affect your work, but after consuming alcohol it may be out of your control.
8. Clumsiness becomes an issue after alcohol is consumed. Even if you and your client have not drank considerable amounts of liquor, even a little bit can affect your reaction times and coordination. The last thing you need to worry about at your incall is your client breaking things due to being slightly drunk or intoxicated. From furniture to kitchen ware, your client may accidentally break things from sitting down too hard to dropping them. They may accidentally tear your clothing as they attempt to undress you, which causes you additional expenses to replace or repair them. In addition to breaking things or tearing your clothing, these same clients may be messy or sloppy. Afterward, you may find that your bathroom is a complete disaster. It’s common for clients to miss the trash can with their discarded condom. And, it’s possible that a client will leave a trail of dirt, crumbs or other things in their wake at your place. This causes you to have to schedule extra time to clean up after them. Even though it’s safe to say that many clients are just messy, in general, it will be made worse when they drink alcohol.
9. Rape is a possibility when you entertain clients with alcohol. Booze creates heightened senses of arousal and decreased abilities to exercise good judgment. As a result, a client is not as aware to your wishes and may read other things into your statements, mistaking them for consent. (Or, simply not caring about obtaining your consent for his intimate actions and desires.) Aggression is often escalated when drinking, and your client may believe that because he is paying for your time, he is also granted unrestricted access to your body. While this is untrue, he may not buy into this. Alcohol may create misunderstandings between you and your client, too. Boozing it up can cause you to send off signals that are mixed and unsure, while not wanting to grant full consent eventually. Your client may not care about your wishes, after being intoxicated. Alcohol and date rape are consistently linked in situations not related to the escort industry, so it’s safe to assume it could be an added contributor to the problem during an encounter.
10. Providing booze for your clients cuts into your profits. Alcohol (especially high-end products) are somewhat expensive. Fine wines, craft beers and highly distilled liquors are quite costly. And, when you provide them for your client, it reduces the amount of money you clear per encounter. It’s never good business sense to provide costly things to your clients when you visit with them during bookings. Keep your costs to a minimum so that you can ensure to maximize your profits. After all, you are in the business to make money. You don’t have to provide liquor for a client in order for him to have a good time. If he thinks he must have something to drink, offer him coffee, tea or water or encourage him to bring his own bottle. Most clients won’t think you’re cheap if you don’t offer him a glass of wine or a mixed drink upon his arrival.
11. Drinking with your client can become a habit. Too often clients and escorts come to depend on liquor as a crutch that helps them transition into an encounter. They come to find that they only way they can communicate with each other is to drink together. It just becomes a part of their encounter and is likely to increase each time they spend a booking together. As they drink more, the other considerations become more serious threats and may cause troubles in their professional relationship. It’s best to keep your relationship professional and focused on the task at hand, instead of boozing it up together. Your client is not paying for a drinking buddy; he is paying you for your time as an escort.
12. A typical encounter does not allot enough time to drink with a client. While imbibing one glass of wine doesn’t take long, enjoying several takes time away from the energies you will be expending later in the encounter. It’s common for a client and escort to discover they have whiled away quite a bit of time while they drank, leaving very little left for any intimacies. Clients often leave feeling cheated and shorted. Escorts don’t get good reviews and are left with unhappy clients. If you drink with your client, keeping track of the time is a necessity.
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