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13-point hotel outcall checklist for escorts
March 17, 2014 | For escorts
Some escorts exclusively work with clients through their incalls, but some providers don’t have an appropriate space. Additionally, many clients don’t want the hassle of finding the location of an escort’s incall, so they request that the encounter occurs at their homes or hotel rooms.
When you see clients often in hotel settings, there are specific tasks that you should do prior to each encounter. In addition to the things you need to do ahead of time, there are certain things you ought to bring with you, along with others you should leave at home. When you use this checklist, you should arrive prepared and ready for your hotel outcalls:
1. Arrange for your security. Of course, when you visit with a client for any encounter, you should arrange for security to ensure your safety. But, when you go to a hotel, there are some specific considerations to keep in mind. A hotel isn’t like a private residence, where a security partner can wait in the hallway of an apartment/condo building or just outside a private home. Depending on the hotel, the employed security guards may become suspicious if your protector is standing guard in the hallway. So, you have to find alternative ways to keep your security close, while still flying under the radar. One way to make sure that you enter your client’s incall safely is to allow your security partner to escort you to the room or suite your client is booked in. Once you get there and things seem acceptable, he can retire to the lobby or bar for the duration of your encounter. There may be other public places he can wait in, too, such as a courtyard, coffee shop or other options. Some security guards choose to wait outside in the car, but many hotels frown on people sitting in cars in their parking garages. And, the weather may factor into whether this is a workable solution. Summer is often too hot, and winter is too cold. When your security partner waits from an alternate location without making sure you made it to the room, you should call him from the client’s room to let him know you are safe and to provide the room number, should any problems arise.
2. Verify your client’s physical presence at the hotel. Many timewasters and pranksters get their chuckles from sending an escort to a hotel, with a specific room number. Their joke is revealed when the escort arrives, only to find the client isn’t the one actually staying in the room, or she realizes that nobody is booked in the room at all. (Sometimes, they will provide a room number that doesn’t even exist.) All it takes is once for an escort to never travel to an outcall without confirmation, again. It’s very easy to verify that your client is actually booked into the room he claims he is. Simply call the main line to the hotel and ask to be connected with your client. They probably won’t tell you what room number he is in, but they will happily transfer your call to his room. This verifies that he is at least staying in the hotel and that he’s using the name he gave you. If the front desk tells you they have no client by that name, it’s a sure sign that your client has tricked you or hasn’t been entirely honest with you about his real identify. Either way, his dishonesty is a deal breaker for most escorts.
3. Arrange for easy access to your client’s hotel room. The last thing an escort needs is to encounter entry issues while she’s trying to arrive at a booking. But, due to attempts to secure guests’ safety, many hotels restrict access to interior hallways and rooms through keycard access, especially after certain hours. If the hotel is set up this way, it’s acceptable to request that your client leave a keycard for you at the guest relations desk. You can be his colleague, friend or relative, according to what the guest relations desk personnel know. (If you’re going to use a cover story, make sure you both agree on what it is prior to arriving for the outcall.) If your client doesn’t feel comfortable leaving a keycard at the desk for you, ask him to meet you at the hotel bar or other publicly accessible area in the hotel. Sometimes, you can alleviate all of these issues by simply scheduling the encounter for times when access isn’t limited to interior corridors. A last method to avoid these access issues is to arrange to meet your client at the entry point and use his keycard for access. Calling him as you arrive should give him the opportunity to get to the nearest entrance for his location.
4. Dress appropriately for the hotel and the time of day. If you’re meeting a client at his personal residence or at your incall, your attire is important, but it’s not essential that you fit any specific dress code, of sorts. However, when you’re traveling to a hotel for a booking, it’s necessary that you attempt to blend in with the rest of the guests staying there. If it’s mainly a resort area, more relaxed, laid-back attire would be most appropriate. However, if the hotel is the site of business conventions and conferences, it will make sense to dress professionally in business apparel. Don tasteful, classy items that do not strive to stand out. Attempting to blend in with your surroundings, while still being subtly sexy, is ideal. If you need to amp up your sex appeal a notch when you arrive at your client’s door, you can always unbutton your blouse slightly, throw on a pair of provocative heels or pull your hair out of a bun before he opens up.
5. Acquaint yourself with the concierges of local hotels your clients like. While it’s not completely necessary to become friendly with the employees at the hotel you do outcalls in, it can’t hurt anything. The concierge and his staff can make a guest’s experience at a hotel great or terrible. They influence the level of special care that a guest receives, in addition to providing special amenities reserved for upscale visitors. As you become acquainted with the staff, they may be willing to turn a blind eye to your activities at their hotel, when they might otherwise be overly suspicious, with the consideration of reporting you to their superiors. Tip generously and demonstrate friendliness at all times. These hotel staff members may also help you out by providing you leads for clients as they travel in and out of town at their hotel. If they do, be sure to provide them with commissions or incentives for their assistance.
6. Behave as any typical guest would. If you’re checking in at the hotel to meet a client, make sure that you play the part of a normal guest. Bring luggage with you, so that you don’t raise any red flags about arriving without any bags or personal belongings. Provide adequate identification (even if it is fake!), and willingly respond to questions asked by the guest relations personnel members. Being overly secretive makes you look suspicious. Allow the bell staff to assist you up to your room, and tip them appropriately. Bill services and other amenities to the room, just as any other guest would do, including Internet fees, room service or long distance charges. Don’t be afraid to utilize the amenities such as the gym, the sauna, the pool or other places throughout the hotel. (However, don’t expect your client to pay for any additional fees, unless you and he have already agreed upon such arrangements.) Remember, that as far as the hotel staff is concerned, you really are just any other guest. They have no idea that you are actually there for a gig.
7. Bring music provisions with you. Nearly every encounter is benefitted by the addition of music. Music helps to set the mood for a booking, creating an impassioned atmosphere or a slow, romantic flow. Many escorts have special playlists they like to use when they are with clients, so it’s wise to bring your iPod along with you. And, because many hotels don’t have iPod compatible stereo systems in the rooms, you should bring your own speaker along for your music, too. Speakers don’t have to be large to be powerful. Pick up a mid-range, small speaker and use it for outcalls, as it is easily packed away with your iPod. Some hotels have radios that include CD players, and you can bring your playlist on a CD if it’s more convenient for you. Regardless of how you plan to bring it with you, the point is to remember it. An encounter just isn’t the same without tunes. And, you can’t expect your client to provide appropriate music to use for his seduction and pleasure.
8. Remember to bring along any personal items you need. Every woman has a few personal items that she can’t leave home without. Going to an outcall at a hotel is just as important as any other place you go, so it’s essential to ensure these items are packed away with you in your outcall bag. From lip gloss to hair spray, make sure you have a small stash of items you need with you. Additionally, if you plan to shower after the encounter, make sure you pack extra make-up, shampoo, conditioner and soap and any other bath-type items you consider necessities. If you plan to spend the night with your client, you should pack an extra change of clothing. (Most escorts do this anyways, in the case that something happens to their original clothing. Sometimes, clients get too excited and rip or tear an escort’s clothing. Other times, the clothing may get stained or wrinkled during the encounter. Having something fresh to change into is usually helpful.) Having an extra outfit with you also helps you avoid doing the walk of shame the next morning, wearing the same clothing from the night before. (You may not think that hotel personnel will notice, but they tend to have an eye for things like this.)
9. Bring along all required encounter-specific items. While it’s unlikely that you will forget, no checklist would be complete without a reminder to take condoms, lube, sex toys, lingerie, wet wipes and other items you need for your client’s booking. Some clients are interested in light bondage, so scarves or soft ropes should be put in your outcall bag. Others may have specific requests for activities that will require you to add items to your typical list of things. Your outcall bag is a good starting point and should stay packed at all times with extras of everything you need. You can add items to it as your clients request them or as you realize they are essentials for you.
10. Secure the door of the outcall after you arrive. Because you are in a public hotel, you never know when housekeeping staff, room service or someone else may enter the room or suite with a master keycard. Chain or secure the door with the bar to prohibit entry from others during an encounter. It would be terrible for your encounter to be interrupted by a hotel housekeeper bringing in fresh towels as you and your clients are mid-stroke, naked on the bed. Put out the “Do Not Disturb” sign, as a way to deter any interruptions, such as a call for “Housekeeping!?!” If you have the sign on the door and the chain in place, nobody should be able to disrupt you and your client.
11. Be prepared to talk to the staff when you are at the hotel. As you are walking to your client’s suite, it’s common for a staff member to stop you and inquire if they can assist you, especially if they don’t recognize you as a guest. Don’t act suspiciously or stand-offish, as this can create more curiosity about who you are and what you’re doing there. Let them know you are looking for your friend’s room, you are lost or just heading out for the day. Make up some story and fake it to avoid any unwanted attention. And, don’t automatically assume that the staff member is on to you; he may be simply doing his job trying to perform good customer service. (Or, he may be a typical guy, wanting to talk to a hot babe!)
12. Keep your belongings safe. Even though an upscale hotel (which, hopefully is where your client has booked a room) is typically a safe environment, you don’t know for certain that your client, himself, is trustworthy. Stowing your belongings with you at all times is a wise way to ensure that you keep your valuables safe. Limit the amount of money you carry with you, and do not flash cash around. Avoid wearing expensive jewelry or carrying expensive electronics, unless you are with a trusted client. In addition to avoiding theft by your client, you can avoid having your things rifled through or explored when you’re in the bathroom, if you just take them with you. By keeping them within eyesight at all times, you ensure that you retain your privacy and any items of worth.
13. Eliminate identifying elements among your personal belongings. If your client does get an opportunity to go through your bag and attempt to discover your personal details, provide him with nothing. Many escorts leave several otherwise essential items at home, including driver’s licenses, mail and any other items with their names on them. They omit personal photographs of themselves or family members from their wallets and take out anything else that could provide information about them. If you need to carry money with you, carry a little bit of cash. If you need access to larger sums of money, leave your bank debit card and credit cards at home. Instead, opt for a pre-paid debit card that is not labeled with your name.
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