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12 false lessons about escorts taught by the movies and TV

March 21, 2014 | About escorts, For escorts
It’s impossible to learn anything by watching fiction. The escort industry, featured in a good deal of movies or television shows with the over-dramatized, fictional characters, is not an exception. The thing is, though, that most people have no chance of knowing what and how exactly is misrepresented by the mass entertainment machine. To counter that, let’s examine the following 12 myths:
1. Escorts are wrapped up in a world of crime. In a lot of movies, escorts have partners who are members of the mafia, are mixed up with managers who belong to or control a crime syndicate or end up becoming involved in some sort of a crime or criminal investigation. For example, in “The Walker”, an escort finds herself involved in a murder case, just like the main character in “American Gigolo” does. “Mr. Jolly Lives Next Door” also features escorts who end up embroiled in criminal happenings and violent occurrences. And, while it’s true that some escorts are the victims of violent crimes and are connected to criminal activity, others are squeaky clean with spotless records. Movies often let on that escorts are either involved in seedy aspects of life, living existences that benefit from illegal activities. Conversely, some films are focused on escorts who are involved with wildly powerful clients who are involved in crime, themselves. Either way, escorts become involved in bad stuff, according to the movies. However, in the real world, most escorts live boring lives well within the confines of all state and federal laws.
2. Male escorts lead wildly exciting lives. Despite the fact that most movies featuring male escorts lead you to believe they engage in riotous misadventures, they really have no more interesting lives than anyone else. In “Boy Culture”, the escorts attend wild parties, indulge in drugs and one of them ends up with a much older, wealthy partner. While some male escorts may follow this pattern, it is not the norm. Gay male escorts in the mainstream escort industry come from all walks of life, are rarely flamboyant about their lifestyles and often have long-term partners they are faithful to, other than their professional relationships. Straight male escorts don’t often run wild at orgies or partake in raucous activities; they meet with upscale female clients who are looking for the same release and fulfillment that their male counterparts are. Male escorts are all required to be discreet and classy, if they succeed in the upper echelons of the industry. Wild partiers and those involved in volatile lifestyles don’t wind up with promising careers.
3. Escorts never achieve happy endings. While “happy endings” are nearly always a part of an encounter, escorts never get fairy tale conclusions for their lives in the movies. For instance, in “Leaving Las Vegas”, Sera is gang raped and her lover dies. “Butterfield 8′s” Gloria perishes in a auto accident as she makes plans for a better life. And, Sally is killed on July 4th in “Blow Out”. The film industry never allow hookers or escorts to achieve happy lives. Somehow, good outcomes are always out of reach for these characters. Whether it’s a deliberate message to people that they should avoid these careers, because only sadness prevails or if it’s some kind of punishment for these characters due to their lifestyles, it really doesn’t matter. The bottom line is that in the movies, escorts never end up with happy, successful lives. While some escorts in the industry do have difficulties catching breaks in their lives, others lead seemingly normal, pleasurable existences. They have good relationships, positive self esteem and financial freedom. Most of them avoid seriously violent clients and strive for the best life has to offer them, without always being met with crisis, drama or tragedy.
4. Escorts are stupid. In “Mighty Aphrodite”, Linda refers to her former self as “just a dumb little hooker”, and the screenwriters continually make her character out to be thoughtless, shallow and unintelligent. This is far from the truth in the real escort industry. Successful escorts must have smarts in order to achieve success. Firstly, clients want more than just a pretty face. They appreciate beauty, but after a few encounters, they want to be able to engage in discussions with their escorts. They hope to find wit and humor, knowledge and class and a wide array of interests in the escorts they select to spend time with. An unintelligent escort doesn’t get very far when the encounter turns to the conversational period. She must know how to communicate, have a wealth of knowledge about lots of topics and have the skills to direct her client to issues she can easily speak about. Secondly, though, in addition to needing brains to keep her client satisfied, escorts have to have skills and knowledge in order to maintain their successful businesses. Accounting, marketing, communications, budgeting, logistics management and scheduling are necessary skills an escort must possess. If she doesn’t have a good head on her shoulders, her career is sunk before it even gets started.
5. All sex workers bond together sweetly. Even though it sounds like what might happen in an ideal world, it isn’t reality. The sex workers in “Sweet Charity” create their own support system for each other, cheering each other on and standing beside one another during good and bad times. They are as close as sisters. And, while some escorts may form a bond that is unique and rooted in their sex work commonalities, it is not the standard occurrence. One of the main reasons for this is the fact that the adult entertainment industry is frowned upon so strongly by society. Many escorts don’t want to openly admit they are part of the industry, even though it would open up many more connections for them, if they would. Escorts don’t always get a chance to know each other, especially in person. They may know each others’ online identities, but as far as being personal friends, there are many limitations. Additionally, many escorts are very competitive and see other providers as rivals, instead of friends. They have been burned by friendships gone bad between them and another escort, so they tend to avoid intimate interactions with other professionals. Discretion and privacy are huge issues that discourage close friendships among escorts. Choosing to keep to yourself is one of the most common traits for escorts.
6. Escorts can make a lot of money working in spas. Television’s “The Client List” gives young women the idea that they can make truckloads of cash by giving intimate massages in a spa setting. And, while they may bring in more cash than their straight-and-narrow masseuse colleagues, they won’t be making the kind of money they could as a full-fledged independent escort. Typically, big name celebrities, wealthy executives and high-powered CEOs don’t go to the spa for an intimate massage; they contact high-end escorts through agencies or individual means. Spa work may help transition you into the industry, but it’s not where the money is. In order to achieve a lucrative career that is long lasting, you need to venture out beyond the confines of a spa or salon.
7. Escorts don’t enter the industry to fulfill their own sexual desires. It’s fairly common for the film industry to share stories of over-sexed women who explore their own fantasies through becoming an escort. In “Belle de Jour”, the escort enters the career through her desires to indulge in wild, kinky misadventures, despite her chasteness with her own husband. She explores the world of sex through joining a brothel to expand her horizons and fulfill her needs. And, while Belle de Jour may have had extensive tastes in sex, most escorts don’t choose the industry as an outlet for their sexual desires. In today’s society, there are many opportunities for women to explore their desires without becoming an escort. Open-minded kink communities eagerly welcome willing young women into their ranks, without requiring them to be professionals in the adult entertainment industry. Of course, it helps tremendously to like sex when you’re an escort. When you enjoy what you do, it helps you to become even more successful at it.
8. Drugs are an issue for all escorts. Society, as a whole, assumes that escorts are all drug addicts or are habitual users of controlled substances. And, just like any other segment of society, there are some escorts who do use and abuse drugs. But, to claim that all successful escorts are into getting high is ridiculous and untrue. Additionally, to entertain the thought that all escorts’ lives are intertwined with the drug trade is as silly. In “True Romance”, the prostitute is named Alabama, and her partner steals cocaine from her pimp. A resulting chase ensues to recover the stolen drugs, where Alabama becomes quite involved. In reality, most successful, upscale escorts steer clear from illegal drugs for a couple of reasons. The first reason is that it’s unprofessional and will not enhance their image or long-term performance as a provider. Secondly, possessing and using illegal drugs is another way to draw attention from law enforcement, which is nothing that a smart escort does.
9. Escorts can count on finding the man of their dreams through work. While love does occur occasionally between escorts and their clients, it’s rare. To think that you’re going to develop a personal, long-term, romantic relationship with one your clients like occurred in “Pretty Woman” is wishful thinking. Most clients are married and unwilling to leave their spouses for anyone. They hire escorts to avoid emotional entanglements with partners, and they want simplicity, not complications due to relationships. Clients aren’t looking to fall in love (most of the time). They simply want to enjoy a pleasant time with a beautiful woman. And, even if you do establish a romantic connection with a client, there are so many threatening factors surrounding it that the relationship is doomed for failure from the beginning. Some escorts and clients risk everything to be together, often to find that their relationship really doesn’t work once their dynamics change. And, usually, an escort is expected to give up her career when she partners up with a client for a relationship, which is never received well. All in all, finding a successful love connection with a client is unlikely.
10. All escorts are drop-dead gorgeous. Even though most escorts are attractive, there is no standard rule stating that escorts have to be model-quality, blonde and a size zero, such as how they are usually depicted in films. Escorts can be any size and any appearance and still be successful. When you consider the significant number of men in the United States who are interested in seeing an escort, it’s a sure bet that their preferences vary greatly. From big and beautiful escorts to Goth ladies of the night, escorts come in all shapes and sizes. They favor different cultures, heritages and appearances. Because clients favor a variety of women, it’s fortunate that women of all kinds want to be escorts.
11. Clients are sexy and good looking. Unfortunately, not every client is as handsome as Richard Gere in “Pretty Woman”. Many clients are somewhat homely, overweight or unattractive according to society’s standards. They may have disabilities, disfigurements and scars that make their appearances shocking or unsettling. Some clients have attitudes and exhibit behaviors that make them ugly and unpleasant to be with. Others are mean, violent and intentionally harmful. These real men don’t fit the film industry’s model of typical clients. Movies often insinuate that clients are all sexy and powerful. Some may be, and those escorts are quite lucky. However, the escort industry also caters to society’s undesirables. They help clients who can’t find love other places to experience pleasure and sexual fulfillment. The industry allows men who can’t get a date with a woman (any woman) to find out what it’s like to be out with a beautiful one. The industry enables the meek to gain confidence and experience. And, escorts give men a chance to feel normal, even when their disabilities or circumstances restrict them from it most of the time. These clients are not the usual ones portrayed in films.
12. Escorts are happy to accept an overnight or extended session offer from any client. Although “Pretty Woman” allows viewers to think it’s normal, most escorts will never accept an offer for an overnight encounter with a new client. It is unsafe and unwise to jump into such a long experience with a client you’ve never even met before. In addition to the compatibility issues, you run the risk of getting involved in more than you’ve bargained for with a client. Most escorts choose to avoid overnights or extended encounters for the sole reason that they are exhausting. Being “on” the entire time is difficult enough, but keeping watch the entire time due to not knowing the client is terribly tiresome. And, then if the client wants to engage in sexual activities for the entire night, it’s even more fatiguing. Even though many movies lead society to believe that escorts go along with these encounters, it’s untrue most of the time. Additionally, novice escorts may think that these kinds of opportunities come along often, after watching a few films where this is the case. You should never expect such a once-in-a-lifetime chance for an extended encounter with a client for huge sums of money. If a client promises you something similar, keep your radar up for timewasters or worse.
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