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12 things young clients want from MILF escorts
March 27, 2014 | For escorts
Made popular by Stifler’s mom in the 1999 film “American Pie”, a MILF (Mom I’d Like to F#$%) is the desire of many young clients of escorts. The fantasy of Mrs. Robinson from “The Graduate” has been popular through the ages, often being referred to as wanting a “yummy mummy” or looking for a “cougar”. Escorts who are interested in filling this niche should consider a series of prerequisites and conditions they must meet in order to be able to realistically live up to these labels.
Wait, it’s the wrong MILF!A MILF is not simply someone who is old enough to be a client’s mother. She exhibits several traits that make her desirable and sexy in a way that other women can’t compare. If you think you want to become a MILF escort, put these characteristics into play:
1. You have to be an appropriate age to be a MILF. Escorts who want to fulfill the MILF fantasy for clients can’t be too young to be a believable MILF. If you look 21 years old, being a MILF is far off into your future. In order to be accepted in the industry as a MILF, you must be an age that is believable to have children similar in age to your clients. For instance, an escort who is in her early 40s would have no trouble being a convincing MILF. However, if you’re 28, your chances of being considered a cougar are much better than being preferred as a MILF. If you’re on the borderline, don’t try to make yourself look younger, which is pretty typical of escorts. Don’t try to cover up or fix your laugh lines. Wear age-appropriate clothing and hairstyles. Act your age. However, that doesn’t mean you get to act frumpy.
2. MILF escorts exude sex appeal and confidence. Despite your age or a few wrinkles, it’s essential for you to embrace your sexiness and well-preserved and deserved curves as a way to attract your younger clients. Your experienced beauty will speak volumes about your abilities, as long as you allow it to shine through. It’s fairly common for women to stifle their sex drives when they reach a certain age. But, as a MILF escort, it’s most beneficial to you to allow your desires to show. Take on the attitude that you’re getting older, but you’re certainly not dead. Take pride that you are in your sexual prime, reaching your peak and let the world know that you are ready, willing and able to live up to the challenge of any partner. Allow your age and experiences to give you confidence and use that self esteem to build up your presence with clients.
3. Adopt a motherly attitude toward your younger clients. One of the appeals that MILF escorts have with their clients is that they exhibit nurturing, all-knowing exteriors that create a sense of being more experienced. Allow your years of life be an attractor to the opposite sex by causing them to think you know something they don’t. Their desires to learn from and be coddled along by you will exceed their wishes to be with someone younger. For some clients, they have a need for motherly love, attention and approval. Others just simply want the opportunity to be with a woman who knows her way around the world better than they do. Be prepared to offer critiques and give advice, along with compliments and praise along the way.
4. Talk about your kids in order to solidify your image as a MILF. Most guys are intrigued by a MILF because of his personal relationship with her son or daughter. However, as an escort, your client won’t know your child/children. In order to fully live up to the role, you will need to talk about the younger people in your life. If you really don’t have adult-aged or nearly adult-aged children, make some up. Your entire role as an escort is built upon desires and fantasies, anyways, so conjuring up some children to talk about vaguely with your clients is completely within fair range. Be careful how extensively you talk about them, because remembering lots of small details can be troublesome and distracting.
5. Expect younger clients as your main demographic. When you set yourself up as a MILF, you shouldn’t be targeting older gentlemen as your clients. Your main audience will be young, 20-something men who have some sort of fantasies driven by experiences they’ve lived through with a friend who had a hot mom or after watching MILF porn. As these clients will be quite young, you need to expect that they may be slightly inexperienced, especially when compared with older types. Additionally, they are more naive and unaware to the ways of the world. Their innocent, fresh demeanors may seem trite, but have patience with them as you see them and they become regulars. While their inexperienced attitudes may become tiresome, they can be taught and led. Guide them to grow into strong young men who have open minds and feel positive about their fantasies and desires.
6. Live up to your lusty, horny image. Most MILFs are in their sexual primes and aren’t afraid to finally have the opportunity to talk about their sex drives. In a day and age where it’s finally acceptable for a woman to have desires, a MILF should be free to talk about what she wants and how she wants it. With years of experience under your belt, use your seasoned history to fuel your fantasies as you share them with your clients. At all times, you should insinuate that your motor is running and you’re ready to put your foot on the gas when it comes to sex. Embrace your endurance and stamina, and build them up with regular workouts that help you get stronger and in better shape to live up to the desires of clients.
7. MILFs have to be sexually experienced. If you’re new to the escort world, you have to have some pretty intense sexual experiences under your belt in order to live up to the MILF reputation. Most young clients will expect for you to teach them about how to please a woman and be able to learn about positions, activities and other experience-related aspects to intimacy. Don’t be afraid to pull out your bag of tricks (or toys) with these clients; they are more than happy to experiment, listen to wild tales and indulge in marathon encounters with multiple climaxes. Put young clients through their sexual paces by pushing them to their limits in the bedroom, and then brag about the escapades later when you’re talking to them. Rely on your personal history to build up your abilities with clients. However, if you are somewhat inexperienced, you will have to do a good job of faking it the first few times.
8. You have to market yourself as a MILF in order to be recognized as such. Some escorts don’t find the term MILF acceptable and are appalled at the concept of marketing themselves that way. To them, it’s a crude definition and devalues their worth. Additionally, it’s an admission of advanced age, which many escorts attempt to keep at a minimum, always attempting to appear younger than they actually are. In the escort industry, it usually pays best to market yourself as young as possibly believable. However, because MILFs have their own niche, some escorts can benefit from embracing their age and experience. Focus on the fact that you’ve been around the block and still want another go or two at it through your marketing, emphasizing the fact that you’re the MILF clients always wanted a chance with.
9. MILFs have to know their stuff. Because your younger clients will look up to as a knowledgeable source of information and life smarts, you have to be well-versed in a variety of topics ranging from current events to common sense subjects, such as finances or logistics. Your clients expect that you have yourself together, which includes being able to share pertinent, useful information at the drop of a hat. To do this, you have to keep up to date about the world around you. Regularly read the newspaper or subscribe to Internet news sites. Keep up on pop culture, and be prepared to give your opinion on everything from politics to which bank has better checking accounts. Because your clients will ask you things, you have to have knowledge to back up your answers. Stay informed and maintain your knowledge about your community.
10. Your clients expect a MILF escort to be brazen, taking the lead during encounters. One of the characteristics that is the most exciting to young clients is that they expect their MILF escort to guide them in all things romantic or lusty. Instead of hanging back and allowing your client to make the first move, a MILF escort jumps on the first opportunity to get frisky and runs with it. Make the first move and advance the level of intimacy between you and your client rapidly. Demonstrate to your client how quickly passion can build by skipping several precursory steps in the encounter. By leaping directly into the intimacy aspect of your encounter with you, your client will get fired up in a way that doesn’t occur for him often. He’s not accustomed to women taking the lead, especially in brazen and bold ways. Demonstrate the difference between being a confident, sexy MILF and a tentative, shy younger woman. He will definitely appreciate your experience at this point.
11. MILFs must always be flirtatious. Even if you aren’t the type to brazenly take the lead, you can still guide your client through encouraging his actions with some pretty suggestive flirting. You can be blatant with your comments or more subtle with your actions, but the important part is that you must flirt with your client. By putting the suggestion that you’re interested in getting intimate with him, you help him fulfill his fantasy of the buildup usually associated with getting it on with a friend’s mom. In a real-life situation, there would be quite an extensive exchange that would probably lead up to an encounter in a genuine situation. To duplicate this in some way, your flirting has to be direct and clear, all within a short amount of time to make it work during a traditional encounter.
12. Challenge or dare your clients to engage in acts with you. Many times, relationships between MILFs and their younger counterparts result as an outcome from a challenge. An older woman will challenge a young man to being able to keep up with her or knowing how to please her. Of course, the young man doesn’t want to be proven weak or wrong, so he engages full-on with the MILF. Additionally, many younger men are dared into activities with an older woman as a fun way to entice them in. Playing a game of truth or dare or simply telling a client you don’t think he can handle you will get hormones heated up and activities started.
Of course, any good escort is going to examine the various niches that she could market herself in ahead of time, before plunging into any long-term commitments in the escort industry. Many escorts vary their services, including MILF and other provisions to clients. They will utilize their various talents and traits to their advantages in different ways. Because MILFs are so sexy, they can also double as cougars, for a younger demographic that is a bit closer in age to them. Additionally, the traits women exhibit as a MILF are good ones to use when they do general escort work, too. It’s easy to cross apply sex appeal, age appropriate sex drive and the consistent drive to stay up to date and informed in your daily routine with clients.
All in all, the most important thing to remember as a MILF is that you need to be the driving factor behind it all. You are older and wiser, according to client rhetoric, which puts you in the driver’s seat. Negotiate scheduling and other aspects to suit you, which will, in turn, satisfy your clients.
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