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10 things escorts need to keep in mind when providing a client reference
July 16, 2013 | For escorts, Safety
It may not be often that another escort will call you seeking a reference for a prospective client, but when it happens, you should know how to respond. Most escorts carefully screen their clients, which typically produces enough information they can use to make their decisions about whether a client is a reliable risk or not. However, sometimes a client comes along who offers a reference from a fellow escort. Within the industry, an escort recommendation is a powerful reason to accept a client for an encounter. (Similarly, if an escort provides a negative reference, it’s usually enough to deny booking a client.)
As you provide client references, keep these 10 things in mind:
1. Always tell the truth. When you give a client reference, your reputation is at stake. Another escort is going to take your word as an honest perspective about a client, and she relies on your information to be accurate, unembellished and genuine. If you provide an inaccurate review, intentionally or not, she will likely spread it around that your recommendations need further confirmation.
2. Explain the capacity to which you know the client. Include how long you’ve been acquainted with the client, approximately how many encounters he’s booked with you and how well you know him. If he’s been a long-term client, tell the escort this. If you’ve just met up with him once, inform her of this, too.
3. Don’t be afraid to tell the escort that you don’t know the client well enough to provide an accurate recommendation. Some clients are just not easy to talk about because you’ve only met with them once or twice — or you just can’t remember them. If this is the case, say so. Also, inform her that if he had been a bad client, you are sure you would have remembered more information to tell her.
4. Give an overview of the client’s personality and approach to your professional arrangement. Indicate if the client was upbeat, easy to please, difficult, aggressive or anything else. Feel free to share both good and bad things about the client. Additionally, tell whether the client paid according to the agreement, resisted giving you money at the beginning of an encounter or attempted to push boundaries. Details about a client exhibiting time-wasting behaviors, attachment issues or always being late are important to share, too.
5. Avoid sharing personal details that the client shared with you in confidence. In order to determine that a client is a good risk, an escort doesn’t need to know his marital status, information about his kids, details about his hobbies or any other personal trivia. The escort/client relationship you shared with him should still stand; don’t break his confidence by divulging his deep dark secrets with another escort.
6. Provide examples. Think up anecdotes or situations that occurred during encounters and share them during the recommendation. Perhaps, your client brought you flowers or gave you a trinket after arriving back after a business trip. Or, he stole towels from your bathroom. Regardless of the details, provide them as a way to demonstrate the information you share with the other escort.
7. Warn another escort away from trouble. Give a bad recommendation for a client who was violent, threatened you or gave you reasons to feel unsafe. If he wasted your time, didn’t pay or stole from you, tell the escort to beware. If a client didn’t pass your screening attempts, this is important to mention. Even if you don’t have clear, hard facts about a client, tell the escort about any gut instincts you had about him. She can take or leave your recommendation, but at least she has the opportunity to make a decision knowing all the facts and your impressions.
8. Stick to the facts, for the most part. Avoid sharing personal feelings about a client with another escort. Don’t talk about your feelings of love for him, how you think he’s arrogant or anything else that pertains to your own emotions. If he is always in a hurry, that’s a fair explanation based on facts. But, if you say you are worried about his health because he’s always on the go, that’s too much information.
9. Avoid being offended by a client who is seeking a new escort. If you receive a recommendation request for one of your regulars, try to not take it personally. Provide an accurate recommendation that will help your client, and prepare to adjust your budget accordingly, if he moves on to another escort. Appreciate the time you’ve had with him, and wish him the best. Resist the urge to ask him if he’s considering a new escort, unless he hesitates when it’s time to book his next encounter. It’s acceptable to inquire at this point, but avoid a messy confrontation, if possible.
10. Be concise as you word your recommendation. The escort requesting your insight isn’t looking for an in-depth profile about a client. She wants to know if there’s anything in particular that she should consider before accepting him as a client and any other pertinent details that could influence her decision. Don’t be too wordy or bore her with the complete history of your relationship with him. Give her the relevant details and leave it at that. If she needs more information, she will ask follow-up questions.
As you provide a client recommendation, attempt to be professional. Within the industry, you and the other escort are two professionals networking together for the good of your careers. Your reaction and details provided about a client reflect your expert status as an escort and will influence your reputation among others in your field.
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