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How to tell if an escort is ready for plastic surgery?
May 28, 2014 | Health
In 2013, over 15 million cosmetic procedures were performed in the United States. Patients underwent both invasive and non-invasive treatments to improve themselves aesthetically.
Patients represented people from all walks of life: doctors, lawyers, secretaries, adult entertainment providers, athletes, movie stars, aspiring performers and regular, everyday individuals. In recent years, society has begun to see cosmetic procedures as much more attainable weapons in their futile war on nature.
While they may not be able to cure their blood pressure woes, they can get rid of those wrinkles and tummy bulges. They can give themselves things that they were not originally blessed with (bigger breasts) and get rid of characteristics they don’t like (an overly angular chin). The incidence of cosmetic surgery and non-invasive procedures have steadily increased since 2000, according to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons.
When the average population begins to take their appearance into their own hands, it makes it even more difficult for an escort to compete with engineered standards of beauty without partaking in the cosmetic surgery charge, too. However, many escorts really aren’t in the position within their careers to be ready for serious procedures to alter their appearances.
With that being said, it may be difficult to recognize when it’s appropriate for you to seek out a surgeon and consider some assisted self-improvement solutions. Here are some ways to know for sure that it’s time to consider plastic surgery:
1. Educate yourself about the wide variety of procedures and treatments. Now days, there is a treatment or specialty for nearly everyone. From skin treatments that rejuvenate your youthful glow to surgeries to lift your buttocks, plastic surgeons specialize in all forms of procedures that work to enhance what nature has or hasn’t given you. Invasive treatments surgically correct any body issues that are plaguing you in order to create a better hourglass figure. Non-invasive techniques may erase lines from your face or apply permanent make-up so you wake up looking put together every day. If you’re interested in what plastic surgery might offer you, you should do some research about the various techniques being practiced by board-certified surgeons. The American Society of Plastic Surgeons has a comprehensive overview of treatments and procedures available. Reading up on what’s available may give you some ideas about procedures you’re interested in learning more about.
2. Escorts who need a confidence boost may be ready for plastic surgery. When perusing the competition’s ads you’ve had feelings of inadequacy, it might be time to consult a cosmetic surgeon to see how he can make you feel more positive about your body or face. Many escorts compare themselves against other providers in their geographic areas, making checklists of things they are superior on and other qualities they lack. If you tally up your weaknesses and they are mainly simple physical aspects that can be corrected with a bit of plastic surgery, it’s certainly worthwhile to explore options that would help make your efforts more competitive and restore your positive feelings about your body image. If you don’t feel good about the way you look, you subconsciously project this when you’re talking to clients. The only way you can put your best foot forward for success is to have high self-esteem about yourself. Plastic surgery procedures may help you gain a better impression of yourself.
3. Client complaints may indicate you should explore options offered through cosmetic surgery. If you’ve experienced let down feelings after a client has explained that you weren’t quite what he expected, it could be time to polish yourself up a bit with some cosmetic procedures. (Of course, some clients have unrealistic expectations or didn’t fully read your profile….so, you shouldn’t always take their opinions to heart.) When clients (or potential clients) have confided in you that they were looking for a younger escort, it might indicate that a “liquid facelift” could restore your youthful appearance that these clients are seeking. Additionally, when clients tell you repeatedly that they’d book an encounter with you if you had larger/smaller breasts, a flatter tummy or a perkier derriere, you would probably be benefitted by undergoing a surgery or two.
4. Escorts who see evident signs of age or the effects of time may be ready to do something about it. Laugh lines, forehead creases, crow’s feet wrinkles and other fine lines on the face may be proudly earned battle scars from your life, but they don’t assist you as an escort. As you look in the mirror and notice that the lines are creating a road map on your face, it’s probably high time that you do something about it if you want to continue working as an escort. The sooner you begin to take control of your wrinkles, the more you limit them in the immediate future. Injections of dermal filler will help to soften or eliminate lines and plump lips and cheeks back up to more youthful appearances. While results are only temporary with soft tissue augmentation (injectable treatments), other procedures such as facelifts, eyebrow lifts and forehead lifts can create more lasting effects that will help preserve and restore your young look.
5. Escorts who see the potential for working at a higher level within the industry may be interested in pursuing cosmetic surgery procedures. Sometimes, all it takes to achieve more elite status is a little polishing up, which could include some liposuction to contour the body’s silhouette, dermal filler to create a more symmetrical facial appearance or rhinoplasty to tone down a Romanesque nose. Escorts who have what it takes otherwise may find that the refinements they can acquire through a procedure or two will create significant earning potential to them, worth many times over what they must spend in order to pay for the treatments. The best thing to do is to check into the going rates and schedules of escorts who sit a rung or two higher on the ladder than you. Individual escorts may be happy to share information with you, or you may need to contact an agency to get the skinny about the possibilities that could lie in store for you if you smoothed up your rough edges.
6. Many escorts desire to engage in cosmetic procedures after they’ve done some research about what’s necessary to stand out from others in their region or even to be on even playing ground. For several escorts, they find that a breast augmentation is enough to create a stronger following of clients. Others do some research and discover that they need a more youthful appearance in order to compete with the providers who are attracting the business they want. This step takes some careful analysis about what the other escorts have that you don’t. It may take some time to decipher the differences, but once you do, the information can be invaluable to you as it gives you the key to success. However, keep in mind that many of the key differences may not be physical ones. Other providers may have more experience, better educations or offer services that you don’t. If the differences come down to non-physical ones, cosmetic surgery and other procedures won’t help you.
7. Escorts who wish to enter a new niche may require cosmetic procedures to get them there. Niches for nearly every body type or interest exist in the escort industry. There are categories for EXTREMELY large-breasted escorts, small-breasted escorts, curvier escorts, slimmer escorts, younger and older escorts and many, many others. For instance, if an escort wants to start working as a large-busted provider, she might want a significant breast augmentation. Other escorts might consider liposuction, tummy tucks or other body contouring techniques to fit into a slimmer niche. For every niche, there may be a cosmetic procedure that can help you fit in it better. Keep in mind that you should always do your due diligence research ahead of time to determine if you’re a good fit for the category and will make a significant enough increase in your income to justify the surgical procedures.
8. Escorts who have realistic expectations about how cosmetic surgery will help them may be ready to undergo procedures. Many escorts first visit a plastic surgeon and express their desires to engage in treatments that will make them look like a different person. While their wishes can be fulfilled with extensive procedures, their desires are not fully realistic. However, escorts who arrive for a consultation knowing that plastic surgery isn’t going to make their appearance perfect in the eyes of every client may have developed perceptions of attainable outcomes. Escorts can’t expect surgical procedures or non-invasive treatments to automatically make their careers successful. But, they can anticipate they will have another tool in their arsenal which can elevate their status and create more popularity for themselves in the escort community.
9. Providers who are wholeheartedly pursuing their careers are good candidates for cosmetic procedures. Escorts who are looking for a free ticket to success need to not waste their time getting any aesthetic procedures done if they aren’t willing to put in the required effort to be successful. The same rules apply for beautiful escorts who don’t want to do the business-related things necessary to become popular among clients: it takes a lot of hard work to be a great escort. Of course, the benefits you receive from plastic surgery (and other treatments) may give you an advantage over others, but if you’re unwilling to put in the hours required to produce effective marketing, get great photos and communicate with clients, your efforts are being wasted. Plastic surgery, alone, won’t bring you success. It can help even the playing field, but you have to reach out to clients in order to excel in the industry. When your appearance is the only thing holding you back from success, cosmetic surgeons can help give you the remaining tools you need.
10. Escorts who are making their own decisions may be ready to undergo procedures. Sometimes, escorts feel pressure from clients, other escorts or an agency to change things about themselves in order to be more desirable to potential clientele. However, if an escort feels good about herself, she should never feel like she has to pursue a cosmetic change just to fit into an escort industry category better. For instance, if an escort is completely happy with her bust size, she shouldn’t feel like she has to get a breast augmentation in order to be successful. Instead, she needs to seek out clients who appreciate smaller breasts, instead of chasing after those who want big boobs on a provider. If you’re sure about undergoing a procedure, then you should proceed without question. But, if you feel like others are more excited about the change than you are, slow down and rethink your decision. You’re the one who has to live with the changes to your body.
11. Escorts who have the money to pay for the procedure are good candidates. It’s very possible that an escort thinks she is ready for cosmetic surgery, but she doesn’t have the funds or access to financing in order to acquire it. She’s not a good candidate for procedures. But, an escort who has saved up enough cash to pay for her treatment, in addition to having access to money to cover her expenses during her recovery time, is someone who should pursue plastic surgery procedures. It’s essential to find out how long you’ll be laid up after getting a particular surgery, so that you know how much money you need to keep on hand to cover your living costs and other bills when you’re not working. Additionally, having cash on hand to pay for your surgery or other procedures may end up saving you money. Many surgeons will negotiate on price if cash is being offered as the form of payment.
12. Escorts must be prepared and ready to maintain their results. Most any procedure that a cosmetic surgeon does on a patient requires after care and some degree of upkeep afterward. A breast augmentation has a lot of recovery care to consider, but months afterward, an escort should attempt to take care of her breasts by wearing supportive bras and getting annual check-ups to make sure the implants are intact and in place. Liposuction patients must be able to maintain their current weight (or lose it) in order to maintain the effects achieved by the procedure. Dermal fillers are pretty maintenance free, but a good skin care regimen will ward off new wrinkles…and, a patient will need follow-up appointments to keep their effects current. In other words, most cosmetic procedures do require some follow-up treatment and care. Escorts should be ready and willing to undergo whatever is necessary to keep the preferred effects of their elective treatment.
Not all escorts are ready to consider plastic surgery. However, when the general population is getting more and more help to look beautiful, the needs of an escort to have a good cosmetic surgeon on call is rising, as well.
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