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The sometimes girl
July 10, 2014 | For escorts
Escorting part-time, where escorting is not your main source of income, is appealing for many girls. It can provide a steady, cash-as-required income and allows an escort to focus on her dream job or other pursuits in the meantime.
by Hannah Jay
By working as an escort part time, a girl can be very selective and very targeted in her marketing approach. Because she is working for “side money”, a part-time escort has even more control over her time and her availability.
Women come at part time escorting from two distinct sides: one group are full-time escorts who want to “dial it back” and see fewer clients. The other group are women who have never been full-time escorts and don’t want to be. They are essentially building a side business from scratch. Each group has separate needs.
For an escort scaling back, the simplest thing would seem to be to just stop advertising and restrict her business to a stable of regulars. Effective but not always ideal because even the most loyal regular will, eventually, move on. A more strategic process is to reduce advertising and increase the focus of that advertising on the high value clients the escort is most comfortable seeing.
The process of moving to part-time allows an escort to assess her business. Many service businesses find that most of their revenue comes from particular types of clients and that by focusing on those clients they can improve their revenue. If an escort has, say, a dozen regulars and eight of them are over 55, she might focus her advertising effort on attracting more of those sort of clients and largely ignoring the rest.
The full-time escort has the advantage that she has the systems in place – a place to work, phone, email, website, banking, credit card acceptance – so her switch to part-time escorting is a smooth business transition.
For a girl just entering the business, there is an investment and a learning curve. Getting set up all costs some money up front. However, as her escorting is likely to supplement her existing income, these upfront costs are not impossible to meet.
The two biggest essentials she lacks are an established client base and knowledge. We have not talked much about escort agencies but, in the case of a girl just entering the business, signing on with a reputable agency can provide both clients, knowledge, and experience. It is often wise to try out life as an escort before you invest and commit. Even though agencies take 50% (or more) of the fee, they can temporarily provide a degree of support.
When a girl is ready to set up as an independent, she can do it with little more than an ad and a smartphone. The question is, what sort of escort does she want to be? For a part- time girl outcall may make the most sense. Of course outcall brings its own challenges.
First thing to do is read’s exhaustive 13 point checklist for outcalls. This covers the basics and also gives some great suggestions – bring music!
Secondly, try to precisely target your ideal client group. Travelling business men? Asians? Shift workers? Medical personnel? Older men? These are all distinct markets. The general category businessman, covers a lot of ground, so what sort of business man and where is he to be found? For example, executives from out of town are a submarket and the where is largely determined by her location. A part-time, outcall escort needs to value her own time. Which means, that if you live downtown and the airport is a thirty dollar cab ride away, you will want to target businessmen staying, well, downtown. Or be smart enough to tack on traveling expenses as part of your fee. A jet-lagged business man is going to appreciate you all the more if you make the journey and the effort to accommodate him.
A brief search on the internet will give you the names and locations of the best hotels. Also pay attention to which ones advertise in the local glossy magazines. Then go check a few out yourself. Sit and have a cup of coffee or a glass of wine at the bar (a client-garnering strategy in itself—but more about that later) and take note of the types who walk in and out. (For hints on how to look luxe on a budget see Dressing up to up your game.) If the Louis Vuitton luggage is rolling past, you have found your ideal locale. And after all, if you have a choice of venue, and as a part-time escort you do, you will want clients who stay here.
Observe how the women at the hotel dress and present during office hours. Of course you will see female guests who are very much in tourist mode—sight-seeing casual wear reigns supreme at two o’clock. But you will also see plenty of business women in suits and office chic separates passing by. If you are doing your detective work at dusk, what of evening wear? If the hotel has a stellar restaurant that attracts even the locals out for dinner, you will want to fit in if you are arriving in the lobby ostensibly for a late meeting.
If you require an outcall bag it is a smart idea to make it a laptop case. More than enough room for an escort’s essentials – lube, massage oil, a few candles, a couple of old stockings, even a riding crop will squeeze in diagonally. By all means supplement this with a ladylike purse. Clever and beautiful is a formidable combination; businessmen are going to adore you.
Once you have scouted your hotels, it’s time to advertise. First thing to remember is that businessmen usually travel during the business week rather than on the weekend . So make sure your ad hits Sunday through Thursday.
What sort of ad to write to attract a man in the city for a short stay?
A few examples:
All Business on the Outside, All Pleasure Within
Elegant, seductive, escort seeks considerate businessman to conduct in depth discussions. Select downtown hotels only.
Or this:
Pretty Young Business Student
Looking to satisfy one special, business executive. Select downtown hotels only. An evening of intimate pleasure awaits. Available only one evening a week. Book now.
To accompany the ads, put up a couple of suggestive but fairly conservative, pictures. A white shirt unbuttoned to the waist either over nothing or a white, lacy bra, will give the right sort of gentleman the right idea.
The great advantage of working part-time is that you can have only a few appointments a week and still make excellent money. But here is the caveat: you have to charge high rates and give great service.
Part of your strategy is making sure that potential clients are aware that they are paying for a premium escort experience. And that means you must be clear and confident when they phone or email you. Set your rates for your companionship that takes into account a longer – think hour and a half or more – encounter. As well, recognize that the sort of businessman you are targeting is used to paying his lawyer, accountant, golf pro, hundreds and hundreds of dollars an hour. His lunch likely cost a couple of hundred and his first class ticket cost a couple of thousand. An evening with an enthusiastic young lady is much more fun than visiting his lawyer and likely more useful than his golf pro. His mantra is, “You get what you pay for”, so by assuredly charging a higher fee, and expecting to get it, you are saying that you are worth it. This fits with how high-powered men think.
An escort, part time or full time, specializing in businessmen should make sure that she designs her business to reflect her clientele. Pay attention to the details: “April Wren” is a name which a young career woman might have, “Curvey Candy” is not. Make sure that is the name which caller id will show on a phone you call. You will often be booking and confirming using email. Same rule applies: it maybe a Gmail address but it will look much better if the name is AWConsulting not HotEvening. Same rules for texting.
If you accept credit cards, and there are pros and cons to this, get a Square for your phone and set the Square account up for an innocuous name.
8212One key element in your part-time, businessman oriented business, is charging a small – say $100 confirmation fee. This can be paid by PayPal at the time the client confirms his appointment. It is non-refundable. If you are queried about it, tell the truth: “Mr. Smith, I only book a very few appointments a month. So, if for any reason you have to cancel, my evening is lost.”
For a part-time escort, regulars are golden. A gentleman who is in your city once a month and always books with you, can, and should be, offered a waiver of the booking fee for his third appointment. But only if he is reliable.
For the date itself, have a solid cover story and make sure your client is in on the details. This avoids any issues with the front desk, hotel security. or his colleagues if they happen to bump into you. You can be a designer, a journalist, an online researcher – it doesn’t matter – but it needs to be consistent with your client’s version of who you are.
When you go to his hotel, make sure you have his room number and his cell number and that he has yours. If he’s running late or if he cannot meet at the scheduled time, instruct him to text you to set up a new time. Your job is to make it easy for him to be discreet.
If the hotel has fairly intense security or keycard access after a certain time, make arrangements ahead of time to meet your client in the coffee shop or the bar. Or have your client leave a keycard for you at the front desk. A public meeting is another way for you to ensure your safety but many clients are hesitant simply because they are worried you might look like an escort. You can reassure them, but old myths die hard, and he has too much at stake to take chances. This pertains to his first encounter with a stranger, so put his mind at ease and dress like a stylish woman who looks like she belongs at an upscale hotel. Subsequent encounters will then need to be less surreptitious.
Make sure you arrive on time. Make your first impression memorable. Be punctual and put together, and sober. Remember, you are in business, too. Skirt, shirt and jacket with a softening scarf and minimal jewelry can hide a multitude of delicious lingerie, stockings and, most of all, attentive enthusiasm
At the end of a long day at the office, even the most ardent CEO needs to unwind. Taking meetings all day is grueling, especially at the senior level you are targeting. You are there to see to his needs, provide him with relaxation and an escape from the cares of the world. An evening with a pretty girl who focuses on his pleasure is one of the major appeals of an escort. She is a distraction; a diversion. She provides the gifts of pleasure, sensuality, flattery, and if she does her job well, becomes the well-deserved treat/reward her client gives himself whenever he’s in town.
If the business exec enjoys your conversation and company in addition to your other finer attributes and skills, you will build an client base in short order. Being in demand makes your business successful and profitable.
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