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15 layers of silver lining to being an escort
September 10, 2014 | Beginners’ guide, For escorts
Many of the advantages of escorting are fairly easy to identify in terms of monetary benefits or work-related issues. However, there are a number of other positive points that escorts regularly experience when they make a career in the industry. While these may not be deal-breakers in that they are reasons to choose the escorting profession, they are nice added bonuses to an already advantageous list of pros and cons. Whether you’re on the fence about becoming an escort or you’re in need of finding a bright spot in your career, consider these “up” sides of escorting:
1. Escorts get to stay in posh hotels and enjoy the amenities. High-end mattresses, exquisite thread count linens, plush towels and a great variety of cable stations aren’t the only advantages of seeing clients in upscale hotels. While the turn-down service is appealing, the variety of gym equipment and the spa and pool access is enough to show up for without even considering the calming atmosphere of your suite or room. And, what’s better than taking a bubble bath, wrapping up in a luxurious robe and calling room service for a delicious, late-night snack? Even though nobody wants to live out of a hotel (like many road-warrior executives do), it’s a terrific way to veer from the norm and enjoy a brief stint away from home. You don’t have to make the bed, wash the towels or take out the trash. Between the work-out amenities and maid service, alone, the perks of hotel encounters is enough to give an escort contentment about her choice of professions.
2. Escorts feel like millionaires after a substantial series of bookings. When you work in a “traditional” job, you may feel extra accomplished or successful after conquering a major project at the office, but it doesn’t even start to compare with the feeling of wealth and freedom you get after a fairly busy week or month in the escort industry. Most escorts set general quotas for the amount of work they have to pull in to reach their financial goals each week or month, depending on how they pay and break down their bills and expenses. When several more clients come through for encounters than expected, it’s a serious windfall that instills pride and a feeling of “making it” that a typical J-O-B won’t give you. Earning some extra cash during a specific period will give you confidence and a sense that you’ve chosen the exact right profession for your abilities. Additionally, when you establish a great tipper or frequently-booking upscale clients as regulars, escorts experience a euphoria that is similar to winning a small lottery award or getting a sizeable inheritance.
3. Escorts feel like the most beautiful women in the world. Although experiences may vary across the board, many escorts share tales of complimentary clients who worship their beauty, minds and sexuality. It is often that highly successful escorts have more clients than they have bookings available, which is a great problem to have. But, in addition to this issue providing financial security, it boosts confidence and allows you to feel like you’re powerful and irresistible. Your ability to seduce even the most uptight client is an intoxicating feeling, even without the string of praises that usually accompany your skills. Moving forward in your career with this ability to influence your clients so significantly helps you advance yourself in ways that you would have never thought possible before. Of course, in order to properly utilize this sensation, a degree of humility must be applied, as well. No client wants a temptress who knows exactly how sexy she is….part of the allure is the modest innocence that accentuates the mesmerizing qualities an escort may possess.
4. Escorts have an excuse to buy beautiful lingerie. Women often complain that their spouses or boyfriends don’t enjoy lingerie like they wish they would, resulting in them not buying the frilly, sexy undies they would prefer. And, even if their partners really like lingerie, it seems a little wasteful to spend so much on dainty items that cover so little. Lingerie is expensive, especially if you indulge in designer lines or upscale items. Most women are unwilling to dole out the cash for such expenses in their personal use, settling for cheaper lingerie choices, which also tend to be more functional than beautiful. However, escorts get the opportunity to go on lingerie shopping sprees to stock up for important client encounters. Escorts have to own several gorgeous pieces that make them look and feel sexy. Clients expect for escorts to don some lusty panties and sexy bras during bookings. So, lingerie is not only a job requirement, but it’s also a great perk when you’re an escort.
5. Escorts never have to wait for payday. “Traditional” jobs usually pay weekly, twice a month or monthly. Employees have to desperately wait until their next pay period is over, which can seem like an eternity if unexpected expenses have eaten up a paycheck. (Or, others who find themselves living paycheck to paycheck may feel that the weeks between paydays are extremely long.) Escorts don’t have to wait for a work period to complete before getting paid for it. In fact, escorts insist on their payment up front, prior to providing services to clients. Once an encounter is finished, the escort can count that money as earned and add it to her income. When escorts find themselves falling short of being able to meet bills that are due, they can ramp up their marketing and work a little extra, if their schedules allow it.
6. Escorts are entertained regularly by their clients. Seasoned escorts learn that clients make up all sorts of stories to impress them, make excuses for shortcomings and cover up anything they don’t want to reveal. The first few times escorts are lied to by their clients, it usually has a negative effect, resulting in anger or frustration. However, as escorts learn that some clients don’t mean anything harmful by their white lies or outlandish tales, they begin to accept this as part of the job. In fact, many actually find clients’ efforts to weave yarns extremely amusing. You never know what they will come up with, how outlandish it will be and the ease it takes to debunk it. Others, who don’t resort to fake anecdotes about their lives, may reveal all sorts of details about their private lives, using an encounter as a therapy session. And, some clients divulge their deepest, darkest secrets and fantasies to an escort. You never know what a client is going to tell you, and that’s part of the fun.
7. Escorts get paid to look good. There are few careers that you actually get paid according to your looks and appearance. Escorting is one of them. Of course, your other characteristics and traits may help boost your income earning potential, but the first thing clients notice about an escort is how she looks. Accordingly, escorts have to get dressed up, maintain their appearances and put the time in to look beautiful. Other jobs may require that you maintain a professional or attractive image, but they don’t typically pay you based on your beauty. Escorts may use this an excuse to invest in spa days, regular mani/pedis, consistent coloring appointments and top-notch make up. Additionally, working out, maintaining a healthy diet and taking care of yourself is also a professional requirement in order to earn the kind of money you are capable of. Many escorts think of it in such a way that they are getting paid to take care of themselves and their appearances.
8. Escorts have the freedom to shop where they please. Unfortunately, most people have limitations about the shops, boutiques and retailers they can patronize due to pricing issues. Some stores and clothing lines are simply too expensive to shop at for some individuals. Escorts, though, have much more freedom to shop wherever they desire to. With high incomes, escorts may not have to focus on price tags as they look for a new dress or killer outfit for an upcoming event. They buy what they want, when they want — and, do it with cash. Credit cards are not an issue for escorts. And, they don’t allow snooty salespeople to make them feel unwelcome in a store. With this being said, though, many escorts are bargain conscious and won’t spend crazy amounts of money in high-end retail locations unless they can afford it. And, even when they do have the cash to pay for it, it’s common for them to seek out sales and good deals on their purchases. (They may have money, but they aren’t stupid. They stretch their money as far as it can go, just like anyone else.)
9. Escorts get to be mysterious. At some point, everyone wants the opportunity to be a little secretive or mysterious, but most end up just feeling ridiculous or as if they are only hiding something during their attempts. The allure of being mystifying is an art, which escorts can nail easily through their involvement with clients. In real life, an escort may be terribly boring and predictable. However, as an escort, she goes by another name, adopts different habits and characteristics and plays the role of someone other than herself. When asked what her real name is, she can reply with anything, other than her own true name. She can dodge questions about her personal life and allow a client to wonder about her, which intensifies his interest. It can be fun to lead a client on with mystery and enigma.
10. Escorts don’t have to worry about their industry crashing. The stock market crashes. Supply and demand ebbs and flows for certain products. But, the demand for sex and companionship is steady and constant, despite the economy and the world. Sexual desire and the need for attention is inherent in standard human behavior. As long as people are living, the services that escorts provide will always be coveted. The result is a stable career that will always have loyal clients. An escort’s ability to provide services may change; her appearance and age may impact the size of her client list. But, all in all, a successful escort who can transition with time will always find a role within the industry.
11. Escorts have the freedom to pursue other interests. Unlike most other professions, the escort industry allows providers to schedule their work periods, giving them opportunities to seek out other things that interest them. Hobbies, the pursuit of learning and family activities are completely within reach as an escort. Scheduling may be difficult at first, but seasoned escorts create methods that give them the space in their agendas to make time for the pastimes that important to them. Instead of being tied to a time clock, escorts may carve their working periods out around their other interests that make life more enjoyable.
12. Escorts receive surprise gifts from clients. These perks, alone, often make being an escort totally worthwhile, without all of the other benefits. While not all clients shower their escorts with gifts or great tips, many do, especially as they develop relationships as regulars. From presents including perfume, high-end make up and spa products to modern electronics, escorts get the best of what clients can offer. Some take their escorts on luxurious vacations, traveling to exotic locations for fun and adventure. Others indulge escorts’ desires to see special bands or performances with hard-to-acquire tickets. Sometimes, they attempt to be creative with bookings, bringing along a great bottle of wine, flowers and some other element of fun.
13. Escorts get to have no-strings-attached arrangements with clients. Many people consider what it would be like to marry rich or become a sugar baby. But, the obligations that come along with these situations often detract from the potential scenario of an easy life. But, escorts get to experience many of the advantages that a sugar baby or rich spouse does, without the expectations that are placed upon the others. An escort is paid for her companionship, and get regular visits from loyal clients who may offer more than her going rate so they can secure consistent dates with her. She gets the benefits, without being tied down.
14. Escorts get to know a little bit about everything. Because clients vary so much in their expertise and professions, escorts may pick up knowledge on many topics. Through conversations with clients, they can learn a lot about various industries and current events. Additionally, if an escort needs to know something or gain insider information, a client will possibly be able to help.
15. Escorts may be promiscuous without the risks. Most escorts are not “loose” in their private lives, but every once in awhile, any individual has an urge for crazy, wild intimacy without judgment. Escorts don’t have to go out looking for people to indulge this desire with. They have clients at their immediate access who are more than willing to indulge in these kinds of activities with them. They don’t have to risk one-night-stands, STDs or getting pregnant to get their rocks off. They just have to identify which one of their many clients will be the one to go crazy with.
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