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Building your escort network
October 2, 2014 | Escort business management, For escorts
For many reasons independent escorts when they start in the business tend to market their services direct to clients using advertising. This is a great way to get an escort business established but expanding your marketing horizons can bring new clients.
by Hannah Jay
Referral marketing or word of mouth is a huge potential source of clients. Clients who are actively looking for an escort and who prefer not to “fly blind”. But where can an escort find these delightful people who will sing her praises?
The most obvious source of referrals are the clients an escort already has. These gentlemen already know the escort and can recommend her to their friends and business associates.
It is up to the escort to make it very easy for her clients to recommend her. First off, she has to ask her better clients if they would be kind enough to refer people to her. Some men will be delighted to be asked, others will demur due to the fact they are reluctant to mention to their friends that they are using the escort’s services.
For gentlemen who are willing to entertain the idea of referring clients to the escort the savvy escort will have elegant cards with her name, city, work number and work email printed on them. It bears repeating that these cards should not even hint at the fact a girl is an escort. And don’t be clever with words like “entertainer” or “companion”; wives are perfectly capable of putting two and two together when a card saying “Anne Jenkins, companion turns up in a jeans pocket before it hits the wash.
Give your client one or two of your calling cards and suggest that if he has the opportunity he should recommend your services to gentlemen whom he thinks would enjoy them. There are no guarantees. Your client might simply throw your cards away but they have not cost you much and if you have two or three client referrals a month it can really add up.
When you are able to determine that one of your clients has referred a new client make sure you thank your client when next you see him. A slight discount for your services or a happy extra will show your gratitude and prime the pump for additional escort referrals.
The interesting thing is that where some men never admit to seeing an escort to their friends and business associates, others are quite open about their escort activities. If an escort finds a client with a circle of friends who use escorts one contact can bring in several new clients.
The second source of referrals are your fellow escorts. A clever escort knows that there will be times where she is booked when one of her regulars calls. Having one or two girls on tap means she does not have to disappoint her client. Similarly, men using escorts often like variety: a brunette this week, red head next week. Having the particulars of several escorts at your fingertips means you can keep your own clients very happy indeed.
If you client is traveling being able to suggest an escort in the city he is going to is a huge plus. As an escort you have to remember you are in the service business and great service means being able to arrange for your client’s needs to be met even when he is out of town.
Arranging escort to escort referrals is straight forward but you need to pay some attention to the girls you are referring your clients to whether in your city or in another city. As the referring escort you are making a recommendation and it will reflect badly on you if the girl you refer is not up to scratch.
If at all possible, take some time to meet the girl you are thinking of referring clients to. Even if she is in another city have a Skype video call with her. What you are looking for is a hint about personality and integrity. Does she bring the same professional attitude to her escorting business as you do to yours? Face to face is she playing in your league or even a notch or two above? Is she smart? Ultimately you want your client to be pleased with the girl you are sending him to. Or, at least, not disappointed.
During this conversation it is also important to establish the basics of referrals. First off, particularly in your own city, you would like the escort you are referring your client to to be careful not to try to poach him. There is no way to enforce a non-poaching agreement but talking about it is a start. Second, reciprocation is always appreciated. It does not have to be a perfect balance, but if you are sending an escort a client every couple of weeks you will want to see a couple of clients coming from her as well.
Out of town arrangements don’t raise the question of poaching but a reciprocal arrangement is in each escorts’ interest. At the same time, if you are running your escorting business in Spokane you will be sending your referral escort in Los Angles a lot more business than she will be sending you. Which, as you are simply giving your regular another layer of great service is not that big a deal.
Building a referral network in your city as well as connecting with escorts in other cities is part of becoming an elite escort. If you have relationships with three or four girls in your city and half a dozen in the major business centers you can mention the connections on your website (and they can mention you on theirs.) Cross promoting your escort businesses extends your reach.
Of course, at a practical level, knowing other girls in your city can also facilitate situations in which an ambitious gentleman is looking for the companionship of two escorts at the same time. This is a not uncommon request and one which a capable escort should always be able to accommodate on fairly short notice. Which means you really do need to know some other escorts.
You can build your escort referral network by sending clients with special requests that you either don’t do or are not set up to do on to escorts with the required specialty. In particular, if a client wants heavy domination and you don’t have the full whips and chains rig, it is a great idea to have the name of a trustworthy dominatrix handy. She’ll return the favour when someone calls who is really not into whips and chains and just wants an escort’s company.
Having a small referral network of escorts in your city as well as the major business centers will produce a few additional dates; but what it actually does is give an escort a higher profile and a better targeted marketing strategy.
Adding non-clients and non-escorts to an escort’s network will, in fact, increase the absolute number of dates she has and, with a little ingenuity and some serious targeting, will move her up market so that each escorting encounter puts more money in her pocket.
As ever, a degree of discretion is vital when dealing with potential referrers who are outside the escort/client world. So, who are the targets? In general a good referrer is a person who is in contact with gentlemen of means. In particular, people who provide services to travelers – concierges, bar staff in the better hotels are obvious. However, every one from limo drivers to golf pros to fishing charter operators on through to barbers and spa operators may be able to point potential clients in your direction.
Building a referral network takes a bit of time. You can’t just walk up to a charter boat operator and announce that you are an escort and open for business. However, in most cities informal networks already exist, your mission, as a savvy escort, is to find these networks and embed yourself.
Make sure you have your calling card and take a short late afternoon trip to a good, but not the best, hotel in your city. Dress as a business woman, minimal make-up. Take your laptop and, while ostensibly pecking away at a spreadsheet, sit at the bar. You are trying to find out when the night bar staff come on and, ideally, who the bar boss actually is. Once you have identified the bar boss you either leave or engage him in conversation.
It is easy enough to get onto the subject of escorts and, once there, to roll the conversation around to how, as a woman traveling on business you are always curious about how your male colleagues seem able to find escorts so easily. With a little luck he’ll open up a bit and with a little more luck and some character reading, you’ll get an idea as to whether he’s be open to making referrals. It never hurts to mention a tip.
A few late afternoons at various bars and you’ll have a solid in with two or three bartenders and, through them, to others in the service industry who might be willing to direct traffic.
Building a referral network outside the escort world can be hard work but the escort dates that hard work yields will be higher end. A man who has just won a couple of thousand dollars playing golf may be inclined to celebrate, closing a big deal and having an evening free is an open invitation for a man to look for a lovely companion. If you can put your card in the hands of the people who are talking to these potential clients your escort business will grow.
No matter who gives you a referral – your client, another escort, the bartender at the Grand – always be ready with a thank you and a tip or treat. Be generous! A nice hand written note and a crisp $100 bill is always welcome. And that tip is an investment. If the bartender knows you are generous he’ll keep alert for other opportunities to be of service.
In the long run your escort advertising will bring in the bulk of your basic dates but having a good escort referral network and taking the time to take good care of it will increase your sales. And referrals have the added benefit that they are very discreet indeed.
When an escort wants to take a break or slow down for a week or two, having a good roster of regulars and a referral network, allows her to pull her escort ads and still have business. As well, if an escort wants to take a vacation or has to travel, with a good network of other escorts, she can ensure that her regular clients are taken care of. “Variety is the spice of life.” as the old saying goes.
Ultimately, referrals are about trust. If an escort refers someone to you she trusts you to do a great job and return her client to her all the better for the experience. If you do then you’ll be able to refer your own escort clients knowing they will be treated professionally and returned.
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