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The escort’s guide to the well-endowed client
October 31, 2014 | For escorts, Health
The average erect penis length is somewhere around 5 inches, according to this research. However, escorts know that clients with differing lengths are quite common. From the micropenis (less than 3 inches in length) to larger packages, clients come and go representing various demographics. However, it’s those with very large penises that can cause physical pain and discomfort during an intercourse.
Escorts should have a plan of action when they meet up with a client who is significantly larger than average. Use these tips to guide you through the experience:
1. Expect clients with large penises to be upfront about their size. Even though many clients like to think that they have a larger than average package, clients who really are well-endowed know the difference between what they have and the average size. Escorts get calls from both and it’s impossible to separate between them over the phone. But, when a client does warn you ahead of time that he’s big, you should ask some questions to determine what it is that you’re getting yourself into. Ask him to elaborate about his size, inquiring specifically about his length and girth. (Some clients are extra girthy, but average size in length. Or, vice versa. Or, both.) Start the discussion about his penis and encourage him to inform you about any alarming issues concerning his genitals. For instance, some clients may be average in length, but the head of their penis may be uncommonly large.
2. Explain that all activities during an encounter are dependent on escort discretion and consent. It’s a no-brainer that all activities are always up to escort discretion during a booking, but it’s especially so when a client is hauling around a massive package. Even if his expectations are for full-on penetration or anal intercourse, you don’t have to follow through with anything that you anticipate being uncomfortable with. After seeing your client’s excessive manliness, you are free to turn down any kind of activity you believe you are unable to handle. Penetration with an extremely long penis can be overly painful, and a penis that has above average girth may cause tearing and discomfort uncommon to traditional intercourse. Additionally, anal penetration may be even more unpleasant with clients who offer up large genitalia. Reserve the right to turn down any kind of intimacy that will cause you pain or damage. Also — oral intercourse can be especially difficult if his member is too large for your mouth.
3. Know that clients who are truly large know that it can be a problem. Unless your client is a virgin or extremely inexperienced with sexual intimacy, he knows that having an excessively large member may be an issue. He may have experienced difficult intercourse with partners in his past (perhaps, one of the reasons he’s come to see you) and several declinations when a partner viewed his package up close. It shouldn’t surprise him if you’re a bit hesitant to take him on. He may also realize that you will be physically unable to perform some tasks he might prefer. Typically, clients with large penises aren’t into masochistic sex and are uninterested in hurting you or causing you physical injury simply for their pleasure. However, if they aren’t cautious, it’s very possible that you will experience pain. If your client doesn’t seem to comprehend that his size is an issue, gently explain it to him as you share a few details about the female anatomy.
4. Keep larger condoms on hand. You never know when you will run across a well-endowed client who needs a large condom. While most condoms fit the average client, well-endowed ones will require the larger size. If you’ve had a conversation about his package size ahead of time with the client, inquire about his preference for condom brands and sizes. If he’s got preferences that seem in line with your allowances, attempt to purchase the brand and type he likes. Otherwise, make sure that you have larger sizes on hand; it would be terrible to have to turn down a large client simply because you didn’t have his condom size. And, it’s even worse to temporarily consider allowing your encounter to move forward without the use of a condom. Don’t put yourself into such a position.
5. Use more lube with large-packaged clients. If you elect to carry through with penetrative activities with a large client, have a sufficient supply of lubricant available as you begin the intimate portion of the encounter. Apply about twice as much as you would normally use, if your client is extra girthy. Take no chances of being torn in the vaginal area because you were being chinsy with the lube. Also, as your long-packaged client thrusts during intercourse, you may need to take a break to add more lube to ensure your comfort. If you consider anal penetration with your large client, inform him that you will be using a lot more lube than you would normally incorporate into the activity. Admittedly, it might get a little messy with all of the extra lube. But, what’s a little mess compared to your comfort and ease?
6. Watch out for condom breakage. While it’s fairly uncommon for a condom to break when they are put on and used correctly, it does happen once in awhile. It’s more likely to happen when a user is stretching it tightly over a large penis. When it’s too small to fit the client properly, it may split or break when the force of friction is applied to it. Additionally, condoms are placed under even more pressure with increased friction, which is the result of intercourse with a larger penis. The use of lube to decrease the chances of a broken condom cannot be stressed enough! While it may seem excessive, it may help avoid a stressful situation. If a condom does break, stop what you and your client are doing immediately. Don’t wait. Don’t suggest quietly that he cease and desist. Make it known instantly that he has to stop. Activity can begin, again, when a new condom is put on.
7. Please your client with hand jobs. Clients with extra-large endowments may be accustomed to being turned down by women, including escorts. If he is content to follow through with the encounter without penetrative intimacy, attempt to please him with manual stimulation. Rub, caress and arouse him with your hands and fingertips, taking direction from him to increase his pleasure. Hand jobs can also be used in encounters where you plan to follow through with intercourse. They may increase his arousal prior to penetration, which will decrease the amount of time he spends thrusting to reach orgasm. (This may also diminish the pain you experience during intercourse, limiting the activity to a minimum.) If your hand job increases his arousal enough, it might also reduce the time it takes to bring him to climax through oral sex.
8. Consider turning down the request for oral intercourse. Depending on the size of your mouth and how far you can open it, oral sex may be difficult to perform on an extremely girthy client. Also, if he’s extra long, it may make deep-throating him difficult. Depending on a client’s preferences in oral sex, it may be impossible to perform the tricks it will take to get him orgasm if he’s especially large. However, if you do move forward with oral sex, be sure to supplement it with your hands along the way when your jaws get tired from being widely open around his member. If your jaws become so tired and achy during the blow job that you feel that you cannot continue, stop the activity and revert to something else. It might be a great time to move along to actual intercourse.
9. Exclude anal intercourse from the “get go.” Many escorts indicate in their profile descriptions or FAQ lists that they deny requests for anal intercourse from extremely large packaged clients. Not only is it excessively painful when you attempt anal penetration with a large-endowed client, but it can cause rectal tears or physical injury to your backside. When anal tears occur, it provides locations that are susceptible to infection and entry areas into your body for bacteria and germs. Taking these chances with your health is not worth it, just for the income from one client.
10. Realize that rear-entry sexual positions will probably be uncomfortable. Escorts entertaining clients who are lengthy will discover that “doggy-style” positions may be painful. Rear-entry positions are intended for deepest penetration, and a client who has extra length will reach depths inside you that may be painful. Clients with average-sized penises won’t reach so far inside you, so it’s not nearly as uncomfortable. If you do allow your client to enjoy this position, instruct him carefully about methods to decrease your discomfort. He should reduce his speed as he thrusts, and he must use more caution as his excitement grows. If his motions become too fast, deep or rough, admonish him or ask him to stop. Rear-entry positions are possible with well-endowed clients, but they have to exercise more consciousness of their actions.
11. Position yourself on top of your client for penetration activities. Because you will be able to control the depth, speed and intensity of penetration, the best position for you to be in during intimacy with a well-endowed client is on top. Astraddle your client, you can lower yourself down on him as your comfort allows. You will be able to stop the action if you sense the need for increased lube, and the position allows you to adjust your angle if it’s unpleasant. In addition to your comfort levels being increased, he will also get a great view of you on top of him. (Many clients with average-sized penises also enjoy this position over many others.) Your client won’t feel like you’re limiting his pleasure by incorporating this move on him.
12. Be aware that any birth control device barriers may be dislodged by an extra-long penis. Escorts who utilize the sponge or a diaphragm as part of their protection during intimacy may want to be more cautious of dislodging it than they are typically with other clients. A longer penis (obviously) reaches further up into your vaginal area, often bumping into the cervix. When a long penis extends this far, it can easily come into contact with your diaphragm, causing it come out of place. Most escorts use these as a back-up device, but it could become a real problem if it’s your primary form of birth control. Additionally, if you utilize a cup device during your period, it could come loose, spilling menstrual blood during intercourse.
13. Compliment your client on his size. While a large penis may be a challenge and, sometimes, an obstacle to rewarding sexual experiences, you can soften the blow by complimenting your client on the amazing size of his package. Society has always placed importance on the size of a man’s genitals, often tying one’s self-esteem to the length of his “junk.” Masculinity is tied to the size of his penis, and your praise may help increase his confidence when he’s especially vulnerable to you. Help him understand that he’s truly special….and unlike other clients you see on a regular basis. Also, other clients who come to you, thinking they are well endowed, may want some extra ego boosts. Don’t forget to compliment them on their size, either. Even if they aren’t above average, men often require the reassurance that they are at least average, if not above, when it comes to package size.
14. Stop everything if you’re uncomfortable. No escort has to endure pain, injury or severe damage just to please a client. Even if he’s paid you and you’ve agreed to engage in intimate activities with him, you still have the right to discontinue the encounter or the penetration. Verbally and physically resist. Depending on the situation, feel free to keep his full fee if you feel he was insensitive to your requests to stop. Otherwise, you might consider refunding him a portion of the fee, once you discovered you were unable to follow through with expected and agreed upon activities, due to the fact that you won’t be spending as much time together as expected.
Well-endowed clients are no different than others. However, they do impose some physical limitations simply due to their genital size. Some escorts find that they LOVE booking encounters with extra-large packaged clients. Others, though, discover that the discomfort they feel afterward is not worth the time spent with the client.
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