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15 boudoir photography tips for escorts
January 7, 2015 |
Boudoir photography is a tasteful way to add sexually suggestive photos to your online galleries for client viewing. The style implies nudity, while still maintaining a level of class, elegance and sophistication. Escorts benefit from this type of photography as the pictures suggest what clients might expect from an encounter with them.
But settling down to do professional boudoir photos is easier said than done. Of course, it’s easy to get naked with a client. It’s short, sweet and to the point; often in the dark; and you’re getting paid for it. However, stripping down to your skivvies for photography may be a different matter for you, especially when you’re trying to pull off seductive, sultry poses. Use these tips to ensure that your boudoir photos are exactly what you’re hoping to achieve:
1. Hire a photographer you trust. If your budget will allow it, seek out a professional who specializes in this type of photography. There’s a lot more to this style than just taking photos of a hot chick lying in bed. Lighting, props, angles and poses all make the photos suggestive and classy, at the same time. An amateur photographer may not be able to fully capture the essence of the moment. Choose a photographer who has a portfolio of images that demonstrate his or her work and channel the same vibe you’re looking for in photos. Make sure you are comfortable with the photographer and that he or she is open to your vision or ideas. Additionally, if you can’t see yourself having fun during a shoot with this photographer, find someone else. Being able to enjoy the shoot is the key to obtaining great images.
2. Seek out professional hair and make-up assistance before your session. Unless you’re a professional in this area, you’re cheating yourself by not obtaining this attention. Your photos will be phenomenal, but with extra effort to ensure that your cosmetics and hair are professionally done, you may be missing out on some serious potential. Make-up always appears lighter and less dramatic than it does in person, so application in a different style than your traditional methods is required to really enhance your face. Pros use highlighting effects, dramatic smoky eyes and other tricks to ensure that you look your very best in photos. The same thing goes for your hair. A professional cosmetologist can give you a ‘do that will last the entire session and provide volume and lift that makes you look glamorous. If you’re thinking that getting your hair and make-up done will make you look like a bad ’80s glamour shots subject, think again. These services will ensure that you look your very best.
3. Enjoy the photo shoot. As mentioned above, you have to have fun during your shoot in order to get great images. Get silly, laugh and allow your personality to show through while posing and discussing props with the photographer. Know that this is your time to shine, so it’s essential to allow the “real” you to come through with facial expressions, body language and the styles of photos you select. Don’t feel like your photos have to look like all the other escorts’ images. Choose fun props that tell a story, even if they aren’t inherently sexy. Once they are incorporated into a suggestive scene with your implied nudity, they will blend right in with the steamy concept. Bring along your favorite playlist, whether it’s full of sexy tunes or ’90s grunge rock. Imbibe (a little bit) with a bottle of wine or your favorite cocktails. In short, make this photo shoot about pleasure, guilty and otherwise.
4. Select a proper location. Even if you think your luxe incall is the perfect (and most convenient) setting for your photos, analyze whether it really provides a good backdrop for your images. How is the lighting? Is it large enough to provide your photographer ample room to get the preferred angles? Do you really want strangers knowing the lay-out of your bedroom? Many escorts rent a luxury hotel suite for such a series of photographs, or they rely on their photographer to have an appropriate space. Maybe you have a friend who has a loft apartment or an extra cozy condo…consider enlisting assistance from a buddy, if they have the “perfect” location. Otherwise, think out of the box for spots that might make great photos. If you live in a rural area (and the climate is bearable), outdoor photos are excellent for escort image galleries. Just keep in mind that wherever you select must be private and free from distractions, interruptions or nosey observers.
5. Wear something comfortable. If your sexiest lingerie is like wearing a torture contraption, scrap it for this shoot. It’s hard to look sexy when you’re in pain. A boudoir shoot is a great opportunity for an escort to go shopping for a killer set of lingerie or great clothing items (shoes!). Odds are that if you love the outfit, you will look sexy in it. And, don’t worry about trying to find the most revealing or porn-star-like items. You’re not shooting for a slutty look. In fact, slutty is the exact opposite of what you’re going for. Choose classic styles that will add a dignified, sophisticated allure to your photos. And, because you will be posing in various positions, it should fit well and be comfortable. Anything that keeps riding up or doesn’t stay in place will be a hindrance during the entire session, due to necessary readjustments.
6. Consider sticking to a theme. Choose something that coincides with your niche. If you are a country-girl escort, cowboy boots, a hat, a ripped up pair of jeans or a tight t-shirt might be just the ticket for your session. Or, if you’re more of an edgy rock-and-roll escort type, a leather jacket, studded boots and an exposed brick wall would fit perfectly with your style. If you entertain a lot of sports-minded clients, choose an athletic theme using favorite sports team fan wear or actual equipment used in the sport (bat, ball and glove, for example, for baseball). If you have a hobby you’re passionate about, incorporate it into your photos. Or, if you have a favorite pet, allow him or her to be seen in your photos. You never know what will strike a nerve with clients and cause them to call you, but allowing something from your life to develop a theme for your photos is the fastest way to connect with them.
7. Pay close attention to your photographer’s instructions. Posing is an art, and your photographer is an expert at getting his subjects to position themselves in the most flattering ways possible. Trust him. Even if the pose feels awkward or uncomfortable, grin and bear it. When you see the final images, you will be amazed at how well that funny position worked out. And, escorts who think they are experts at posing may find that an expert photographer will help them from just looking silly, as they attempt to exude sex appeal for the camera. Additionally, keep in mind that your photographer sees something entirely different from what you do. He or she may be viewing you from an angle that will be amazing in photos, but seems ridiculous from your perspective. Also, photographers are taking in consideration potential crops they can do, groupings they can do with other images and the lighting, pose, etc. Do your best to follow the directions your photographer provides for excellent photos to add to your escort portfolio.
8. Feel free to make suggestions as inspiration hits. As your session moves along, voice your opinion about any ideas that have suddenly come to you. If you feel the urge to strip down to just your panties, talk to your photographer about it, especially if you have some great idea about using a prop to conceal your bosom. If you have some ideas ahead of time, run them past your photographer to help craft the overall vision of your photos. Even if you feel that it’s too late or over the top, talk to your photographer about any brainstorms that come to mind. No idea is too silly for brief consideration. It might lead to a whole new style or theme for your photos that really help reveal what kind of escort you are. If your photographer seems closed off to your ideas, ask him or her why they are so disinterested. You are paying good money for the session, and you have a right to interject your input.
9. Throw your inhibitions out the window. Most escorts know this is the first thing they have to do during encounters, but they still retain hesitations in other parts of their lives. For a proper boudoir shoot, you have to let loose and allow your inner sex kitten to fly free. Just like how you channel your inner escort for bookings, you have to free yourself from what’s proper and any shyness you retain personally. Keep in mind that your photographer is a professional and has seen many women over the course of his or her career. Don’t feel like you’re going to be judged for how you act or what you say during a session. In order to get stellar photos, you are going to have to open up for the camera. However, don’t allow your photographer to push you into anything you are uncomfortable with. Maintain any limitations that feel right to you. For instance, if you don’t want to go fully nude for your photos, don’t do it. You should never feel pressured during your session. In fact, the opposite should be true. Your boudoir photo shoot should make you feel empowered and sexy.
10. Be aware of identifying images. Many escorts have strict policies about not revealing their faces in photos that they post publicly for clients and prospective clients. If you don’t feel comfortable posting shots with your face in them, discuss this ahead of time with your photographer. It’s relatively easy to capture the essence of a boudoir shoot without getting full facial images. And, your photographer may know several ways you can use your props to block your face from the camera. Additionally, many escorts allow their hair to hide their faces. Your photographer may also be able to use camera angles that will hide or create shadows over your face so you are not identifiable.
11. Consider asking your photographer to focus on specific parts of your body. Although most boudoir photos tell a story using full body images, it is possible to emphasize one or two major parts of the body. For instance, if you think your cleavage is your best asset, but you want your stomach avoided in photos, your photographer should know this. Or, some escorts are especially proud of their booties and might want several images that focus on their ample butt cheeks. Other great body parts for sensual photos include the neck, collarbone, legs, feet and bust line. You don’t have to have toe-to-head images to paint a sexy story about you as an escort. But, photos that focus on your best areas will allow clients to view what they will be getting when they book an encounter with you.
12. Imply a striptease with your images. Taking a series of photos where it appears that you are performing a sexy striptease may entice clients to book encounters. Ask your photographer to capture those seductive moments just prior to disrobement. Ensure that no actual nudity will be photographed, if you want, by not actually stripping down. But, your clients won’t know you didn’t naked for the camera. These kinds of photos will leave your clients wanting more and expecting to see it during an encounter.
13. Pose for afterglow photos. You don’t have to actually have sexual intercourse to mimic the glow you receive from an orgasm. Talk to your photographer about attempting to create images that imply the after-effects of a good romp in bed. Many escorts use these kinds of photos to imply the pleasure that a client may receive during an encounter with them. Rumpled bed sheets, tousled hair and a sultry pout are often enough to convince clients that a photo of you was taken immediately after a steamy encounter. In fact, you can ask the photographer to make it look deliberately candid to add to the feel of the image.
14. Avoid wearing anything tight on the way to the shoot. Extra tight bras, overly cinched jeans or socks may leave elastic marks that take several minutes to go away. Even though your photographer may be able to avoid these areas at first, it makes it cumbersome and may interrupt the flow of the session. Loose, flowy clothing (and undergarments) are the preferred attire when you travel to your session.
15. Indulge in a light meal or snack prior to your session. Eating a big, heavy meal right before your photo shoot may result in extra bloat and physical discomfort. Choose an easy-to-digest meal in a small serving prior to heading out for your boudoir session. Additionally, drink plenty of water ahead of time, so you’re properly hydrated. Under the lights for the camera, you may need it.
Don’t stress out about your photos. Act naturally, have fun and leave the hard stuff up to your photographer. If you have blemishes ahead of time, don’t sweat it! That’s what touch-ups are for. Enjoy your session and post your images proudly. You may amaze yourself at what a sexy escort you actually are.
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