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14 essential elements of a captivating escort profile
January 22, 2015 |
One of the most important marketing elements you can capitalize on is your escort profile. This is your chance to connect with clients and let them know what makes you special. However, many escorts fail to use this tool to their full advantage. When you take the time to post an ad or profile to escort directory sites, including, it’s imperative that you incorporate certain components and focus on specific traits. Providers who reach the highest levels of success all have one thing in common: a great profile. Here are the keys to creating a rock-star profile for yourself:
1. Make sure you include contact information. It doesn’t matter how well-written your profile is or the sex appeal of your photos if your prospective client isn’t able to contact you. Many escorts create stellar profiles, including all the details that are essential to attract worthy clients, but they forget to provide accurate contact information. Or, if they do provide contact information, it’s missing important details such as when to call or what clients can expect when they reach out to you. For instance, if you provide a mobile phone number, but only plan to answer it between the hours of 10 a.m. and 2 p.m., these are details you should inform your potential clients about. Many clients who call repeatedly at 7 p.m., for example, might give up on you, not knowing the hours you typically work the phone. Or, a client might email you, expecting an immediate reply, not realizing that you check your mail twice daily at 8 a.m. and any correspondence that comes in after that will be responded to the next business day. Clients need to know how to contact you and the parameters that surround that information.
2. Provide an accurate physical description. Even though you may plan to let your pictures do the talking for you when it comes to attracting clients, there are many traits about your appearance that can’t be determined from images alone. Your height, for example, could be deceiving in photographs. A 6-foot-tall escort might appear the same as 5-foot-tall one in a photo. That difference could be significant to a client. Always, always, always list the following characteristics in your profile: race/ethnicity (basics), hair color (most recent), eye color, bust size, full measurements, weight, height, piercings and tattoos. Not only is this informative for prospective clients, but it’s also a way to ensure that you’re doing your part to fully disclose the physical attributes that might interest them (or turn them off). Some escorts even go a step further and describe their body types with descriptors such as: voluptuous, curvy, plus-sized, athletic, model-like, thin, average, boy-ish, etc.
3. List the services you enjoy. Walking a fine line here between abiding the law and crossing over into illegal territory is an art you must master, because clients like to know what they can expect of an escort, should they book her. Clearly within your profile, you must state that mentioned
services are additional benefits that may be enjoyed during your company based upon mutual consent and are in no way related to the fees you charge for your time. With that being said, though, prepare a laundry list of activities that you are willing to engage in during a booking. You don’t have to include everything you would consider. But, the basics give a client a good idea that you’re inclined to have some fun during your time with him. Additionally, if you specialize in certain fetish acts, this is the time to showcase your preference for those.
4. Put your best foot forward with a beautiful profile photo. It’s pretty much common sense that your main photo associated with your ad should be the best of what you’ve got. But, some escorts, in a hurry to simply get their ad posted, choose unflattering or inappropriate options for their images. Select a photo that garners attention due to its angle, lighting, effects or how it increases your sex appeal. It shouldn’t be trashy or include gratuitous nudity (leave that for the encounter, itself). Additionally, if you’re keeping your career a secret from your family and friends, do not post an image that shows your face or other identifying features (such as a tattoo or body part with a scar or mole/freckle). Crop your profile photo so it excludes background details that are unimportant to your image (think: bathroom selfie that doesn’t need to include your shower off to the left of you).
5. Post gallery photos to attract even more views. An escort with a single image may get a look or two from clients, but she won’t attract the repeated visits that may encourage bookings. When you have multiple photos posted in association with your ad, it provides clients with a chance to see various sides to your personality or to admire your beauty in different stages. Because men are visual creatures, inclusion of several images will boost your popularity with potential clients. And, the more they want to look at your photos, the more likely they will be to book you. However, don’t post photos just to add images to your account. The pictures should be quality ones that flatter your beauty. If you don’t have several photos of yourself, don’t resort to trashy or unbecoming pictures, just to post something.
6. Post a description of yourself that relays your charismatic personality. You know how funny, sensitive, witty, smart and amazing you are; but, your clients don’t. Your profile information is the place to really sell yourself. It’s disturbing how some escorts oversell themselves, lowering their standards to cheap dirty talk and appealing only to their clients’ carnal desires. You, however, know better than to do that. Instead, you should opt for classy narratives about your interests, personality traits and general outlook on life. Attract clients through your smarts and charm, as you draw them in with your intriguing profile. Your profile should not be overly formal; write it as though you were sitting down and chatting with your favorite client. A conversational tone and humble attitude are definite goals you should shoot for, with a generous dose of sexy confidence thrown in.
7. Create a captivating title for your ad. Escort ads that don’t speak to clients with the very first appearance of their directory presence are wasting valuable time. allows you to write a headline that gives prospective clients an immediate sense of what you’re offering to them. And, while some escorts choose x-rated themes as their introductory line, you should opt for something classier and more unique. If it’s the season for your favorite sport, refer to your love of it or a special team. Include a glimpse into a hobby you hold dear. Or, make a joke in your headline to demonstrate your sense of humor. Think of your headline as a great “hook” that journalists use to draw in readers as they write their stories. You are doing the same thing with your title for your ad. You have to attract their attention and get them to click through to your profile. Your title is the key to getting them to view your profile. Choose wisely. Additionally, many escorts have to attempt many different types of titles before settling on a specific style that seems to be effective for them.
8. Reveal an accurate age. While some clients won’t give a hoot whether you’re 25 or 50, others care a great deal about your age. Most escorts attempt to shoot for a lower year on their “believable” spectrum. For example, if you’re actually 31, but can pass for 25, indicate to your clients that you’re in your mid-twenties. If you’re completely accepting of your age, state it directly in your ad information. In this day and age, escorts of all ages are getting lots of business. There are clients for all ages of escorts, and no age is a faux paus, anymore. However, escorts who think they can still pull of the age of 25, when they are actually twice that, may just be fooling themselves. Take a good look at yourself, quiz others around you and put down an age that your clients will believe when they see you in person for the first time. If you feel comfortable with it, go down a couple of years, but don’t attempt to completely fool clients. When they find out you duped them, they may not be very complimentary or pleased with your service.
9. List the areas you go to for outcalls or serve in your incall. When you live in a large, metropolitan area, going all over the city to see clients may be cumbersome and not worthwhile, when you figure in all of your expenses. If this is the case, consider limiting the region you are willing to travel in and telling clients this, so they know your availability limitations. On the other hand, you don’t list your incall address in your ad or profile. But, unless you list your service area, prospective clients may not know whether your incall is in a convenient area for them. To give them this nugget of information without totally giving away where you conduct business from, indicate that your incall is convenient to certain locations and areas. Your clients will thank you for this, and some might even book knowing that they can easily get to you. However, keep in mind that upscale clients will travel to see you, and many will pay a pretty penny to get you to their doorsteps, without regard to how far away you live.
10 Indicate which gender you offer services to. Even though it’s most traditional for female escorts to offer services to men, there is the possibility that you work exclusively as a lesbian escort only servicing women. Or, maybe you are open-minded and welcome encounter inquiries from both genders. And, while most male escorts are expected to be gay, there are many who only see women. Most of the time, you will choose a category for your ad or profile to be filed under, but it’s always the safest bet to indicate which genders you are willing to provide services to. Some male clients are looking for an escort who is willing to meet up with both him and his wife or another escort, so he wants someone who sees both genders. When you list this clearly in your profile, he may choose you over another escort whose gender provisions are more ambiguous.
11. Tell clients what your availability is. Unless you specify that some days are personal days or certain hours are off limits, clients will assume that you’re available any time of the day or night they want to see you. They may call unexpectedly and ask you to book them within a few minutes. You must establish a clear schedule of your working periods so that clients will attempt to book you when you’re available. Even though many of them won’t read the information, it’s a common business practice to list your hours of work, just like any retail establishment might. Indicating the days of the week and the hours that you work is the best way to establish a clear understanding of when clients can expect to see you.
12. Disclose your rates. It’s such a waste of time when a client calls you to ask a few questions, discusses booking an encounter and then refuses to follow through when he finds out that your rates are beyond his means. Not only does the disclosure of your hourly (and beyond) rates provide great information for your clients, it also helps you avoid the timewasters who aren’t willing/able to pay your rates. If you’re hesitant to put your rates out there, don’t be. You will avoid a lot of hassle with clients who want to haggle with you on price. When they say you boldly state your rates, they are less inclined to think your fees are negotiable.
13. Inform clients of any special policies or procedures. If you have an intense screening regimen or can’t stand kissing, be up front about this in your ad information. Clients have a right to know these policies ahead of time. Tell prospective clients about any policies that influence how you book encounters, how a booking will function and details about the communication process. Some escorts want to be called, only; and, others want to be text messaged to start out. If you have quirks about how you want things done, when you tell your clients where your incall is or anything else, be open about it in your profile.
14. Proofread and edit your ad carefully. You might think that one misspelling or grammar slip might not make that much of a difference. But, it can mean the difference between impressing a potential client or making a fool of yourself in front of another. Many clients don’t care in the least about your ability to spell; but, think of it as a job interview. You want your resume and cover letter to be perfect. Your ad is the resume and application process. If it’s chocked full of errors, your clients may suspect that you’re really not as bright or witty as you try to convince everyone you are. Errors may also affect your contact information: one wrong number in your phone details or a wrong letter in your email address may make it impossible for someone to get in touch with you, causing you to lose business, unknowingly. Take the extra time to go over your ad and ensure that all details are tended to and that no errors exist
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