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How to tell if your escort business is in trouble? Watch out for these 12 signs
February 14, 2015 | Escort business management, For escorts
Mistakes happen to everyone. There is not an escort alive who hasn’t made a bad judgment call, forgotten a booking or screwed up communications with a client. It’s only human to make mistakes. But, as a business professional, it’s essential that you recognize your blunders when you make them.
Some escorts fail to realize that they’ve conducted themselves in flawed ways. If you normally feel pretty confident in your abilities, review these signs of mismanagement that may provide more accurate reflections of your actions:
1. You are being turned down repeatedly by clients once they see you in person. It’s true that an escort can’t be every client’s dream girl. Some clients are overly picky or committed to a fantasy that they will never be able to bring to reality. When you arrive to an outcall, a client may be surprised by our height or think your cheekbones aren’t high enough. This isn’t your fault. However, if you are turned down over and over, again, it could be a signal that you’re misrepresenting yourself in some manner. Are your pictures actually you? Are they current photographs? If your images are really you, it is possible that you don’t mirror them anymore after getting a new haircut or doing your make-up differently. Dressing in alternate fashions from your photos might also throw a client off when you show up in person. For instance, if you’re dressed in evening wear in a photo and show up in casual attire, he may not feel like your appearance is nearly as glamorous as he expected. Alternately, if you’ve edited your photos to look thinner or erased wrinkles, your clients might not be happy with what they see in your real appearance. Other reasons for being turned down in person: your actions are unbecoming, you’ve acted indiscreetly upon arrival or you got there at the wrong time.
2. You receive repeated calls from timewasters. When you’re an escort, it’s relatively common to receive calls from “prospective” clients who really don’t plan on booking an encounter or, worse yet, will not show up when they do actually schedule a session with you. It’s up to you to weed out these no-shows and timewasters before they end up costing you money. Learning the signs of these non-clients is essential to your success as an escort. But, if you’re an escort who gets these kinds of calls as the majority of your inquiries, you are evidently doing something wrong. It’s possible that your profile is inviting this kind of nonsense. Through the verbiage you are using, you may be encouraging these kinds of people to contact you, in hopes that you are vulnerable or naive enough to waste your time on them. For example, if you mention that you are new to the escort industry, this usually pulls the less desirables out of the woodwork. They think they can pull one over on you, because you don’t know any better. Other phrases that invite timewasters include: “Call me, we can talk!”, “I’d like to get to know you better” and “tell me your fantasies.” Timewasters see this as an invitation. One additional reason that you are inundated with timewasters may be because you allow it. Nip their behavior in the bud and move on to conversations with genuine clients.
3. Clients aren’t who they say they are. It’s a terrible feeling when a client arrives at your incall and you realize that he’s not who you thought he was. It’s not uncommon for clients to lie about their identities. Some do it not to be dishonest, but because they are afraid that sharing information about who they really are might lead to disclosure to their family members and friends. Others may be afraid that you won’t see them if you have their genuine details. They may have a non-violent criminal record or have had high-profile issues. Some just want to remain anonymous — just like you do. You can’t really fault them too much for not wanting to share their details, but they have to understand that it’s a basic requirement when you’re risking your safety to spend time with them. While some clients are not risks, despite lying to you about their real name, etc., others do pose a threat through being untruthful. They may have negative histories with other escorts, such as violence or failure to pay, or have violent criminal records that indicate mean tendencies. This problem boils down to lack of proper screening. Yes, once in awhile, a client can completely fool you. But, most of the time, you can filter out clients who are being deceptive by doing thorough Internet searches into the details they’ve given you. And, refusing to see clients who lie about who they are will limit these occurrences, as word will get around that you put your foot down at this kind of fraud.
4. You never get any repeat clients. For many escorts, their client lists consist of people who have enjoyed successful encounters in the past. Many are repeat customers, calling back regularly to book encounters. Their loyalty demonstrates that they were satisfied with your service and the companionship you provided. Once in awhile, a client will be a one-timer. But, most escorts get repeat clients. However, if you rarely get a client to call you back after the first booking, it’s a sign that you’re doing something wrong. Analyze the way you treat clients from start to finish, from the booking period to the “good bye” as you leave the session. You should be providing excellent customer service through your attitude, efforts to communicate effectively and attempts to give a satisfying experience. Your efforts should be client-focused. Punctuality and attention to your appearance are requirements to good service. Regardless of how much pleasure you give a client through intimacy, he may not overlook other aspects of the encounter if he doesn’t feel they are up to par. You must do your best to give him the best experience possible in all respects.
5. Clients call you at home. This should NEVER happen. Providing your home or personal mobile number is not something you want to do if you desire to keep your personal and escort lives separate. Some escorts may feel that they are close enough to their clients to share their personal details with them, but this shouldn’t be the case unless you FULLY trust a client and have established a long, loyal history with him. If you haven’t disclosed your personal information to your client, and he is able to contact you at home, then you’ve been careless about your real identity. Perhaps, you’ve shared too many details about your life, such as your partner’s first name or where your children go to school. Maybe you provided details about where you are currently going to college and which classes you are in. Sometimes, the most innocent details are able to provide clues that a client can piece together to find out who you really are, if they are dedicated to the task. Use extreme caution when you give any kind of specifics about your life to clients. The results may come much closer to home than you anticipate.
6. You are not making enough money, despite being busy all of the time. When you can’t meet your expenses and bills, it can be quite worrisome, especially when you think you are working enough to make a sufficient income. When you have shortfalls, it’s time to reexamine your budget and spending habits. Do you have excessive expenditures that are eating up your income? If you’re making superfluous or frivolous purchases, that could explain where your extra money is going. Another issue could be that your rates are simply not high enough to cover your costs. If you regularly travel far distances for outcalls, these endeavors could be seriously cutting into your bottom line. The costs for gas, toll fees and parking might be eating up your profits. Additionally, if you have high expenses such as an expensive incall lease or hotel costs, these expenses really impact how much you take home. It might be necessary to rethink your expenses and cut what you can or consider raising your rates to cover your costs.
7. You catch an STD…or more than one. Every escort knows from the very beginning that this is a possibility. Each time you engage in any kind of intimacy, there is a threat of contracting a sexually transmitted infection or disease, regardless of how careful you are. The condom could slip off or contact from unprotected areas could infect you. However, escorts who regularly use protection and common sense are not usually victim to these dreaded diseases. (It can happen, but it’s not overly common if you exhibit caution.) But, when you are careless, the risk increases and you may find yourself at the clinic often. If you don’t currently enforce a policy of utilizing condoms each time you engage in intimacy with clients, implement one that is not up for debate. Either clients agree to your terms or no encounter. Additionally, familiarize yourself with the external physical symptoms of common STDs. You may be able to identify a risky client with a quick visual once-over, saving yourself some serious health trouble in the long run. Don’t be afraid to turn away a client you suspect has an issue.
8. You are always sick. Some escorts report that they are always ill with something….a cold, the flu or just feeling rundown. Living a healthy lifestyle and getting enough rest usually alleviates the feeling that you’re always sick. If you’re not doing these things, you need to start incorporating healthy habits into your daily routine ASAP. Incorporate fruits, vegetables and lean meats into your diet. Get at least eight hours of rest every night, preferably on a routine schedule. Omit drugs and alcohol use from your daily life. Exercise regularly. Essentially, take better care of yourself. When your body is healthy, it’s stronger and can fight off illnesses through a more powerful immune system. Additionally, avoid seeing clients who are visibly ill. Many clients won’t think twice about showing up at your incall with a terrible cold or the onset of the flu. You can refuse to see them, in the name of trying to stay healthy. (If you get sick, it’s likely that you won’t miss just one encounter, but many — so, it’s a good business decision to turn away your sick client.) Furthermore, deep clean your incall when you do see clients who have symptoms of illnesses. Cleansing with bleach and other anti-bacterial products will get rid of germs that can make you sick.
9. You are consistently late to encounters. If this is the case, you’re fortunate that clients still book encounters. Running late is something that often manifests itself in a person’s life due to disorganization. It’s a sign that you need to get yourself on track, on schedule and on task. If you find that you are constantly running from encounter to encounter, always late, and unsure where you are going, it’s time to tighten up your system. Get better at booking your clients and ensuring that you have plenty of time between encounters. Establish a better calendar system so that you can easily see where you are supposed to be and when. Plan ahead of time for outcalls that require travel to unfamiliar areas. Getting lost is not an excuse that is acceptable to most clients. Also, you need to learn to think ahead to avoid traffic, mini-disasters (like a run in a stocking or a missing button) and other problems that occur as you go about your way.
10. You have no personal life. Many escorts report that they don’t have time for a personal life, because they are constantly busy running their escort businesses. If this is the case, you’re not doing something right. Having your own business IS a lot of work, but there are ways to separate your professional and personal life, especially once you’ve established yourself in the industry. For instance, schedule work time and don’t get sucked into consulting with clients or doing marketing tasks during other periods. Set up your days of availability and don’t veer from them, unless the opportunity of a lifetime comes along with a client. Book appointments with friends and family, just as you would encounters with clients….and don’t cancel your plans. Stick to them, as they are important to your personal mental health.
11. You think of your clients as your friends. Even though you may be friendly with your clients, this doesn’t mean that they are actually your friends. You’re not going to call up a client on a Saturday afternoon and invite him to a movie. And, he’s not going to come over and help you move your antique cabinet to a new place in your living room. If you consider your clients as important elements in your personal life you are failing at establishing professional boundaries. It’s essential to limit emotional involvement with clients. You have business arrangements with them. If you consider your clients as your friends (unless, you ARE in a weird situation where a friend becomes a client), you are becoming too engaged with them. Pull back and put some distance between you and them. The secret to being a successful escort lies in maintaining professional relationships and not intertwining your personal life with your career.
12. People find out what you are doing. Obviously, if your secret gets out, you probably weren’t being discreet enough. There are situations where a client outs you or a family member finds out through a friend of a friend, but most times an escort goofs up and reveals her “classified” status, herself. Through leaving your phone unlocked or allowing information about your dalliances to surface, you leave yourself wide open to being found out. Being discreet all of the time is hard. Lying to your family and friends is stressful. If people find out what you are doing, it’s possible that you haven’t been careful enough, let your guard down or (subconsciously) let the secret slip, yourself.
Often, an escort’s failures are deeply rooted in her own behaviors. By analyzing what you’re doing, it’s possible that you can correct problems that are causing you to not be as successful as your potential indicates you can be.
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