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11 issues that escorts have to face in the fall
October 30, 2014 | About escorts, For escorts, Health
Throughout the year, all escorts experience a period of burn-out, distraction or over scheduling that creates obstacles to success in their careers. For many, fall is a season with unlimited distractions that create challenges in focus, marketing and booking. From the change in weather to new attitudes associated with the time of year, autumn may be a difficult time to escort successfully.
If it seems to be a less-than-productive timeframe for you, consider the top 11 obstacles that could be preventing you from achieving your goals in the fall:
1. Allergy season rears its ugly head during autumn. Depending on where you live, ragweed and other allergens start affecting susceptible sufferers as early as mid August and continue to plague their victims until the first freeze. From itchy, scratchy and watery eyes to sneezing and drippy noses, allergies can not only make you feel miserable, but they can also affect your appearance. Puffy, swollen eyes, red noses, paleness and allergy “black eyes” accompany many allergy symptoms. Additionally, they make it difficult to sleep, causing you to feel and look excessively tired. Over-the-counter and prescription medications are available to treat your symptoms, and many allergy sufferers get shots to alleviate their problems. However, for many, relief isn’t available until temperatures get low enough to reach freezing. If allergies are the bane of your existence in the fall, it’s likely that they are worse in the mornings and evenings, making it difficult for you to work during those parts of the day. Avoid scheduling clients during this time, and utilize these hours to communicate with and set up bookings. If your allergies get really bad, it might be best to simply take a couple of weeks off when they are worst. As an escort, you may pride yourself in being able to work through almost any symptoms, but clients may not find you nearly as attractive if you’re a sneezing mess.
2. Wardrobe transitions make it difficult to dress in the fall. In the morning, it’s 50 degrees outside, but the local meteorologist may predict in his forecast that the high for the day will be 80 degrees. That’s quite a range to try to dress for comfortably and without looking out of place. Of course, escorts can solve the problem by layering up: a short-sleeved blouse or camisole underneath a jacket or sweater is a good option. However, you will have to carry the jacket around when it warms up, adding another item to the things you’re already lugging around. Shoes are sometimes a difficult transition, too — along with color schemes. Many escorts find that their wardrobes are perfectly suited for summer and winter, but finding perfect solutions for in-between weather is much more of a challenge. And, while it makes perfect sense to not worry so much about “fitting in” on days like this, it’s a requirement when you’re an escort. Your job is to look perfect despite anything else.
3. Role play requests are becoming tiresome. As soon as the back-to-school season gets over, stores begin bringing out their wide selections of Halloween decorations and costumes. As a result, clients see these displays and begin to get a little excited about dressing up for some bedroom fun. If their spouse or partner isn’t up for it, an escort gets the pleasure of fulfilling the fantasy. However, as an escort, dressing up as a nurse (or cheerleader, sexy super hero or lusty police officer) for the hundredth time in a span of a few weeks may get rather old. Clients who normally don’t make these kinds of requests may all of a sudden think it’s a great idea. And, new clients will come out of the woodwork, excitedly bringing along with them a too-tight costume for you to squeeze into. While it can be fun to engage in role-play activities with clients, the novelty of it seems lost during a time period when so many clients desire it due to constant retail reminders. Most of the time, the clients who have been inspired by retail sales of costumes haven’t really thought out what they desire for an encounter featuring dressing up. If they haven’t really established expectations for the encounter, it’s hard to live up to their desires.
4. Outdoor weather beckons you outside. The last few weeks of pleasant weather and temperatures may be distracting you from attempts to work. As afternoon temperatures become more desirable, it makes it tempting to ditch work and play outdoors or spend an afternoon in the fresh air. Or, the first few crisp mornings may call you outside, drawing you away from your typical morning routine of marketing and replying to clients. It’s especially easy to allow the fall weather to attract your attention, especially when you know that the weeks following will fail to be so nice with winter on the brink. Getting in a few last hikes, drives in the country or breaks in the fall air doesn’t seem so harmless, but it can lead to avoiding bookings that interrupt your time outside or even canceling appointments on extremely nice days. This will hinder your success as an escort and potentially lose you some clients if it happens too often.
5. Football and other autumn sports may distract your focus. Football, soccer, rugby, baseball playoffs (and World Series) and other athletic events may derail your attention to your escorting business. Many escorts are runners, training for 5Ks, half- and full-marathons. Your training efforts may consume your weeks preceding a big race. Or, keeping up with your favorite team may be distracting you from marketing or communicating with clients. Plus — if you regularly go to games, you may be turning down bookings that conflict with your team’s schedule. When you’re so involved with athletics or sporting events, it can be a real obstacle to getting anything accomplished professionally. The best way to alleviate this as a problem is to enlist clients who are just as absorbed with your sport of choice as you are. They will understand your obsession and interest in it and will be pleased to talk about it or watch it with you.
6. Too many activities in the fall take up your time. Tailgates, hayrides, fall festivals, parties, bonfires, carnivals, haunted houses and pumpkin patch activities may be filling up your schedule before you even have a chance to book clients. There is so much to do in the fall, and people tend to make attempts to get everything done they can before winter hits, keeping them indoors. Invitations for autumn-themed parties and other events will not only have you hopping trying to keep up, but they may deter you from being able to see clients. Trying to keep certain days open and available for clients may mean that you will have to miss out on the fun that your friends and family members are enjoying along the way. That can be hard to accept, especially when the events are usually local and affordable. The battle between having a social life and being an escort comes full circle once again in the fall, leaving you with little time to do both.
7. Clients have less time to book encounters. Just like you, clients are extra busy during this time of year, too. With school starting, they may have different schedules to tend to with their families, which means it’s more difficult to get free for an encounter with you. Additionally, they may be attending several events and parties or engulfed in their favorite sports craze, too. As clients become distracted, it makes it much more difficult for an escort to have a successful fall season. Your schedule may have to be more flexible to accommodate clients with smaller windows of availability. You may need to rely on your savings for a month or two to pay for some of your expenses. It’s possible that you will have to really ramp up your marketing efforts and recruit new clients during this time period. Don’t worry; your old ones should return. But, you will need to supplement your income with new clients in the meanwhile.
8. Fall is a good time to avoid burn out. Because fall seems to be a good time to back off from your escorting career (especially if clients seem busier and unavailable for encounters), it’s a great time to recover from burn out. If by autumn you haven’t already started to encounter feelings of being burned out or over-extended due to your escorting career, you probably will by the end of the year. As the holidays come on, stress levels increase due to professional needs and personal concerns associated with the season. By the time the year is over, many escorts swear that they are getting out of the business and never want to see another client again. However, this really isn’t the truth. They are really just tired, over-scheduled and stressed out due to not having enough time for themselves or a break from clients. Use fall as your chance to disconnect from the escorting world and focus on you and your family for a bit. Once you have, you’ll feel refreshed and rejuvenated, again, and ready to take on the world as the best escort anyone has ever seen.
9. Incall maintenance concerns take over your spare time. A leaky roof? Shabby trim? Guttering problems? Furnace issues? Before winter hits is the best time to do any exterior repairs to your incall that are necessary to not only fix problems, but to also alleviate issues in the future. Doing these repairs yourself will save money, but may take extra time. And, even if you schedule someone else to do the work, your incall may be out of commission for clients for a few weeks. (Your clients don’t want to show up to your place with a carpenter on premises — that doesn’t bode well for your promise of discretion.) In addition to doing routine maintenance in the fall, you may elect to use this time period to do other work you’ve been meaning to do, such as interior painting, putting up new light fixtures or anything else that will revamp your space. Getting things “just right” takes time. And, you don’t want to invite clients back into your incall while things are in disarray and in the middle of a remodeling or maintenance project.
10. Business preparations for the last quarter of the year may cast your focus on other aspects of your business. Instead of being client-focused in the fall, you may direct your attention to financials, management and other issues that must be organized and intact when December 31 hits. For instance, being prepared for the end of the year concerning your taxes is essential. Quarterly payments should be caught up and all paperwork should be filed and ready for the tax professional in January. Maybe you’ve let your record-keeping efforts get a little lax in the summer; it’s time to get back to it and catch up. Or, doing some planning for next year, based on your performance up until the third quarter, might be appropriate. Some escorts may analyze their success up until this point in the year and take a couple of weeks to formulate what their strategies need to be to meet their annual goals by the end of the year. Even if your people skills are top-notch at this point in your career, you have to take some time to tend to the business side of your career.
11. Vacations to tropical locations. During the fall months, specials and incentives to travel to tropical locations are all over the place. If you’re wanting to take a break, it’s terribly easy to throw a few hundred dollars at a cruise to the tropics for one last fling of the year. Fall is one of the best times to travel, because so many families are restricted due to school starting. Hotels and airlines provide great discounts to people desiring to travel during this time of year. If you’re the least bit antsy about working right now, it’s very easy to be tempted by some of these great travel deals.
Regardless of the time of year, there are always distractions for an escort. From family and friends needing attention to the festivities associated with a particular season, it’s always tempting to do something else besides work.
However, when you know that you’re easily tempted away from productive efforts, it’s easier to redirect yourself in ways that ensure your career success. Keeping your nose to the grindstone will ensure positive results for your professional aspirations. But, do keep in mind that life is all about moderation, which your clients may be able to teach you. While many of them are very focused on their careers, they still make time to reward and pleasure themselves. You must do the same thing throughout your life. Work and play, equally hard, to find that balance that provides you happiness.
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