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12 keys to surviving incall weekends at hotels
November 19, 2014 |
When lacking a proper incall to invite clients to, many escorts resort to booking a hotel room or suite for an entire weekend or two- or three-day interval as an alternative. There are several advantages to this arrangement, especially when you consider that laundry service, housekeeping and general security are included. Even though you have to pick up and put things back in their places between encounters, there is no need to clean up ahead of time or worry about vacuuming or dusting.
Additionally, laundry service for sheets and linens is provided, which means you get a break from washing towels and other linens, for a change.
One of the nicest things about working from a hotel is the general reassurance that some sort of security officer is on staff and present at all times. Even if he isn’t immediately outside your door, it does provide some comfort that if a neighboring tenant hears you screaming for help, a security guard could be present very quickly to assist you.
However, even though there are several advantages to working from a hotel, an escort needs to realize that there are several keys to a successful incall stint in a hotel. Time spent there is nothing like being at home or in your own territory where you have access to your things at all hours. Use these tips to make a hotel incall arrangement comfortable and desirable:
1. Get some fresh air during your stay. Scheduling your encounters so tightly that you don’t have a moment to get out of the room for a few minutes is going to be detrimental to your performance as an escort. Before each client arrives, you need time to refresh yourself, get fixed back up and to stretch your legs a little. Getting out of your room or suite allows you to get some fresh air, obtain some perspective, return to reality and mentally prepare for your next client. Go outside and enjoy the sunshine or breeze. If going outdoors doesn’t sound appealing, visit another part of the hotel. Many have gift shops, boutiques, restaurants or bars where you can get out of your room, while still remaining on premises. Grab a newspaper and read it in the lobby. Venture downstairs for a complimentary breakfast. Changing up your scenery during your stay will help you avoid cabin fever and allow you to take on each client with enthusiasm.
2. Bring plenty of refreshments with you. Even though snacks and drinks will be available in the mini bar in your suite, those items are typically overpriced and unhealthy choices. In between bookings, you will possibly find yourself thirsty and hungry. Vending machines may be available in the hotel, but those items are usually pretty expensive, too. Before you go to the hotel, visit the local grocery store and stock up on healthy snacks (fruit, for example) and beverages. If you don’t, you’ll find yourself wasting valuable time between encounters searching for food sources near your hotel or paying for an overpriced muffin at the hotel coffee shop. Some hotel suites feature small kitchenettes where you could actually fix a small meal or snack. (Beware, though, of preparing any kind of food that will stink up your hotel room for the duration of the next booking.) If your room doesn’t feature a mini-fridge, ask for one so you can keep milk, bottled water or other drinks in it. Also, be sure to bring along a few refreshments for your clients, too.
3. Use the amenities while you’re there. You’re paying for the suite, so the other amenities come with it. Plan in some time to visit the pool and sauna, soaking up the luxurious atmosphere around both. Allow yourself to feel like a high roller and utilize all aspects of the hotel. If daily exercise is part of your routine, you should venture up to the gym and take advantage of their equipment. If a happy hour or shuttle service is part of the amenities, utilize them if they’re something that will make your stay happier or more convenient. Park your vehicle utilizing valet parking, and allow the bell staff to tote your luggage for you. Take advantage of all of the services your hotel provides, as long as they are not overly expensive.
4. Visit the spa and boutiques. Most visitors who book an upscale suite or room receive a discount in the restaurant or other businesses on site, including the spa and boutique. Book a massage or other service at the spa and allow yourself to be pampered. Tending to several clients during your incall stay can be rough on you, and you will need some special attention so that you can give back to them. A massage or new outfit may be just what you need to perk up for your next set of clients. The spa is conveniently located, and you can probably squeeze in a visit between encounters. Also, being a good customer in the hotel may earn you an upgrade next time you elect to stay there. Taking advantage of the pampering services is just one advantage of booking incall stays in hotels.
5. Bring extra linens with you. Despite the fact that hotels provide towels, robes (often) and sheets for the bed, escorts may discover that they need more of these items than are usually provided when they are visiting with several clients during their stay. If you anticipate that you will require more towels than housekeeping will allow you to have in a day’s time, you should throw some extra ones in with your things. An extra set of sheets is a good idea, too, in case you and a client get a set wet or oily (from massage oils). You never know exactly what will happen during the course of an encounter, so it’s best to be prepared with extras. Additionally, bring a duvet cover or another quilt to replace the hotel one in case it becomes stained at some point. A duvet cover won’t take up much room in your bags and can quickly cover up a comforter with a spot on it.
6. Stash valuables in the hotel safe. Even though you may trust all of the clients you have lined up for bookings while you are incalling at the hotel, it’s a smart idea to stow your electronics, purse, money and any other valuables away in the safe at the front desk. (Some hotels provide in-room safes, which would work, too.) If you plan to use your iPod for music during encounters, leave it out. But, your laptop or iPad are expensive tools for your business and need protection from theft or prying eyes. (You never know how nosey your clients might be when you’re in the bathroom freshening up or taking a quick shower.) Additionally, while you’re at the hotel, you may need to have your identification, bank cards or other personal property on you. These items give significant information about you and how to find you in the “real” world. Allowing these items to become available to a client with an overactive curiosity could give them way too much information about you. If you think you will need these items during your stay, put them in the safe, where they are available to you and nobody else.
7. Avoid keeping cash on you at all times. When your clients are aware that you are setting up a series of incalls at a hotel, they are also smart enough to put two and two together, realizing that you will be making some serious cash during that timeframe. You inadvertently become a target for robbery by a client or others who know the potential for cash you could have on hand. Don’t put yourself at risk for losing your hard-earned income. Make sure that you schedule your bookings far enough part that they allow you time enough to do something with the cash you’ve received as your fees from the last encounter. Either deposit it in the bank, put it into the hotel safe or exchange it for traveler’s checks. (Traveler’s checks are usable within the hotel for drinks or dinner, for example.) If you choose to keep the money on you, hide it away in a very inconspicuous place that is difficult to get to when it’s out of your sight. Placing it in a dresser drawer is insufficient. Hiding it in a sock in your lingerie bag might work. Or, stow it in a make-up bag within your cosmetics case. Whatever you do, prevent your hiding place from being an obvious one.
8. Establish a plan to entertain yourself while you’re at the hotel. You will have extra time between encounters and during your off hours. Stake out the area ahead of time, either in person or online to find out interesting activities nearby. Bring movies to watch or books to read for your downtime. The weekend (or other timeframe) will pass by quickly if you’re extremely bored between bookings. Keep yourself from feeling like you have nothing to do by creating an itinerary of places to see during your stay. Or, brainstorm some extra work tasks that you can complete while you are at the hotel, such as marketing efforts or bookkeeping aspects. Regardless of what you do, take great strides to avoid being bored. Additionally, even if you’ve scheduled bookings with your most loyal clients, there is a possibility of one being a no-show or having to cancel at the last minute. Be able to make the most of your time by making a plan of options to begin with.
9. Ensure that there is discreet access to your room. Picking a hotel where guests have to check in at the front desk or acquire a keycard to access some parts of the hotel is not conducive to a smooth incall experience. Make your time at the hotel as seamless as possible by selecting a hotel with easy access. Make sure it’s a busy, upscale facility, where people are coming and going most of the day and evening. However, be aware that there will be time periods that having guests walking to your room will seem more suspicious than others. For instance, most upscale hotel activity slows down during the very late night and early morning hours. Avoid booking clients for time periods between these hours, as it may direct unnecessary attention to your efforts. Additionally, request a room that is away from the vending machines to deter extra eyes from spying on your activities. (A room close to the elevator, though, is quite handy in such a situation.)
10. Enjoy room service if you can afford it. Room service is one of the true luxuries of being able to stay in an upscale hotel for any reason, including escorting. If you’re making enough money from your stay that a few meals from room service won’t cut into your profits too much, go for it! The experience can make your stay seem a lot more like vacation than work and create a more positive outlook for you. If funds are tight, consider ordering breakfast, which usually tends to be the most affordable items on the menu. If you’re really fortunate, one of your clients will offer to foot the bill for room service, ordering under his name and using his credit card. But, if room service is not an option for you, don’t sweat it. The luxury bathroom may be enough to put you in a great mood.
11. Watch your noise levels when with clients. Pay attention to what you can hear coming from other rooms as you venture out and about in the hotel. If you can hear televisions blaring, casual conversations or blow dryers, know that certain noises during intimate moments with your clients might also be heard by other passersby. Caution your clients before they become absorbed in the throes of passion, so that they know to mute their exclamations and enthusiasm enough so that complaints won’t be lodged against you at the front desk. You certainly don’t want to be warned by hotel officials that offensive noises have been heard coming from your room. This could be grounds for further investigation, which is unwanted by you and your clients.
12. Avoid revealing the location of your hotel and room to clients until a few minutes prior to their booking. Because a hotel is a public location and much easier to scope out ahead of time, use caution as you inform clients about where to meet you for encounters. This can save you from attention from authorities (if you’re under surveillance for some reason) and risk of being the subject of a prank. Ask your clients to call an hour ahead of time (or another reasonable amount of time) to confirm that they will be arriving for an incall. At this time, reveal your location information and any other details they need to know to meet up with you.
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