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How to be one sexy escort on unsexy days
December 30, 2014 | For escorts
Supermodels have days where they feel “blah”, fat and simply unattractive. If even they have days like this, it’s no surprise that escorts may experience time periods when they don’t feel like their stellar selves. It happens to everyone. Maybe you’re just a bit out of sorts, don’t feel good or have been struck down with a blow to your ego lately. Regardless of the reasons, escorts have to find a way to carry on and attempt to project that sexy self-confidence that their clients have come to expect from them.
But, how do you do it? What can make you feel sexy on your unsexiest days where all you want to do is linger in your comfiest sweats and sport a day-old pony tail or bun? Use these tips to help you channel your inner sex kitten on days you feel like an ugly ogre:
1. Suck it up. Avoid allowing yourself to even consider wallowing in your sloppy mood. Escorts (and any other professionals) have to put on appearances each time they step out the door for work. They must maintain the image they have strived to create, which means they have to fulfill certain beauty requirements (which do not include a holey shirt and paint-stained jeans). Clear your mind of the possibility of dressing down for the day and march into the bathroom to put on your face. By taking a no-nonsense approach to the situation, you deny the inclination to give in to looking less than your best.
2. Dress your best. Nearly everyone has one outfit, blouse, skirt, etc. that fits them like a glove and never fails to make them feel sexy. For days that you feel like you look like the goat woman, pull this garment out and match it up with your favorite accessories. Even if you feel like you’re overdoing it a bit for the encounter you’re heading out for, it will help you feel your very best. When you put on clothing that makes you feel incredible, it influences the rest of your opinion about yourself for the day. It gives you confidence, boosts your self pride and allows you to get in touch with your sexy side. As you don your favorite dress or other item, remember to match it up with your sexiest lingerie, too. Fight the urge to wear your comfiest granny panties and grab for the black lace thong as you get ready. Wearing sexy lingerie can banish any feelings of being unattractive automatically.
3. Rely on client compliments. For every client who has made you feel unsexy, there is one who raved about your beauty. Concentrate on these compliments as you get ready for your next encounter. Reflect on the power your appearance has had on past clients and build on that as a way to dig out of your frumpy hole. Focus on your favorite asset as you prepare yourself. Perhaps, clients have praised you on your shapely bottom. Emphasize your curves by wearing a body con dress or a pencil skirt that fits “just so.” Maybe you think your eyes are what helps make you alluring to clients. Play them up with a dramatic smoky eye palette and lengthen your lashes with fiber mascara. Pick out a favorite attribute and make it stand out, so you feel like you’re projecting the most of what you have to offer.
4. Get in a good work out. Many women express that they feel their sexiest when they exercise. Something about pushing yourself to your limit, doing what you didn’t think you could do and getting the blood pumping through your body is a great mood enhancer, and it may be just what you need to drive frumpy from your mindset. According to, the combination of testosterone, endorphins and adrenaline that are released during a workout help elevate your sex drive through increasing your sexual arousal and boosting your energy levels. The combination of the three also help reduce depression and create a “feeling of pleasure and well-being.” Exercise may also reduce stress, which can be a “major stress drive inhibitor.” Pushing yourself through a session of yoga, Pilates or cardio may help you get past any feelings of inadequacy and boost your self image, to the point that you feel sexy as you prepare to meet clients.
5. Consider your turn-ons. Getting in touch with what arouses you may create a mindset where you no longer feel unattractive. (Or, if you do still feel less than pretty, it won’t matter, because you’re in a heightened sensual state.) Whether you mentally revisit an incredibly steamy episode with a past or current lover or fantasize about an incident that you hope will happen someday, visualizing yourself in a sexy situation may help rev your motor enough that you feel good about your allure, again. If necessary, go one step further and physically touch yourself in a way that makes you hot and bothered. Take a few minutes to masturbate before getting ready for an encounter. Not only does it feel good (you can’t deny it!), but it will also set the stage for getting aroused more easily during your upcoming booking. If all else fails, watch some porn. Pick out your favorite porn scene and view it prior to your encounter. The visuals you observe in the video may be enough to get you out of your frumpy frame of mind.
6. Take yourself shopping. Many escorts’ moods are boosted by a small shopping spree where they splurge on something that makes them feel really good. If purses are your thing, buy a new bag. Maybe it’s makeup, jewelry or shoes. For many escorts, a new designer set of lingerie makes them feel especially confident as they head out to spend time with clients. Buying something new sometimes an adrenaline “high” much like exercise or thrilling adventures. Other times, it simply makes an escort feel better about her/his appearance due to the new item. One good way to ensure that shopping helps to cure your unsexy urges is to purchase something that can’t be worn with sweat pants or your old college t-shirt. A fancy pair of earrings or new designer heels deserve to be shown off with an upscale outfit, requiring you to get all dolled up.
7. Get made over. Perhaps your unsexy feelings stem from mediocrity or boredom. If you’ve had the same hairstyle or have been wearing a make-up palette for years, maybe it’s time for a change. A visit to your local salon for a color change or new haircut could do wonders for how you feel about yourself. If your frumpy mood is just temporary, simply getting a blowout might be enough for you to feel like a new and improved version of yourself. Venture to your favorite makeup artist for some tips to freshen up your cosmetics routine. Maybe you should try a new mascara or foundation as a way to revamp your look. Changing up simple things about your appearance may give you an edge to get past your sense of being unattractive. It might even give you the urge to really fix yourself up to “wow” your clients even more than usual.
8. Go for a massage. Stress or discomfort might be causing you to feel negative about yourself. Getting a massage may relax your body and allow you to let go of some built up pressure, physically and mentally. Although a massage really is focused on your physical ailments and tightness, it’s also mentally renewing. During a massage, all you have to do is relax, allowing your mind to drift away from any problems in your life to simply just being. It’s calming and refreshing, which can lead to a boost in self image. Additionally, it may help your posture immediately following, which can lead to a more confident and sexier you.
9. Talk yourself up. On days that escorts just can’t seem to feel good about the way they look, they need to nip the negative comments in the bud and focus on their good traits. If you like your hair, be proud of it. Consider your high cheekbones as desirous attributes. Take a really good look at yourself in the mirror, focusing on the positive aspects you see, instead of the bad ones. Don’t linger on the softness of your tummy, but instead look at how muscular and long your legs are. Compliment yourself on everything from your shapely eyebrows to your sexy voice, and everything in between.
10. Take careful stock of all of your attractive qualities and tell yourself that you are the complete package. Some escorts may have a hard time doing this, especially if they’ve just run into a string of insulting clients. But, the more you do it, the easier it gets. Sometimes, it’s essential to get past those days of feeling like an ugly duckling.
11. Smell good. Sex is about all of the senses, even though the visual and physical cues usually take all the credit. One element of sex appeal is smell. It’s possible to boost how you feel about yourself with a few spritzes of your favorite perfume. Select a fragrance that epitomes your sense of adventure, sweet charm or inner seductress. Perfumes with floral or spicy overtones tend to work well for encounters. But, keep in mind that some clients have sensitivities to perfumes and other scents. Put it on lightly, so it’s detectable from only an intimate distance. If they can smell you enter a room, you’ve probably overdone it.
12. Flirt incessantly. Wink at your doorman. Bat your eyelashes at the cab driver. Smile sexily at the barista as you get your morning cup of Joe. Flirting with others is a great way to get your inner sex kitten in gear. Many women take offense of being whistled at by a construction worker as they walk down the street, but you should take it in stride and allow it to boost your confidence. If you go for a drink prior to your encounter and get hit on by the bartender or another patron, follow through with the interaction for a bit. Flirting is a great way to build up positive energy, make you feel desirable and spark the beginnings of arousal. Especially when you feel unsexy, it can help you find a groove that makes you see yourself in a different light. Enjoyable flirting may elevate your mood, making you want to put in extra effort to look your best.
13. Channel sexy times. Maybe you felt like the sexiest woman in the world the first time you saw a client. Or, you remember how attractive you always felt back in college during sorority events. Sometimes, just becoming nostalgic about times that you felt really positive about your appearance is enough to avoid those unsexy feelings. Looking back on periods in your life where you felt really good about yourself brings back those same senses of self esteem and confidence that may be necessary to get you out of your frumpy funk. Dig out some old photos, call up an old friend or reminisce about your old days. Maybe it’s the wild times with buddies that come to mind, or a special dance with the high school quarterback. Whatever it is, allow it to take you away for a few moments to temporarily relive the feelings it gave you.
14. Listen to music that makes you feel sexy. Blues, rock, R&B, soul and other genres of music may tickle your fancy when it comes to feeling good about yourself. Even country music has some steamy lyrics that could get your motor revving or cause you to have arousing thoughts. Music can create images in our minds that stimulate emotions and senses that are under the surface, just waiting to be awoken. Pick out the music that stimulates your senses and blare it as you are getting ready to for an encounter. Many escorts have sexy playlists that they use for clients; utilize one of these if the music works for you. It’s an easy way to boost your mood. If you don’t already have a sexy playlist, make one and use it regularly to get you in the sexy mindset your clients expect.
So, you don’t feel your sexiest. Nobody does all of the time. If you’re having a down day, dress a little more casually, visit with your clients (but, keep your mood enthusiastic and happy) and go home and wallow in your frumpy mode. Curl up with a blankie and your favorite pajamas. Everybody has days like this. Get it out of your system, if need be, and move on tomorrow. Things always look better tomorrow. And, it may just be your body’s way of telling you to slow down for a day so you can catch your breath. Giving yourself a casual day may be all you need to sex it up tomorrow.
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