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How escorts can make their sessions serve double duty
March 10, 2015 | For escorts
Many escorts clearly separate their personal and professional lives. They make certain that their activities and interests don’t intertwine, so as to keep their identities definitively apart. However, there are some escorts who have discovered that they can make the most of their encounters by allowing some elements of their professional lives to seep into their personal ones.
It’s normal to shut off your “real” identity as you meet up with a client. But, consider how it may help you to allow your encounters to do double duty and affect not only your bottom line, but other elements of your life directly.
Consider that there are several ways your encounters may fulfill several needs or desires in your life:
1. Education/mentorship: Many of your clients are seasoned experts in their industries and are more than willing to share their knowledge and insight with you. While it’s never good to share too many intimate details of your life with a client (unless you have a long-standing, loyal relationship with him, it may benefit you to express your interest in his profession. For instance, an escort doesn’t have an employer-backed retirement fund to fall back on someday as she ages. IRAs, 401Ks and other savings plans can be confusing to deal with, if you don’t have the insight from a professional. It’s entirely appropriate to utilize his knowledge to guide you in making wise choices. Clients have been known to advise escorts on investing, real estate procurement and legal matters. Take advantage of the expert you have on hand to gain valuable information and assistance with your personal affairs. Most clients are more than happy to help out, especially if it allows them to spend a few extra minutes with you.
2. Marketing: Your clients all responded to your marketing efforts, but insight about why they did can be very valuable to your career. All smart business professionals and entrepreneurs question their clients and customers about the ways in which their marketing tools spoke to or appealed to them. Asking questions about why a client chose you, what seemed different/better/preferable about your marketing technique and the sites your client utilizes may provide valuable information to you about how you should continue promoting your services. Clients with professional experience in the marketing world may also help you fine tune your materials, verbiage or approach. You depend heavily on your marketing to attract clients, so any assistance you can get to better it is going to gain you success in the future. While you shouldn’t muddy the waters of your encounter with marketing talk throughout the session, it’s okay to mention it at the very beginning or end as a way to learn a bit more about your client and get insight about the impact of your profile or ad.
3. Exercise: Every escort has to worry about staying fit. Not only does it increase your attractiveness to clients, but it also helps you maintain your health. Getting regular exercise is essential to good heart health, proper weight maintenance and mental clarity, too. According to Dr. Bryant Stamford, professor and director of the health promotion center at the University of Louisville, “During a really, really passionate kiss, you might burn two calories a minute — double your metabolic rate.” He explains that this compares to the caloric expenditure similar to a brisk walk, especially if the kissing results in a passionate, hot and heavy experience. He elaborates that sex sparks a very good calories burn. Additionally, physical intimacy may also provide an excellent workout for certain muscle groups, such as your core, quadriceps, glutes, arms, shoulders, legs, abs and pelvic muscles. Sex can improve your balance and flexibility, just as yoga or Pilates can. Utilize the physical intimacy your client desires as a great addition to the work you do at the gym.
4. Personal therapy: There are days that your personal life may make you feel like nothing is going right and you’re a total loser. You may be having a bad hair day, feel fat and have tripped over your own toes numerous times. But, when your clients speak to you, they are complimentary and in awe of your grace and beauty. They praise your sense of humor, sweet smile and gorgeous eyes. In short, they make you feel like a million bucks. Many escorts require this positive affirmation that clients provide in order to build their ego to substantial standards. The approval of your clients may help you come out of your shell and gain confidence for other areas of your life, too. For instance, if you can woo a complete stranger, the people who know your qualities best should be totally blown away! The empowerment you receive through positive clients may create a new outlook for your life, just like professional counseling or therapy might.
5. Stress reduction: Many of your clients may seek out encounters with you as a way to escape from the real world and their many issues or problems. You can escape with them, as a way to reduce your own stress levels. Regardless of your problems, use the hour you spend with your client as a distraction and a reprieve from having to deal with anything distressing in your life. Become immersed in your client’s fantasy, enjoying the delight of being the center of his world for the time being. Allow yourself to be far removed from the problems you have to return to after the encounter is complete. Sometimes, you just need a break from the troubles that are causing you worry. While it’s not a problem solving method, it can allow you to regain some patience and a brighter outlook on the low points in your life.
6. Networking: Utilize your encounters as a networking tool only if you’re absolutely certain you can trust your client with your genuine identity. Even if you don’t have aspirations of turning to a career in mainstream professions anytime soon, it never hurts to have friends in high places. Perhaps your client list includes local politicians, government leaders, industry moguls, celebrities, professional athletes or other people who have general clout in your region. It’s uncommon to need a favor of these individuals, but it’s smart to have them on speed dial if you ever required their help. Additionally, there may come a time where you’re looking for a good reference or other support for an activity you’re engaged in. You may be able to pull out your contacts and utilize their connections to gain influence and power.
7. Personal development: While many escorts think they have a clear vision of who they are and what they want to be, it’s common for escorts to continue developing long after they think they are done. Life is all about progress and change, and meeting with clients is a great way to experiment with who you really are. You can develop your personality further, trying out new ways of behaving and talking. You may not have settled on a personal style, and through trial and error with clients, you can develop your fashion sense as it appeals to you and others. You can learn a lot about how the world works through your interactions with clients. Using these engagements to your advantage will help you learn and further your own personal development.
8. Sexual education: The majority of escorts are fairly sexually experienced as they begin their careers as professional companions. However, you will get to experience a plethora of new forms of intimacy through client requests. From fantasy role playing to niche activities, you will likely learn a lot about several varieties of sex and how to go about performing them. New positions, phrases and desires will enlighten your view on erotic pleasure. As a result, you may become much more open minded and adventurous in your personal life and what you expect from a partner. You may learn new things you like that bring you to orgasm. And, you will probably discover new ways to pleasure your clients, which makes you even more well-rounded than you were in the beginning. Taking advantage of every opportunity to learn is beneficial to you as an escort.
9. Gain insight: Clients offer glimpses into why people do what they do. They let their guards down with you and allow you to see them and their desires in their purest forms. Clients may reveal a lot about human nature during the time you spend with them. As a great benefit, you can apply this knowledge and insight to people in your life. Particularly to the men in your life. Your partner, spouse or other male friends and family members may act in ways that you don’t really understand. However, you may see similarities in their behavior with your clients. Getting some insight that their actions are common or are tied to certain emotions may help you better understand others around you. Paying attention to clients and their motivations is a great way to apply knowledge to situations in your “real” life. Also, it will help you better communicate and empathize with clients, when you know why they are doing what they do.
10. Exposure to luxury: Even if you are a highly successful escort, your level of achievement may not even compare to the wealth that some of your clients acquire. When they book encounters with you, they may reserve luxurious suites, bring high-dollar champagne and treat you to experiences that you would never have the opportunity to be a part of otherwise. Activities that are reserved for the royally rich may be within your grasp when you’re with certain clients. Limo rides, fine dining and other elements can help refine your taste and image, creating an even more distinguished profile for your career. Learning how to mix and mingle with the cultured and elite can help you establish a higher level of class and sophistication when you meet with clients, furthering your career exponentially. Soak it all up and learn to become comfortable in such environments.
11. Gifts: All escorts love gifts, especially when they consist of high quality electronics or designer clothing, fragrances or accessories. While it’s not customary for clients to come bearing gifts, some do habitually. If you know that a client has a propensity for this kind of behavior, learn to take advantage of it. He wants to bestow upon you trinkets of his admiration, and you can benefit from the items. Don’t go out of your way to book a client, in hopes that he will give you presents. But, when you know that a client will be doing so, don’t refuse to take his offerings. Unless you suspect the gift came as a hand-me-down from wife or mother (or is stolen), happily and graciously accept the token of his affection. If the gift isn’t your style or preference, you may be able to sell it or exchange it at a later date. In the meanwhile, though, be thankful that your client thinks so much of you as to bring you something special.
12. Boredom: Many escorts are bored without stimulating activity to entertain them. Business can get slow, sometimes, and working from home may be a big change compared to slaving away in a busy office. Utilize the opportunity to see clients to beat the doldrums that cause you to feel like your life is dull and uninteresting. Enjoy your client’s sense of humor and find interesting subjects to talk about with him. Instill excitement and enthusiasm into the encounter, knowing that your efforts will pay off, because your client will open up and demonstrate personality, too. Enjoy yourself and create an atmosphere for a fun encounter. Not only will your client enjoy his time with you, but you will also have an enjoyable experience.
13. Sexual gratification: A lot of escorts refrain from personal relationships due to the challenges their careers create. If you do not currently have a partner in your personal life (or, even if you do), encounters give you the opportunity for some no-strings-attached pleasure. Your client won’t judge you and may find it extremely arousing that you are so physically engaged in the intimacy you and he are sharing. Allow yourself to enjoy the erotic sensations and permit the orgasms that accompany them. Enjoying the sexual gratification that you can achieve with clients definitely makes your encounters more pleasurable for you and do double duty in your life. They give you immense sexual satisfaction and fill the lining of your pocketbook, too.
All in all, your encounters have one main objective: to fulfill the demands of your bottom line. However, with the right attitude and intentions, your bookings can give you so much more. It’s more than just meeting with a client and becoming intimate with him, if you both consent. A client session can bring you both immense satisfaction and happiness. However, don’t forget that your client is hiring you for his pleasure. Don’t overdo and reverse the focus of your bookings, so that your client feels taken advantage of.
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