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How can escorts dodge their clients’ partners?
April 16, 2015 | For escorts, Safety
Anytime that you are working with clients who may not be exactly living the single lifestyle, you run the risk of encountering a jealous partner. Significant others may be lying in wait, trying to catch their loved one in less-than-honorable situations. Just being at the wrong place at the wrong time may put you right in the middle of a very undesirable predicament.
To avoid or reduce the likelihood of being involved in these kind of unnecessary interactions, you can take several actions:
1. Don’t schedule outcalls to private residences. Clients love for escorts to come to them, so they don’t have to leave the comfort of their own homes or surroundings. They are the kings of their castles, and they appreciate having a woman come to gratify them. However, in addition to the many safety risks you take by entering into a client’s home, you also run the chance of bumping into a spouse or significant other. An unexpected arrival at an odd time of the day could create real problems for you and your client. Not only is it possible that a girlfriend will show up out of the blue, but it’s also possible that you might accidentally leave something behind that will lead her back to you. Forgetting your purse or phone or losing other items can reveal your presence long after you’re gone. You’d be surprised what could be traced back to you and cause interactions you’d rather avoid. Simply avoiding your client’s house is a great way to reduce the chance of running into a partner or spouse.
2. Help your client become more discreet. All partners are, by nature, a little suspicious of time that a significant other spends away from home. The best way to help avoid attention during your rendezvous is to coach your client about how to shake off accusations and provide good excuses about his whereabouts. Additionally, it’s important for your client to understand how to wipe evidence of his communications with you from his phone and other electronics (including his laptop). Tell him to pay in cash if he stops anywhere to and from your incall, to avoid credit card paper trails of his whereabouts. And, give him any other pointers where you notice they are needed. Some clients just fail to use common sense as they prepare to head out to an encounter with you. If you notice they are missing something important to keeping your relationship a secret, help your client get it under control.
3. Park with discretion. If you DO agree to go to a client’s place for an encounter, don’t park right in front of the house. That just invites a partner to wonder who is visiting. And, once they figure out that their significant other is cheating on them, it’s likely your car will incur some physical damage or sugar in the gas tank. Don’t invite trouble like that. Park your vehicle down the street or in another inconspicuous location. Or, consider taking a cab to the outcall. Furthermore, if your client comes to your incall, obtain some indiscreet parking option for him, such as a garage or backyard parking that is not visible from the street. If a girlfriend is trying to find her guy, looking for his car is one of the first things she will do, which easily leads her to his location. If she can’t see his car, she won’t find him at your incall. Or, if she discovers his car down the street, she won’t know that he’s at your house.
4. Be able to leave an outcall quickly. Although it’s a rare occurrence, it’s possible that a girlfriend or wife can track down her man anywhere he is, even at a busy hotel or some other outcall location. Keep your belongings close together, such as your bag, discarded clothing, shoes and any other encounter-related items. (You should do this, anyways, as a precaution from theft or a deterrent for a client rifling through your purse.) Some escorts wear clothing items that are easy-on and easy-off for just this purpose. You never know when you’re going to need to leave with little notice. When a girlfriend turns up unexpectedly, it necessitates leaving quickly. Additionally, as you arrive, it’s important to make note of various exits you might use to leave by. Sometimes, taking an alternative exit will reduce the chances of running into your client’s significant other during a fast retreat.
5. Stay out of the squabble. Your involvement with your client puts you right at the heart of any problems that your client and his partner have. Refrain from getting involved or engaging in conversation during a face-to-face run-in with your client’s partner. Just keep walking, avoid phone calls and encourage the partner to talk to your client. Avoid conversations about the situation. Don’t get sucked into the drama by hearing her stories of betrayal or sorrow. And, don’t allow him to bring you into the conversations through asking you to stick up for him or make excuses. You don’t belong in this fight and shouldn’t become part of it. You are simply providing requested services to your client. If your client’s partner disapproves, it’s his fight with her and should NEVER involve you. Remain anonymous throughout the interaction and don’t feel like any issue is yours to deal with.
6. Set outcall meeting locations at the last minute. Some clients are really bad at keeping secrets. And, some partners are really nosey and great at detective work. If your client thinks his significant other is highly suspicious of him, avoid a run-in during an outcall by not establishing a meeting place until close to the encounter date. That way there is much less time for a partner to discover the rendezvous point. If a client doesn’t know where you’re meeting, he won’t absentmindedly jot down info about how to get there or the address somewhere that his partner will find it. And, if the location is set at the last minute, it’s much more difficult for a spouse to follow along, when the client isn’t even sure where he’s going. Additionally, it deters her from being able to sit and wait for you both to show up. This occurs sometimes, catching both parties completely in surprise as you arrive for some fun.
7. Book the room at the hotel. If your client knows his partner is suspicious of his whereabouts and might follow him, help him avoid discovery by booking the hotel room in your name. Most front desks will allow a “Mrs.” access to her husband’s room, so if the suite is in his name, she immediately gets information about where he is. However, if the name used for the reservation is yours, it’s much more difficult for her to gain information — especially if she doesn’t know who you really are. (Much of the time, your client doesn’t even know your name…how would his wife?) Just make sure that you are charging your client sufficiently to cover the cost of the room and any services associated with it. He should be willing to pay, especially for the convenience of avoiding any altercations with his significant other.
8. Do not allow your client’s spouse to enter your incall. Despite the fuss she may be putting up at your front door or entry access point, refuse to grant her the right to come in to your place. Escorts who invite in a client’s disgruntled partner are asking for trouble. Getting them to leave will be a problem. You become involved in the argument. And, there may be physical drama or damage to your home/apartment/condo. You can ignore her knocks on your door or tell her to simply go away. Many escorts just act like they don’t hear anyone, in hopes that she will go away. As your client leaves, he may have difficulty getting away clear and free, unless you have a back exit or something of the sort. If so, help him leave from the back door and call him a cab that will pick him up around the block.
9. Call the police if any interactions get out of hand. Some partners blame the escort for all of the troubles in the relationship and want to take out their emotions on them. If a wife or girlfriend begin harassing or threatening you for your involvement in their relationship, don’t hesitate to involve law enforcement. They have no right to threaten your safety or the welfare of your belongings. Collect evidence of their threats (recordings of phone calls, copies of texts, etc.) and provide them to the police when you call them. And, if a wife or partner comes to your house or incall and won’t leave, call the authorities and report them as a trespasser. Don’t mess around with a jealous spouse, because intense emotions can cause them to act in irrational ways that are unlike their normal behaviors. Warn the individual that you’re going to involve the police and do so if the behavior continues.
10. Turn the situation over to your security partner. If you’re lucky enough to work with a security guard, these are situations that they can help immensely with. Avoid any discussions or involvement by simply referring the problem to your helper. Often, putting someone between you and the jealous partner will end the initial problem. Her anger is not with your security guard, but with you and your client. This neutral party may help calm her down and realize that she’s not going to be able to discuss the issue directly with you. While it won’t diffuse the situation entirely, it gets you out of it initially and allows you to move on to other appointments. And, if your client’s partner is threatening any kind of physical violence or damage to your car, house, etc, it nips this kind of activity in the bud.
11. Exercise full discretion with your own actions. If you’re acting with little consideration to helping your client keep things hush-hush, it’s no wonder that a partner discovers you and your client. Don’t call your client out of the blue. Don’t send text messages or email messages, unless invited to do so by your client. Avoid leaving perfume scents or lipstick marks on his clothing. And, don’t draw attention to yourself as you come and go from an outcall appointment with him. Many times, a client is found out when an escort acts overly bold or brazenly when she books encounters with him. Don’t be his downfall.
12. Don’t book a client again after an interaction with his spouse. If you’ve endured an encounter where you’ve experienced an unintentional run-in with a significant other, don’t invite the situation to occur again. Evidently (and, obviously), she is on to him and his actions. Either she’s overly adept at her detective work or your client is indiscreet as he plans encounters. Whichever way it is, you don’t need the hassle. Encourage your client to find a new escort, as you don’t want to become involved in further drama in his relationship. The escort/client boundaries do not extend to dealing with personal issues involving the wife. Continuing to see this particular client after interactions with his wife is just asking for more trouble on your end. Keep your life as drama free as possible.
13. Never retaliate against the partner. Threats, violence or property damage may be a result of a jealous spouse discovering your dalliance with her man. Regardless of what she says to you or how she acts, refrain from reacting to her behavior. Simply walk away. Your first impulse might be to argue with her, taunt her or insult her in other ways. But, it will get you nowhere and you don’t actually have a fight with her. Instigating further interactions or problems between you and this individual does nothing but create further drama in your life. Attempt to be as uninvolved in this issue as possible. Don’t engage in discussion or arguments. And, don’t lower yourself to an immature status and attack her or her inability to pleasure her partner. While it may be tempting to retaliate in this fashion, especially after she’s slung judgment upon you, it’s not becoming to your status.
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