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13 signs that you should not see an escort
December 3, 2014 | 411 on escorts, About escorts
Even though you may think you have every reason in the world to seek the company of an escort, it might be that your particular circumstances will prevent you from fully enjoying her presence. There are certain conditions that will cause an escort to refuse to see you or might decrease the level of enjoyment you receive during an encounter.
If you are currently focused on something else or you’re not physically prepared for a booking, don’t set up an appointment. If you are in question as to whether you are properly ready for a visit with an escort, consult with these tips to determine if you should simply wait for another opportunity.
You should definitely NOT see an escort if:
1. You are drunk or high. It’s fairly common to get the itch for some affection and companionship when you’re under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Your senses are affected in such a way that your hormones may be raging and you think you are top of the world. However, it is rare that you are in the best condition for visiting with anyone, little lone making a good impression on an escort. Alcohol and drugs inhibit your ability to make good judgment calls and may lessen all other triggers in your mind that tell you what’s appropriate or inappropriate. Furthermore, many escorts refuse to see clients they suspect are drunk or high. For them, it’s a safety issue. Drunk or high clients are a risk due to erratic behaviors and potential violence. Escorts know that clients who are under the influence may behave in negative ways that are unlike their typical personalities and usually steer clear of interactions that may be unpredictable.
2. You are emotionally upset. When everything puts you on edge or brings you to the verge of tears, meeting up with an escort won’t nearly as pleasant as you anticipate it. If you’re sad or in despair about a situation in your personal life, an escort isn’t going to automatically make you happy about your current circumstances. And, typically, during the entire encounter, your worries will still plague you, despite her best attempts to distract you. For many clients, they are unable to climax during intimate moments, due to being so emotionally wrought up over their other concerns. Others are so preoccupied with their worries that these subjects are all they can talk about. Unless you’re just looking for a sympathetic ear, an escort isn’t going to be able to solve your troubles for you. It is unlikely that you will gain much pleasure from an encounter when you are emotionally troubled and distracted.
3. You are angry or infuriated. Regardless of what you’re so mad about, seeing an escort isn’t going to right a wrong you feel may have been done against you. And, though you may need someone or something to pull you out of your foul mood, an escort’s job is not that. She may help cheer you up or make you feel better about yourself, but an escort shouldn’t be someone who has to routinely deal with your irritability. Even more so, she/he shouldn’t be the target of your rage during an angry moment. It’s fairly common for people to become angry at a person or situation. And, because it’s impossible to take your anger out on that person or circumstance, to direct it at someone else who is more immediately available. For some clients, this means that they hire an escort so they have someone they can yell at. This is a bad plan. Not only do you make yourself look bad, but you will discourage a great escort from booking you as a client, again. Hold off on setting up an encounter until you’re no longer angry and are in a better mood.
4. You are seeking immediate revenge. An encounter with an escort should be about you and your pleasure. Sure, it can be a bonus if you know that revenge is part of the deal, but your overall goal in booking an escort encounter should never be simply getting revenge on an unfaithful or unappreciative partner. When this is the intention, it’s completely impossible for you to fully enjoy the pleasure that your escort is attempting to provide for you. An escort intends to make you happy through her/his presence, conversation and intimate skills. If you’re so deadset on getting even with a lover for wronging you, it’s going to be really hard for her to give you the kind of encounter she typically provides. When your focus is on someone else the whole time, you’re not receiving any of the direct benefits of the booking. Booking an encounter when you don’t care about the fun it will bring is not worth your or your escort’s time.
5. You are sick. A flu bug, cold, allergies, infection or other illness that creates external or contagious symptoms should deter you from booking an encounter. Even though you may be itching for some companionship or affection, sneezing all over your escort during allergy season is not pleasant at all for her or productive for your enjoyment. Sharing a cold or flu with an escort is not only inconsiderate, but it is also detrimental to her business. Escorts try to avoid clients who they know have contagious illnesses, because they depend on their health in order to work. If you have something that is catching, regardless of how benign it might seem, avoid booking an escort for some fun. Wait until you are well and no longer contagious. Additionally, if you have external symptoms like terrible hives, incessant nose dripping or constant coughing, an escort may not be able to fully provide you with the encounter you are paying for, due to your condition.
6. You are unclean. No escort wants to visit with a client who is dirty, sweaty or stinky from no shower. If you don’t know when your last shower or bath was, don’t call an escort and expect her to become intimate with you. If you’ve just finished up at the gym and want to meet up with your favorite escort, do her a favor by showering before showing up at her incall. Most escorts don’t tolerate unclean or smelly clients. They require that clients be freshly showered or otherwise clean. If you arrive for an encounter and appear unkempt and dirty, she will direct you immediately to her bathroom so you can clean up. There are circumstances that might require you to arrive dirty, such as the fact that your job demands manual labor. However, if this is the case, explain your situation to your escort so that she knows to have her shower ready for you to step into upon arrival. And, don’t be surprised or offended, when an escort expects you to shower becoming intimate with her. She just wants you to be as fresh and clean as she is.
7. You are in trouble with the law. Clients who are in legal scrapes or are wanted by the authorities should be more worried about their situations than getting their rocks off with an escort. If the police are looking for you, it’s unwise and inconsiderate to implicate an escort by dragging her into your circumstances. Even though the escort industry is entirely legal, law enforcement authorities sometimes like to assume the worst and will attempt to charge you both for additional crimes involving prostitution. You don’t want to add troubles to your current situation. Additionally, no escort wants involved in your legal issues. She wants a drama-free encounter with a client who is not currently under legal investigation or surveillance. If you know that you are in trouble, don’t book time with an escort. Escorts attempt to fly under the radar when it comes to law enforcement. Bringing her into your circumstances accomplishes the exact opposite for her.
8. You know that your partner is following you. For whatever reason, many clients have partners who are spying on them, either personally or through the use of a personal investigator. Maybe they are trying to find out where you go when you’re not with them. Or, they are attempting to catch you in an adulterous situation. Regardless of the reasons, if you know that your partner is tailing you, don’t visit with escorts. Unless you’re looking for a confrontation or trouble in the courtroom during a divorce case, avoid involving an escort into your romantic issues. Escorts don’t like to get involved in the personal lives of their clients and don’t care if you have a partner or not. They certainly do not look forward to engaging with jealous partners, especially as a result of a client being followed to an incall. Avoid potential drama by either losing whoever is following you prior to going to an encounter or simply stop booking visits until you are no longer being tailed.
9. You are supposed to be working. Many clients have lost their jobs for visiting an escort during working hours. Top-level executives have been the victim of ridicule and punishment for searching online for escorts using company equipment and time. Unless you have extremely liberal employment policies regarding your time and how its dedicated to the company (or you’re the boss), it’s essential to exercise extreme caution if you schedule an encounter during your normal working hours. Of course, it’s much less obvious to your family and friends, when you visit with escorts during the normal hours you are away from home. But, if it cuts into your work productivity or becomes apparent to your superiors that you’re sneaking away, you could incur serious problems. Additionally, many escorts have been “outed” as a result of a client being caught by his company. Attempt to keep your professional and personal lives completely separate, due to your reputation and livelihood being at stake.
10. You have your child with you. Unbelievable as it might seem, many clients don’t think anything about meeting up with an escort while their child waits in the hotel lobby or in their car. If you can’t find a sitter or are supposed to be responsible for your kid during a particular time, do not attempt to book an escort at the same time. It’s irresponsible, in poor taste and unworthy of your position as a parent. Additionally, escorts will refuse to see you when they realize you have your child accompanying you. Your inability to prioritize your child over your need to see an escort will demonstrate to an escort that you are immature and not using proper judgment. Any client who cannot implement good decision-making abilities is a potential risk.
11. You are broke. Clients who want to see an escort, but cannot afford her rates are just out of luck. If you think that you can bargain with an escort for a lesser rate when you meet up with her, you are seriously misinformed. Escorts establish a rate for their services, expecting that a client is capable of paying the fee at the booking time. When you show for an encounter with less than the agreed-upon fee, an escort will leave immediately, possibly taking some of the money you offer with her for wasting her time. Additionally, if you’re scraping together dollar bills and quarters in a mad-dash effort to accumulate the fee, you don’t have the discretionary funds to be seeing an escort of the caliber that you’ve booked. If you’re using your rent or utility bill money to pay your escort for a booking, you are out of control. Step back and seriously prioritize your life. An escort is a luxury in your life. Visits with her are not necessary. Don’t sacrifice your savings or basic life necessities for an hour of pleasure.
12. You want to do whatever you want. Clients have to realize as they book escorts that certain rules apply. You aren’t given free reign to do whatever you want, simply because you are paying an escort’s requested rate. Each escort has a list of do’s and don’ts that they strictly adhere to. They expect you to do the same and understand that the encounter is a mutually consensual visit, where both parties have limitations and activities that are unacceptable. Do not assume that you can do whatever you want with an escort. You will have to abide by her rules and policies. If you are unwilling to do this, don’t even consider booking.
13. You want something more than just an encounter from an escort. If you have fallen in love and expect to establish a relationship with your escort, forget about it. Do not see an escort if you think your love connection is something that will flow from encounter to long-term relationship. Even though there are a few rare incidents where romances do occur, it is extremely uncommon for such a thing to happen. Thinking that you and your escort will develop into something more creates an awkward balance between the two of you. Most escorts shy away from clients who express their love or intentions beyond being just a client. Don’t book an encounter if this is your only goal. It will get you nowhere.
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