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13 trifles with enough power to blow escort’s image
May 20, 2015 | Beginners’ guide, For escorts
Escorts have to be aware that they are creating the ultimate fantasy for their clients. Choosing from a large selection of escorts, clients pick out an escort who meets their preferences in many ways, including appearance, niche and the types of encounters they provide. It’s essential to make your best attempt at fulfilling that role your client expects you to perform perfectly. Through your photos, profile verbiage and communication style during the booking process, a client gets a perception of your image.
When the two of you meet in person, you probably attempt to stay in character so that the encounter meets up to his expectations. However, there may be some things that easily give you away and allow him to see past the image you’re trying to project for him. Watch out for these details that may trip you up and blow your image:
1. Your accessories tell more than you intended. Of course, you’re savvy enough to make sure that your purse and shoes match up to the niche image you’re trying to pull off. However, keep in mind that other items may display elements of your personality, too, and may not jive with the persona you’re projecting. For instance, your phone case might give away your preference for a more rocker style, even though you’re trying to be a southern belle for clients. Or, a keychain might give you away, especially when it includes a logo of your favorite rock band, when you’re acting as a high-class sophisticate. Anything that you have with you that doesn’t completely coincide with your character may give you away. Try to keep your accessories fairly plain and without decoration so that they are able to go with any persona you may be using with clients. This is especially important if you change up your personalities with various niches.
2. Tattoos paint a different picture. If you already have ink in a few strategically placed parts of your body, do your best to cover them up if they don’t match the image you’re trying to project to clients. An anarchy symbol tattooed on your back isn’t going to help you seem like a sweet, innocent girl next door. Use cover-up make-up to conceal them. If they’re not easily hidden, explain to clients ahead of time that you have them, so they aren’t surprised when they see them. Additionally, if you’re considering getting some artwork done, be sure it complements your niche or opt to wait to get the tattoo. If you’re heavily covered in ink, consider working with your current designs when you create your image. In today’s culture, tattoos are fairly common and most clients won’t balk at them. However, if they are pretty wild or “out there” designs, you may have trouble working them into your image. It may be considered sexy for an escort to have a rose on her hip… but, a dragon biting the head off of a chicken might not elicit the same response from a client.
3. Your tongue is your enemy. Letting out a long string of curse words when you stub your toe on the bed isn’t going to reflect well on your debutante image. Of course, it’s perfectly acceptable if you’re a punk rock or grittier type of escort. Also, consider how you speak, including the words you choose and the grammar you use. A well-educated socialite would utilize a much wider vocabulary and proper usage of all parts of speech. If you know that your skills aren’t up to par, you have a couple of choices. Expand your abilities by studying and reading extensively. Or, change your image. Pretending to be something you’re not is difficult and requires some work. Do your best to keep up the image or choose one that is easier for you to acclimate to.
4. Communicating with others in customers’ presence kills the story. If you choose to answer personal phone calls from your husband, sister or children while you’re with a client, beware of the way you speak revealing who you really are. Greeting your best friend by saying, “Hey there!” in a friendly tone may be perfectly natural for you. But, if you’re a Dom who is putting on a real demanding show, it’s going to totally break your character up. If you can’t stay in character when you speak to others in front of your client, don’t do it. Choose to avoid all personal interactions until he’s out of earshot or vision. Also, keep in mind, that if you answer a personal phone call in your character’s voice, your friend or family member may wonder what’s gotten into you, if they don’t know about your career choice.
5. Not having enough time to tune your mind for the role prevents you from acting your best. Many escorts project an image that is far removed from their actual personalities. The shy, demure woman becomes the outgoing, forward escort, for instance. But, to properly transition from shy girl to wild woman, you need to give yourself ample time to think about how you’re different. Moving from mom mode, as an example, to escort is also very hard. Part of taking time to prepare involves the physical acts it involves: make-up, hair and attire. This transformation is necessary to be able to completely pull off an image that is much different from your own. If you don’t prepare adequately, glimpses of the real you will surely show through during an encounter.
6. Talking too much can let the cat out of the bag. When you’re trying to stick to a story, the best thing you can do is to keep things extremely simple. By chatting a lot with your client, you’re apt to start sharing stories or giving away details about yourself that do not follow along with your escort persona. Additionally, the more you talk, the more your “real” accent or way of speaking will shine through. If you’re trying to disguise your roots, this won’t help you out at all. Consider asking questions that will get your client talking in order to fill up the quiet. And, your client likes to think that you’re interested in him. He will take it as a compliment that you’re inquiring about him, his preferences, etc. Stick to getting him to talk about himself, so that you don’t do away with the fantasy you’re trying to provide for your client.
7. Your incall provides more information that necessary. Since you spend considerable time at your incall, it’s natural to want to furnish it with things that are comforting and familiar to you. However, if these things don’t mesh well with your escort image, they need to be well hidden from the view of clients. For instance, if you have a collection of stuffed animals you like to have around (don’t judge: lots of people find security in these), they shouldn’t be discovered by your client when he thinks you’re a leather-wearing bad ass. Pictures of you and your friends or family will provide too much insight for clients about what you look like in the “real” world. And, some items of decor will work against your image. You will need to furnish your incall public areas with items that correlate to your professional persona. If you have a private area, be sure it’s totally off limits to clients and their snooping eyes.
8. The music on your playlist may tell tales on you. Good ol’ jazz or blues may be great to accompany an intimate session with your client, but if you’re a hard rocker type, these tunes may not be what your client will expect to hear during an encounter. You should either select some generic top 40 music (as long as your escort persona isn’t over-the-top nichey) or choose songs that are specifically suited to your “type.” Also, one way to avoid being judged by your playlist selections is to ask your client to provide music or to pick a genre for the encounter. Music is usually a pretty important element in encounters, as it can fill up quiet space and add to the mood of the session. Going without can make it seem too silent. But, choosing the wrong playlist can reveal that you’re not really who you are claiming to be.
9. Your actions when you’re caught off guard will reveal what you’re really made of. Staying in character during unpleasant circumstances is difficult. For instance, when a client accidentally hurts you during intimacy or when something unexpected happens, it’s easy to revert back to your own personality, especially if you’re acting as a persona far from your own. Facial expressions, body language and your mood will reveal lots about who you are, which can cause the entire fantasy to fail. Your client may be completely disenchanted when he realizes that you really aren’t the woman he expected you to be. Try to keep your encounters in controlled environments where situations won’t go beyond your expectations. And, handle circumstances with your clients with care if they are beyond what you anticipated.
10. Being seen out in public may blow your cover. There’s a very strong case for working outside of the area that you live, especially when you attempt to lead a different life as an escort than you do in your day-to-day existence. If your client spots you at the market or while pumping gas, wearing your jeans and a hoodie on a Saturday morning, your glamorous image may be down the tubes. Keep your business centered in an area that you don’t frequent regularly as “you.” But, if you look extremely different as an escort, it may not be a significant problem. Your clients might walk right past you without a second glance or consideration. If this is the case, worrying about being discovered where you live is less of a concern. However, coming face to face with a client always leaves you wondering if he recognized you.
11. Your personality changes while under the influence may give you away. If you indulge in a glass or two (or three!) of wine with a client, it may be just enough to alter your personality away from the image you’re trying to promote. For instance, getting a little buzz may enhance your natural accent, cause you to become giggly or encourage your uninhibited side. If you are a lightweight when it comes to alcohol, don’t drink with clients. It’s important to retain a consistent image with clients and liquor may weaken your resolve to do so. Also, booze often has a way of loosening lips, causing you to talk more, which may reveal too many genuine details about your life… reducing the fantasy you’ve tried to create to shambles.
12. Your overall personality may work against your image. If you’re attempting to be a bad ass and you’re naturally a soft-hearted soul, it’s going to be hard to work past that. Conversely, if you’re pretty cold to people, trying to be affectionate and considerate may be a stretch for you. If you find that it’s incredibly difficult to keep up with your persona, it may be time to change it. Clients catch on quickly… and if you can’t maintain consistency with your image, they will go looking for an escort who can. While it’s not essential that you are “you” as an escort, it is a requirement that you find an image that is believable. If you have to do a terrible acting job to pull it off, your clients may see right through it.
13. Social media know. If you are an avid Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or other social media user, it might work against you as an escort. When you’re attempting to fulfill an image that is unlike your own personality or reputation, linking your escort profiles up to your personal pages won’t help you. Often, your social media is trackable through various means… even Google. So, if you utilize some of the same pictures or comments on both, a tech savvy client may be able to match you up. Don’t allow this to happen. Try to keep everything separate and in its place, in order to keep your personalities distinctly apart.
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