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Priorities of a successful escort
May 28, 2015 |
Your escorting career is a small business and you’re an entrepreneur. If your success is measured in money (although waning, this is still a popular mindset), you may find useful the set of guidelines below.
Becoming successful on the level that pays your bills is one accomplishment. However, if you strive for more than just “barely getting by,” you’re going to need to set some clear priorities in your quest for true prosperity. Regardless of where you are in your career (beginner or seasoned professional), you can benefit from making the following things priorities in your efforts. Every escort must set goals and overcome obstacles. Having firm priorities help you get past challenges and set your sights on progress.
1. Always make money. Never give away a “freebie” as a bonus or allow a client to get in at a regularly discounted amount. Your rates are your rates. Dickering with clients about your worth as an escort is fully counterproductive to your business intentions. Additionally, it’s essential for you to figure up how much it costs you to provide encounters to clients. If you host them at your own personal incall, book hotel suites or work from your home, there are expenses associated with maintaining a place for clients to come to see you. Decorating your incall costs something. And, if you venture out to see clients, your time and travel expenses should be compensated through your rates. Additionally, you provide condoms, lube, wipes and other items during encounters — you should charge clients enough to pay for these supplies. When everything is added up, you should see a tidy profit coming your way for your work. If you notice that your take-home for encounters doesn’t compensate you well for your efforts, it might be time to reconsider your rates.
2. Strive for upscale clients. When you’re just starting out, it’s easy to be happy with just any clients. But, if you’re truly aspiring for high-end success, you should attempt to market to wealthy clients who will become regular ones. Finding clients who have disposable incomes and will book frequent encounters is ideal. You may have to adapt your image or promote yourself as an upscale escort. These kinds of clients are attracted to the “best of the best.” You must make them think that you are the cream of the crop. They seek out elite escorts who represent the finer aspects of life. Upscale clients are also generally more refined, less of a security risk and are always willing to pay your fee. They are agreeable to your terms and don’t typically cause a lot of trouble. Not only will they be easier on your pocketbook, but they may be less complicated encounters, too.
3. Maintain the best appearance possible. Your brand is directly linked to how you look. Even though it’s nice to think that clients are not so shallow as to only care about what an escort looks like, the reality is that if you were unattractive, they would not book encounters with you. You must do whatever you can to enhance your beauty. Keeping up with current make-up, hair and clothing trends is a must. Maintaining a healthy weight and toned body is a requirement (unless you’re in a niche that embraces a fuller figure). Book regular appointments with your hair dresser, nail tech and tanning salon. Keep a full wardrobe of flattering, current clothing. If you’re not sure what looks best on you, consider hiring a personal stylist to help you pick out styles that accentuate your figure and show off your personality. Always do your make up in the most flattering methods possible. And, get your teeth whitened professionally, especially if they are prone to stains. You must maintain an exceptional image if you intend to become highly successful in the escort industry.
4. Aim to be consistent. Clients want to know what to expect when they book an encounter with you. Your services, rates and methods should remain the same, unless conditions change considerably. Changing the rules or what you provide to clients suddenly will not make them happy or come back for more encounters. Attempt to create the same quality of experiences for clients each time they arrive for a booking. Respond in the same fashion each time you set a meeting with a client. They will become regular clients when they know they can rely on the same level of quality, attention and care being given to them during bookings. It also makes it easier for you, because you don’t have to come up with new methods, rules or rates for every client…and then try to remember what they were the next time they call. Providing consistent services and quality ensures that everyone is on the same page when you show up at their door with your escort gear.
5. Respect yourself, always. If you don’t have respect for yourself, who will? It’s essential for clients to respect you as you provide encounters to them. They should treat you with common courtesy, kindness and equality. But, to expect that from them, you must exude a certain sense of self esteem. Your own dignity must be well developed, especially when you’re sharing such a special piece of yourself intimately with clients. Valuing yourself is integral to being an escort. Many clients will attempt to degrade and berate you, suggesting that you are not worthy of being treated well. They can be insulting and mean. To combat this, your own sense of self appreciation must be high. You can’t allow them to belittle you and convince you that you’re trash or dirty. You’re a special human being who deserves to be treated with care and respect. When you insist on it, you will receive it.
6. Take pride in your work. Just like in any job, you should be proud of what you do. Being an escort is a little different than working in other industries, but it’s important that you still are happy with your career and attempt to do your very best with clients. Instead of just thinking that you’re a companion that clients use to pass the time when they are bored or lonely, consider yourself as a much more important role in their lives. Often, you help them elevate their moods when they are depressed. You listen to their problems and worries, giving them a chance for a new outlook. You provide affection to clients who feel unlovable or uncared for. Your kindness and appreciation gives clients a positive way to look at themselves. You’re also a teacher for clients who are socially delayed or unable to form relationships in normal scenarios. Your role is very important in your clients’ lives, and you should take pride in that!
7. Make time for friends and family. Being an escort can make for a very lonely life. Keeping secrets (your own and your clients’), irregular schedules and working in various locations for outcalls can make having a social life very challenging. However, for your own sanity and well being, you need to set aside time regularly to spend with friends and family. Even if you can’t divulge your secret with them, it’s still essential to have people who you can laugh and cry with. Spending social time away from your escorting career will help you avoid burnout and give you an outlet to burn off stress. Enjoying life is a necessary component for everybody; it’s best to spend time with friends and family members. While it may be hard to find times to be social with loved ones, you need to find a way to set aside regular times that are yours, exclusively. Refuse to schedule bookings during these breaks. Don’t take phone calls or respond to messages. Use this free time to focus on the loved ones in your life.
8. Set aside time for yourself. Just like it’s therapeutic to spend time with friends and family, everybody needs some solitary time, too. Being able to have time alone allows you to get to know you better — what you like to do, what you need in your life and how you feel about things. Without time for self introspection, you may never get a chance to work out issues that are bothering you. Additionally, time alone may give you confidence. Doing things on your own can be very empowering, in addition to ensuring that you get to do what you want to do. (Too often, escorts become people pleasers and rarely explore their own desires, both in the bedroom and in life, in general.) Use time alone to do things you enjoy. It will help you de-stress and become more positive about life.
9. Pay attention to your body. Your body gives you clues constantly about your current state. If you’re feeling tired, you should get more rest. If you feel bloated, you probably ate too much or the wrong things. These slight cues can help you determine what you need to do with yourself. However, other cues often go unnoticed. Sometimes, you may have digestion issues or headaches. And, instead of them being related to a flu bug or cold, they are directly linked to the amount of stress in your life. Hair loss is another sign of stress. Even when you don’t realize that your body is under stress or is getting ill, your body is giving you signs of it ahead of time. Take these tips to heart when you’re focusing on yourself during your time alone. Don’t ignore them, in hopes that they will simply go away. Being in tandem with your body may save you a lot of trouble down the road.
10. Protect your physical health. Never, ever fail to use condoms when you are engaged in physically intimate activities with your clients. Having unprotected contact leaves you open to all kinds of diseases and infections. Additionally, take your health concerns to your personal physician. When you feel ill or suspect that rash is really something more, go to the doctor, instead of waiting on the symptoms to get worse. Taking a proactive approach may protect you from a much more serious problem in the long run. Finally, take care of your body. Don’t take drugs or drink alcohol excessively. Maintain proper nutrition. And, exercise regularly. Taking care of your health will allow you to be strong, able and ready to take on exciting encounters with clients. Escorts who fail to take care of their bodies will find that the escorting schedules and requirements may be almost too much for them.
11. Market yourself well. The difference between a good and great escort is simple marketing. Promoting yourself to the right clients at the right times takes a lot of work, research and trial and error. But, if you don’t take the time to determine what’s most effective for you,
you’re not making the most of your efforts. Determining who your “perfect” client is and what he wants from you is hard. You may have to fail a few times before you get the right combination of profile descriptions, keywords and photos to attract the kinds of clientele you wish to provide services for. You need to constantly be watching the competition and updating your profiles, so they don’t become stagnant. Post new pictures regularly. And, respond to client messages. Even though you may not categorize client communications with marketing, it is. You are still selling yourself to them, until the moment that the two of you meet face to face. Follow through with the image you project in your profiles as you communicate with clients. Remember that you are making an impression, which needs to be the best one possible.
12. Be on top of your personal finances. In order to know how much money you need to make to survive, you have to know what your expenses are. Making a budget will help you determine how expensive your lifestyle is. Not only should you factor in your regular bills (mortgage, utilities, car payment, insurance, etc.), but you also need to figure in general expenses you incur throughout the course of your days. Creating a budget paints an overall picture of where your money is going. Also, don’t get behind on debts or bills. You need to establish good credit and stay on top of your financial obligations. Knowing what you owe, to whom and how much will help you establish the minimum goals for what your escorting income needs to be.
13. Establish strong background screening policies. It’s essential that you protect your physical safety by checking out your clients ahead of time. Every escort knows that. And, most escorts have general standards when it comes to screening clients. However, to ensure your success and safety, you must implement strict policies and ask hard questions of clients you know little about. But, in addition to protecting yourself from potentially harmful clients, you are also establishing an opportunity to investigate your clients’ worthiness as an upscale regular. Through your screening efforts, you will learn about his profession, position and general net worth. This helps you determine whether he will be a good prospect for elite sessions. And, also keep in mind that clients like to think that they are setting themselves up with an exclusive escort. Your extensive screening policies may help create that smokescreen, making you seem even more attractive to high-end clients.
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