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13 things that clients blissfully ignore (while escorts think they don’t)
April 7, 2015 |
Many escorts obsess over details when they are getting ready to see a client. Encounters can be stressful events, as escorts feel they are under the scrutiny of their clients. Trying to be perfect for your career is a lot of work, but you might be surprised at how unnecessary it is.
Of course, you should try to provide the best service possible, which means tending to the details that will make your client happy. But, some escorts get worried over things that their clients don’t even notice. Cut yourself some slack and realize that some things don’t matter as much as you think they do. Here’s a list of things that your clients don’t really care about or even notice:
1. Clutter. Unless your incall could appear on an episode of Hoarders, you probably don’t need to worry too much about a little bit of clutter turning your client off. If you spend much time at your incall, it’s possible that it’s become a bit overrun with items you’ve dropped on the table or supplies you haven’t had a chance to organize or put away. A little bit of clutter at the entryway (shoes, for instance) shouldn’t be a deal breaker for a client. In fact, he probably won’t even notice as he enters, because he’s so entranced with your appearance he ignores everything else. (Or, he’s so nervous about the experience, he doesn’t take in much about his surroundings.) Bathroom clutter is something that happens easily, especially if you’re putting out items for both you and your client. Powder, bath gels, lotions, soaps and other toiletries can easily scatter across the countertop, making it appear disorganized or messy. Don’t worry too much about it. Your client isn’t there to inspect your place. He’s there to enjoy your companionship. (With this being said, though, do try to keep your incall neat and tidy, as a general rule. But, don’t stress when it’s imperfect.)
2. Your shoes. Whether you’re wearing the latest gladiator sandals, peep toe heels or a standard stiletto, it’s unlikely that your client is really paying attention, as long as it looks good. Some clients ARE foot worshipers, and your footwear is of the utmost importance to them. However, your general client just wants to appreciate you as a whole package, not by examining your shoes. Even though you may think you’ve got on the cutest heels or the hottest boots, he is probably more focused on other parts of your body. If you don’t feel like you have the perfect pair of shoes to go with an outfit, it’s improbable that your client is going to notice, unless you show up with something ridiculously inappropriate on. (Think: business suit and Nike running shoes.) This also means that you don’t have to spend a fortune on your shoes simply to impress your clients, when it’s something that doesn’t really matter to them.
3. Wrinkled bedding. Even if you can make your bed so well that you can bounce a quarter off of it, your client isn’t going to notice or care. Buying 1,000 count Egyptian thread sheets that cost more than your bed may make you feel like they’re the epitome of luxury, but your client won’t notice. Not making your bed fully and finding wrinkled sheets under the comforter or coverlet isn’t going to cause your client to run away or avoid booking an encounter with you in the future. In fact, unless your bed seems dirty or otherwise unkempt, your client doesn’t care much about your bedding. The one thing he does care about is the bed. Do you have one? If so, that’s perfect. Of course, if you have obviously scratchy sheets or an overtly obnoxious quilt, he will realize it. But, all in all, your client is not consumed with how well your bed is made or the quality of the linens. He will appreciate that it’s clean, feels nice and is a place where he can get comfortable with you.
4. Stretch marks, cellulite or other imperfections. You notice them. To you, your physical flaws stick out above all else and make you less attractive. You may obsess over them and work to eliminate or hide them. However, most clients don’t even notice them. You’re a real woman with genuine flaws. Even though clients consider you a fantasy, these attributes don’t scare them away or send them running to a new escort. In the heat of the moment (or, even when a client is expecting intimacy), your stretch marks, cellulite or other marks/problems are invisible. All he notices is the feel of you against him and how much he is enjoying the moment. He appreciates your breasts, rump and touch of your skin. Forget about your skin flaws and allow him to worship your body.
5. Jiggly parts. A woman’s body is made up of jiggly parts such as her breasts, ample buttocks and other fleshy areas. Your feminine curves come from having some fatty areas that may jiggle during fun times with clients. Don’t worry about it. Unless your client is extremely critical, he doesn’t even notice a bit of muffin top over your thong. It may actually give him a little extra to hang on to during a moment of intense pleasure. Many clients appreciate the soft parts of your body, especially when contrasting against their harder, more masculine characteristics. Of course, if they bother you or are starting to grow excessively, it may be time to work on them. But, if they aren’t hindering your ability to fit into your current size, beating yourself up over it is a waste of time.
6. Designer items. Even though you may be proud of your most recent designer purchase, your client can’t tell the difference between a bag from Target or the latest Prada release. He doesn’t care if you’re decked out in Chanel or Levi’s. As long as you look good, select items that appear to have quality and avoid wearing garments that are overly worn, your client won’t notice that something has a designer label. (Unless, of course, he is a clothes snob, himself.) Most clients understand that designer items are important to women, so they may naturally assume you wear and carry brand-name items. However, it’s unlikely that they notice when you don’t. Feeling pressured to purchase designer items out of your budget isn’t something that should worry you in order to impress clients. Looking good, even on a limited budget, is what you need to worry about. Brand names are not an issue.
7. Bad hair days. You may think your hair looks awful. It’s limp, frizzy or laying funny, compared to how you intended it to look. It wouldn’t curl right or the bun you’re trying to put it in won’t stay up. Regardless of your issues, your client probably won’t notice. As long as it’s clean, shiny and healthy, clients don’t know when your hair isn’t in the style you intended it to be in. They like it when it’s natural and they can run their fingers through it. Keep it soft and well cared for, and your clients will be happy. Additionally, maintain your coloring efforts. This is one thing that clients will notice about your hair. Don’t go too long between color appointments. Otherwise, don’t sweat those bad hair days. Allow your clients to play with your hair or mess it up. That’s what they are wanting to do, anyways.
8. Pale skin. Escorts with fair complexions may hate working in the winter, because they feel like they have to attempt to maintain a tan year round. But, most clients don’t really care if you’re paler in the winter. A lot of the time, it’s dark (or somewhat dark) when you’re getting naked with clients, so they can’t really see how pale you are. But, even if they can, it’s okay. They realize that during the winter you lose your tan. And, some even recognize that you may stay out of the sun during the summer months as a way to avoid skin cancer threats. Wear your pale skin with pride. Most clients prefer your natural skin color to a fake tan you receive through spray tans or other lotion applications. An orange or unnatural tint is not attractive and will turn clients off quicker than being pale.
9. Elaborate manicures. Getting glittery or exquisite manicures may be fun and rewarding for you, but the effort is somewhat wasted on the majority of your clients. Clients always notice an escort’s hands. They like the soft, feminine shape and how soft they are. When holding your hands, they notice the size of your hand (especially in comparison to theirs) and the slenderness of your fingers. They may notice the color of your nails, but the value of a complicated manicure is lost on them. Rhinestones, sparkles or other artwork will only detract from the natural beauty of your hands, in many clients’ opinions. Don’t worry about whether your manicure is top notch as far as fancy detailing or nail accessories. Focus on taking care of your hands, maintaining your cuticles and caring for your nails so they are healthy and feminine. These are the elements that your client will notice. If you paint your nails, which some clients prefer, keep it simple. Use a red, pink or nude color that complements your skin tone.
10. Flirtation. Even though your clients are there to enjoy your companionship, they may not catch on to all of your hints or innuendos. Flirting with a client may not help him realize that you’re giving him the “green light” to move things into more intimate territory during a booking. Escorts often have to resort to more obvious methods or overt flirtation to get their points across to clients who don’t catch on to subtleties. Batting your eyelashes, physical contact and eye contact may not be enough for a client to catch on that you’re willing to engage in intimacy with him. In the same sense, some clients aren’t able to catch on to hints that you need more time before advancing to the bedroom, either. Essentially, clients aren’t always the best at taking hints or reading body language. Feel free to be more obvious with your messages.
11. Scented candles. While you may worry and stew about getting scented candles lit in time to create the perfect atmosphere for your incall, your efforts may be completely lost on your client. He won’t care that the room smells like vanilla or just air. If you have time to scent the air slightly with a scented candle: great. If not: that’s fine, too. However, your client may notice if you use candles with overtly feminine scents such as powder or perfumey aromas. Stick to slight florals, vanilla or other aromatherapy scents that will seduce or arouse. And, don’t expect him to notice or comment.
12. Imperfect decor. So, you’re on a budget and don’t have the funds to fully decorate your incall as you had hoped. No worries. Your clients aren’t coming to check out your interior design skills. They are there to enjoy your companionship and receive pleasure from the visit. If your couch doesn’t perfectly match your chair, it’s not a big deal. You’re probably not spending a ton of time in the living room, anyways. If your bedroom set is a bit mismatched, it’s okay. Your client isn’t worried about whether your used dresser is the same as your antique bed. Do try to make your decor tasteful and welcoming. Some clients may be snobs and turn their noses up at your decor if it’s not as upscale as they had hoped. If that’s the case, encourage them to invite you to an alternate location they are more comfortable with.
13. Sweating. Everyone sweats. And, during a great moment of intimacy, sweating is a demonstration of physical exertion and enjoyment. It’s okay to sweat. But, many escorts wonder if their clients are turned off by it. Odds are that your clients don’t even notice it, because they are sweating and recovering from the moment, themselves. Unless your sweating is profuse or at inappropriate times, realize that your clients are oblivious to it. Those who do notice it may take it as a compliment to their sexual powers, too. Working up a good sweat with clients is part of what your job is all about. Don’t become embarrassed when you glisten a little during the moment. That is certainly not what your client is paying attention to at the time.
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