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6 ways for escorts to get repeat customers
November 28, 2011 |
For an escort the best kind of business is repeat business. Just as in any business, it’s much easier and more cost-efficient to maintain and retain a steady customer base than it is to be on an endless hunt for new customers. An escort can have an incredibly successful business if he or she works on six separate concepts in order to keep repeat clients.
The six concepts are common solutions for most any business, but may be specifically applied to one’s escort business as an independent contractor. Here are the six concepts:
1. Set up and maintain a clean, professional online profile . As an escort, you want to project the most professional and upscale image possible. Your profile is the first glimpse a potential (or repeat) client gets to see of you. It tells your story through a first impression online. Make sure your profile is put together well, is appealing to the eye, easy to use and provides informational content about you, your services and anything else you think the client should know. Take and post only the best, top quality pictures of yourself. Finally, monitor your profile daily. Dedicate some time every day to updating your profile with news, schedules, comments, better pictures or other elements.
2. Make efforts to retain your clients. Make your clients feel special when you spend time with them, even if you’re just talking to them on the phone to set up an appointment. Pay attention to what they say and what’s important to them. Always keep an enthusiastic attitude and remain upbeat and optimistic at all times. Don’t burden your clients with your worries or troubles; your clients want to spend time with someone who is happy and pleased with life. Additionally, ask to see your clients again. Tell them you wish to spend more time with them. More times than not this will earn you another appointment with them.
3. Stay in touch with your clients. Send out a periodical newsletter to your clients. The email/text may be new pictures, comments about your week or information about promotions or deals that you plan to offer your new or regular clients. By keeping in touch with your clients you minimize their motivation to seek companionship of someone else.
4. Set realistic rates. Check with other escorts in your area to determine what the “market” price is in the area. Although you may consider yourself worth more than fellow escorts, keep in mind that a client may go somewhere else if he can get similar service for a lower price. You are unique, no doubt, but so is everyone else. Don’t overprice yourself, don’t debase yourself: trust your hunch, try and retry.
5. Monitor your reviews. Don’t kid yourself. Reviews are available online for escorts, just as they are for the latest mobile phones or Android tablets. Keep a very close watch of what clients are saying about you in chat rooms and message boards that pertain to the escort industry. Some of them will offer free, valuable clues to improving or growing your business. There is a positive side to a negative feedback, if you choose to act upon it.
6. Be different. Do what you think is right, not what everyone else is doing. There is no denying that the services you provide can be duplicated by someone else. However, make yourself stand out by acting more like a human being than like a corporation. Decide what is more important: quality or quantity, and apply your choice to everything – pictures, words, appointments, emotions. Consider learning something new every day, week, month, year: not only a practical skill that would allow you to deliver a killer massage as an extra, but also peculiarities of medieval architecture in Italy, or pros and cons of fracking.
Be unlike others. Be yourself. Be amazing. An escort who stands out as different is memorable, and it’s memorable escorts who are called time and time again.
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