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10 body parts clients like about escorts
February 14, 2013 |
Your clients may seek out your company as an escort due to your sparkling personality and dazzling wit, but they also enjoy the scenery you provide during encounters. Men are very visual creatures. They appreciate a woman’s looks and their attraction levels affect their abilities to think and make rational decisions. It’s a proven scientific fact that men are seriously affected by a woman’s beauty, and that is no different when they are visiting with an escort.
But, men have very different preferences. Some are “breast men”, while others are “leg guys”. Others yet appreciate woman’s posterior. As a result, an escort must be aware of the various parts of her body that clients appreciate. In addition to being aware of them, she needs to know how to take care of them in order to present them in the best possible way.
Here are the top 10 body parts clients like about an escort:
1. Eyes: Eyes are said to be the mirror to the soul. They express happiness, sadness and a wide range of other emotions. A client may be able to get lost in an escort’s eyes, especially if he’s a sucker for a girl who bats her eye lashes and uses her eyes to her advantage. But, an escort must take care of her eyes in order for a client to fully appreciate them. Firstly, so that a client can see them best, an escort needs to wear contacts instead of her glasses (unless glasses are specifically requested). Late nights and a busy schedule may cause eyes to look red and irritated. Escorts should have a ready supply of eye drops they can use to help get rid of the redness and bloodshot look. Women should use eye cream around their eyes before they go to bed to help reduce fine lines and wrinkles that cause eye crinkles. Cold compresses, slightly warm tea bags, cold spoons, cucumbers and potato slices may help to reduce puffiness and swelling around and directly below the eyes. Additionally, puffiness may be reduced by getting adequate sleep and reducing salt intake. Staying fully hydrated will also help eyes look their very best.
2. Skin: Velvety smooth skin is a huge turn on for a client. Because a man’s skin tends to be rougher just by nature, the contrast between his rough skin and your silky smooth skin is a huge thing for him. But, be sure to make your skin as attractive as possible by keeping it moisturized. Skin that is scaly and dry is not attractive. Moisturize and exfoliate regularly to ensure that your skin is hydrated and soft. Clients want you to be pretty much hair-free, so seek out waxing professionals for under arms, legs and the bikini area. If waxing isn’t the thing for you, consider getting laser hair removal treatments. And, it’s important to remember that healthy skin glows. But, in the winter, it’s sometimes difficult to make it glow when you’ve lost your summer tan. Visit the spray tanner regularly or apply self-tanner to get a healthy glow during the winter months. Tan skin is usually thought to be more attractive than pale skin. (Unless that’s your niche!)
3. Breasts: Soft, voluptuous breasts are an evolutionary attraction for men. Humans are the only animals to grow enlarged breasts (apart from association with pregnancy or nursing), and humans are the only animals that seem to be attracted by boobs. The success of the popular restaurant “Hooters” definitely proves that men’s obsession with cleavage is genuine. Breasts are fun to touch, they are soft and they provide comfort. But, escorts should showcase them properly in order to get the most good from them with their clients. Selecting the correct bra doesn’t sound like it would be so hard, but eight out of 10 women in America are currently wearing the wrong bra size. It’s important to be professionally fitted, make sure the straps fit properly (don’t slide off or dig in) and ensure the bra provides sufficient lift (especially for large busted ladies). Failure to wear a bra with sufficient support may result in saggy breasts later in life.
4. Buttocks: In the immortal words of Sir Mix-A-Lot, “I like big butts, and I cannot lie…” Many clients seek out escorts exclusively for their assets. They appreciate a woman with a little junk in her trunk with curves you can grab on to. Evolution is believed to lend its hand in man’s attraction to a woman’s butt, as animals historically sought sex from behind. So, a woman’s buttocks became a sexually-stimulating vision. Escorts can ensure that their buttocks remain an attractive quality by exercising muscles that will enhance a nice, round shape. Flat butts and flabby bottoms won’t cut it for being an escort. Build up your gluteus maximus by walking, swimming and doing other exercises that target the posterior muscles.
5. Hands: Every client enjoys the touch of an escort’s hands and the results they provide. They are used during a good hand job, but they are also great when they grab a man’s back during a particularly exciting climax. Men also appreciate the simple beauty that a woman’s hands posses. Women’s hands are often smaller and softer than a man’s. To keep them soft, regularly moisturize them by applying lotion every night you go to bed and throughout the day as you can. Get a paraffin wax or other spa treatments to treat any trouble areas or to pamper your skin. Make sure your nails are kept neat and maintained if polished. Getting regular manicures helps to keep your hands looking their best, in addition to providing an all-around put-together appearance. If you opt for artificial nails, make sure they aren’t too long and are filled regularly.
6. Hair: Because most men have shorter hair, they fully enjoy being able to run their fingers through a woman’s long, silky locks. Many clients look for an escort with long, full-bodied hair. Keep your hair looking its best by regularly conditioning it, applying deep therapy treatments and getting it cut regularly. Split ends can make your hair look awful, even if it’s healthy otherwise. If you color your hair, keep it maintained. Even if roots are “in” right now, most clients don’t want to see dark roots on you if you’re a showcasing yourself as blonde. Style your hair before each encounter, but make sure that it isn’t stiff or too fixed. Your clients like to be able to mess it up, even if they liked seeing it well styled when you first arrived. Keep your hair shiny with several home remedy options: a) mask of eggs and olive oil, b) coconut oil, c) avocado mask, d) lemon juice or e) apple cider vinegar.
7. Legs: Clients love it when an escort wraps her legs around them during a moment of passion. They also like to watch a woman walk around in a short skirt, admiring her shapely legs. Men aren’t often thought of as having sexy legs, but women are known to be able to attract men with their lean, long legs. Clients expect for your legs to be hairless, so a good wax job or laser treatments are necessary to give a smooth, follicle-free appearance. They like to run their hands down your legs, feeling how smooth they are. Moisturize and exfoliate your legs regularly, paying close attention to trouble spots such as knees. Knees can become extra dry during the summer and winter, so apply extra lotion to them to keep them soft and supple. Tone your legs so they are shapely. Do regular leg lifts, walk two miles daily or swim in order to keep your legs in shape. Most clients don’t want to see bulging thigh muscles, but they appreciate a bit of definition in your legs.
8. Feet: Prancing around in your stilettos will turn on many clients. They love the look of a high-heeled shoe on woman, regardless of whether it’s a pump or sandal. But, they also like to find out what’s on the inside of that shoe, too. Get regular pedicures to keep your feet in great health and condition. Work on reducing calluses by moisturizing and using a pumice stone to slowly wear them away. Foot baths and gentle cleansers can help to improve the suppleness of your feet, too. Keep your toe nails trimmed neatly. Long toe nails look tacky and unkempt. If you polish them, patch up any chips or redo them when they look a bit dull. While most men appreciate a woman’s foot, other clients may worship them. Foot worship is a common fetish that escorts can asked to engage in regularly. Keeping your feet up to par will help you provide this service.
9. Mouth: Clients are attracted to an escort with a sexy mouth. Full lips, white teeth and a great smile will get an escort far with her career. But, she must take care of herself in order to keep her clients happy. A woman’s mouth does more than just provide a good French kiss or exciting oral sex. She uses it to speak with and tease her client in many ways, both physically and mentally. To keep your puckerer looking top-notch, moisturize regularly around your mouth to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Reduce the chances of lips becoming chapped by liberally applying lip balm and covering your lips when out and about in cold, windy weather. Avoid licking your lips throughout the day, because that can cause them to become chapped and dry looking. Apply lipstick to enhance your pucker. Dental health is also important to keep your mouth looking sexy. Get your teeth cleaned every six months and have any dental work done that is required.
10. Sweet spot: The vagina is one area that all clients will agree on that they love for obvious reasons. Keep your vaginal health by regularly bathing and cleaning it with gentle soap and water. Never douche, and expect a slight odor from your vagina. It’s completely normal to have a slight scent. However, if the odor seems irregular, a visit to your gynecologist may be in order to make sure that you don’t have an infection or other problem. Get regular check-ups to ensure continued good health. Additionally, keep pubic hair trimmed neatly in your vaginal area. Most clients like something between the completely shaved and totally natural look.
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