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5 ways to please a client who expects an escort to be a mind reader
August 16, 2012 |
Many clients are happy to tell you exactly what they want, down to the finest details. They have a full erotic fantasy or role playing scenario in their heads and can relay it seamlessly. Some people, on the other hand, aren’t that eloquent. Yet others may tell you “Surprise me!” Or, that regular client you’ve seen three times may say “You know what I like.” Hmmm… The client who expects you to be a mind reader and anticipate his wants and needs is possibly the most difficult client to have. But, if you apply these five tips to your routine, your client may leave happy and think you really ARE a mind reader.
1. Ask them. Ask about their likes or dislikes during foreplay or while they are in the shower. Give them examples and ask about former dates that they enjoyed. Ask about their fantasies.
2. Change things up. Since you don’t know what they want, try everything. Start out with a role playing scenario, transition into tying them up and then convert the session into regular missionary-style sex. Give them a little taste of everything. This way they’ll be sure to enjoy
at least something.
3. Go down on them. What person doesn’t enjoy oral sex? Giving your client’s most private parts the most attention will surely get their attention.
4. Sensual massage often does the trick. Give your client a good rub down in all the “right” places. Starting out with traditional massage techniques and areas, loosen up your client so he or she is totally relaxed and stress-free. Work on knotted or tight areas of the shoulders
and buttocks. Gradually, slowly and seductively, work your way to more intimate areas of the body. Clients sometimes sit up and take the lead at this point, but if he or she doesn’t, continue with the process.
5. Tease. There are a number of ways to tease a client. You can stimulate yourself in front of them and only allow your client to touch you after a few minutes. Or, you can touch and tease your client, bringing them close to orgasm without following through. You can seduce them
with a strip tease or a lap dance. The intent is to create greater sexual excitement before the big show.
During your date with a client, pay close attention to their reactions. Sometimes a client says “Surprise me” only to take over halfway through the show. Your client may begin to give you directions or ask for things during your session. Listen and try to provide anything your client wants (that you agree to) during the session.
Although your client said they wanted to be surprised, be willing to turn the reins back over to them as soon as they figure what it is, specifically, that they want.
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