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How to get your good looks to work for you?
January 13, 2014 | Beginners’ guide, For escorts
Of course, all escorts know that looking good helps. There are obvious impacts of being beautiful when you’re an escort (see below), but there are also some that many escorts don’t realize, let alone make use of.
To be able to fully receive benefit from these advantages, you must know how your beauty can help you in the escort industry (and, life in general). Consider the following ways and adapt your career accordingly:
1. Beautiful escorts attract more clients. This is an obvious conclusion that all escorts can come up with, but it goes beyond the simplistic surface. The escort and sales industries are very similar. In each of them, you have a product that you’re attempting to get others to pay for. For all attempts, you are going to get turned down more than you get accepted for your product. But, the more chances you get for attention from a client, the better your odds are at making a sale. Escorts who appear to be good looking in their photos naturally attract the attention of more clients. And, as they get more attention, these clients are more apt to click on their profiles. The more views their profiles acquire, the more chances exist that the potential client will make contact. And, while every client who makes contact doesn’t book an encounter, any escort who fields more communication attempts will result in more bookings in the long run. No escort is going to book everyone who looks at her picture. But, an escort who gets lots of views will book more encounters, naturally, than one who gets only a few views regularly.
2. Good looking escorts can arrange for better deals for themselves by meeting vendors and business owners in person. It’s true that good looking people get perks and are offered special deals. Flashing a bright smile and fluttering the eyelashes a little will gain you opportunities you may not have ever known existed. Sometimes, cell phone customer representative associates will offer an attractive customer a special deal that includes discounts, free accessories or rebated bills. An escort might gain free hosting for a year if she meets directly with her Internet company. A landlord might cut the rent once he sees what a beauty he’s going to have in his building. You never know what perks you might get by meeting in person and using your appearance as another form of persuasion for the best deal possible. Additionally, good looking, charismatic people are able to negotiate for better prices in lots of retail situations.
3. Shopping is easier for good looking people. It’s common for escorts to shop in high-end boutiques or lingerie stores where clerks get to know their clientele. Unless they have great personalities, plain-looking customers usually sacrifice personal attention and assistance to better looking shoppers. Escorts who show up looking fabulous may gain positive attention from store owners and obtain first chances at new arrivals, discounts and other perks afforded only to preferred customers. Free gifts, appointment shopping and personal style assistance are more available to beautiful clientele. Boutique owners like to cater to their good looking customers, because they want their wares worn in such a way that complements their message. Outfitting good looking people helps them demonstrate to the world that they are successful…along with helping you out, when you’re one of their beautiful clients.
4. Beautiful escorts get unexpected help from various sources. An admiring bellhop, taxi driver or parking garage attendant may make your life easier in many ways. Hotel staff who befriend you, after being enchanted by your beauty, may make client referrals to you, help you gain access to restricted areas without suspicion and will assist you in your efforts to be discreet. Taxi drivers may give you free/discounted rides, along with picking you up at requested times, even when they are off duty. Parking lot attendants may not charge you and may reserve ideal spots for you, if you are a regular visitor. As you go about your regular activities, you may notice others who are happy to assist you in many ways, in part due to your beauty. Normally, men are always happy to help out an attractive woman.
5. Attractive escorts fit in better in all situations. When you enter an unfamiliar hotel, condo building or office complex, it’s easy to look out of place. However, when you’re good looking, people are less likely to notice that you don’t fit in. If they do notice, they are usually willing to help you find where you are going, without question about your motives. You do not get the questions or suspicions as easily as plainer looking peers. People are happy to accept your presence, simply because your image was a pleasant sight. Sometimes, people are too intimidated by your good looks to ask questions, too.
6. Your good looks gives you confidence. Every escort needs to have confidence in her appearance and skills. When you are attractive, that’s one less thing you have to worry about, which helps you build self esteem. Clients who select escorts continually insist that confidence and self-assurance are two traits that make women sexy and attractive. So, if you’re good looking (which makes you confident), you’re pretty much guaranteed success with clients.
7. Escorts without natural beauty should do the best they can with what they have. Even if you aren’t considered pretty or attractive on your own, there are lots of things you can do to enhance your looks. Make-up, the right hair cut and flattering, stylish clothing can create a polished image that suggests beauty. If you carry yourself with confidence and ease, others may be fooled into thinking you’re prettier than you actually are and award you the same benefits and perks that they offer others. And, every escort should consider herself beautiful. Each and every woman is beautiful in her own way, even if she hasn’t developed her full potential, yet.
8. Beautiful escorts can charge more. Clients are willing to pay premium fees for spending time with women they feel are “9s” or “10s” on the chart. If you convince clients that you are a sophisticated, classy and world-class beauty, they will pay your price and then some for your attention. Of course, you have to charge appropriately for your region, but make sure you are taking advantage of the rates your clients are willing to pay, instead of allowing them to enjoy too cheaply. Experiment by increasing your rates with new clients and gauge their reactions to determine if you can command higher fees full time.
9. Pretty escorts take less time to get ready for encounters. Women who have to perform high maintenance to appear beautiful spend much more time in front of the mirror and getting ready than others who are naturally beautiful. As a result, you may be able to book more encounters into a time period, because you have more time. If you don’t choose to schedule in more sessions with clients, this also leaves you with more time to spend with family members and friends or to engage in activities that are important to you. Extra time is a valuable commodity to an escort and a sign of success.
10. The “halo effect” applies to good looking escorts. Studies have demonstrated that people naturally assume good things of attractive individuals. Intelligence, compassion, kindness, generosity and common sense are traits associated with beauty, according to first impressions. Because the image that a beautiful individual presents is a good one, it’s natural for the perception about them to be overall good, too, including associating with them positive traits. This can be especially helpful with clients, because they automatically think you are wonderful.
11. Beautiful escorts tend to healthier. Scientists and doctors have long said that people with shiny hair, bright skin, good mental demeanours and excellent physical fitness are pictures of health. Your outward appearance is a direct representation of your inner health. It’s a manifestation of your diet, exercise and general well being. People who have attractive smiles, obviously have good dental hygiene. Those who are in good shape eat right and exercise. Signs of illness show themselves through indicators that can be seen physically, which usually are not traits associated with beautiful people. Additionally, pretty women tend to make more effort to take care of themselves through maintaining their weight and doing other things to keep themselves looking good. Those efforts help maintain physical health throughout your life, ensuring that you have the energy and stamina to keep up with your demanding career.
All in all, it’s common sense to indicate that beautiful escorts will be more successful. But, many other aspects contribute to long-term success in the industry. Good time management skills, financial responsibility, communication aptitude and personality all add in to being a successful escort for life. Beauty will help your chances of it, but you have to follow through with the rest. Squandering your beauty and not following through with the other essentials is a true waste of potential. So, take advantage of your benefits from being beautiful and continue to work on the rest. Most escorts will agree that success is a constant work in progress.
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