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What are the steps to becoming a full-time escort?
November 27, 2013 |
It’s fairly common for women to test the waters of the escort industry before fully jumping in. But at what point is it appropriate to transition into a full-time escorting career and ditch the traditional full-time job that was steadily paying the bills? Most escorts who want to move from part-time professionals to full-time “ladies of the night” are unsure when to actually make that conversion. Experiencing ups and downs with the industry as a part-timer may have them unsure about making the switch, in addition to being uncertain as to how to best prepare for it.
Much like changing careers from any profession, it’s a big adjustment and will require some forethought in order to make the switch seamlessly and painlessly. Consider these tips when you are thinking of making escorting your full-time gig:
1. Build up a client base through part-time work. Women who suddenly decide they want to be escorts can’t just quit their regular jobs and depend on an income to be automatically generated for them at the start. But, if they enter the industry knowing that they may only work part-time to start, they can begin creating a list of clients who may become regulars down the road. If you are currently working as an escort part-time, you know that it takes time to gradually build up a good base from which to draw fairly regular business. It’s not uncommon for an escort to have three or four times the amount of regular clients she sees in names on her client list…those she may only see occasionally or rarely. Just like in sales, it may take a considerable prospect list in order to confirm regular clients. Escorts need regulars in order to ensure they will be earning enough income to support their expenses. Working part-time gives you the opportunity to gain these clients and create a fuller schedule for yourself as you can handle it.
2. Establish a plan that designates how and when you will transition your careers. Escorts who fail to succeed in the industry often fail to plan. It’s necessary to establish a reasonable method that you will use to switch careers. Sometimes, it requires a complete break from your current full-time career. Other times, women are able to reduce hours and responsibilities at their full-time jobs, as a way to make it the part-time gig, and increase effort on the escorting career. Regardless of how you intend to make the transition, it’s important to set a phase-in date that will provide you with a deadline for getting everything in place. Maybe you need to resign from your current position, allowing two weeks for notice. Or, maybe you intend to take a couple of weeks of vacation from your full-time job in order to prepare for your escorting career. Think of everything you need to take care of in order to change your careers, just like you would when making any job switch. And, ensure that your plan is reasonable. Don’t set dates or create expectations that are simply unmanageable.
3. Analyze your current part-time earnings. Having a good handle on your current escorting income is essential to being able to predict what your potential is. If you’re about as busy as you want to be as a part-timer and your income from your efforts is somewhat substantial for the time spent dedicated to it, it’s a fairly decent indicator that your success is certain. However, if you fail to receive the rates you request when you do accept bookings, you might need to polish up your business skills before plunging in head first. In addition to considering your current part-time income, it’s also important to factor in the amount of money you could earn if you didn’t turn down encounters (due to time constraints associated with the career only being part-time). When combining these two amounts, it may help you predict better trends about how much earning potential you have as a full-time escort, especially if you were to put more effort into it.
4. Know your budget’s requirements. Everyone knows the basic expenses that they have to pay for in order to live. However, when you get realistic about your money, your budget includes a lot of extras that aren’t first considerations when you start listing off your bills. Consider everything from your cable bill to water bill and groceries, gas, payments and fun money. Additionally, it’s essential that you realize that some of your expenses may increase. For instance, your cell phone bill may cost more, especially if you sign up for a new contract for your escorting career. (Or, you may just need to increase your plan to include more minutes, data, messages, etc.) Building and maintaining a website may cost you something, and your utilities might increase as you will be at home more, working to communicate with and book clients into encounters. Having a pretty defined budget will help you avoid surprises that can put significant dents in your budget and cause you problems if you haven’t planned for them.
5. Practice saving for a rainy day. When you’re an escort, you have to expect there to be periods that work is scarce. Clients don’t call, regulars cancel encounters and you can’t even seem to attract attention by creating a new profile. Often, it’s influenced by the time of year (holidays and times when money is a little tight) or weather (extremely hot or blizzard conditions). Other times, it’s unexplainable why clients aren’t seeking you out. And, just as quickly as business slows to a halt, it will speed back up again, without notice. But, to able to endure such unpredictable income periods, escorts have to rely on savings they’ve accumulated in busier times. Before plunging into a full-time escorting career, it’s good to practice the saving concept for two reasons: 1) you find out if you can save money and keep it separate from spendable funds, and 2) you build up a safety savings net, of sorts, for a slow starting period or the first dry spell. Having this money saved up and knowing that you are capable of saving it will indicate that you may be ready for a full-time career. However, if you have difficulties keeping a few dollars stashed back, escorting may get really hard for you when you run into a lean month.
6. Exercise discretion about your plans at your full-time job. Even though you may be excited about your upcoming adventure, it’s not wise to share your plans with your boss or coworkers. Even if they seem “cool,” you should keep your secret to yourself. As you part ways with your full-time career, make up a new venture that you’re pursuing to avoid unnecessary questions about why you’re quitting. It’s entirely up to you what your cover story is, but it should be believable. (Not that you’ve been recruited to be a spy or won the lottery…you need any easily accepted story.) Some women use going back to school or starting a home-based business as convincing explanations about their departures. Also, avoid telling blatant lies that can be discovered with simple research. If you tell your employer that you are going to work at some other company, he can call and find out that you are not telling the truth.
7. Retain a good reputation as you leave your full-time profession. You never know what is going to happen in life or your career. Even though you might be wildly successful as an escort (or not), you may miss your old career and want to return to it. Don’t burn your bridges with your previous employer by slacking on the job the last few days, erupting in inappropriate rants or insults, failing to follow through on responsibilities or leaving in any other unprofessional manner. It’s best to leave the door open for positive relations between you and your previous employer and coworkers. You never know when you might need a reference or a connection for something. Do your best to leave on good terms with everyone. It is sometimes quite tempting to give your employer a piece of your mind if your experience at the job was a bad one, but you might have to pay for it later. Be professional in all aspects of your career, including your new one.
8. Expect that the transition may be more challenging than you anticipate. In the beginning, especially, your escorting career may demand more hours from you than your previous job did. Don’t worry about it too much; you will settle into a rhythm with it soon. If you don’t, you need to examine your efforts and attempt to streamline them for efficiency. Set schedules and stick to them, and realize that it takes a lot of effort to be an escort. Realize that you may get some really bad clients. They may be worse than any others you accepted when you worked part-time. (You could be more selective then; as a full-timer, you probably take more clients than you did before, allowing some in that wouldn’t have made the cut previously.) Additionally, you will be tired, especially until you adjust. Your schedule and work load may have you worn out. Many escorts find it incredibly challenging to manage all aspects of their business: marketing, communications, photos, website, accounting, scheduling, the actual work and making sure all of the other details are taken care of. It can be quite overwhelming in the beginning. But, once you get in the midst of it, you will begin to sort it all out.
9. Treating your escort as a full-time career is a must. Many escorts only work part-time hours, but they expect a full-time income. In order to achieve this full-time income, you have to prioritize your escorting career above other interests. Expecting to reap the benefits of the career by only putting in minimal effort is not realistic. As your own boss, you have to establish goals and force yourself to do everything possible to meet them. You have to make yourself work, even when it would be more fun to play. Being firm about your schedule and making yourself pay attention to your career daily, just as a full-time job, will help ensure success. However, if you only play at being an escort, you can’t expect your career to be steady and fulfilling.
10. Consider taking a part-time job to fill in any income gaps. As you transition your careers, an income deficit may be a problem, especially in the beginning. There are apt to be holes in your budget that are not covered by your start-up escorting career. However, filling in those shortfalls with income from a part-time job can get you over the hump when you need it. Waitressing, cashiering, menial office work or other jobs may help you feel more financially secure. Don’t take part-time jobs that require lots or responsibility, long hours or dedication. Jobs that are stressful should be avoided, too. (Escorting causes enough stress.) You’re not admitting failure by taking on a temporary gig; you’re just ensuring that you can maintain your current lifestyle until your escorting career takes off.
11. Don’t get desperate. Escorts who feel their success is eluding them may become desperate to attract clients and book encounters. Often, they reduce their rates, take clients they shouldn’t and allow their boundaries to be surpassed. Don’t succumb to these kinds of pressures. Stick to your guns about your rules and guidelines, refusing clients who won’t respect them. Do not reduce your rates (unless they ARE too high for your region) or allow a client to dicker you down for a discount. You are giving your time to a client; by reducing your rates, you are indicating that you will allow him to decrease your value, and that’s not acceptable. It’s understandable to become worried when the rent is due and money is unavailable. But, do not reduce your own self worth, risk your safety or deny your personal standards just for rent money.
12. Analyze your success along the way. Once you’re immersed into your escorting career, it may be difficult to recognize your small victories as your achievements grow. For instance, when you’ve doubled your income for the first time or hit a new personal best on monthly earnings, it might be time to celebrate. If you’re so caught up in the day-to-day of your career, it’s a breath of fresh air to look at the big picture and recognize your career growth. Conversely, if you’ve been working at your career for awhile (at least a year) and success of any sort is not reachable, it might be time to consider a career change. Also, if as you observe your career you realize you’re unhappy with what you’re doing, change it! Don’t continue to do things that make you unhappy or displeased with yourself. The point of having an escorting career is to enable you to go after the things in life you really want. If you’re enjoying your work, it’s time to move on to something else.
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