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Are you looking good enough to be an escort?
January 2, 2014 |
Many women ponder whether they have the good looks to pull off a successful escorting career. But, what they fail to understand is that there is no standard for good looking “enough” when it comes to the escort industry. Some escorts are drop-dead gorgeous; others are simply fair looking; some look terrible without their make-up and perfect hair styles. As a prospective escort, it’s definitely wise to assess your looks in order to predict how successful you might be. However, the question isn’t just do you have the looks for it; quite a process exists for analyzing your appearance.
Consider these tips for determining if your appearance will suit the escort industry:
1. Be truthful with yourself about how you look. Some women have extremely skewed visions of their appearances. A recent advertisement put out by Dove Soap demonstrated that women often tended to describe themselves in very negative terms, which compared as vastly different from how others saw them. (Others used complimentary and positive descriptors to talk about the women used as subjects.) Look at yourself in photographs or in the mirror, without casting a pessimistic or overly critical eye on yourself. Ignore the chicken pox scar you know you have on your forehead (that is now barely visible) and forget about wrinkle on your chin that seems to be genetic, since your mother and grandmother both have it. Look at yourself and notice that you have outstanding features, such as high cheekbones, sparkling eyes, great eyebrows or beautiful hair. Focus on your graceful hands, warm smile or shapely legs. Avoid criticism, even if you do notice elements of your features you dislike. Maybe you do have an honest-to-goodness Roman nose. If so, that’s okay. The main point is to observe your features and notice the good ones, despite the bad. Everyone has positive qualities to their appearances.
2. Learn to enhance your natural beauty. Some women never live up to their potential, beauty-wise, because they never take the time or initiative to pursue it. Many women are absolutely gorgeous, underneath it all, with beauty that is just waiting to escape through enhancement. Consider going to an upscale cosmetics retailer for a quick makeover. A 10-minute session of make-up application may bring out features you didn’t even know you had. Consider investing in some escort-worthy attire to reveal, not only you inner seductress, but also your confidence. Even a curve-skimming pencil skirt and flattering blouse may make the difference in your appearance, especially paired with the new make-up. Get your hair cut, with the advice of a professional. Veer from the same cut you’ve had since high school and opt for something edgier or more sophisticated. Taking the effort to seek out your natural beauty will allow your potential to shine through. You may have never known that the plain face you saw in the mirror could become so gorgeous. Basically, you have to really give yourself a chance to be beautiful.
3. Become a spectacle by removing your glasses. Most women who wear glasses never realize how outstanding their eyes are as a major facial feature. Your eye color, shape and appeal is emphasized when you ditch the spectacles and opt, instead, for contact lenses. By allowing your eyes to show clearly for all to see, your clients may be even more attracted to you. It’s always been said that the eyes are the windows to the soul; you can reveal much more about yourself, without saying a word, by simply allowing your eyes to speak without being hindered by your glasses.
4. Look at other escort sites to size up your competition. It’s in a woman’s nature to compare herself to others with regard to looks. Some women even go beyond comparing to the point of being competitive. This is a good quality when you are assessing the women you will be competing for clients against. As you look through their photos, notice that not all of them are what is typically considered “pretty” or “beautiful.” Still, though, many are attractive and, certainly, not ugly. But, while you are looking at their photos, choose some that appear similar to you in order to determine your own success. Are there some online who resemble you or your look? How successful do they appear to be? While no two escorts will have identical careers, you can get a fairly good gauge by checking out their rates and availability, if they are full-time independents in the industry.
5. Learn to accept yourself as you are. Despite what other escorts in your region or area look like, you are who you are. At the end of the day, regardless how much contouring make-up you have on or the high-dollar lingerie you wear, you must develop a sense of comfort with your own appearance. Acceptance of who you are is going to be one of the elements that will make you the most successful as an escort. Clients are, of course, concerned with a woman’s appearance; but, her self-esteem and self-assuredness factor in to how she looks. Her appearance is a direct reflection about how she feels about herself, and clients judge harshly based on this element. Thus, it’s essential for you to develop acceptance for how you look.
6. Realize there is no standard ideal for female beauty. Even though women are terribly hard on themselves as they quest that imaginary gold medal for looks, no tried and true, forever-lasting ideal exists for what a woman is supposed to look like in order to be beautiful. Throughout history, the standard for female beauty has evolved and changed. Waif-like, voluptuous, thin, curvy, pale, tan, etc…all are beauty traits that have been in vogue, and all are traits that have gone out of style. Once you accept the fact that you don’t’ have to fit one mold in order to be considered attractive, pretty, gorgeous or whatever, you will be ready to become an escort. But, if you feel like you have to look like an image you see on your television or in the fashion magazines, you may not be at a healthy point to join the escort industry.
7. Determine your niche. Once you’ve discovered that beauty is in the eye of the beholder (and not the media’s eye), it’s time to think about which niche you will fit into. After you’ve carefully and honestly assessed your appearance (including both bad and good characteristics), you are prepared to accurately identify a niche within the escort industry that will work for you. If you are a curvier gal who wears plus-sized fashions (or slightly larger than traditional boutique sizes), you might be interested in working your way into the BBW (Big Beautiful Woman) niche. If geeky, techie style tends to be your forte, look for a niche that provides opportunities for you. Women who are exotic looking should attempt to market themselves to clients seeking non-traditional looking women with some cultural allure. Regardless of what your “type” is, there is a niche you can fit into where clients are eager to make your acquaintance.
8. Identify accurate ways to describe yourself. Instead of simply saying you’re blonde and wear a size 34DD bra, indicate to clients you have long, flowing golden locks that extend past your generous breasts. Escorts learn after they’ve been in the business for awhile that it’s not really what you say, it’s how you say it. Clients are going to be interested, as long as you make yourself sound appealing. It’s the difference between a ham sandwich on bread you make at home and a jazzed up ham sandwich with Swiss cheese on a croissant with lettuce, tomato and honey-mustard sauce…the description makes the latter sound much more appealing, even though the sandwiches may have exactly the same ingredients. You must learn to describe yourself well, while increasing interest from potential clients.
9. Grow a thick skin before you get started in the escort industry. Even though you may be a beautiful woman, both inside and out, there will be haters. Some clients are never pleased with the escorts they select, possessing impossible ideals of female perfection, and they feel entitled to berate and criticize any woman who does not meet their unrealistic standards. Others are simply looking for a woman who looks like an important person from their pasts, only to be disappointed when you don’t actually resemble her as much as they thought you might. Whatever the reasons are, some clients will simply be unhappy about the way you look, what you are wearing, how you’ve done your hair and the amount of make-up you are wearing (or aren’t). You can’t take client comments to heart when they degrade your appearance. Some potential clients will insult you when you first begin communicating with them, suggesting you are overweight, too old or just not pretty enough. Clients can be incredibly fickle and shallow. Take their comments with a grain of salt.
10. Realize that your looks are only half of what it takes to be an escort. Many other traits contribute to your success as an escort, as much if not more so than your appearance. An escort’s head for money, common sense, intelligence, time management skills, communication efforts, writing and marketing abilities and business organization knowledge will all come into play as you build up your career. If you can’t become motivated to work, your career will never get off of the ground. And, if you can’t manage business aspects of your career, you will find yourself in trouble quickly. There is much more to escorting than simply looking good; and you have to be prepared to invest your entire self into your career.
11. Consider cosmetic surgery. Many escorts who don’t have the confidence or self esteem to promote themselves with ease find that they feel much more assured after getting some work done. Reducing the size of your nose or increasing the size of your breasts may have a significant impact on how you view yourself, which will increase your abilities to market yourself to potential clients. If you need that boost in order to push yourself into this career path, look into getting some touch-ups done. Many women undergo tummy tucks or face lifts…in addition to getting regular Botox injections to ward off wrinkles. If you need to trim up and the treadmill just isn’t getting it done, liposuction might be your answer. Even though some women shame others for undergoing these procedures, others think it’s empowering. Most importantly, it’s nobody’s business besides your own. If cosmetic surgery will help you feel better about how you look, get it done.
12. Jump into the industry head first and go for it. Regardless of whether you consider yourself pretty, attractive, cute, beautiful, plain or strong-faced…just go for it. Asking yourself whether you’re actually pretty enough to join the escort industry is counterproductive and costs you precious time. Of course, you are pretty enough. Most women are beautiful in one way or another…and allowing clients to discover this about you will ensure a successful, prosperous career. Focus on the positives of your appearance and put your best foot forward when you’re out and about with clients. Lavish upon them luxury, attention and appreciation, and they will be clients for life.
Any woman who questions whether she is pretty enough to become an escort may not have the confidence required to succeed in the industry. However, with a bit of coaching and encouragement, a less self-assured woman can obtain the gumption and will she needs to forcefully enter the industry and take it on a whirl.
The right clothes, hair and make-up make significant differences on any woman. It’s essential to take advantage of enhancements that can help you live up to the potential you have within you. While you may not be every client’s cup of tea, you will find some eventually who want a whole pot of what you’re offering.
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