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What happens to an escort who cancels often?
January 23, 2014 |
When you work as your own boss, it’s very tempting to give yourself the day off… a lot. By picking up the phone to make a phone call or send a text, it’s quick and easy to call a client with an excuse that cancels your bookings for the day. Whether you’re tired, preoccupied or have received a more fun offer from a friend or family member, nearly anything can distract you from work if you let it.
Bailing on work once in a while isn’t that big of a deal. However, when it starts to become a habit, you may incur some serious problems. Clients who have been canceled on too many times may react in a variety of negative ways to your excuses (regardless if they are legitimate or not). Consider these implications before you excuse your absences too readily:
1. Escorts who cancel repeatedly lose clients. After a few cancellations, especially with dodgy excuses, a client may assume that you are no longer interested in his business. Escorts commonly make up reasons why they have to reschedule bookings as a way to discourage clients they don’t want to see any more. Experienced clients recognize this as a sign and may be willing to move on without further discussion. Others seek out new escorts when you are not available, eventually finding a different one they like better with increased availability. As you cancel encounters with clients, you are basically sending them out into the escort world, giving them your blessing to look for someone to fill your shoes. The more times you back out of your plans with a client, the probability that he will locate a new escort increases. If he’s happy with the new escort, he may avoid taking his business to you altogether in the future.
2. Clients leave bad reviews to escorts who cancel on them repeatedly. Even if your reasons for calling off the encounter are legitimate, a client may complain loudly about your poor scheduling abilities and lack of follow through as they dole out ratings online. Even if you are the type to dismiss the ratings system on the directory listings you use to market yourself, the clients who use the service may put great stock into the information they can gain from it. As you cancel on a client repeatedly, the client may become so frustrated with the situation that he will leave bad feedback about your communication skills, scheduling abilities, availability or basic customer service, without even having spent time with you. This could hurt you significantly when it comes to attracting attention from potential clients. If they see that another client has had such difficulties getting to see you, they may not even try.
3. Seeing too few of clients may result in lacking the necessary income to meet your budget’s demands. Every escort should have basic goals in mind for what it takes to pay for her expenses and bills every month. If you turn away perfectly good clients, you are doing away with income that could help fund your needs. It’s usually pretty easy to bail out of encounters at the beginning of the month, but as your bills start to become due, you may have second thoughts about why you canceled on your clients. It’s a good idea to create a schedule of encounters that you know will at least cover your basic necessities and expenses. Cancel on these clients only under dire circumstances. Keep in mind that a client sometimes needs to reschedule, too, which could leave you high and dry if you attempt to skim things too closely.
4. Your reputation may be damaged with your clients when you cancel once too often. Up to a point, your clients are typically fairly forgiving about having to cancel on their bookings. They know that life doesn’t always go as planned, especially if you’re a mother or have other family members or friends who depend on you. They also know that circumstances often happen that are beyond your control. However, if you bail on them and they discover that your excuse was bogus or exaggerated, your reputation will forever be tarnished. Their attitudes about your work ethic, honestly, loyalty and professionalism will be negatively impacted. They may lose respect for you and begin to treat you differently and with less common courtesy. Your friendly relationships with clients may go downhill and turn into strictly business exchanges. Your status as a peer or equal may be quashed until you strive to build yourself back up, again, building your client’s confidence in you.
5. Your clients may fail to show up for encounters you did not cancel. When you value your bookings with clients with such disregard, they will reciprocate with similar feelings. If you don’t feel it necessary to follow through with your plans with clients, they may not make an effort to arrive for bookings, either. Either deliberately or accidentally, when you get a taste of your own medicine, it doesn’t taste so good. Some clients will give you notice they are canceling the encounter they’ve booked with you, not making any effort to avoid double-booking themselves or completely filling their schedules including their blocked-out time with you. You will find that your clients will commonly miss encounters, which is something no escort should hope for or tolerate, under normal conditions. However, if you’ve done this to them several times, you can expect some of the same behavior, in return.
6. Escorts who regularly cancel lack regulars. Even if you have a steady flow of new clients who are interested in what you have to offer, your regulars may back off and find other escorts. After being disappointed several times, a client will lose interest and locate another escort who will consistently follow through with plans. By canceling on a client repeatedly, you insinuate to him that his wishes for an encounter are unimportant to you and that you don’t have to do your best to keep your word about making plans with him. It also shows blatant disrespect to book an encounter and cancel it for no reason at all—your client made time in his busy schedule for you, but you failed to acknowledge that or be grateful for that. It’s difficult to establish regular clients when you can’t consistently keep bookings.
7. Many clients will think that you’re “crying wolf”, again. If you’ve called to cancel encounters on days when the weather was beautiful, near holidays or around other times that it’s obvious you just wanted some time off, your client may find it challenging to believe you when you actually call with a true conflict or need to reschedule. Your claim that your mother has gone to the ER or that you have to pick up your sick kid from school goes in one ear and out the other with a client who has been let down several times. He naturally thinks you’re just giving him another excuse, after getting a better offer elsewhere or simply preferring not to see him this time around. You are setting yourself up for never being trusted, especially when it counts the most. When you are experiencing difficulties making a booking, it is then that it’s most important that your client understand the position you are in. However, your past behavior often makes it impossible for a client to take your cancellation seriously or to give your excuse any concern.
8. It’s common for escorts to contact regular clients for additional encounters when they need to make some extra cash. If you’ve discovered that your electric bill is twice as high during the month of January due to the cold weather, you may not to create some additional income pronto. If you’ve got loyal, regular clients, booking a couple extended or additional sessions should be a snap, especially when you explain the pickle you’ve found yourself in. However, if you’ve let your clients down repeatedly by calling off encounters, they may not be so fast to help you out when you need it. It’s likely that they will tell you that your income would’ve been fine had you not needlessly canceled on them earlier in the month. Their logic makes sense, and they don’t have much compassion for your shortfall when it occurs. They are not prone to help you out of your jam… and, none of your new prospects can be depended on for that, either.
9. Escorts who have a bad habit of canceling long-standing bookings receive encounter requests with little advance knowledge. Because clients suspect that life is a bit erratic in your world, they may until nearly the last minute to attempt to book an encounter with you, thinking that they are more likely to actually get to see you. They think that you will know your schedule availability best immediately prior to when they want to see you, so they wait until the day before to attempt to schedule a session. They may have some flexibility as they book with you, but their calls may seem to be spur-of-the-moment, especially compared to how far out they used to call you. After discovering it didn’t do them any good to call far in advance, they transition to contacting you within a day of wanting to see you. While this allows you to judge whether you want to work on that day or not, as it is just hours away usually, it can be discouraging never knowing what your schedule will be like. Also, having very little notice for bookings can require you to change plans you made when you thought you didn’t have any work.
10. Escorts who cancel repeatedly on their clients find themselves constantly apologizing and having to compensate for it. It’s fairly common to tell a client that you can’t see him that afternoon, but that you promise to make it up to him. By “making it up to him,” you may mean that you will work extra hard to make his encounter pleasant, provide him with 15 extra minutes, give him a discount or work with his schedule as you attempt to rebook. Other escorts include services they don’t normally provide such as unprotected contact with a client (which is never wise). Many escorts feel that they must reach beyond their normal boundaries in order to keep their clients happy after they cancel on them over and over, again. And, they are right. But, this puts you in a very difficult and uncomfortable position to always feel like you owe your clients something. Being put on this uneven ground makes for a very stilted relationship where you have very little control over calling the shots. No escort should ever willingly place herself in this position.
11. It’s common to miss out on special perks your client might be willing to give you if you can’t consistently keep bookings scheduled. Some clients reward their escorts for their loyal service and efforts to always make time for them. When you cancel on your client several times, your chances of receiving gifts, bonuses or additional praise diminish. A client who would normally be very generous is not encouraged to act on his urges to provide nice things for his escort, because he may feel that you don’t value his time or attention. No jewelry, special vacations, concert tickets, gifts or other benefits that some escorts get from their regulars. By canceling repeatedly, your client fails to establish a genuine connection with you that he feels is real. Never knowing the exact reason that you cancel also leaves him feeling like he’s second-best or not good enough at all. With these kinds of emotions running through his mind, a client isn’t going to give you anything beyond your rate… when you actually show up to take it.
12. Escorts who have to reschedule clients they’ve canceled on have irregular routines. Due to trying to fit clients in after you’ve bailed on their original bookings, you may have to re-work your availability in order to fit them in. That means it’s harder for you to schedule the rest of your life around your work, too. You may have planned to attend an event a few months in advance, only to discover that’s the only time your client can make up the booking you called off earlier in the week. You will have to sacrifice some things in your routine in order to make room for your clients, causing them to reschedule during times that may be much less convenient for you in the long run. Your daily routine will get interrupted, and it will become extremely challenging to plan anything if you keep being required to leave time slots open for clients for re-bookings.
Things happen, and it’s natural to have to change times to see a client. (And sometimes, everyone needs a mental health day to recharge the batteries.) However, if you find yourself frequently contacting clients with rescheduling requests, it may be time to buckle down and follow through with bookings, despite your whims desiring time off.
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