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Escorting for introverts
August 5, 2015 |
Even though many people naturally assume that working as an escort would be best suited for people who classify themselves as extroverts, introverts actually have a number of traits that make them excellent candidates for the career.
Contrary to popular belief, introverts are not usually anti-social nor do they dislike people. In fact, they can be very personable and social individuals who thrive in smaller groups, which makes them ideal for interactions with a single client during an encounter. If you’re an introvert, consider several reasons why escorting might be for you:
1. Introverts don’t mind having limited contact with family members and friends. As an escort, your schedule may be crazy and unpredictable. Despite trying to establish a consistent routine for seeing clients, one will always request a time slot that is not one of your established ones and hijack your social calendar. You will have designated times that you use to communicate with clients and times that you set aside for tending to the business side of your career (marketing, bookkeeping, personal development, hair/nail appointments, etc.). And, when you do see clients, you have to make sure that your availability is at times that is convenient for them. This often results in not having a lot of time to spend with family members and friends. Because they are used to your desire to spend a lot of time alone, they may not find it odd that you are unavailable quite a lot. You will avoid having to explain yourself extensively. And, it doesn’t bother you that you can’t attend the big birthday bash for your uncle or your cousin’s elaborate wedding reception.
2. Introverts are accustomed to keeping their feelings and thoughts to themselves. When you’re an escort, it’s difficult to vent about your day or how a client made you feel after work. Traditional jobs provide lots of opportunities to commiserate with co-workers or discuss the happenings after the work day is done with friends or relatives. However, your activities as an escort don’t lend themselves to this kind of conversation, unless they are already aware of your activities and accept your career. Escorts often find themselves required to keep their emotions quiet, for fear of judgment or lack of acceptance. Extroverts have real issues with this, as they are used to sharing everything about themselves. However, as an introvert, you’re ahead of the curve, as you prefer to keep your feelings more private.
3. Introverts prefer to stay anonymous. Extroverts really like talking about themselves. They get excited to share a story about their childhood, wild college times or anything else they find amusing or interesting. If they feel like they are limited in what they should share with others, it’s really bothersome for them and feels like horrible self-censorship. But, when you’re an escort, you shouldn’t share everything about yourself with clients. They don’t need intimate details of your life or life story. Sharing as little as possible about the real you is preferable when you’re with clients. They are signing up to spend time with you, not to listen to you blab on about your life. Introverts are much more adept at this, because you’re accustomed to only divulging bits and pieces about your life. You’re much more private by nature and prefer to keep to yourself. This is a huge bonus for you when you’re an escort. Not being tempted to reveal too much about yourself helps you stay anonymous, which is one of the major goals to discretion in the industry.
4. Escorting gives introverts the opportunity to be someone else. Always being told to “come out of your shell” really gets old. But, introverts hear this constantly. It’s hard to open up and really cut loose, especially when you’re being held back by your own inhibitions. But, when you’re allowed to pretend to be someone else, it’s easier to reduce the impacts of your own introversion and move past them. Many actors and actresses identify as introverts, but they claim they are able to advance past their own holdbacks because they get to act out another role. Escorts get that chance during every encounter. They can establish an alter ego that is everything they might want to be in real life, but can’t muster the gumption to be all of the time. However, fulfilling that role for a few hours a day is totally manageable. Identifying yourself as someone totally different and living up to that persona can be extremely fulfilling…especially because you only have to maintain that energy for a short time. Live it up and enjoy the freedom to be a new “you.”
5. Introverts enjoy their time alone. It’s accepted that introverts need solitude to recharge their batteries, so to speak. Social interactions and other activities with lots of stimuli drain their energy and make them tired and feel like their heads might explode. Even exchanges that only involve one other individual can be excessively draining for an introvert – much more so than they are for an extrovert. The time between encounters that escorts use to perform marketing tasks, communicate with clients and tend to other business details helps an introvert gain back the gusto necessary for future bookings. Many escorts who aren’t introverts may find they get extremely bored during the intervals they spend waiting for their next encounter. But, introverted escorts actually thrive on it. The time they spend with themselves between bookings and the periods they are alone tending to business chores are opportunities for them to regroup and plan for encounters (or other aspects of their lives). They don’t get bored when they are using time solitarily. They are building themselves back up for greatness.
6. The escort work environment is perfect for introverts. Because introverted individuals don’t usually enjoy a “traditional” work environment, they are well suited for the privacy and solitude of the escorting industry. In a typical office or other workspace, personal interaction is somewhat required and expected. Communicating with other team members is often crucial to making everything run smoothly. And, there are often several others running around conducting their jobs. With all of this hustle and bustle, introverts often find themselves drained of energy. Being expected to engage in business-related chit chat is hard enough, but then when you factor in the social interaction that is usually part of the atmosphere, it is overwhelming for an introvert. When you’re an escort, there is no need for water cooler discussions or meetings about upcoming activities. You work alone and individually, which means you don’t have to clue anyone else in about your activities, goals or policy changes. Working as an escort produces an ideal work atmosphere for you.
7. Escorts and introverts screen all calls. For most introverts, it’s been weeks (months or years) since they answered an unexpected phone call. Often, they allow a caller to leave a message and will return the call when they feel “up” to it. This isn’t just with unpleasant calls – it’s with anyone, including friends and family members. OR – they prefer to text. It’s less personal and doesn’t require as much personal interaction or unexpected conversation. Since, introverts already communicate with others this way, the methods blend quite nicely with how many escorts connect with clients. No escort answers a phone call unexpectedly, unless she is listed as “available” and ready to communicate. She often uses text messages as a way to set up phone conversations. And, she will never pick up a call without checking caller ID first. Screening your calls is a trait that carries over well when you’re an escort and will change very little as you’re acting in your professional capacity.
8. Noticing the small details will help you out as an escort. Introverts are known for zoning out from overstimulating activities and observing the smaller details. Most often, they are overwhelmed by social interactions and will phase themselves out mentally so that they are not overcome with stress and anxiety. But, escorts need to catch the finer details about a client, especially when something is just not quite right. This trait of noticing thigs that escape others will help escorts during the screening process and during potentially hazardous encounters. For instance, during the beginning of an encounter, a client may seem extremely nice and charming. However, an introvert may notice that something seems a little fishy, and realize that he has a weapon under his jacket or that there is danger lurking. Protecting your personal safety is of the utmost importance as an escort, and if you’re an introvert, your sixth sense may work in overdrive to keep you out of harm’s way.
9. Individual meets are most common for escorts. Escorts rarely have to interact with more than one client at a time. One-on-one bookings and communication efforts are typical of the escort lifestyle. Introverts thrive most in singular meetings and are happiest in small groups. While most people assume that extroverts are best suited for escorting because they can interact with anyone, they actually require larger social gatherings to be fulfilled and happy. Individual meetings don’t really provide them much pleasure or energy. But, escorts with introverted tendencies are able to perform best when they are functioning one-on-one. They are not overwhelmed by activities, conversations and expectations to be the life of the party. They can focus their energies on one individual and tend to that relationship, without worry about providing enough enthusiasm or attention to several others.
10. Incall encounters make an introvert happy. Most escorts like to entertain clients in their own incalls. It’s comfortable for them, they have everything they need there and they are able to control the environment, ensuring safety and discretion. However, in addition to the practical sides of preferring to invite clients to your incall, introverts benefit from this arrangement in other ways. Introverts don’t have to become anxious about all of the “what ifs” they may experience as they venture out into the world to meet clients. They are often overcome with worries about the troubles they may run into or situations they may get themselves into. Additionally, introverted escorts enjoy incall bookings, because they don’t have to interact with anyone besides their client. There are no hotel concierges, building door men, valet parking attendants or others that may interrupt their flow as they are on their way to see a client. When you invite clients to your incall, you only expect to communicate with them, which makes it easy and stress-free.
11. Socializing is limited to encounters when you’re an escort. Introverts don’t dislike interacting with others; it just drains them of their energy quickly. Escorts get to socialize with clients frequently, but in limited amounts of time, which is perfect for introverts. For instance, an escort usually sets her typical booking time for one or two hours. It’s completely up to them how long they choose to spend with clients. Unlike going to a party or other activity, you’re not forced to engage with people for longer than you are comfortable with. Introverts like people in small doses and can choose to limit their encounters with clients to timeframes that they thrive in. Under these circumstances, introverts may be just as outgoing and enthusiastic as extroverts. It’s when interaction periods exceed their comfort zones that noticeable differences occur.
12. Escorts should listen more than they talk. The job of an escort is to engage her clients and encourage them to share and ask for what they want/need. Some clients just want someone to talk to, while being listened to. Others require appreciation and affection. Without listening and paying attention to your clients, you don’t get to the root of why they want to spend time with you, in the first place. It’s essential to stop talking and allow your client to express himself. Extroverts have difficulties doing this. But, introverts do this naturally. They prefer to allow others to talk and take in what they say. Because of this, introverts are hardwired, from the beginning, to be successful escorts. They aren’t chomping at the bit to get their two cents in there. They allow their clients to speak and discuss their feelings, without interrupting or trying to change the subject. That’s the real key to escorting – and, introverts are well equipped to perform in that role.
13. Escorts must be highly focused. Extroverts are often distracted easily and like to bounce around on different tasks and goals. Introverts are highly focused and stay on track to their overall objectives. They don’t get sidetracked as easily and maintain their direction as they work on tasks. Escorts have to create their objectives and determine the methods they will use to achieve them. However, many escorts jump around, experimenting with different methods of marketing, never allowing results of one attempt to be fully achieved. Introverted escorts will stick with their original intentions and follow it through, not allowing themselves to be drawn in by other options. This is important for escorts to follow through with their efforts, whether it’s with marketing or efforts with clients.
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