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Which 14 comments should escorts consider “red flag”?
June 18, 2015 | For escorts, Safety
When you are starting out as an escort, it may be difficult to differentiate between innocent questions that clients ask you and others that have underlying intentions that work against your progress. As you gain some experience, you may be able to identify timewasters and unsavory characters on your own, using your instincts. But, in the meanwhile, you may want to rely on this checklist of red flag comments to beware of. If your clients make similar statements or ask questions like these, keep your guard up:
1. “What are you wearing right now?” Any prospective client who is truly interested in booking an encounter with you is not especially concerned with what you’re wearing as he’s communicating about timing. Most real clients are busy professionals and need to set up the appointment expeditiously and without lots of extraneous chit chat. They understand that the scheduling part of the process is not one for idle chit chat or horny talk. An actual client is unlikely to ask you if you’re excited, how to get your motor running or anything else that includes sex talk. If he’s asking these types of questions are trying to get you to divulge that you’re running around your incall in a slinky negligee, he’s probably just a timewaster looking for a cheap thrill at the expense of your time. If you can’t redirect the conversation, ditch him as a client, altogether, because it’s probable that he will be a no-show if you ever do get him nailed down on a day and time.
2. “How many clients will you see before I show up?” Either your client is obsessively jealous or he’s intending to rob you. Clients who are preoccupied with how many other clients you’ve been with that day are trouble in the making. They will want to know about the other clients, how they compare to them and what you engaged in with those who came before them. They may become jealous, competitive and bitter about being the last of the day. If they aren’t the jealous type, they may be asking the question with the intention of stealing your money. Knowing that you’ve had a few encounters already that day means that you have cash on hand from those clients. This client is guessing that you haven’t had a chance to stash it away, so it’s going to be somewhere on the premises or on your person. Robbing you of several hundred dollars may be the full intention of a client like this. In a case like this, it’s essential that you do your due diligence and screen fully before accepting a booking with a new (or fairly new) client.
3. “I’m looking for a regular arrangement.” What this client is actually looking for is a discount, probably. Many clients are looking for a “regular” escort that they can call upon frequently for some fun. It’s naturally assumed that a client might become a consistent visitor if the two of you hit it off well, unless the client is from out of town. When a prospective client expressly suggests that he is looking for an arrangement, it implies that he may be hoping that you’ll reduce your price to entice him. Don’t do it. The odds of him becoming a permanent part of your schedule is slim and you’re stuck with giving him a discount the first time you’ve ever seen him. No good! Additionally, many clients who use this phrase at the very beginning may be looking for other benefits, such as privileges including prohibited services or extra time allowances. They may be persistent boundary pushers, who are always hoping they can pressure you into bending your rules in hopes of retaining their loyalty. Good clients don’t put you in positions like this.
4. “Are you alone?” You should never allow a client to think that you’re fully alone or that you’re not checking in with a security partner regularly. Once in awhile, you’ll have a client who is extremely paranoid about the level of discretion that he’s worried about there being someone else present during the encounter. He may be afraid of paparazzi or others publicizing his involvement with you or being blackmailed by someone. However, most aren’t this overly suspicious that they ask about it. Occasionally, you get a client who asks because he is hoping that nobody is around lest he should decide to push your boundaries or do something else illicit. Much of the time, a client who intends to hurt you or steal from you will ask this question. He may also ask if you’re planning to stay the night at the hotel. He already knows your room number. It would be easy for him to come back, attack you and rob you of your profits from your day. Don’t ever give a client this kind of information, unless you’re fully confident he is trustworthy with no ulterior motives.
5. “Can I take pictures/video of our time together?” Beware of these clients, because even if you deny their requests, they may try to sneak a pic or video, anyways. Smartphones are tricky, because they can be recording even when you don’t know it. Or, a client can always sneak in a camera in their bag, jacket or something else that will secretly video you during the encounter. Despite your failure to grant his wish, he may go ahead and try to get what he wants, anyways. Some clients have been known to lie about it and suggest that they are escorts, too, and encourage that taking pictures together could be good for business. Don’t fall for this. Once the photos are taken or the videos recorded, you have no control over where they go or how they are used. Even if your client promises that they will just be for his personal use, don’t fall for his wishes. Maybe some clients do have innocent intentions. But, the risk is too great to allow it.
6. “I can give you a ride.” Unless you are very familiar with your client or have screened him carefully and he has stellar reviews, do not accept a ride in a client’s personal vehicle. There may be an occasion where a wealthy client will send a car for you. In these cases, you are probably very aware of who your client is and his reputation. Accepting a ride from a client could be your ultimate downfall. Many escorts have been raped, murdered and left by the roadside by clients who picked them up in their cars. Save yourself a ton of trouble and take a cab, drive your own car or get a ride from a friend. Even though it could save you some money, it’s not going to be worth it if you end up hurt or taken advantage of. Be smart and avoid this disaster, altogether. Many clients that offer a ride are looking to get you alone and in a private place where they can hurt you. Or, they are trying to extend their session with you and create a “personal relationship” with you… which isn’t good, either.
7. “Let’s meet for coffee/drink/appetizers before the encounter to get to know one another.” This never works out. Usually, escorts get the short end of the stick on this: clients expect this part of the encounter to be free. Some clients will decide after this “date” that they don’t want an encounter. But, they got to spend time with you for free. They are taking advantage of you and your time. If you do accept their offer for drinks ahead of time, make sure that they understand you will be charging for the “date,” and that they are expected to pay you upon arrival. When you make this apparent to clients, most will bail or even fail to show up in the first place. They are timewasters and not worth your trouble.
8. “Do you accept checks?” Pay attention to this big warning flag! Most legitimate clients do not want the paper trail associated with checks and their bank accounts. A few will want to use their credit cards or do a bank transfer. But, most want to strictly deal with cash… which is exactly what you want to do, too! When you accept a personal check, you run risk for four major problems. Firstly, being linked to your client through a personal check is something you probably don’t want. Anyone can go back through his account and find the check made out to you. Secondly, to get a check to cash at your bank, it has to be in your real name. Telling a client your real name may not be in the cards for you. Keeping your identity a secret is the best policy. Thirdly, a client may put a stop payment order on the check, leaving you with nothing when you go to deposit it into your account. And, finally, a client may be using someone else’s checks fraudulently. All the way around, it’s a bad idea.
9. “I’m allergic to latex.” Clients who tell you that they are sensitive to latex or have an allergy to condoms are only trying to con you into allowing them to skip protection during intimate portions of the encounter. There are several varieties of condoms that do not include latex that you may opt for, instead. And, usually, if a client does have a health problem associated with condoms, he comes prepared with an alternative solution. And, while it’s possible that a client may have a sensitivity or allergy to the material, it’s unlikely. You are probably being taken advantage of and fooled into thinking that going without condoms is your only choice with this particular client. Do not fall for that. Protect yourself at all costs and require use of condoms with all clients. If a client is unwilling to cooperate with your rules, then he doesn’t need to be a client.
10. “What’s your real job?” Many clients won’t understand that escorting is your REAL job. They can’t imagine that someone like you does this for a living all of the time. After this question is asked, it’s usually followed with a lecture about how you can do better, deserve more, etc. If you want to avoid this whole scenario, make up some other job that you go to the rest of the time. Additionally, some clients may be fishing for information about how they can track you down in your real life. They may also ask about your real name, where you live, if you have children (and what schools they go to) and what college you attended. If you share too many details about your life, they may be able to put pieces together that will allow them to figure out who you are. With the Internet, it’s pretty easy to track someone down if you know bits about them. Don’t give away too much information or you may be giving someone fuel to use to stalk you.
11. “Can you send me a face picture?” Most of the time, these requests come from timewasters. They want to acquire as many pictures of you as possible, then they won’t ever book. Don’t give away pictures of yourself to these jerks. However, sometimes these requests are more serious. It may be coming from someone who will eventually use it to blackmail you or expose you to your friends, family and community. If you value your privacy, do not provide face pics to prospective clients. Once you and your client meet up, he or she knows what you look like. And, you don’t need to provide a facial photo for a client to decide he wants to book you. One way to easily circumvent this is to request that the client send you a picture of himself first. Timewasters will dodge the question and bail from the conversation quickly.
12. “Other escorts charge less than you do.” If you run across a client who says this to you, encourage him to give his business to one of them, then. Explain to your client that your rates are set and are non-negotiable. If he prefers to pay a different amount, invite him to contact a difference escort instead of you. Usually, it’s a client’s way of trying to get you to back down on your fee and give him a discount. Don’t worry about whether other escorts do actually charge less than you or not. The odds are against his statement being totally true, because he’s using it only to get a cheaper rate. But, even if it IS true, that doesn’t mean that they are the caliber of escort you are or that they provide the quality of services that you do. Allow a client to make this statement, but let him know it doesn’t affect how you do business.
13. “It’s my birthday. Can I have a discount?“ Many clients will hope that a special occasion in their lives will earn them a discount. A birthday, a promotion, divorce, etc. are all reasons a client may feel like celebrating with an escort. And, he may hope that you’ll find it in your heart to give him a cheaper rate. If you do, you’ll set a precedent where he will always want to “celebrate” with you. Tell him you might give him an extra five minutes or a special strip tease… but, never allow the celebration to interfere with your profits.
14. “I have great feedback/references.” Usually, when a client says this, he’s trying to compensate for something else during the screening process. Maybe he has a criminal record or something else sketchy in his background. Don’t rely on his reviews or references. Use your brain and trust your instincts. Often, the guys that ask you to refer to their feedback really don’t have much there to review. They try to rely on a few statements from a few escorts, instead of allowing their behavior and long-time reputation speak for them.
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