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5 reasons escorting is better than cam modelling
August 29, 2015 | Beginners’ guide, Escorts on escorting
I’ve worked as an independent escort for the better part of the past decade, but I’ve only experimented with cam modelling more recently. I want to make it clear that I’m perfectly aware of the fact that many models earn full incomes, and to also acknowledge that I’m not one of them.
by Ashly Lorenzana
That being said, there are a handful of legitimate reasons why I’ve not put more effort into mastering the art and making decent money through cam modelling. This article is going to cover the biggest reasons why I decided not to invest more time and effort into improving my results from cam sites.
1. If you think that the income from escorting is uncertain, cam modelling makes it seem like getting a paycheck.
This is somewhat ironic considering that cam modelling sites payout on a scheduled basis. That’s not the problem. The problem is having ANY assurance AT ALL that you will get paid for anything. Period.
See, the major problem is that most cam sites expect their models to at least start out in free chat rooms where guys can wander in and watch whatever you are doing without having to pay for anything. In fact, from my own research and asking around, this is pretty much how it works MOST of the time.
I’ve asked people with more experience than I have about this and everyone has told me that it’s NOT very common to make the bulk of your earnings by doing private chats, which charge members by the minute to view your cam and rack up dollars much faster.
On the contrary, most earnings are made in the form of voluntary tips from viewers who watch you in the free rooms.
Naturally, there are many different “techniques” for encouraging tips in free rooms. I’ve noticed a couple more common ones by viewing popular rooms on a couple cam sites and by asking more experienced models as well. However, these tactics require specific personality traits OR lots of practice as a substitute.
Escorting, on the other hand, is far simpler and you know what you can expect going into things. You offer the services you are comfortable with, customers looking for those services contact you and they know your rates. You book an appointment, you get paid what you ask for. There is no “maybe” about getting paid for what you do, barring a flat out rip off by a client.
2. Weeding out the time wasters is a monumental effort, eats up tons of time in and of itself and there is no way for you to know which members even have money in the system to pay you tips or for a private chat.
This is huge. In the escorting world, if a guy keeps asking more and more questions or asks for more pictures of you, those are pretty certain signs that they are not serious about meeting in person and allowing them to drag the conversation out any longer is going to be a waste of your time.
When I notice that trend, I immediately stop talking to the person. 9 out of 10 times, they won’t ever book a meeting and even if they do, they won’t follow through with it.
But in the world of cam modelling, it’s a whole different story.
To start with, you get inundated with private messages from members which quickly pollute your screen, causing nearly insurmountable distraction (they can be turned off, but there are obvious disadvantages to that too) and ultimately making it all but impossible to focus your energy and attention on the actual modelling.
As a disclaimer, I haven’t checked out EVERY cam site out there and my experience is limited to a couple of the more popular choices, BUT…so far, I’ve noticed that there is NO way of distinguishing between members who have credits at their disposal and those who don’t.
This makes it impossible to prioritize private messages according to which ones might actually result in tips or earnings for you, and those which are just looking to waste time talking dirty.
3. Cam modelling requires a whole different set of skills and traits than escorting. Mind you, for some people this won’t be a problem. Not everyone is better suited to work as an escort, but I know that I definitely am.
A lot of women and men get hung up on the idea of having sex with strangers and say they could never bring themselves to be comfortable with that. Cam modelling seems like a safer, less personal option to some. They have a valid point and it’s a matter of preference when it comes right down to it.
However, if you have a shy or timid personality then you will struggle more with cam modelling than you will escorting. This might seem weird or even backwards, but I used to have rules like “I don’t remove my bra” and “I prefer lights off” when I was escorting, and those are obviously not rules you can have if you want to succeed with cam modelling.
Interestingly, this would also be a problem if you were working as a stripper or exotic dancer too. Sometimes people forget that sex work encompasses more than just one or two types of job.
Dancers will need that same type of confidence and an outgoing personality to succeed and not be super uncomfortable.
4. If you can’t get your hustle on, you will fall flat on your face with cam modelling.
It’s a constant game of teasing or offering to do specific things in exchange for specific amounts and seeing if anyone bites. But the amounts are obviously MUCH smaller than with escorting, so you will need to get a LOT more people to go for whatever you are offering for tips.
We all know that if you give away the farm for free, no one has any reason to pay you for anything. In that same vein, you have to entice people ENOUGH in order to persuade them into tipping.
In my limited experience, having an entire chat room full of viewers who are randomly throwing small tips at you here and there, it becomes rather chaotic to keep up with all their demands and keep everyone satisfied and open to tipping more.
Some models tackle this by setting a higher amount as a goal in order to do a more explicit show, but you STILL have to hustle your way to meeting that goal or it will take forever to reach and you will have spent hours to do so.
For someone like me who is introverted, this is a huge mental energy drain and leaves you feeling like you got the short end of the stick, so to speak.
By comparison, escorting generally comes with no shortage of potential customers who are all going to pay you the same rate. The only time it becomes necessary to favor one over another is if they want to book more time. But in that case, you KNOW you will be earning more money if you spend more time with the client.
Which brings me to my next point…
5. As a cam model, you hand over around half of your earnings to the site you model through.
In the escorting world, that’s called having a pimp. Which I never have and never would even consider.
Granted, cam sites are legitimate businesses with expenses and I understand that it costs a significant amount of money to run them. However, considering the amount of work involved in modelling, I’m simply not willing to give 50% of my earnings for what amounts to a finders fee.
For someone like me, the service they provide is NOT worth 50% of what I make modelling.
While some escorts accept other forms of payment, it is an overwhelmingly cash only industry for independent workers. This makes it largely undocumented and for that reason, often exempt from being taxed.
For me, that allows me the personal freedom to choose which charities and causes I donate money to rather than the government choosing for me.
I might not be 100% ready to call it quits with cam modelling because there is still a chance I haven’t been exposed enough to it at this point. But I can’t say my findings thus far have been particularly impressive or encouraging.
About the author
Ashly has over five years of experience working as an independent escort in the Portland, OR area. She is also the author of “Sex, Drugs & Being an Escort”—a memoir about her life and various adventures.
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