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My first session with a couple
April 18, 2013 | Escorts on escorting
I remember this night with startling clarity. I was pulling into the parking lot of a 7 11 near where I was staying at the time. When I returned to my car with Slurpee in hand, I saw my phone light up with a text message.
by Ashly Lorenzana
It asked if I wanted to come see a guy and his wife for a session. They were responding to my most recent online ad, and he claimed to have met me before. I made the assumption that they only saw escorts as a couple, so I doubted that he actually knew me, which I responded with in a text message.
He went on to explain that he had met me alone before and told me where he lived to remind me. I placed him immediately and was surprised he was married and even more surprised that they wanted to see me together.
At first, I thought I would say no. It wasn’t the first time I had been asked to see a couple and I had always turned down the offer in the past. I was never one of those girls who was “bisexual” in a trendy sense or a more genuine one.
I had lots of experience with guys, and none with women at all. I basically had no attraction to females and little to no desire for them sexually.
But as I sat there mulling on the idea, I began to view it as more of a professional challenge than anything else. It was also something which I’d never experienced, which seemed sort of strange to me. I have always said not to knock something if you’ve never tried it before.
The more I thought about it, the more I began to think that a threesome was probably something I should have under my belt by now. A threesome with a guy and another woman, that is. At first I was worried about the presence of another female. I thought maybe it would be awkward or competitive and I definitely wasn’t looking for something like that.
Then I realized that they probably had done this more than once before, and that if his wife was into it then I wouldn’t be too likely to run into any problems.
I made up my mind that I was going to do it and I said yes. We made plans and I drove out to their house, which I remembered quite well from my first meeting with the husband several months prior.
I remember I pulled over on the side of the street when I was almost there and took a few moments to gather my bearings before pulling into their driveway. Honestly, I was nervous as hell. I have a tendency to get myself all psyched out about something, even though it’s never as scary or terrible as I imagine it will be.
As I sat there in my car applying a fresh coat of lip gloss, I told myself that everything would be fine and that if I could walk in there in a moment and follow through with this whole thing, then there was nothing else I couldn’t do if I made up my mind.
There was a sort of empowerment in that realization. As an escort, I’d always been oddly shy and unsure of myself even. But I knew if I could do this, I could literally do anything.
So I took a deep breath and drove the rest of the way down the street, pulled into their driveway and stepped out of my car with a big smile on my face when I saw him come to the door to let me in. This was it.
I walked in the doorway and the house was dimly lit. A couple of very large dogs came running up to me, very friendly and slobbering and tried to jump all over me. I love dogs, so this was very welcomed. He yelled at them to get down and apologized, then led me and the dogs up the stairs to the second story.
I was fairly certain that his wife must be upstairs, since that’s where the bedroom was that he and I had first met. He put the dogs in another room and closed the door, then motioned to the bedroom door and I walked in with him.
His wife was wearing a white robe and she smiled warmly as we entered the room. She was just a little shorter than me, with darker skin and hair just past her shoulders. I think she must have been Hawaiian, she reminded me of a hula dancer.
She was curvy and cute and attractive. Very feminine. They both thanked me for coming to see them and we chatted small talk for a moment, and then moved to the bed.
She began to kiss me almost immediately. He sat on the bed with his back against the wall as he watched us and touched himself after a while.
We continued to make out as she slyly removed my clothes one piece at a time. Once she had me pretty well stripped down, her hands started to explore all my hot spots. She definitely knew what she was doing, I could tell this was by no means her first rodeo.
I remember how passive her husband seemed for most of that first encounter. He seemed to be enjoying the show without needing much participation. Once we had made the first round through all bases, I began to wonder if he was going to join in towards the end.
It then occurred to me that I wasn’t really sure how to approach things with him because I didn’t know what their rules were and I was a little worried about making her feel uncomfortable or something. Probably a silly concern, but this was all new territory for me.
Finally, he kicked into gear and some action between the two of them started so I kept the rest of her busy while that was going on. By the time it was all said and done, I had the distinct impression that I was there more for her pleasure than anything, which I was totally fine with.
I must have pulled it all off better than I had expected because afterward, they asked me if I’d done this before and when I said no, they exchanged looks of disbelief and sort of laughed it off like I surely couldn’t be telling the truth.
I found this amusing and figured it meant I’d either done an exceptionally good job or that they just figured that it would have happened already in my line of work. But the truth remains, it was my first time entertaining a couple.
For the record, they did call me again and I saw them a second time. I’d probably see them again if they contacted me for a third meeting as well. Like I said before, don’t knock an experience until you’ve tried it.
About the author
Ashly has over five years of experience working as an independent escort in the Portland, OR area. She is also the author of “Sex, Drugs & Being an Escort”—a memoir about her life and various adventures.
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