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#54. A glimpse into the shadows: An insider’s adventures in the world of escorts
March 8, 2016 | best toronto escort agency contact us hiring at toronto girlfriends
“What are you doing right now?” I ask, cell phone pressed tightly against my ear.
“Nothing, just walking to my next class. Why are you whispering?” Sophie asks.
by Sarah Brooke
“What are you doing right now?” I ask, cell phone pressed tightly against my ear.
“Nothing, just walking to my next class. Why are you whispering?” Sophie asks.
“Actually, I don’t know why I’m whispering. I’m in the backyard of Angel Escorts taking a much needed break from the drama that is going on right now.” I take another drag off my cigarette, raising my voice back up to more normal levels. “I can still hear Ebony shouting at Tim even though I’m on the back deck. I guess I have no reason to worry about them overhearing me.”
“Oh! What’s going on?” Sophie asks, curiosity obvious in her voice.
“Ebony and Dixie are downstairs right now, trying to convince Tim to fire Chantal. They refuse to work with a drug addict.”
“Well, can you blame them?” She says.
“Come on, it’s not like she’s on heroin or something. She just has a pill problem.”
“And somehow that makes it acceptable? It’s still a drug and she’s still an addict.” Sophie’s never been very forgiving when it comes to drug users.
“I know, I know.” I’m not sure why I keep defending her to Sophie. I barely know the girl. “Anyways it looks like they’re about to quit.”
“God, I wish I was there for this. My life has been so fucking boring recently.”
“What about your regular who asked if you’d go to Jamaica with him? That’s pretty exciting.” I say, trying to cheer her up.
“Yeah, he asked me if I wanted to go to Jamaica next YEAR. I’m pretty sure that’s not going to happen. At least I’m not holding my breath about it.” She says, letting out a drawn out sigh.
“Don’t worry, if he doesn’t take you to Jamaica, I will.” I smile. It would be nice to go on a vacation right about now.
“I’m going to hold you to that. Hey, listen, I’m almost at my class. Any more juicy gossip?”
“Not really. I just needed an excuse not to go back down there and thought having a cigarette and calling you made sense.”
“You’re smoking again? I thought you were going to quit?”
“How can I quit if I’ve never really started?” I consider my smoking habit to be mild so I tease Sophie by acting like I don’t smoke at all. My habit doesn’t seem to bother her when she’s stressed or buzzed and wants one for herself. “I guess I should go back inside and see what exactly I can overhear. I’m sure Syndy will fill me in on anything juicy that I’ve missed.”
“Just go back downstairs, don’t be shy. You need to tell me all about it once I get home tonight. I don’t mean to overstate this but my life is really, really boring. I’m living vicariously through you. Don’t disappoint me.” With this, she hangs up. I find myself staring at the phone for a minute, wondering if I should continue avoiding having to go back in the house. I could call Mike. Hell, I could even call my mom or Mel. I notice that my cigarette is done and I flick it on the ground. I decide to be brave and head back downstairs.
I pause at the top of the stairs. For a moment, there’s no noise at all. No yelling, no screaming, not a peep. I wonder if maybe they’ve all left but a moment later I hear Ebony’s voice start up again. They must have thought I was a client coming into the townhouse and shut their mouths accordingly.
I carefully step down the stairs, treading down them as loudly as I can to make sure my presence doesn’t come as a surprise.
“Fine then. We both want severance pay.”
“Severance pay? Are you joking with me right now? Are you hearing the words that are coming out of your mouth?” Tim says.
“You’re basically firing us. Why shouldn’t we get severance pay?”
“Ebony, Dixie, let’s make this clear. You are both quitting right now. No one is firing you. You do not have to leave. You are welcome to apologize to me, Syndy, Roxi and Chantal for this outburst. No one is firing you.”
“Like Hell I’d apologize to the likes of her!” Ebony shouts, spittle flying out of her mouth. At first I think she’s talking about me but then I quickly realize she means Chantal. “You can go fuck yourself. Come on Dix, let’s go.” Without another word she turns on her heel and takes a step towards the stairs. I guess she hasn’t noticed that I’ve come back downstairs because she runs into me and nearly knocks me over. “Get out of my fucking way, you bitch!” She shoves me aside and I fall into the wall. My mouth is wide open in shock.
“Excuse me, apologize to her!” Tim stands up and bellows at Ebony. The sound of his booming voice stops Ebony in her tracks. She pauses for a moment and then turns around to face him.
“I’m sorry. I’m sorry that you’re a pencil dicked moron who can’t keep his cock out of his employees. Escorts or not, you should treat your employees with more respect than this.” She points her finger towards his cock and laughs. “And from what I hear, you don’t have much going on in that department anyways. It’s a wonder that any of these girls let you stick it to them.” Ebony laughs.
Dixie’s face turns a bright shade of red. She stumbles out of her chair and practically runs past Ebony and up the stairs.
“It was nice working with you guys.” Syndy smiles sweetly and waves. Ebony does nothing but glare daggers at her. Turning on her heel again, she heads up the stairs, stomping all the way.
“Roxi, follow them please. Give them their stuff, it’s all in bags in the hallway closet. Don’t let them touch anything else and if they try to, just yell and I’ll be right up.” Tim says, collapsing into his chair. Syndy pats him on the shoulder, a sympathetic look on her face.
I nod and head up the stairs. Dixie is already gone but Ebony is searching through the closet.
“I had a pair of leather boots here. Where the fuck are they?” She shouts at me without looking up.
“Here, everything that belongs to you is in this bag. There’s a bag for Dixie’s stuff too.” I make a move to reach in front of her to grab the bags but instead I just point towards them.
“Bullshit he wasn’t planning on firing us. This is proof that he was. DIXIE!” She shouts, looking towards the door. Wherever Dixie is, I don’t think she can hear her.
“No, it’s not like that. He knew you were going to quit and he just wanted to make sure we had everything of yours gathered up in case you did. He wasn’t going to fire you guys.”
“Good luck working for that prick. No matter how he sweet talks you, don’t let him stick it to you. I heard that he has an STD. I’m not gonna tell you which one but trust me, it ain’t pretty.” She grabs her bag of stuff as well as Dixie’s and rushes out the door.
I stand there, looking out the open door for a minute, watching her struggle with these two heavy garbage bags. I can see that Dixie is waiting in a car near the townhouse. I’m stabbed with a sudden pang of guilt when I see that it looks like she’s crying. Shutting the door, I walk into the kitchen and decide to do some dishes before going back downstairs. Maybe I can just avoid going back downstairs at all but the truth is I desperately need to put up ads for the girls. I’m halfway through the dishes when I realize that Syndy’s noon appointment must be fast approaching. I shake the water off my hands and rub them on my pants. I jog downstairs to find Syndy staring at the computer screen and Tim staring off into space.
“Syndy, your 12 o’clock is going to be here very soon.”
“Okay, thank you love. That was some nasty drama, huh?” She says, her eyes wide.
“That was… something.” I say.
“Did they take their belongings?” Tim asks, his eyes focused on something at his feet.
“There were no further problems?” He looks up at me and I can see that he looks absolutely exhausted.
“No, it was fine. Ebony swore a little and left.”
“Okay. I’m going to need you to put up some ads today. We need to hire at least one more girl, preferably two or more. Is your friend interested in coming to work with us?”
“I haven’t asked her yet. She’s so busy with school that I don’t think she’d want to come on with an escort agency.” I lie, not wanting to admit that she just doesn’t want to work for an agency for the basic reason that they take a big percentage of her earnings.
“We’d be happy to work around her schedule.” Tim says, picking up a pen and absentmindedly twirling it. “Put up an ad and make sure that it says we are looking for girls who are drug and drama free.”
“OK, no problem.”
“Don’t mention the cut we take or anything like that. Be vague and don’t mention the agency name specifically either. Just say that we’re one of the areas top escort agencies. Mention that we’ll take on girls new to the industry.”
“Sure. You know, I have things under control here. Why don’t you head home? You don’t need to be here.” I say.
He stares at the wall for a minute. “You’re right. I’m going to go get some sleep. I was up all night last night. If anything comes up, call me. And if either of those idiots come back, call me right away. Don’t let them in. Lock the deadbolt on the door behind me when I leave.”
I nod and he lifts himself out of his chair. As soon as we hear the upstairs door shut, Syndy spins her chair towards me.
“That was awesome!” She exclaims.
“What? No, that was awkward.” I say, shaking my head.
“I’ve been waiting for those two bitches to leave since the day I got here.” A big smile is on her face. “We should go out to celebrate tonight. Drinks?”
I’m about to say yes when I realize that Mike is at home waiting for me. “Oh fuck, I can’t tonight. My boyfriend is at home right now waiting for me. I promised we’d spend the day together.”
“Oh, no problem.” She reaches into a drawer and pulls out a bottle of vodka. “We can do this right here if you want.”
“Syndy!” I say, laughing. “It’s not even noon! And you have a client coming in fifteen minutes.”
“So? I’m not going to get drunk. Come on, let’s go make a drink.” She heads upstairs and I follow her into the kitchen.
“Whose stash is that anyways?”
“It’s technically Tim’s but we all drink out of it now and again.” She reaches into the fridge and grabs the only drink we have in there, grape juice. “This will have to do.” I grab us two glasses out of the cupboard and pour two shots of vodka into each glass. Syndy fills the glasses up with juice, spilling some on the counter.
“To new and hopefully sweeter coworkers!” She says, clinking her glass with mine. I take a big sip of my drink and put it down on the counter. Syndy, however, chugs hers and tosses the empty glass into the sink. “Okay darling, I have to shower. We’ll continue this after my appointment. Don’t go anywhere!”
She trots up the stairs and I bring my drink downstairs with me, eager to post ads and hopefully find some new and non dramatic talent to recruit.
To be continued
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