Syndy caps her lipstick and tosses it back into her purse. We’re standing together waiting in line at McDonald’s. “If he doesn’t fire her, shit is going to start hitting the fan around here.”
by Sarah Brooke

“You think so?”
“Ebony and Dixie will have a total shit fit and will probably quit if he doesn’t fire her.”
I can’t think of anything else to say, so I repeat myself. “You think so?”
“They’re thick as thieves, the two of them, and Dixie doesn’t like to share. She’s never liked Chantal but after he fired her the last time she made it very clear to Tim that she didn’t want her coming back.”
“What happened when he hired her back?” I ask.
“I wasn’t there when it all went down, but Dixie didn’t come into work for a week. We all thought she was going to quit.”
“Would that have been such a bad thing?” I ask, wondering if Syndy could possibly like Dixie.
“If Ebony and Dixie left I would be so fucking happy I would scream.” She looks up at me and smiles. I smile back, glad that we at least have the same opinion of the two girls. “They would not be missed. But they do pretty good business so it’s better for Tim if they stay on. It’s hard to find girls that will stick around, too. Most of the new hires don’t work out. Honestly though, anyone is better than those two bitches.”
“Hi, welcome to McDonalds, can I take your order?” The dark haired teenager behind the cash looks bored and doesn’t smile. Even if I sometimes hate my job, I guess I can be glad I don’t hate it as much as he appears to hate his.
“Hey, how are you today?” Syndy asks, flashing her pearly whites at him. She’s still wearing her work clothes which today consists of knee high red leather boots, a black and white striped mini skirt and a black halter top. She looks amazing but the look is a little bit slutty. Her ample cleavage is hoisted so high in her push up bra that it’s been an obvious challenge for the men anywhere within her radius not to stare.
“I’m doing well, how are you?” He still doesn’t crack a smile and I think Syndy has taken this as a challenge.
“I’m doing much better now that I’m here, talking to you. You know I chose this line just so that I could talk to you? You’re really handsome, do you know that?” She bites her lip and bats her eyelashes at him.
The poor kid behind the counter finally reacts, his face turning bright red. “Ma’am, can I take your order.”
“What do you recommend?” She leans forward onto the counter and I can tell that he is getting an eyeful. This kid is trying his hardest not to stare down her shirt and I give him a lot of credit for his attempt at professionalism. I’m beyond impressed by his sheer willpower.
“I like the Big Mac combo myself.” He says.
“That’s an excellent choice. I’ll have four Big Mac Combos with Coke to drink. We have a house full of hungry girls who I’m sure will thank you for your suggestion. Now sweetheart- don’t be stingy on the secret sauce. We’d like extra.”
“No problem. Anything else for you today?” He’s fighting a losing battle with himself, he can’t stop himself from looking down at her cleavage. When he finally looks down I can see out of the corner of my eye that Syndy has a big smile on her face. I try to stop myself from laughing but this display has been too much for me. Clearly, she loves flaunting herself for attention. I wonder what it would be like to go for a night on the town with her, I doubt we’d ever have to pay for drinks.
“Throw some ketchup packets and mayonaise in the bags please, love. Do you work tomorrow?”
He smiles again. “Yeah, same shift. Why?”
“Well, maybe I will have to drop by and see you again. You can tell me what you think of my outfit. Tell me… what do you think of what I’ve got on now?” She pushes herself back from the counter, showing off her ridiculously perfect figure.
“It looks great.” His face manages to turn an even darker shade of red. The gentleman next to us glances over absentmindedly and when he catches sight of Syndy, he does a double take. His wife or girlfriend who is standing next to him catches him staring and gives him a hard jab in the ribs. I pretend not to notice and hope that my face isn’t going red as well.
“You’re a sweetheart. I’ll just be waiting over here for our food.” She winks at him and moves over so that another customer can step up to the plate. When he gives his usual ‘welcome to McDonalds’ spiel, he stutters a few times. Syndy and I look at each other and try not to laugh.
“I’m not sure if that was a very nice thing to do or not nice at all.” I say between giggles.
“He’s going to be a little more chipper now, anyways. I think that’s an improvement on his sour face, no?”
“I guess so. You’re killing me though, I thought I was going to burst out laughing. You made his day though. Good for you.” I feel the cell phone buzz in my pocket. I grab it and it’s a request for Syndy.
“You have a booking with a guy who says he is a regular for 7pm tonight. He says its the Puerto Rican.”
“Ah yes, he’s funny. Paul.”
“Paul? That’s his name? And he’s from Puerto Rico?”
She shakes her head no and laughs. “It’s kind of an inside joke. The first time he saw me he was wasted, so drunk. He could barely get it up. Anyways, he started talking in this terrible Puerto Rican accent while we were doing it. It made me laugh so hard that we had to stop. He’s funny. He’s one of my favourites. He says he’s going to take me to Puerto Rico sometime but I’m not holding my breath.”
“Well, let me tell him that you are on like Donkey Kong.” I say, turning my attention back towards the phone.
“I think he’d find it funny if you said that, you should really text him that.”
I text ‘I am right here with Syndy and she says that you are on like Donkey Kong. I will text you thirty minutes before your appointment to confirm. Have a great day!’
“You’re so fucking polite, I love it. Did you work in customer service before you got into this line of work?” Our food is finally ready and Syndy flashes a big smile at the cashier when he hands them to us. She winks and turns on her heel and leaves. I can see that the gentleman next to her is trying his best not to turn his head and watch her leave. His wife hasn’t taken her eyes off of him since she caught him oogling her. I follow Syndy towards the car.
“Yeah, sort of. I was a waitress for years. You have to be nice or you don’t make tips.” I shrug, remembering the assholes I used to have to be nice to. “Sometimes I miss working there but it’s nice to work in this industry where all the guys are super nice. I mean, don’t get me wrong, some can be horny perverts that totally gross me out, but most of them are just polite and kind. It’s quite a bit different from my old job.”
“Yeah, I know what you mean. I have no patience for the assholes I used to hang around with now. All of my clients treat me nicely and if they don’t, I send them hiking. I expect that of everyone now.” She says.
“Did you used to have a bad habit of dating assholes?” I ask, curious.
“You could say that. I hung around a bad crowd for awhile. You may find it surprising but working as an escort has actually improved my quality of life.” I open the car door for her and she hops in the passenger seat. I load the food bags onto her lap and put the tray of drinks into the back of my car and take my place behind the wheel.
“Why would that be surprising? Being an escort isn’t the seedy lifestyle that everyone thinks it is. I know that.”
“I come from a white trash family, poor and most of them are seriously addicted to drugs. I never got into the heavy stuff but I wasn’t exactly an angel. Since I started working as an escort I’ve moved out of the hood and into a nicer area of town. Once I got my life together I started saving up. I don’t ever want to be back where I started from or else what am I doing this for?”
“I’m so glad to hear that. I mean… it’s just nice to hear that this career gave you an opportunity to better yourself and you took it. Not everyone does.”
“Oh, I know. I’ve seen some sad cases come through this agency. I was one of Tim’s first hires. I’ve been with him through thick and thin. I vowed to never be like some of those girls I saw.”
“Like Chantal.”
“I definitely don’t ever want to be like Chantal. Ebony is bad too, that girl bleeds money. It’s not just her of course but she’s the worst. She’s always broke. How can you be broke and bring in that much money in a day? Of course not every day is a money maker but when you get a good day, you make bank. I’ve paid my entire months rent in a day before.”
“Pretty crazy, right?”
“I mean, how do you even go through that much money? This one time Ebony had made big money one day, it was a crazy Tuesday and we all were fully booked. She comes in two days later begging our phone girl to keep putting ads up for her every hour so she can book more calls, saying she’s broke and needs to pay rent. How does that even happen?” She sticks her hand in a bag and starts munching on fries.
“Is she addicted to drugs?”
“She smokes pot but as far as I know she’s not on anything. She’s never came in high, at least not that I’ve noticed. She loves clubbing and I guess you can drop a lot of money in those places if you’re an idiot. I think mostly she just spends it on clothes and garbage that she doesn’t need. She has a new pair of shoes every time I see her.”
“Girls do love their shoes.” I smile as I see Syndy reaching into another bag and grabbing some fries. She angles the bag towards me and I stick my hand in as well, grabbing a few.
“It’s nice having you on the team, Roxy. You’re a cool chick.”
I have no idea what to say in response to that and I’m thankful when the phone rings.
I fish it out of my purse and answer, “Angel Escorts, Roxy speaking, how can I help you?”

The story continues

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