A glimpse into the shadows: An insider’s adventures in the world of escorts, Episode 44

I find myself wide awake at 7am despite the fact that I had only managed to get to bed around 2:30am. I spend forty minutes tossing and turning, determined to get more rest, before finally giving up and accepting the fact that I would not be getting any more sleep this morning. I turn the phone on and roll out of bed, tossing the phone onto my pillow. After doing my usual morning ritual of stretching and vigorous eye rubbing, I head to the bathroom where I turn on the shower and jump in for a quick wash.
by Sarah Brooke

The phone rings for a few minutes nonstop as all the texts from 2:30am to 7:40am start coming through. I’m about to grab a towel and dry off when a phone call comes in. I debate between finishing what I’m doing and running to grab the phone. It’s not even 8am yet so technically I don’t need to answer it but I decide to anyways.
I pick up the phone and press Talk, catching it right before it goes to voice mail.
“Good morning, Angel Escorts, Roxy speaking.” I say, trying to sound chipper.
“Good morning Sarah, it’s Tim. How are you doing?” The male voice on the other end says.
“Hi Tim, I’m well, how are you?” I say, stifling a yawn.
“I’m good. Listen, I was talking to Maggie and she said you had expressed an interest in helping keep the house clean. Is that true?”
“Yeah, sure, I have no problem doing that.”
“Okay, great, glad to hear it. Do you mind coming in today? The place is turning into a real mess. It would be great if you could come by.”
“Not a problem.” I bite my lip, knowing that I have to mention something about being paid for housekeeping but I’m nervous to ask all the same. “What kind of pay were you thinking?”
“For what?” He says, oblivious or at least feigning it.
“For me doing housework at the townhouse.” I can’t help but roll my eyes. Was he really expecting me to be their maid for free?
“Oh. What do you think is fair?”
I close my eyes and think. “I’d say $15 an hour for any housekeeping I provide would be fair.”
“Okay, fair enough. We could also use someone to help us with the laundry. The girls are supposed to do their own but the laundry is just piling up.” He says.
“Not a problem.”
“Great. So if you can come in sometime this morning and get started on that, the kitchen especially is a real disaster.”
“Sure.” I reply.
“I’ll be in the office today so come say hi when you get in.” He hangs up the phone without even bothering to say goodbye.
Before checking the phone for text messages I head to the kitchen and put on a kettle. I pour myself a bowl of cereal and check my own personal phone. I had put it down last night around 8pm and never picked it back up again. There are a few texts from Mike and one from my friend Stella. I type out a quick text to Stella and then text Mike asking him to call me once he’s up. We’re supposed to hang out tonight. He had tried to convince me to go out to dinner but I figured since it’s Friday the phones would be far too busy for me to be able to relax and go out for a meal. I couldn’t exactly sit there in a restaurant and book appointments in front of strangers. Mike seems to understand but he asked if I ever get a night off. I’ll have to talk to Tim about it because I think I’ll need one sooner than later.
Cereal eaten and tea made, I crawl up onto the couch and start replying to texts. Four girls are working tonight, Maggie, Ebony, Syndy and Dixie. Taylor was supposed to be working but she sent me a text around 6am saying one of her kids was sick and she’d have to stay home with them. I wonder if she’s told Tim already or if it’s now my job to liaison between the girls and him. I shoot him off a quick text to let him know she is not going to be able to come in today. While I’m texting I hear Sophie’s door open. Rubbing the sleep from her eyes, she walks into the living room and drops herself on the couch next to me.
“Late night?” She asks through a yawn.
“2:30. I woke up at 7 though and couldn’t get back to sleep.” I answer.
“Oh, I hate when that happens. How are you feeling?” She asks, resting her head on the back of the couch.
“Not bad, a little bit tired. Tonight is going to be another long night I think.” I glance down at the phone and then place it on my lap.
“Little bit of a difference between booking for one girl and booking for a few, huh?” She asks, winking at me.
“I’d say.” Another text comes in and it’s a booking for Maggie at noon. I respond to the text quickly and Sophie waits for me patiently. “It’s surprisingly busy in the morning.I’m already starting to get to know the regulars though which is nice.”
“I have to get ready and get to school but I’m not feeling motivated in the least. And then I have a client coming by later and Joe said he’d be coming by to hang out after that. Any chance if you’re home today you could clean up a bit? I’ll pay you!” She smiles sweetly at me and does her best to tempt me, batting her eyes.
“I actually have to leave pretty soon. Apparently I’m the new maid and I’m responsible for cleaning up after them.” I say, not sounding exactly enthused.
“Ew, really? They better be paying you.” She says.
“Oh, he is. I don’t clean for anyone for free.”
“I’ll leave you a shiny new fifty dollar bill if you do my laundry and make this place look halfway decent before my client gets here at 6.”
“That shouldn’t be a problem. I should be back this afternoon. I just have to go and clean up the kitchen and do some laundry, shouldn’t be too bad.” I say, hoping that I’m not stuck at the townhouse for too long. I have my own laundry to do, too.
“Okay, my dear. You have fun at work and I’m going to have just as much fun at school.” She kisses me on the cheek and rolls off the couch, dragging herself back towards her room. All the texts have finally been answered and I leave the phone on the couch and head back to my room. I finish getting dressed and throw on some makeup before grabbing the phone and heading out the door. As soon as I make my way into the parking garage the phone rings. I look around and see that there is no one around so I decide to answer. It’s a booking for Ebony at ten, a regular who already knows where the townhouse is. I decide to turn the phone off while I’m driving, I don’t need any temptation. After a small fender bender last year I’ve decided to do my best not to text and drive ever again. This job makes me feel like I’m obliged to answer the phone so it’s just easier to turn it off entirely.
There’s a parking spot right outside of the townhouse and I gladly take it. I turn the phone on while walking up the steps. This time the townhouse is locked and I have to ring the door bell. Finally after a few moments Maggie opens the door for me.
“Morning!” She says, a small smile on her face.
“Hey, you’re here early. I thought you started at ten.” I check the phone and confirm that it’s only 9am.
“Rent is due soon, thought I might come in early just in case.” She says, giving a small shrug of her shoulders.
“I have one for you at noon.” I say, walking past her into the foyer.
“Great. I hope today is busy.” She says, her voice soft and gentle.
“It’s just you, Ebony, Syndy and Dixie today. Taylor called in, something about one of her kids being sick.”
“That is good news. I prefer when there are only a few of us.” She doesn’t need to say why, less escorts working typically means less competition.
“I’m here to clean and then I’m heading back home.” I turn around the corner and the sight of the kitchen takes my breath away. “It’s even worse than it was the other day.”
“Yes.” Is all she says. Maggie smiles at me one last time and heads back upstairs to her room and her laptop. Looking around me I can’t help but let out a long , drawn out sigh. The mess that I saw previously is still there except now there is even more garbage piled on top of the old stuff. The sink is filled to the brim with dishes and the counter space is as well. The garbage is filled to the top and it stinks. I scrunch my face up, not exactly thrilled by the task ahead of me. Remembering that I need to say hi to Tim, I run downstairs to do so.
Tim is sitting in the big leather chair with his laptop open in front of him. He doesn’t bother to look up. “Hello Sarah.”
“Hey Tim. You got my text that Taylor isn’t coming in, right?” I ask, leaning up against the wall.
“Yes, she texted me too. Thanks for making sure I knew though.” He finally looks up at me and he very obviously looks me over, his eyes lingering a little bit too long at my chest. “Thanks for coming in. As you can see it’s a disaster up there. The laundry room is just back there.” He says pointing to a door at the back of the room.
“Okay, I’ll get started on the laundry first.” I’m about to ask him if there is any laundry in any of the rooms upstairs when I walk into the laundry room and see that the entire floor of the medium sized room is full of dirty sheets and towels. There is a huge pile in the corner as well and it looks about ready to topple over. I don’t bother asking him if there is more laundry upstairs, there’s no way there could be. This looks like two weeks of laundry at least. I wish I had remembered to bring some latex gloves but unless I want to run to the store I better just get over my squeamishness. I take a moment to figure out the controls of the washer and get a load started, gingerly touching the dirty sheets and towels and shoving them in. I wash my hands in the laundry room sink and before I can stop myself I instinctively dry them on a towel that was hanging from the sink. Immediately after doing this I remember that all the towels down here are dirty and somewhat mildewy, so I wash my hands again and this time I just dry them off on my pants.
I exit the room and shut the door behind me. “Wow, that’s some pile of laundry… ”
Tim doesn’t say anything, he just looks up at me like I’ve really interrupted him and smiles. Without a word he looks back to his laptop and immerses himself into whatever he has been doing. I take the hint and head back upstairs. The phone buzzes in my pocket and I answer it. Another booking for Maggie, this time at 2pm. I mark the booking into the phone and send Maggie a text to let her know, despite her being just a few feet away I figure it’s easier if I don’t go and bother her from whatever she is doing. Placing the phone on the microwave stand, I start work on the dishes. The phone doesn’t stop just because I’m elbow deep in suds so I’m forced to stop every once in awhile to answer a call or respond to a text. I’m halfway through the dishes when I hear the doorbell ring. I wait a moment to see if any one else is going to get up to answer it but it soon becomes clear that no one is.
I open the door and I’m greeted by a pretty smiling face. “Hello!” She says in a singsong voice. I haven’t seen her face before but I can tell that it’s Syndy. A petite girl, just shy of five feet tall, with enormous boobs. She’s our dominatrix.
“Hey, I’m Sarah, nice to meet you. Syndy, right?”
“Yes, that’s me. Nice to finally meet you, too.” She walks past me and drops her purse on the floor. She kicks her shoes off into the closet and closes the door, hiding the mess of shoes accumulating there. “What are you doing here?”
“Oh, I’ve been asked to clean up a bit.” I say, nodding towards the kitchen.
“I keep meaning to clean up that mess in there but it gets frustrating when you know 95% of the mess isn’t yours.” She says, her big blue eyes looking up at me.
“Yeah, totally.” As tempted as I am, I don’t mention that maybe she could just clean up after herself and that way she knows which mess is hers. After all, I’m getting paid for this so how much can I really complain?
“I’m going to head upstairs unless you’d like some help?” She asks, nervously eyeing the pile of work behind me.
“No, I’ve got it, thank you though.” I smile at her and she smiles back, clearly relieved that I don’t have plans to force her to assist me in my chores. She nods her head and takes the stairs two at a time. I’m just about to turn around to head back into the kitchen when the doorbell rings again. It’s Dixie. I open the door for her and step aside.
“Hello. Where’s Tim?” She says, the hello barely out of her mouth before she’s demanding to know where Tim is.
“Hello Dixie. He’s downstairs.” I’m sure she doesn’t want to engage in small talk with me so I walk back into the kitchen, eager to get this finished so I can go back home. As soon as I get my hands wet another text comes in. I read the incoming message, it’s a text from Ebony saying she won’t be in til 2pm. I text her back “OK” and get back to the dishes. The phone finally stops ringing for awhile and I manage to finish the last of the dishes. As soon as I’m done with the dishes another text comes in and it’s someone wanting to book Dixie for 11am. I glance at the clock on the wall and see that it’s already 10:30am. Dixie didn’t looked dressed for work when she came in so I decide to check with her first. I’m about to send her a text when I realize that it will take much less time to just walk down there and ask her.
Walking into the basement I find Dixie sitting on top of Tim, straddling him. I’m taken aback by this and for a moment I don’t say anything. Tim tilts his head and looks around Dixie.
“Yes?” He says.
“Sorry… I just got a booking request for Dixie but it’s for 11am. I wasn’t sure if that was enough time for her to get ready.” I say, trying not to let my surprise show in my voice.
“Yeah, that’s fine, book him. How long is it for?” Dixie says, not bothering to turn around and look at me.
“Half an hour.” I reply.
“Tell him that I’ll be ready for him at 11am.” She runs her hands up and down his chest before standing up and walking up the stairs. I wait for her to get to the top of the stairs before I follow her up. I look at Tim one last time before heading upstairs and he catches me looking at him. He doesn’t say anything, just smiles and then looks back down at his laptop.

The story continues

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