A glimpse into the shadows: An insider’s adventures in the world of escorts, Episode 43

I managed to book Ebony for an hour long appointment starting at 1:30am. If she was happy to hear that she had another booking, she didn’t let on. When I called her after her half an hour appointment ended she was snippy and short with me. I shrugged it off and laid down to close my eyes.
by Sarah Brooke

I checked for her confirmation at 1:30am saying the customer had arrived and set my alarm for 2:25am to make sure I was awake for when she would text me again to tell me that her client had left. At 2:35 she finally texts me to say that the gentleman had left twenty minutes before. I marked the booking down and turned the phone off to go to sleep. 8am came much too soon and I struggled to fully wake myself before the texts started coming in again.
After all the texts have been responded to, I take the opportunity to jump in the shower. I wish I had remembered to shower last night but I didn’t and I feel gross so it must be done. I let the hot water wash over me and close my eyes. As soon as I start to relax the phone starts ringing. I know that I don’t have enough time to jump out of the shower, dry my hands and answer it so I let it go to voice mail. That’s the end of my leisurely shower though and I rush to wash up all the essential body parts. Within a few minutes I’m done and by the time I’m out of the shower, wrapped in a towel, the phone is ringing again.
“Angel Escorts, Roxy speaking. How can I help you?” I say, my voice sounding perking and fun despite my tiredness.
“Hey Roxy, how are you this morning?” the voice on other end says.
“I’m very well and how are you?” I keep up the perky tone of voice.
“I’m good but I could be better. Tell me, is Syndy available for a dom session today?”
“Syndy is definitely available today, what time were you thinking?”
“Noon would be perfect.”
“I will book you for noon. May I get your name please?”
“Yeah sure, it’s Patrick.”
“Okay great. So she is located off of Brian Road and Stanley. Can I text you at this number, Patrick?”
“Yes, you can but please don’t call this number.”
“No problem. What I’ll do is I will text you before your appointment to let you know that everything is still a go. When you get to Brian and Stanley Road area, just send me a text and I’ll give you the street and house number.”
“Okay, sounds good. You can’t give me that info now? I wanted to plan out my trip.”
“Unfortunately I can’t but I can let you know that it is extremely close to that crossroad.” I say.
“Okay, no problem. I’ll text you when I’m there.”
“Awesome, thank you Patrick. Have a great morning.”
“You too.” He hangs up and I follow suit. Still wrapped in my towel, I walk to my closet and decide on a pair of black leggings and a long but thin sweater. I toss the phone down on the bed and get dressed. Two texts come in while I’m getting my clothes on. One is a request for Syndy and another a request for Maggie. I respond to them quickly and the gentleman inquiring about Syndy books her for this evening at 8pm.
I text Syndy to let her know that she has an appointment at noon. She replies asking how long it is. Fuck. I completely forgot to ask him. Instead of replying to her and admitting that I’d forgot to ask, I text Patrick and ask him how long he was hoping to see her for. Of course he doesn’t respond right away and I start to worry. It’s not a big mistake but it’s a mistake and I don’t want to have to admit that I’ve already made one. Ten minutes later I’m drafting up a text to Syndy explaining to her that I had forgot to ask the client how long he wanted to book her for when Patrick’s phone number shows up on the caller ID.
“Hello- Thanks for calling me back.” I say, very relieved.
“No problem. Does Syndy have to cancel or something?”
“No, no, nothing like that. I just realized that I had forgot to ask you how long your appointment is for today with Syndy?”
“Oh, no problem. Half an hour to start but if I need more time, can I stay for an hour?”
“Absolutely, I will pencil you in for an hour but I’ll let her know that it could just be half an hour.” There is a genuine smile in my voice, I’m so relieved that Syndy won’t have to find out about my little mistake.
“Sounds good. You have a good day, Roxy.”
“Thank you, love.” I hang up and immediately erase the drafted text to Syndy. Instead I tell her that he wants a half hour for sure but possibly an hour. She responds back right away saying thanks.
My stomach grumbles and I follow its lead into the kitchen. I spot Sophie’s dishes still in the sink and I throw two Pop Tarts into the toaster and get to work on doing her dishes. I may not be actively working for her anymore but I still live in an amazing apartment that I’m barely paying rent for, all thanks to her generosity.
The least I can do is make sure the place looks decent for when she has clients over. I hear the toaster pop and as if in response, the phone goes off as well. It’s just a text so I decide to finish the dishes before drying my hands and checking the message. While I’m drying my hands a call comes in and the phone starts to ring. I answer the call and it’s a gentleman requesting Taylor, who I inform him is not working today.
I let him know the names of the other girls that are working today and ask him if perhaps he’d like to see one of them instead but after pausing for a moment to think, he replies that he’d rather wait for Taylor and asks when she is working next. I tell him to hold on one moment and I rush back to my room, thankful that my laptop is on and the website is open to the girls schedule for the next week. I tell him that Taylor will be in on Saturday and Sunday and he thanks me and tells me he will call back on Friday.
I’m replying to another text when a call comes in. It’s Ebony. I close my eyes and sigh before pressing Talk.
“Hello?” I say.
“Is that how you answer the phone? You’re supposed to answer ‘Angels Escorts, how can I help you?’” Ebony says, ever helpful.
“Hi Ebony, yes I do know that, but I saw that it was you calling so I figured I could cut the intro.”
“Well then.” She pauses for a moment as if waiting for me to say something, but I don’t. “Do you have any calls for me yet?”
“Are you at the townhouse already?” I ask, suspecting that she isn’t.
“No, but I want to know when my first call is. I don’t want to come in until I have an appointment.”
“Um, okay. There’s nothing so far but the phones are pretty busy so I’m sure I will have something for you soon. How much notice do you need to get yourself to the townhouse?”
“An hour.”
“Okay, well I will let you know when you get a call. If we get a booking that wants to see you now, you might lose out on it because you’re not at the townhouse and ready.” I say.
“No, don’t you lose any of my calls. You just tell them that I’ll be ready in thirty minutes and then make up some excuse as to why they have to wait an extra half hour.” She says, her voice rising in anger.
I don’t respond for a moment, I’m trying to figure out what the best way to deal with her is. Clearly it’s not good business to tell a client a lie just to cover for an escort who doesn’t want to get her ass in to work on time. “I think it would be best if you just came in to work and that way I can get you bookings and not have to potentially lie to the customers.”
“Excuse me!” She sounds angry and I take a deep breath, waiting for what she’s going to say next. “I tell you what to do, do you hear me? They’re my bookings and you’ll do what I want with them.”
I have no reply to that and she doesn’t wait long for me to answer her anyways before she continues. “If there’s a problem, take it up with Tim.” She then hangs up on me. I stare at the wall for a moment, trying to regain my composure. I decide to do exactly what she wants and I call Tim.
“Hi Tim, It’s Sarah. Sorry to bother you so early in the day. I just wanted your opinion on something.” I say.
“Sure, go ahead.” He sounds wide awake and I’m glad I haven’t woken him.
“Ebony just called me. She’s not at the townhouse but she wants me to still book her as if she is. She said it will take her an hour to get to the house, but told me if she gets a call from someone wanting to see her ASAP that I am to tell her client that she’ll be there in half an hour. Then she wants me to lie to the guy after half an hour passes and say she’s delayed somehow.”
“Yeah, she does that a lot. It’s okay. She probably won’t get any bookings that will only give her half an hour to get ready and if she does, try to book the client with one of the girls who is already there and waiting.” He says, his voice calm and collected.
“Okay, I’m guessing I won’t tell her that part.”
“No, just tell her that it’s fine. I don’t want you actually doing that as a matter of course but if it does happen, just go with it. Customers that are looking for a black girl will typically wait for them. She’s the only one we have so she’s somewhat in demand.”
“I just wanted to check with you, it seemed like a sketchy thing to do and I didn’t want to do it without talking to you first.”
“I appreciate that. Ebony can be difficult to work with. She is bossy and demanding but you’ll get used to her.” With that he hangs up the phone, not even bothering to say goodbye. I can’t help but be a bit shaken by my conversation with Ebony. It’s been a long time since I’ve had anyone speak to me like that. It’s not something I want to get used to but I fear it might become part of my job description.

The story continues

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