A glimpse into the shadows: An insider’s adventures in the world of escorts, Episode 42

It’s well past midnight by the time I arrive home. I notice the large black pair of men’s shoes by the door and I hope to God that Sophie’s client doesn’t catch me sneaking in. Walking past the kitchen I can’t help but notice that Sophie’s sink is full of dishes. I wonder how long it will take for her to start cleaning up after herself again. I don’t mind cleaning up after her but I might be too busy with this new job to make sure that the apartment is spotless before her customers come over.
by Sarah Brooke

I slowly and very carefully tip toe towards my bedroom, hoping that the squeak that I know is coming from opening my door isn’t loud enough to freak out her client. The soft moans coming from Carmen’s room don’t stop, even why my door loudly creaks open. I hurry inside and shut the door behind me. Safe. My heart is beating nearly through my chest. I’ve always hated sneaking in when she has a client here. Sophie doesn’t seem to worry nearly as much as I do but I don’t ever want to run in to one of her clients on the way out.
I put on some headphones and listen to a No Doubt CD while going through all of the text messages Angel Escorts received today. Things had finally slowed down in the last hour or so but I was told to expect for texts and calls to be coming in all night long. I was allowed to turn the phone off after the girls last customer of the night but the phone had to be back on for 8am sharp. I lost myself in thought, wondering just what I was going to do with such little sleep. It was already past midnight and Maggie was with a two hour booking and Ebony was with a thirty minute. I’d be up until at least 2am waiting for Maggie to be done with her client. That gave me only six hours of undisturbed sleep before starting again.
I must have started to doze off because when Sophie jumps on the bed next to me, it scares me half to death. By the time I remove my headphones, Sophie is laughing uproariously.
“I have never heard you make such a strange noise. It was like a mix between a scream and a hiccup.”
“You scared the shit out of me, woman!” I say, tossing my walkman and headphones onto the bedside table.
“Sorry, I couldn’t help myself. So, tell me, how did your first day go?”
“It went.” I can’t contain the yawn and it slips out. “I thought I was going to be able to come home sometime today but they kept me there late.”
“Yeah, I was expecting you back earlier than this. How did it go though?” She asks.
“It was okay. The girl who was with me for most of the day, showing me the ropes, she was really cool. Very sweet and soft spoken. I can’t picture her working as an escort though, she’s so…. sweet.” I say.
“Oh, what, and I’m not!?” She jokingly hits me with a pillow and I don’t even bother to protect myself in any way. The pillow hits me flat in the face.
“Did I really deserve that?” I slowly open my eyes to make sure another pillow isn’t forthcoming.
“Sorry. I’m really fucking hyper. I took a nap after class and woke up all wired.”
“I’m sure your client appreciated that.” I mutter.
“He booked for two hours and left after an hour. He does that all the time. I love that guy.” She focuses her attention on a fingernail and she must see something that needs improving with it because she sticks her finger in her mouth and starts chewing. “Who else did you meet today? Anyone interesting?”
“Actually hold on, I’ll show you.” I hop off the bed and grab my laptop from the desk. Crawling back onto the bed next to Sophie, I open a browser and bring up the Angel Escorts website.
“Here… This is Maggie. She’s Indian, very pretty and unbelievably petite. She’s tiny.” I bring up Maggie’s profile. None of the pictures show her face of course but I figure it gives Sophie a better idea of who I am talking about if she can at least see their bodies.
“Look at her wrists, she looks starved!”
“She said she’s trying to put on weight, I guess she’s been stressed or something. I didn’t want to pry since it was the first day I’d met her.”
“She must be anorexic.” Sophie says, very sure of herself.
“I don’t know about that but maybe. Some people are just naturally tiny, you know.” I say, defending Maggie though I’m not sure why. “She ate McDonald’s for lunch and dinner today. She can’t be all that anorexic.”
Sophie thinks for a minute. “Maybe bulimic then.”
I don’t reply, instead I click on to Ebony’s profile. “This is Ebony, real name Shannon.”
“What’s she like?” She asks, squinting her eyes to get a better look.
“She is already a huge pain in my fucking ass.” I blurt out.
Sophie laughs. “Oh yeah? How so? What happened?”
“She comes in like she owns the place, barges downstairs into the little training session Maggie and I were having and starts talking about herself without even asking who I am. She just starts talking at Maggie, notice I said talking AT Maggie and not talking TO Maggie. She starts telling her about this new pair of boots she bought that cost $300. $300 for a pair of boots.They weren’t even that nice, Soph. In the same breath that she is boasting about her new boots, she’s telling Maggie that she needs to get bookings today. Lots of bookings. She completely ignored me, didn’t introduce herself at all.”
“Sounds like a bitch.”
“Maggie said as much. Finally when Maggie was able to get a word in edgewise she pointed to me and introduced me as the new phone girl. I don’t know who Ebony thought I was but when she found out I was the new phone girl she started bothering me about getting her lots of bookings. As if I have any control over how many bookings she gets!”
“So, did you get her bookings?” Sophie says, teasing me.
“I did but apparently not as many as she wanted because she repeatedly came down to tell me that she needed more bookings. I guess there’s another pair of boots that she desperately needs to add to her collection? How do boots even cost that much money, where the hell did she buy them?” I shake my head back and forth slowly, trying to figure out what my most expensive item of clothing is. A coat I splurged on a few years ago, maybe.
“How many bookings did she get?” Sophie asks.
“Three. Two half hours and a full hour.”
“That’s not that bad. That’s pretty good actually.”
“I thought so too but apparently she did not agree.” I say, remembering how she would come downstairs every hour or so to complain about the lack of bookings. When I had asked Maggie if she was always like this Maggie had just closed her eyes and nodded. “There were only two girls on today, there were supposed to be three though. One of the girls who was supposed to be in just didn’t show. Her name is Dixie, real name Sheila. She was actually supposed to be the one to let me in to the townhouse today and give me a briefing but she just didn’t show. First she said she was going to be late then she called to say she was going to be even later. Finally she texted four hours later to say that she wasn’t coming in at all. I had a booking for her too! She just blew it off entirely.”
“Sounds like she’s going to be a pain in your ass.” Sophie said.
“Here she is, take a look at her.” I click to Dixie’s page on the website. Her pictures are fabulous and show off her amazing body very well. “She’s absolutely gorgeous in person. Remember I told you about the girl who let me in to meet Tim yesterday? She just opened the door and without a word, went back upstairs?”
“Yep, I remember.”
“That was her.”
“Ah.” Sophie says, pulling her phone out of her pocket and checking it quickly. “I have to shower, do you mind if I use yours? You can come talk to me while I shower.”
“Sure.” I reach into my closet and grab two fresh towels for her and follow her into the bathroom. She turns her back to me and starts to strip. Ever the friend, I reach into the shower and turn the hot water on for her. “So I had all these calls and texts for Dixie today because she was scheduled to be working and she just doesn’t show.”
“Does she do that a lot?” She sticks her hand underneath the stream of water and finding it satisfactory, steps in and closes the shower door behind her.
“From what Maggie said, yes. She is late a lot but typically shows up. I guess today she decided it would be a great first day for me if I was forced to string clients along and then tell them ‘oh hey, guess what, Dixie decided not to show today, so fuck you’.”
Sophie lets out a soft chuckle from the shower. “What did you tell them? The guys, I mean?”
“I said she had a family emergency. Lame excuse but I can’t tell them she’s sick, that kind of grosses them out right? And if she’s going to be working tomorrow, I don’t want anyone thinking she’s going to give them germs.”
“I hope the bitch shows up tomorrow.” Sophie says, her voice half muffled.
“Me too. Maggie and I decided to give the two guys who were trying to book her today 10% off for their next appointment with her. That sucks because then I lose money too, right.”
“Gotta keep the customers happy though.” She says.
“I know. Tomorrow Maggie, Dixie, Ebony and Chantal are on. Maggie told me that Ebony despises Chantal so we basically have to keep them apart. They each stay in their own room and if they cross paths, there might be fireworks.”
“They can’t keep it together enough to not fight with each other, even at work?”
“Apparently not. Usually they try to schedule them not to even work on the same days but Ebony is demanding to work every day this week so we had no choice but to have them on at the same time.”
“How else will she afford her boots?” There is a smile in Sophie’s voice. We’ve always been very fashionable and enjoy shopping however neither of us have ever had a taste for expensive clothes or brand names. Why buy one expensive item when you can buy fifteen affordable things for the same price? Although Sophie has invested in some seriously sexy and expensive items for her escorting, she typically doesn’t spend much on her own personal wardrobe. We like finding deals rather then dropping huge amounts of money.
“Fuck, the phone. Be right back.” I rush to the bedroom and grab the phone right before the voice mail picks up. “Angel Escorts, this is Roxy, how may I help you?”

The story continues

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