A glimpse into the shadows: An insider’s adventures in the world of escorts, Episode 41

I forget just how long it takes to get myself ready in the morning and by ten to eight I have to admit to myself that I have time to dry my hair or do my makeup but not both. I give myself a long, hard look in the mirror and decide on the makeup. I quickly apply some eyeliner, mascara and blush and clip my hair back before grabbing my purse and running out the door.
by Sarah Brooke

Easing my way out of the parking garage, I curse myself for not setting my alarm half an hour earlier. Being late on the first day is hardly a good impression. Thankfully, traffic isn’t terrible and I make it to the townhouse in good time. I flip open my phone and my heart stops when I see that it’s already five past and I’m officially late for my first day. I find a parking spot halfway down the road and sprint up the street towards the house.
Arriving at the door, I knock a few times in fast succession and then wait, trying my best to control my breathing and hoping that I will look composed by the time the door opens. A minute later, still no answer, so I knock again. Hearing absolutely no sound from the other side, I press my ear against the door and listen. Nothing. I mumble some expletives under my breath and turn around to take a seat on the front step. I play with my phone, trying to find something to do or someone to text but it’s far too early for friendly banter so I end up playing a game and zoning out.
“Hey, Sarah?” A voice shakes me out of my daze and I look up to see a small and beautiful dark skinned girl standing almost directly over me. I have no idea how she managed to sneak up on me and I guess my surprise is written all over my face because she says “Sorry, did I startle you? I’m Sareema but you can call me Maggie.”
I stand up, straighten my pants and extend my hand. She somewhat reluctantly extends her own and the handshake is weak with no power behind it.
“I think Dixie was supposed to meet you here this morning but she had a late night so I’m here instead.” She smiles at my shyly and I smile back. “The doors open, go ahead in.” She nods her head towards the door and I turn to see if she’s right. An escort agency with an unlocked door… I shake my head at the thought of it.
“I just have to go grab the phone, it should be in one of the bedrooms but I’m not sure which.” She disappears up the stairs and I wait for her. I peek into the kitchen, curious to see what it looks like, and I’m shocked to see just how much of a mess there is. Food left out on the counter, the sink piled high with plates. Fast food containers and empty coffee cups litter the entire surface of the counter. I fight the urge to clean and instead I wait patiently for her to return. “Okay, here we go. Let’s go sit downstairs, the calls and texts should start coming in soon.” I notice she has a laptop tucked under her arm and I follow her into the basement. She plugs the laptop in and sits in the same chair that Tim had sat in yesterday.
“What time do the calls usually start most days?” I ask her, all the while trying to decide if I should sit across from her or next to her. I assume that she wants to show me something on the laptop so I decide on a seat next to her.
“Sometimes they just don’t stop all night. I see we have some missed texts from a few hours ago, whether they are guys trying to arrange a quickie before work or trying to arrange one before passing out after a night of drinking, I’m not sure.”
She boots the laptop up and we sit there silently while she scrolls through the texts. “Looks like Dixie has a request from a regular for this afternoon.” She holds the phone out to me so I can see. The callers name has been saved as “DIXIE AND CHANTAL REGULAR RUNS OVER”.
“So, he frequently goes over his time?” I ask, biting my lip after asking the question.
“Exactly. This guy is terrible for it. His name is Trevor, I think. Sometimes he will ask to see other girls but he typically sees Dixie or Chantal. Those two girls already know that he likes to go over his time but the other girls might not, so if he books with any of the other ladies, warn them ahead of time that they will have to be extra vigilant about time.”
I nod and then realize she’s looking at the phone, not me, so I mutter an agreement.
“This guy was probably just drunk or a really terrible speller.” She hands the phone to me and I try to decipher what the gentleman was trying to say.
“Looks like classic drunk texting to me.” I say and she smiles.
“I think so too.” She grabs the phone back from me. “This is how you edit the numbers. For this, we would say something like Inquiry, then today’s date, then who he was inquiring for. You can also put what time the call or text came in at and if you think they were drunk, wasting time, etc.”
“Okay, cool.” I say, nodding my head.
“It just makes it easier for you. We get some time wasters who text or call frequently and that way you know not to book with them. If you get someone who books and then just does not show, you save that in the phone as ‘DO NOT BOOK, NO SHOW’. We don’t give them a second chance. If they don’t show for a booking that they have confirmed, they are blacklisted.”
“If that happens with a regular, do you let it slide?” I hope I’m not annoying her with all my questions but I will be on my own soon enough and won’t have anyone to ask.
“It depends. We had this one guy who would book and then only show up half the time. Tim decided to tell him where to go and we haven’t heard from him since. If there’s ever a case where a regular doesn’t show, go to Tim about it and he can make the final decision. Usually we don’t want to waste time with those guys though. It really pisses the girls off when they get a booking and then the guy just doesn’t show.” She replies, her head still down and scrolling through texts.
“Understood.” I wonder just how often they get bookings that don’t show. That only very rarely happened to Sophie.
“Once they have confirmed a booking, let them know that you will be contacting them an hour before their appointment to confirm. Then you’ll call or text them just before the appointment to let them know the address. Do not ever let anyone know the address beforehand. They should only know about thirty minutes before the appointment.”
“What if they live farther away than that?”
“Just tell them the nearest crossroad but don’t give the address.” She says.
“Okay, no problem.”
“Never take bookings from a private number or a payphone. You have to be able to call them at home, work or on their cell phone. If they refuse to give that information, tell them that you’re sorry but for the safety of our girls we need that information.”
“Okay, that’s fine. That’s the same as I did when I was booking for my friend.” I say.
“Oh, is that how you got into this? I don’t know why but I assumed you were an escort before.” She says, turning her attention to me.
I smile and shake my head. “No, but it’s a safe assumption to make. I’ve never been a service provider, I just manned the phones. I also cleaned and did all the washing, fun stuff like that.”
“We have a maid service that comes in once a week but as you can see from the kitchen, it’s not quite enough.” The tone of her voice changes ever so slightly and I gather that she is not one of the ones leaving the mess.
“I really wanted to clean the moment I got in here.” I admit.
“You should ask Tim for a bit of a raise and tell him you will help clean up. Most of the customers don’t see the kitchen when they come in but once in awhile they’ll wander in for a can of pop or a bottle of water. It looks unprofessional when the kitchen is like that.” She says, crossing her legs.
“I completely agree. If I’m here for the day anyways, I’ll tidy up. It’s not a problem.”
“You’d think adult women could clean up after themselves better than that. Makes you wonder what their houses look like.” She puts the phone down and turns her attention to the laptop. I take the opportunity to take in her features. She is stunning, dark brown eyes, small dark lips. Her bone structure is perfect, she could have been a model or a muse. Everything about her is tiny, her hands, her wrists, her arms. She is flat chested and slight, I imagine she must not weigh much more than eighty pounds. I wonder how busy she is and how many guys are into tiny exotic beauties. I can’t help but try to picture her when she’s working. I imagine her in high heels and lingerie. It’s hard to picture her that way, she looks so absolutely sweet and innocent.
“So here is our email, this will need to be checked every half an hour throughout the day. I know things can get hectic but just make sure that you are checking every hour.”
“Do you find you get a lot of email inquiries?” I ask.
“Not a ton but they do happen. We try to stay on all inquiries as best we can.” She grabs a pen and piece of paper and starts scribbling something down. “Here is the username and password for this email. We all have access to the emails so don’t be surprised if once in awhile you get a text from one of the girls telling you that there is a new email in there. We’re all supposed to mark the emails as unread if we check them but I can tell you that most of the girls forget so just check all of the most recent emails and see if any have been replied to. The girls aren’t supposed to reply to them but since Steph left we’ve all kind of taken over answering them and I wouldn’t be surprised if the girls got stuck in the habit of replying.”
“Was Steph the last booking agent?” I bite my lip again after asking the question. I’m slightly nervous and I hope it doesn’t show.
“She was. She left a few weeks ago and things have been haywire ever since.” She sighs.
“Oh, Tim told me she had just left last week. I didn’t know she had been gone for so long. What happened?”
“It’s not really my story to tell.” She says. I wait patiently to see if she will say anything else but she doesn’t, she just continues going through the emails. “I will let you respond to these. Our schedule is on the website and most of the time it’s accurate but once in awhile one of the girls will not show up so you’ll have to let the gentleman know that they’re not available. For example Dixie is supposed to be starting at 10am today but she won’t really be starting til after noon. If anyone requests her before that, tell them she won’t be starting til 1pm just to be safe.”
“Does she not show up for her shifts a lot?”
“She’s late a lot.” She says nothing else. She pushes the laptop towards me and I check the emails that I saw her open a moment before. Basic questions, one asking which girl offers greek and another asking if any of the girls are open for a threesome later.
“A threesome, is that extra? And which girls offer it?”
“All of us offer duos but they are not fully interactive.” She replies.
“So no oral sex on each other?”
“We’ll touch and kiss and sometimes go a bit further but besides Ebony none of us will perform oral on another girl.”
“How much extra for a threesome?” I ask. She leans over me and grabs the mouse and quickly types in the website name.
“Here are the rates and services. Beside each girls name is what they offer. You’re familiar with all of the acronyms?” I take a quick glance and see a few I don’t recognize but instead of admitting this I nod my head yes and promise myself that I will research these acronyms later. “The price for duos is here. We get quite a few requests for them.”
“Do you want me to tell the guys that you ladies aren’t fully interactive?”
“No, in most cases they’d talk themselves out of the duo. If they ask, don’t lie, but for the most part they just want two girls at once and it won’t matter that they aren’t going all the way together. It’s just a show.”
I nod and think back to the huge amount of money one of Sophie’s regulars had offered us for a duo. I don’t think that kind of money will ever be offered my way again. Just then a call comes in and Maggie passes the phone to me.
I take a deep breath and press Talk. “Angel Escorts, Sarah speaking.”
The voice on the other end is deep and calm. “Hey Sarah, I was hoping to book with Maggie today, is she available?”
I check on the website and see that Maggie is available from noon to midnight. “She is, what time were you thinking?”
“How about now?” He says.
“Just give me one minute and I’ll find out for you.” I hold the phone tight to my chest and turn to Maggie. “He wants to know if he can book you now. I know it says noon I just wanted to make sure you didn’t want to see him before telling him so.”
“I could see him any time after 10am but not before.” She says and I nod, bringing the phone back to my ear.
“What about 10am?” I ask him.
He pauses for a minute, thinking. “I really need something right now. Thanks anyways though.” We say our polite goodbyes and he hangs up.
“He wants something before work.” Maggie says. “That was good though. We’ll have to come up with a fake name for you though. You probably don’t want to be using your real name.”
“Oh shit, I hadn’t even thought of that. When I worked for my friend I just pretended I was her.”
“Did the guys fall for that?” Maggie asks.
“Oh yeah, even her regulars never caught on. Well, that’s not entirely true, I think she had a few guys say something but they never really pushed it. People can sound very different on the phone, right?” I say, shrugging my shoulders.
“Yes, that’s true. So you’re okay staying here today to take calls?” She asks.
“Of course. I can stay here all week if you guys want me to.”
“Today should be enough time to get you situated. Now here is where we post our ads, maybe write them down on that piece of paper. We have a bunch of pictures we use, try not to use the same photos every day. We post ads first thing in the morning, before 10am and then again after dinner time. Here is the number to a prepaid credit card, that’s what you’ll use to post the ads.”
“Okay, perfect.” I start writing down the sites and then the credit card number.
“You are more than welcome to write what you want if you’re a good writer but we mostly just copy and paste ads from the day before. Each ad needs to say our agency name in it, it must have which girls are available and a brief description of them. Always put the website at the bottom of each ad, right after the phone number. Don’t bother putting the rates, the rates are listed on the website.”
“I bet you still get a lot of inquiries asking about price.” I say, knowing full well how often I would get asked despite Carmen’s rates being openly advertised.
“Tons. We tried putting the rates in the ad for awhile and we still got people calling or texting asking how much.”
“So I can get a bit creative with the ads?” I ask. Writing Carmen’s ads were fun, I always liked that part of the job.
“Yes, absolutely.”
I quickly scan the ad she is about to post and notice a few very obvious spelling mistakes. I decide against calling her out on them and instead I will just edit the ad later and correct the problems.
I’m about to ask her a question when the upstairs door creaks open. Maggie looks down at the time on the laptop.
Maggie looks at me with a hint of frustration in her eyes. “That would be Ebony. Brace yourself.”

The story continues

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