A glimpse into the shadows: An insider’s adventures in the world of escorts, Episode 40

I can tell that Sophie is home; her purse is hooked around the back of a chair, her runners are scattered next to the front door and then if that wasn’t enough proof, she’s listening to some very loud music with her door open.
by Sarah Brooke
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I toss my own shoes off, throw my purse around the same chair that houses Sophie’s purse and toss my keys on to the counter. Before heading to her room, I close my eyes and try to muster up the nerve to tell her. I’m not altogether worried that she will be angry, but I don’t know what her reaction will be and I’m not exactly thrilled to find out.
I decide that it might be best to make my presence in the house known before entering her room so I call out her name a few times, but get no response. The music is loud but I doubt it’s loud enough to drown me out. She must be sleeping.
I approach her room and see her lying down, fully clothed, on top of her bed with her eyes closed. I step another foot closer to the door and the floorboard underneath me creaks. Her eyes shoot open and she turns her head towards me. When she sees me she smiles. She stretches and then beckons me to her, patting a spot next to her on the bed. I oblige, turning down the stereo as I walk past it. I throw myself onto the bed and smile back at her.
“Napping?” I ask.
“I was just thinking, mostly. I wasn’t really asleep.” She tries to stifle a yawn but it can’t be stopped and her whole face contorts. “Or maybe I did fall asleep, I’m not sure anymore. Where have you been?”
I look down at my hands, suddenly very interested in pushing back my cuticles. “Um, I went to a job interview.” I say without looking up.
“Oh ya? Where? I didn’t know you were looking for a job…” Sophie’s voice is even, she doesn’t sound upset. So far, so good.
“At an escort agency.” I try to find something else to say but I can’t. Instead, I wait for her reaction.
“Really? So you’re finally getting into the business huh?” I’m pretty sure she is joking but I can’t be certain.
“No, not like that. They need a booking agent. I thought since you weren’t really taking calls anymore I might as well find work.” I don’t mention the fact that she very recently told me she wanted to move away. We haven’t spoke of that yet and I would like to believe she was just frustrated and tired, and that she was not serious in the least.
“It’s cool, don’t worry. I’m not upset. I almost suggested it myself but wasn’t sure if you’d be interested in working for an agency.”
“Why not?” I ask, ignoring my cuticles and turning my eyes towards her.
“Agencies are a pain in the ass. Most of the girls are going to drive you nuts and the owner is probably a pervert.”
“You think so?” I ask, remembering Tim and wondering if he’s a pervert. He seemed nice enough but I didn’t get the best vibe off of him.
“I know so.” She says, speaking as if it’s a matter of fact.
“Well… how do you know so?”
“Mostly from what customers have told me about dealing with other escorts and agencies. But also from my own experiences with jealous girls messaging me online or texting to book fake appointments. There are a lot of kooky ones out there. Just be prepared for it.”
“I’ll try to be prepared. I start tomorrow so I don’t have too much time to prepare myself for the worst.”
“Tomorrow? Really? Shit. Well, that was quick.” She says.
“You’re not upset at me, are you?” I can’t help myself from asking even though she doesn’t sound upset.
“No, why would I be?” She sits up in bed and leans back against the wall.
“Because I didn’t talk to you about it first. Because this was kind of our thing. I dunno.”
“I’m not mad at all. I’ve felt badly that you haven’t had much work with me recently. I know it’s not enough to keep you going and I wasn’t sure what to do. I thought helping Joe rent his vacation home would help but it’s not enough to live on, is it?”
“Not really. At least, not yet.” I shake my head, not even wanting to think about how frustrating it’s been dealing with his meddling wife. “I’m not even sure if she will keep me around for long, she’s so controlling I feel like she’s going to take over at any moment.”
“By the way, what’s the agencies name?”
“Angel Escorts,” I reply.
“Kind of lacks imagination, don’t you think?”
“I thought the very same thing.”
“If we had our own agency, what would it be called?” She asks and looks at the wall, already trying to come up with a better name.
We both stop and think for awhile. “I can’t think of anything good but I could definitely come up with something better than that.” I say, confident in my creativity.
“Same. Show me their website.” She twists her body and without moving an inch, grabs her laptop off of the side table and places it down in front of her. A quick google search of that name and our area brings up their website. It’s a basic site with the girls profiles, pictures and services and not much else.
“Well, even my site looks better than this.” Sophie says while scrolling through the girls profiles.
“I have to try to memorize all their names and services by tomorrow.”
“Just keep this site up at all times and then you won’t have to remember their services.”
“I feel like I should at least have an idea of what they offer and not rely entirely on the webpage. I’ll end up having to tell every customer to hold on while I scroll through them to find out who offers what.” I say, not wanting to have to do that.
“Don’t worry, you’re gonna do great. What’s the pay?” She looks towards me.
“15% of the booking after profits.”
“Hmm I wonder how much that will end up being after expenses.”
“If it doesn’t end up being enough to make this worth my while, I’ll ask for a raise or quit.” I shrug my shoulders.
“Are you the only booking agent?” she asks.
“Yeah, but I think I get a day or two off each week. Or at least I hope I do. The girls are currently managing the phones themselves but the boss doesn’t like them doing that.” I realize now that I should have probably asked him about time off. Working seven days a week booking for that many girls would be exhausting. Sophie’s phone was dead most of the time so it never felt like a 24/7 job.
“I wish you the best, my dear. It makes me feel good that you are actually pursuing this as a sort of career. Clearly I didn’t make a mistake in recruiting you to help me.”
“Of course you didn’t make a mistake! Why would you say that?” I ask, surprise obvious in my voice.
“I dunno. I guess I’ve just been thinking about it a lot lately. That maybe it wasn’t a good idea to get my best friend involved in this. I’ve been wondering if maybe you agreed to do this just to keep me safe and not because you were interested in the job at all.”
“I will always be very glad that you got me in to this. It’s fun. I mean, the guys can be creeps and the hours suck, but it’s fun. I’ve enjoyed it.” I smile at her.
“You enjoyed it so much that you’re going to try to make it your career.” She winks at me and I respond by shaking my head.
“No, I don’t want it to be my career but I do think it’s a great way to pay the bills. Anything beats being on your feet all day.” I say, remembering my job as a waitress.
“You could always do what I do… then you’ll really be off your feet all day.”
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