A glimpse into the shadows: An insider’s adventures in the world of escorts, Episode 39

The townhouse isn’t too far from our condo and there’s a parking spot directly outside of it but in the name of discretion I decide to park further down and walk. The townhouses are nice and clean looking on the outside. The area itself isn’t upscale, but it’s in a good part of town and the street and parking lots are filled with luxury cars, shiny new minivans and turning back I see my little beater doesn’t quite fit in.
by Sarah Brooke

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I take my time walking up the steps, checking my watch to make sure I’m not too early. Five minutes. Perfect. I take a deep breath, trying to calm my nerves, and ring the doorbell.
For a good minute or two no one answers and I’m about to ring the bell again when I hear someone behind the door. I hear a muffled voice from behind the thick wood door and then it swings open and standing there is a tall blonde wearing practically nothing. She smiles at me and moves aside to let me in. She doesn’t say a word and once I’m let into the house she runs up the stairs, her short babydoll lingerie lifting up at the back so I am provided with a great view of her behind. I bite my lip to stifle a laugh, the situation seems so absurd to me. I shake my head and stand there for a moment, waiting for someone to come to my aid.
I wait another few minutes before I finally get tired of waiting and stroll into the living room. There is a black leather couch and a living room table but besides this the room is empty. A sound behind me to my left startles me and I spin around. A door that I had not noticed is opening and once it loudly creaks its way open I see that there is a face peering at me from a few steps down.
“Sarah?” the voice says and I squint my eyes trying to make out his features.
“That’s me.”
“Come on down.” He doesn’t bother introducing himself and instead turns around and I hear his footsteps going back down the stairs. I take another big breath and follow, glad that I had the forethought to have told Mike where I was going and with who, just in case.
I carefully make my way down the narrow stairs and when I arrive at the bottom I see a typical looking office. A large wooden desk takes up the entire side of one wall and there are a plethora of comfortable looking chairs placed haphazardly around the room. My focus turns to the gentleman who is easing himself into the huge leather chair situated behind the desk.
“Sarah, I’m Timothy. I want to thank you for meeting with me today.” He doesn’t smile but his voice is friendly enough.
“No problem, I was very glad to hear from you. Thank you for seeing me on such short notice.”
“Your email came at a very opportune time. Our secretary just quit last week and we’ve been trying to make do ever since. Sheila, the lovely blonde that probably opened the door for you, she’s been taking calls and she’s not very happy about it. I don’t like having the escorts answering the phones anyways, I prefer they just stick to what they are good at.” He smiles when he says it and a shiver runs up my spine.
“I understand.”
He leans back in his chair, the leather squeaking loudly in protest. “Now tell me a bit more about your experience in the industry. Are you a working girl? Looking to get out of that side of the business?”
“Me? No, no. I have never been an actual service provider. My experience is in the administration side, I guess you could say. My best friend got into the industry awhile ago and she soon became overwhelmed with the calls, texts and emails. As you know, it’s a very demanding job, advertising and booking. Lots of time wasters and the hours suck. Add that on top of actually being a provider, well it was just too much for her.”
“It’s too much for a lot of girls, that’s where we come in.”
“Exactly. She also goes to school which complicated things. So she told me all about being a working girl and asked me to come help her out. So I did. I’ve been managing things for her for quite awhile now.”
“Why are you looking for employment then, if she is so busy?”
I bristle at the straight forward question. I’ve never been good in job interviews. “She has so many regulars that I don’t advertise for her anymore except for special occassions where she decides to open her day toward newcomers. She still gives me a cut but it seems wrong to receive money for work I’m not doing and I thought, well, maybe it’s time to branch out on my own and see if there are agencies looking for help.”
“Understood.” He waits for me to continue speaking and I rack my brain for something to say.
“I’m at the point where I need to start looking for regular work and I enjoyed working in the industry so much that I thought I’d give this a shot.” I admit.
“It will be a lot busier working for me than it was working for your friend. We get a lot of calls and a lot of time wasters. You’d have to be on the phones constantly, twenty four hours a day. We have girls on at all times, we are a 24/7 agency.”
“That would be fine. You provide me with a phone and I can work from home, correct?”
“Absolutely. We ask that you come in every once in awhile to go over things with me but besides that you’re free to work from wherever you are.”
“If there’s any time that I can’t answer a call, what happens?”
“What do you mean?”
“Well, there are going to be times where I’m somewhere where I can’t possibly answer a call from a customer.”
“Yes, that will happen. You need to call them right back. Get yourself somewhere private first, of course.”
I imagine taking calls all night and all day and the thought isn’t too pleasing. It leads me to my next question. “So, I guess the next question is, what is the pay?”
“You take a percentage of our entire days profits. The more you book, the more you make. Does that sound fair?”
I notice he hasn’t named an actual percentage and that I’m going to have to ask again. “That should be alright. But what is the percentage?”
“You will get 15% of the profits, after expenses of course.”
I try to do the math in my head but give up. “That should be okay. Is there any chance of pay bonuses?”
“There is always that possibility. It is a grueling job with long hours, if you work well and stick with us I will make it worth your while.”
“Okay, I would like to give it a try for sure.”
“Great. You can start tomorrow. Now, do you have any questions for me?”
“So many. How many girls do you have working for you?”
“In total we have eight but there are only three here at any given time. On slower days we will only have two. Weekends tend to be slower so most weekends you will get considerably less calls than during the weekday.”
“Gotcha. Guys are with their families or friends on the weekend, pleasure comes second to that.”
“Exactly. Our girls are fairly personable. There are a few that have an attitude. I warn you to watch out for Deborah. Her escort name is Belle. She is a bitch but she is great with customers so we keep her on.”
“Oh, okay. I will keep that in mind. How much do I actually have to deal with the girls?”
“You’ll be contacting them directly to let them know about their bookings. They will contact you when the gentleman shows up and when he leaves. I will give you all their names, details, services that they offer and phone numbers. For tonight I want you to spend some time going through our website and getting familiar with what we offer and which girl is which. The services they offer are on there. I have included the girls real names on this sheet of paper so you know but you can address them all as their escort names. It makes it less confusing that way.”
“Less chance of screwing up and calling them the wrong name in front of a customer.” I say, nodding my head.
“Exactly. You are a smart girl.” He smiles again and starts looking through papers on his desk until he finds the one he’s looking for and hands it to me. “Here is the info you need. It has our rates as well. Most of the time I will be here to collect cash and pay the girls at the end of the night but sometimes I will be preoccupied and you will have to step in and fill in for me, okay?”
“Not a problem at all. I’m happy to do anything I can.” I smile at him sweetly.
“You have my number in case anything comes up, you can call me and run things by me. I’m pretty much always available.”
“Okay, perfect.”
“Sarah, I’m glad to have you on our team.” He stands up and leans over the desk to shake my hand. I rise out of the chair and grab his hand in mine and shake. “You can decide if you want to use Sarah as your name when working here or if you’d like to go by someone else.”
“Okay, great, I will put some thought into that and get back to you.”
“Stop by tomorrow at 8am and I will have your phone for you. I’ll let you meet a few of the girls tomorrow, right now they’re all preoccupied with customers or busy doing schoolwork.”
“Oh, yeah sure. Well it was great meeting with you, Timothy.”
“Please, call me Tim.” He smiles again and adjusts the waistband of his pants.
We exchange goodbyes and I head up the stairs. As I walk through the hallway and past the stairs I hear a woman moaning and the sounds of a man grunting. Smiling, I close the door behind me and head to my car. I steel myself for the conversation I’m about to have with Sophie.

The story continues

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