A glimpse into the shadows: An insider’s adventures in the world of escorts, Episode 38

ddd”I mean, did she not think this was a possibility when she got started in this business?” I say, flustered.
Mike sticks his hand into the bowl of Smarties and focuses his attention on separating the blues from the rest of the bunch, then tosses the rest back into the bowl. I choose to ignore this strange habit and instead wait for his reply.
by Sarah Brooke

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“It’s not that big of a city, I mean it’s pretty big don’t get me wrong but I run into people I know often enough.” He says between bites.
“But she is all upset by it as if she never expected this to happen. It’s happened a grand total of three times, that doesn’t seem like a big deal to me.”
“Yeah but maybe you aren’t seeing it from her perspective. Even if she realized in the beginning that it might be a possibility that she’d run into her clients, the reality of that is freaking her out.” He finishes the last of the Smarties in his hand and grabs the bowl, about to continue searching for the elusive blue candies.
“Mike! They all taste the same, what are you even doing?” There is genuine anger in my voice and I don’t blame him at all when he turns his head towards me slowly, eyes wide, and stares.
“Whoa, don’t take this out on me. I’m not the one pissing you off.”
“Okay, I apologize, I have just been sitting here for the past ten minutes watching you pick out the blue ones and I haven’t said anything but I have to know, what the hell are you doing?” I say, making sure to speak in a more even tone of voice.
“The blue one’s taste different.” He shrugs and turns his attention back to the bowl.
“They absolutely don’t.” I almost ask him to do a blind taste test but I don’t have the energy or desire to do so. “I just think she’s being a bit ridiculous. The guy didn’t even talk to her. I mean, he must have seen her because he started texting her afterwards but he didn’t go after her or anything. ”
“Yeah but she’s probably convinced herself that he was going to go after her and blow her cover. Didn’t you say that Jeff approached you guys at a bar before? The crazy guy?”
“Yeah, but that was awhile ago.” I say, realizing that I’m not being very understanding at the moment but I’m still too mad about her possibly leaving town to calm myself.
“So you think that she would be over it by now? I’m sure it scared the shit out of her.” He says with much more sympathy than I’m managing to muster right now.
I stick my hand into the bowl and grab some candies. I hold out my hand to Mike and he picks out the one blue Smartie in the bunch. “I just think she’s being worried for nothing.”
“It’s easy for you to say that but it’s not your life that would be ruined if this came out.”
I think for a moment and shrug. “She barely even has work for me anymore. At the beginning she had tons of calls and texts and emails but now that she only sees her regulars I barely do anything. I clean, clean, clean and clean some more. You know how much I hate cleaning, Mike!”
He laughs. “Yeah, your room is a testament to that.”
“I’m not making nearly as much as I was.” I say, my lips forming into a pout.
“What about Joe’s cottage?” He asks.
“It’s still just starting, we’ve only had a few bookings. And his wife is such a pain. She wants to know details on each family that wants to book. It’s awkward to ask these people a bunch of questions, they’re forking over a ton of money and a hefty deposit. It’s not like they are poor white trash or anything.”
“But at least it’s money, right?”
“Yeah but I think it might be time to find another job.” I sigh as I say it, not looking forward to working a regular job again. As frustrating as this job can be and as long as the hours were, I enjoyed it. “Besides, if Sophie leaves do you really think Joe will keep me hired? I got the job because of Sophie, pure and simple.”
“Nah, Joe is a cool guy, he wouldn’t fire you. Have you ever thought about opening your own agency?”
I stare at him for a moment, trying to work out what his words mean. “You mean, like, open an agency? Myself? An escort agency?”
He laughs at my confusion. “Why is that such a crazy idea? You know how the industry works now, right?”
“Why not start your own? Or at the very least start working for an agency.” He looks through the bowl one last time before determining that there are no more blue Smarties.
“I dunno… I don’t think I have enough experience to actually work for a real agency.”
“What do you mean? You ran everything for Sophie, what other experience do you need?” He asks.
I try to think of what an agency might need me to do that I don’t already know how to do and I can’t think of much. “I guess I could try. What do I do, just call around to agencies and see if they need any help?”
“Why not? Just promise me one thing.”
“Don’t get sucked in to working for them as an escort.”
I snort. “You’re really worried that I’d do that? Hunny, you have nothing to worry about. I find this whole thing fascinating but it’s not for me.”
“Even if you were single?” He asks.
“Even if I were single!” I exclaim.
“The money is just so tempting. If I could make that kind of money from having sex and I was single, I’d consider it.” He says this and I just stare at him. As an afterthought he adds “Just kidding. I’m a one woman kind of guy.” He leans into me and gives me a kiss on the cheek and I don’t reciprocate.
“I’m sure it’s every guys dream to have that kind of job but I think you’d be disappointed to find out that there aren’t too many ladies hiring male escorts, you’d have to be bisexual or at least willing to take it up the butt.”
He grimaces visibly. “I think I’ll pass.”


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